Ocak 13, 2021

Before the Vows Pt. 01

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Chapter 01

Alyssa stared at herself in the mirror. Those three hours of sitting in a chair while people picked and pulled and lathered her up in various products had created a stunning vision. She truly was a beautiful bride-to-be. Though she loved Peter she looked upon her marriage day as bittersweet, since after this moment she couldn’t really have her lusty fun anymore. Thinking this Alyssa scowled at her reflection and turned away.

“What’s the matter?” her best friend Mary asked.

Alyssa noted how Mary’s eyes swept over Alyssa’s lingerie clad body quickly as she asked Alyssa this. Not like Alyssa didn’t blame her. Alyssa was having a hard time not being turned on by herself what with her lacy, see-through corset that pushed her creamy breast up and together making them seem limitless. Not to mention the white crotch-less panties and sexy high heels.

“I’ll never be able to have my sexual appetite filled after today without being an adulteress.” Alyssa pouted as Mary laughed softly.

“You don’t think Peter will satisfy you?” she asked.

“Do you think he’d satisfy you?” Alyssa fired back.

“No.” Mary said bluntly.

“See?” Alyssa said as she walked over to the vanity and laid her hands against the top. She was too agitated to sit. Suddenly she felt hands circling her waist and she looked up in the mirror to see Mary looking at her. Mary kissed Alyssa’s neck softly then put her lips to Alyssa’s ear.

“Would you like me to relieve some of that stress?” Mary whispered as one of her hands came up to massage one bahis firmaları of Alyssa’s glorious tits through the sheer fabric of her corset.

Alyssa’s head fell back on Mary’s shoulder as she whispered, “Yes.”

Mary smiled wickedly before softly biting Alyssa’s earlobe and pinching her nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Alyssa moaned softly and turned her head to the side so she could suck Mary’s neck. To show her approval Mary brought her other hand up and began groping Alyssa’s other breast. Alyssa’s own hands came up to cup Mary’s hands so she could force her to handle her tits with more force. Mary moaned and pushed her leg in between Alyssa’s and ground her pussy against her thigh. A sudden knock at the door made both women jump. Both were breathing heavily as Alyssa quickly put on a robe. She then went to the door and opened it. It was her mother.

“Dearie the limo is here.” Mrs. Moran told her daughter.

“Thanks mom.” Alyssa said, forcing a smile.

She shut the door quickly then looked at Mary. Both of them fell into giggles.

“Why does she always know when we’re up to something lesbo?” Mary asked.

“I don’t want to know.”


Chapter 02

The limo ride to St. Paul’s Church was short and hectic. The dress was missing, the cake was stuck in traffic, and her to-be-husband’s plane still hadn’t landed. By the time Alyssa arrived at the church she was more stressed out than she had been at home. When they arrived Sister Prudence showed the bridal party to the dressing room where Alyssa promptly kaçak iddaa kicked everyone, except Mary, out. Once the door was shut and locked Alyssa ripped off her track suit and paced around the room. Finally Mary stood up and blocked Alyssa from continuing her path around the room.

“Are you o-” Mary began but was cut off when Alyssa’s lips came crashing down upon Mary’s with a fiery passion.

Mary responded immediately and pushed her tongue into Alyssa’s waiting mouth. Alyssa reached around and grabbed Mary’s rounded ass and pulled Mary tighter against her. Mary groaned as she did the same to Alyssa. The two were locked in this passionate embrace for some time before Alyssa started to move Mary backwards towards the couch. When Mary hit the edge of the couch Alyssa pushed her back onto it. Before Mary could say anything Alyssa straddled her.

“Enjoy the ride Mary.” Alyssa whispered in Mary’s ear as Alyssa began to vigorously hump Mary’s crotch.

Mary moaned loudly as Alyssa rammed her pussy down upon Mary’s then began to trail it down Mary’s thigh. A trail of Alyssa’s arousal left its mark on Mary wherever Alyssa’s pussy traveled. This treatment was driving Mary wild and finally she couldn’t take anymore.

“P-please…eat me!” Mary cried.

“I’m sorry, what?” Alyssa asked.


“As you wish.” Alyssa said as she descended to her knees.

Slowly she dragged Mary’s sweat pant off, then her panties, leaving Mary in only her bra and sweatshirt. Alyssa kissed up Mary’s thighs and massaged her hips just to drive kaçak bahis Mary even deeper into the rut she was finding herself in. Before long Alyssa’s lips hovered over Mary’s pussy as Alyssa inhaled the musky scent. Soon Alyssa couldn’t hold back anymore and buried her face in Mary’s cunt and began sucking at her engorged lips. Mary moaned and arched her back trying to force herself even more against Alyssa’s lips. Alyssa spread Mary’s thighs farther apart as her love making grew more intense. She drove her tongue in and out of Mary’s dripping hole in quick succession as her nose rubbed Mary’s clit. Mary’s moans became more and more frequent and she ripped off her sweater and bra so she could abuse her neglected nipples. Soon Alyssa’s tongue abandoned Mary’s hole and Mary whimpered in protest.

“Patience love.” At the word love Alyssa shoved three fingers deep inside Mary’s cunnie.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Mary moaned as Alyssa finger fucked her.

Alyssa smiled and started to suck Mary’s clit once again. Soon Mary began to climb up in mountain of her impending orgasm.

“I-I’m cumming!” Mary shouted as her juices covered Alyssa’s hand and face.

Alyssa helped Mary ride out her orgasm then cleaned her up after Mary lay spent on the couch. It was then that Alyssa looked up and saw Father Damien staring at them. The look on his face and the large bulge in his pants told Alyssa he’d seen what she and Mary had done. When he had noticed that Alyssa was staring at him he stuttered an apology and ran out the door. Mary groaned.

“A priest saw us? Dammit!” she moaned.

Alyssa sat back on her heels and thought for a moment, then she looked over at her friend.

“I guess we’ll have to tamper with his memory.” she said with a wicked grin the Mary soon shared.

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