Şubat 3, 2021

Beltane Pt. 07

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If you’re just tuning in, be warned that Beltane is a story that crosses into many different fetishes and dynamics. Two staples you can expect pretty much throughout are gentle femdom and cumplay, but also included are cuckqueaning, piss, maledom, f on m cnc, breeding, and a smattering of more mild things like anal, deepthroating, facesitting, and fishnets. There are also some themes of occultism, ritual, and magic that are less overt and more true to life than fantasy. Beltane has been, and is, an exercise in incorporating and moving between these things rather than leaning on just one. If you’re looking for any of these things individually in abundance, this may not be your favorite story. But if you’re on board for some twists, turns, bodily fluids, and a pagan fucktacular bacchanal across a variety of kinks, well…




I awoke to the somber grey light of morning and found Ann was already gone. I hadn’t heard her get up or shut the door. She had obediently followed Gemma’s instructions. I wondered if she had showered before she left.

Gemma lay angelically curled in the sheets. I sat and watched her breathe as I remembered everything we had already done in our brief tryst and wondered what would come next. What black magic she was cooking up behind her eyelids? And what would become of Ann? I wasn’t sure if she was now a regular part of our sex, or if it had been a one-time thing. And christ, I had finals the following week. The last round of finals before graduating college, and then what? The entirety of the future was uncertain. As I sat watching the most powerful woman I had ever known dream, I knew that as soon as I got out of the bed, everything would be up in the air. A daunting world of possibilities loomed outside that bubble of humid bodily warmth. Gemma’s form dilated and compressed as breath filled and vacated her. It would work itself out.

I slipped out from under the covers and went to make bacon. Gemma got up ten minutes later and slinked quietly into the kitchen, grabbing a handful of my ass. I felt the softness of her skin brush against mine as her whispered voice filled my ear.

“Good morning, lover boy.”

My cheeks flushed. Her forwardness was, as always, disarming. I turned and saw her as she was every morning, beheaded and unceremonious and naked. My eyes ran up and down her unconsciously, taking in every detail. Admiring her tattoos, the way her pierced nipples stood at attention as they transitioned from the warmth under the covers to room temperature. Her dainty, perfectly-shaped feet, her toenails painted black as they always were. The smooth, fluid curves of her legs, her stomach, her back, her neck. The tuft of her pubic hair, darker in color than her bleached blonde head. And the glistening trail of wetness between her legs as my cum ran out of her pussy and ass. My cock twitched. I wanted more of her.

“Oh my GOD you’re wearing an apron! You are so cute right now I just want to-“

Her hands ran over me. I was, indeed, naked except for an apron. Her fingers slid under it and she cupped my manhood.

“I’m cooking bacon, it’s for the grease! Hey-“

She was fondling me with one hand, the other gripping handfuls of my ass, and kissing and biting up my arm to my shoulder.

“There’s coffee in the pot if you want some. Let me work here!”

She sunk her teeth into my shoulder, clearly trying to get a rise out of me.

“Fuck, ow!” I yelped, more surprised than hurt.

She let me go and looked up at me playfully. “You’re just too much fun. I may just have coffee, I need to run. Busy week ahead.”

I turned back to the pan and flipped the crackling strips of pink meat. “No worries. Have you got a lot of finals?”

“Well, that,” she said. I could hear her putting her things back into the bag she had brought with her. “And we have a ritual we need to prepare for.”

Ritual? “A ritual?” I shouted into the other room.

“Yes, sweet boy.” Her voice was right behind me all of a sudden. “I decided this morning. We’re going to have a Beltane celebration.” Her hands were slithering around me, back underneath the apron. The length of her body was pressed against my back. I felt her rise onto her toes and her voice was a whisper on the back of my neck. “And you’re going to help me work some magic.” I had goosebumps. Her fingers braided through my chest hair, over my stomach, to my cock, to my inner thighs. I was stiffening under the apron.

“Magic?” I asked, watching the bacon as it crisped in the pan.

“It’ll be fun,” her breath on my neck was giving me goosebumps everywhere. “Trust me.”

