Ocak 13, 2021

Bedding the Babysitter Ch. 05

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Summary: Jenny’s Mom tells how she ended up submitting to an eighteen-year-old cheerleader.

Note 1: This chapter takes place immediately after the end of part 4.

Note 2: Special thanks go to Steve B and estragon for their tireless editing efforts in this and many of my other works. A new rewrite edit with Tex Beethoven occurred in May 2018.

Note 3: Narration summary:

Parts 1 and 2 were told from the point of view of the original seductress: Megan.

Parts 3 and 4 were told by babysitter-turned-cheerleader sub Jenny.

Part 5 is told by Jenny’s Mom Amy Wyatt, as she tells her daughter the story of her shocking submission, prompted by her daughter’s friend and Mistress Karen.

Story Notes:

The timeline of this story was complicated to write. In the end I decided to tell it in the present, in the past and eventually also as a flashback. To make the distinctions clear, the normal font is the past, the italics are the present and the bold is the flashback.


Karen’s cum glistening on my face, I was ordered by my new Mistress, who was also my daughter’s cheerleading friend Karen, to tell my only daughter Jenny how I came to be tied up on my own bed, a vibrator in my vagina and her friend straddling my face.

I began telling my story, still secured to my bed by nylon stockings, completely naked, horny, ashamed and vulnerable in front of my daughter.

“Jenny, I knew something was up the first time I met Karen, that first morning when you became a cheerleader. She seemed to have something intriguing about her I couldn’t put my finger on.”

As I began to tell my humiliating story of submission, Karen took pity on me to a degree and untied my wrists from their tight, nylon restraints. I thanked the eighteen-year-old, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, Mommy slut,” she replied, painting my shame another shade darker.

I continued, “That said, at the time I was way more intrigued by my daughter’s overnight transformation than I was by her pretty cheerleader friend.”

Karen, sitting beside me now, did one quick pump of the toy she’d shoved inside me.

I whimpered and went on. “But the next day my attention began to shift without my even noticing it when Karen offered me a foot massage. I accepted, and as Karen so gently caressed my feet, I felt a long-forgotten tingle in my vagina, a pleasure center that had been largely ignored since your father passed.”

“Your what, slut?” Karen reprimanded me.

“Sorry, Mistress, I’m supposed to call it a cunt. I felt a tingle in my ‘cunt’. When you two were getting ready to leave, I couldn’t believe that I purposely stretched, trying to showcase my big breasts to Karen like a cougar yearning to look attractive to this teenager. When Karen kissed me on the cheek ever so delicately, I felt a chill go up my back. When she hugged me, her hand resting on my ass, I finally concluded that no question, Karen was indeed flirting with me. Yet instead of being flattered I was mortified that I had allowed my daughter’s friend to massage my feet so sensuously, and even more stunned that I both liked it and wanted her to touch me even more. Once you two were gone I went directly to my bedroom and masturbated myself to a very intense orgasm, my first good one since your father died. But once my orgasm had faded I was embarrassed by my impulsive actions and promised myself I wouldn’t let such innocent flirting, if she was even flirting at all, distract me.”

“You seem pretty distracted right now, dyke,” Karen pointed out, beginning to fuck me slowly with the toy.

“Y-y-yes, that’s true,” I agreed, unable to deny my newfound desire to come over and over. I continued telling my daughter about my complete fall from grace, “Obviously I couldn’t control my desire. When I came into Jenny’s room and Karen kissed my cheek a day or two later, whichever it was, I realized two things: one, I had a crush on my daughter’s new friend and two, my daughter was a lesbian.”

“How did you know that?” Karen led me on.

“At the time it was just a hunch. As for you Karen, well… I knew I had a crush on you the second you came into my house and kissed me on both cheeks again. I instinctively almost moved in for a kiss on your lips and barely managed to stop myself. But when you complimented me saying, ‘Mrs. Wyatt, you look amazing today,’ I became your putty. When I felt your hand just grazing my ass, any thoughts I had that you were only being friendly evaporated. As I watched you leave, my vagina… I mean my cunt was tingling uncontrollably as I checked out your amazing legs from behind. Once you two went upstairs, I took a long cold drink of water, trying desperately to ignore my inappropriate fascination with my daughter’s eighteen-year-old cheerleader friend. bahis firmaları But I couldn’t, it just kept building.”

“Did you masturbate downstairs, my slave?” Karen inquired.

“No, Mistress. I controlled my desires, but then I heard your screaming orgasm and rushed up the stairs. As soon as I entered the room I knew my daughter was a lesbian.”

“How did you conclude that?” Karen asked curiously, the toy now fully inside me.