Her hand had wrapped around my cock and was holding me firmly at the base. The other was working its bahis firmaları way between my balls and my thigh to my perineum, stroking skin that no other woman had ever touched. Out of my foggy brain came a memory of something she had said on our first date.

“Just looking for able bodies to sacrifice, you know.”

I sighed, enraptured, bracing myself as I leaned forward. The bacon was close to burning. I moved the pan off the burner as Gemma’s hand began sliding up and down the length of my shaft. I was completely stiff, my head filled with a haze. She was working magic on me already. “You’ll help me, won’t you, sweet boy?”

I had agreed when she had asked me the first time. It had sounded hot then, and if I was being honest, it sounded hot now. I was panting, trying to maintain my composure. I nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Good boy.” She responded. Her fingers were again at the edge of my asshole. Her left hand rolled over the head of my cock, stimulating what she knew was my most sensitive place. “Maybe we can have our little cucktoy come and watch again. What do you think?”

I was shrouded in a haze of sensation as she worked me with her skilled hands. I vaguely understood the question. She wanted to cuck my ex again. I had gotten all the vengeful pleasure I had ever wanted out of the night prior. Having Ann around again would mean the three of us were a unit, and I wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted. But Gemma wanted it. And I wanted to give Gemma what she wanted.

“O-okay,” I affirmed, trying to keep it together. I could feel an orgasm building in me. How does she already have me ready to come? I wondered. It was astounding to me that my body was even ready for more after the workout it had had the night before.

“Say it like you mean it,” Gemma whispered, a playful hostility creeping into her voice.

Her hand left my cock for a second. I felt her arm circle around me until it was between us, and then back under the apron. Her fingers encircled me again, her hand wet. I shuddered as I realized she had caught some of my own cum as it dripped out of her and was now using it to jack me off. She stroked me purposefully, gliding up and down my shaft in firm, graceful strokes. Her other hand wormed out from between my balls and redoubled its approach from behind, tracing slow rings around my asshole. I gasped audibly.

“YesMommy,” the words tumbled out of my mouth hurriedly.

“Gooood boyyyy,” she praised. Her hand slid up to my head and rolled over it. “Are on edge, my sweet?”

“Yes, Mommy,” I confessed. I wondered how she could have known before remembering that she always knew, and it never made sense. I was starting to accept that she had some kind of supernatural understanding of things that I just couldn’t understand.

“Good boy. Do you want to come?”

“Y-yes, Mommy, yes please.”

Her hand stilled suddenly and lifted off of my cock. A tense breath forced its way out of me as I felt myself dangle over the edge, the tantalizing release of orgasm just out of reach.

“I want you to make me come first.” She whispered. I was all goosebumps again.

I heard her walk into the living room. I turned to see her sit on the couch, lifting her legs and spreading them, setting her feet on either side of her. I ripped off the apron and strode after her. I knelt down, cock in hand, ready to cum inside her again when she covered herself suddenly. My eyes met hers and she shook her head. The fingers of her other hand raked through my hair.

“I’m a little sore from yesterday, sweet boy. I want you to lick me.”

She had that same telltale coy grin on her face that she had when bullying Ann the night before. Her fingers clutched me by the hair and pulled my head down until I was eye level with her pussy.

Her hand lifted up and away, baring herself to me. Her lips and asshole were slick with the last night’s cum, which was still seeping out of both her holes. As I sat, a tiny orb of marbled white liquid pulsed out of her opening and sat in the horseshoe where her labia met. I looked up at her. I was still at the very least lukewarm about tasting my own cum and she could tell.

“Come on, sweet boy. Do it for me?”

I sighed inwardly. What does it really matter, anyway? I thought, it’s not gonna kill you.

“Oh, fuck it,” I said.

I stuck out my tongue and got to work, lapping up the drop waiting at the apex of her lips and licking up to her clit. It was salty-sweet and viscous on my tongue. I could also taste her fluids. It was the taste of our sex, the sum total of our congress, our bodies mixing together. To my chagrin, my cock bobbed.

“Yeessssss, ohhh, that’s such a good boy, look at you.” She praised me as I yielded to her will, licking and sucking at her soft, welcoming furrows, the taste kaçak iddaa of my own cum filling my mouth.

Her hand gripped me tighter by the hair, directing my head up and down as she saw fit. She pushed me back down to her opening and I stuffed my tongue inside, tasting the reservoir of salty liquid I had pumped into her the night before. It ran down my tongue into my throat.

“Fffuck. That’s such a good boy, eat that freshly fucked pussy for me.” She was beginning to moan. I had the feeling it wouldn’t take long.

I put my back into it, lathering her with my tongue from bottom to top. I sucked her clit into my mouth, circling and caressing it. She pushed me back down and I stuck my tongue back inside her, curling it up and fucking her with it as best as I could.

“Oh FUCK! Yes, that’s it, fucking eat it, you slut, god, unhh-” she moaned wildly as her head rolled back.

In fairness, I felt like a slut. But or her, I didn’t mind. If she wanted me to be a slut, I was her slut. I gripped my cock in my hands and started jacking myself off, getting off on her command of me. She pushed me even lower and I licked her ass clean, lapping away my cum and pleasing her rim. I pressed my tongue into her cautiously, only enough to penetrate the first ring. Her moans had grown to a chorus. She pulled me back up and I licked her from her asshole to her clit, bathing her clean with my tongue. She pushed me into her clit and I worked at it feverishly, lathing her in firm, quick brushstrokes.

“I’m gonna-” she moaned. It felt like she was going to rip my hair out. “OHH-“

She came loudly and I could feel her walls flexing. She pulled my head up and down and I simply pushed my tongue out into a broad fan, letting her facefuck me. Beads of cum exuded from her opening and one by one I licked them up. She ground her hips into my face and closed her thighs around me, using me like a toy. I edged myself as she had her way and then pulled my hands off myself, wanting to be ready for her when she was done.

Slowly she came down. She released me and then pulled me to her face, kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth.

“Fuck, that was so fucking hot. God, you are such a good boy. I’m so proud of you, baby.”

I felt my face get red hot. Baby? She had never once called me that. I looked away bashfully.

“You did so good for me, oh my god.” She kissed me again, passionately and vigorously. “Okay, let’s get you taken care of. Go bring me a condom.”

“A con-” I started, confused

She interrupted me. “Yes, just trust me, bring it to me now.”

My ears were hot. “Yes, Mommy,” I responded.

I walked into the bathroom and fished out what she had asked for. When I came back she was sitting on the couch, legs spread wide. She patted the space in between her thighs, a wide smile on her face. I sat where she had gestured and she took the condom from me, opening it and setting it on my thigh.

“I want another souvenir from you.” She whispered into my ear again, her words syrupy.

Her legs wrapped around me and she hooked my inner thighs with her feet, parting my legs. Her hands snaked over my skin to my cock. She couldn’t fit the entire thing in both hands, probably just as much for how big I am as for how small her hands were. She started working it again, confidently milking me in that trained way she had.

“You’re going to tell me when you’re on edge, okay?”

I was already close. “Yes, Mommy.”

Her left hand worked up my shaft to my head, rolling her fingers over the lip of my head. Her right hand moved lower, cupping my balls before venturing back to my asshole. She stroked it gingerly, just as before, as if she was just doing it to acknowledge that I would let her. Her feet ran up my thighs, meeting at my balls. She pointed and then curled her toes, stimulating my balls with them, the touch so light it was barely there. My breathing was getting quicker. I had never felt so wrapped up in a woman’s body. She was holding me with her whole frame, using everything at her disposal to pleasure me. My head rolled back and I let out a low moan.

“Are you on edge, good boy?”

“Yes- yes, Mommy, I’m edging,” I said urgently.

It occurred to me I may have let myself go too long without telling her, but she knew what she was doing. Her hand flitted from my cock to the condom and rolled it over the tip. Her fit slid down and away from my balls and her other hand glided back to my cock, gripping me firmly at the base. She bobbed her hand up and down, holding me at the brink coaxingly. Her spare hand folded back the condom just enough to access the lip of my head. She spit into her hand and enclosed it in the ring of her finger and thumb. She rotated it back and forth, applying just enough pressure, moving just slowly kaçak bahis enough. I was ready for her whenever she gave the word.

“Come.” She commanded.

I burst. My head rolled back again, a throaty moan rising out of me. I pulsed, hard, my cock thrashing up toward my body. Her hand tightened around the base, trapping my cum inside while she rolled the condom down, the stimulation of her hand adding to the pleasure I was feeling. She let go, allowing me to fill the condom.

And I did. Despite the two intense orgasms I had had the night before, this one was just as big, if not bigger. If I had had the brain power to spare, I would have still been wondering how it was possible for the human body to produce so much cum. She held the condom tight around me, jacking me off as I filled it. Hot spurts filled the balloon. Gemma whispered encouragingly to me as I did.

When I had finished, she shucked it off, trapping all the cum in the tip of the condom. She tied it in a knot and dangled it back and forth, marvelling at it.

“That’s so fucking much. You’re such a good boy for me.”

She kissed me behind the ear and trailed away down my neck, nibbling and biting at me. I was lost in the afterglow. Suddenly she sprang up.

“Alright, let me get a cup of coffee and then I need to get out the door. Let me put this somewhere safe…”

She put her leg up on my knee and spread her labia, pushing the balloon of cum inside. The knotted end hung out of her opening discreetly. I stared up at her, slackjawed. Just when I thought I had seen it all, she went and blew my mind all over again. She bit her lip and smiled down at me, leaning in for a quick kiss. She walked to the bag she had left on the floor and started fishing clothes out of it, not bothering to put on underwear before donning a pair of tights and a loose-fitting shirt.

“Fix me a cup of coffee, would you? I really do need to get going.”

I snapped out of it and stood up. It had only been ten minutes or so, but somehow the bacon on the stove felt lightyears away. I tried to get myself back to normal as I fetched her a cup of coffee. I set it out and went to put pants on. When I walked back into the kitchen she was sitting at the table, sipping, her hair brushed and pulled back into a ponytail. She looked up at me knowingly.

“Hey um,” I began, sheepishly, “what do you do with that uh, you know, my cum?”

I began plating my bacon, trying not to look too curious. A smile spread over Gemma’s face.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see.”

I sat down next to her and began eating, my mind switching from sex to the list of things I had to do, papers to write, papers to read, notes to look over. Gemma took a deep sip and reached a hand out, touching my wrist.

“I’m not going to get to see you much this week. But I want you to keep cumming for me. And I want you to bring it to me, just like before. Can you do that?”

I blushed again. I would have been cumming for her had she asked me to or not. “Um, yeah, of course.”

She smiled. “Good. I’ve gotta jet now, lots to do. One last thing, will you send me Ann’s number?”

I was taken aback. My instinct was to say no, why would she need that? But the look in her eyes read “trust me”, the two words from her (aside from “good boy”) that I seemed unable to resist.

“Um. Sure, yeah, okay. Just a second.”

I reached for my phone. Gemma walked around the table and grabbed my jaw, gently guiding my face to hers. She kissed me one last time, tenderly. Her hand lingered on my cheek and she stared into my eyes.

“See you real soon.” She said. She turned and started toward the door.

I heard it open. “Have a good day today, baby!” She shouted as she walked out the door.

I thought over everything for a moment. The word echoed in my mind. I thought about how Gemma had spoken to Ann, the way she had talked about us. I thought about how much of myself I had already given over to her, and how much she had given in return. How intimate we had become, if almost exclusively through the physical expression of intimacy. It had all happened so fast, but it was a steady escalation. We were growing closer, through our bodies. I thought about how she had kissed me just now. There was no doubting that it wasn’t just a hookup anymore. Something was growing between us. I had assumed that we were essentially fuck buddies, but… there was that word. That she had used, not me. And not just once. Twice. And not just during sex. It wasn’t a heat-of-the-moment slip-up. She had done it on purpose.


I thought about how I felt about her. How I had been so hungry for pussy after Ann, and now all I wanted was more of Gemma. Constantly. And the more of her I had, the more I was able to give. And the more I gave her, the more I wanted. It was a feedback loop. I thought, and thought, and thought, and all the while that word bounced around in my skull.


“Wait, is Gemma my girlfriend?” I asked aloud, to no one in particular.

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