“The sexual tension in the room and Jenny’s ruby red cheeks told me she was guilty about something. Your red face and slightly heavy breathing, Karen, was the next clue. There was no way you had stubbed your toe. Then you asked me to check your toe and I knew this was where I should put a stop to everything by refusing, but instead I knelt down beside you, suddenly feeling absurdly nervous. I could smell your sex instantly and as soon as I looked up I could see your shaved cunt glistening, so I concluded that my precious daughter’s face had just been busy in there. I then gave you the foot massage you requested, my own cunt beginning to leak into my panties. I couldn’t resist and took many quick glimpses between your legs and into your cunt, and even though I was pretty sure you both saw me doing it, I couldn’t resist my fascination. Once I was done and you kissed me on both cheeks again, I panicked and needed to leave the room. Then just as I was leaving, I glanced over at my daughter who was staring at me, still with guilt all over her face, and her face shiny with what could only have been your juice. Completely out of my element, I quickly fled the room… I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I was rattled the rest of the evening, long after you left. Supper with my daughter that evening was awkward as I knew what she’d done and I felt she knew exactly what I was feeling, that I was so horny for you I couldn’t stand it! But of course I couldn’t admit that to her. That evening, alone in my bed again, I masturbated myself to not one or two, but three orgasms, imagining it had been me between Karen’s legs, not my daughter. I couldn’t believe I had become such a poor mother that instead of protecting my daughter from Karen’s insinuous sexuality, I was envious of your lesbian opportunity.”

“Do you want to cum, slut?” Karen asked.

“Yes please, Mistress,” I replied honestly.

“Even in front of your daughter?” Karen continued to humiliate me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, ashamed but defeated.

Pulling the toy out of me, causing a loud swishing sound as it emerged, she promised, “Well, once you finish telling her your story I’ll fuck you to an orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” I responded, unable to hide my excitement at the opportunity of being fucked by this eighteen-year-old Domme cheerleader.

I continued my tawdry tale, still avoiding eye contact with my daughter, “So then on the weekend while you girls were at your cheerleading retreat, I searched through Jenny’s computer.”

“Mom!” Jenny gasped, “how could you?”

I looked at my daughter for the first time in a while and answered apologetically, “I’m so sorry, honey. You know I’ve always respected your privacy, but with the recent changes in you and the changes in me, I just had to know! For one thing I needed to know that things weren’t even worse for you than they appeared: that you weren’t in danger.”

I could see the devastation of my betrayal in her eyes, oddly more than I’d even seen when she’d first found me in this sexual predicament. She muttered, “I still can’t believe you’d do that.”

Karen ended the drama. “Enough with the pretended shock, Jenny. You knew I was going to seduce and fuck your Mom, and you didn’t do anything to stop me.”

It was my turn to be shocked. “You knew?”

Jenny now on the defensive, at first she barked, “That’s not true!” but then relented, “Well I suppose it is true, but Mom, I never in a million years thought you’d actually succumb to her charms. It was just way too preposterous a notion.” She paused, looked at me with a resigned expression and went on, “But apparently it wasn’t so preposterous after all.”

My head was reeling with all this new information, yet it didn’t change anything. Whatever Jenny had or hadn’t known, it was still undeniable that I was the adult and that it was I who had submitted to Karen.

Getting back to the story at hand, the tale of my utter submission to my daughter’s friend, I continued, “Anyway Jenny, as I searched your computer I kept finding surprise after surprise. First, I found you frequently visited a website called Literotica where you read almost exclusively lesbian fiction. I read some of the stories you’d saved on your hard drive and many had similar themes: submissive lesbian stories. It didn’t take long for it to sink in that my daughter was clearly a lesbian, clearly submissive and just beginning to learn about her sexuality. I have to admit when I read the story kaçak iddaa Training Teacher, I actually came hard, imagining myself as the teacher during that seductive parent-teacher interview. I copied the links to some other stories to read later on my own private laptop before continuing to search your computer. Not as research on how I could help my daughter this time, just because they were hot and struck a chord in me.

Then I found some saved chats. The more I read, the more stunned and shocked I became at what my baby, my sweet innocent Jenny, had been up to right under my nose! I read through some chats with a Dr. Meg, who was clearly seducing my daughter, and later found some chats of my Jenny attempting rather bluntly to submit to some stranger online.”

Karen, always one to troll for the shock value, teased, “Do you know who Dr. Meg is?”

“No, idea,” I replied, although I was very curious.

“Your next-door neighbour Megan,” Karen revealed.

“No!” I responded, totally shocked. Karen had babysat for Megan for over a year. Megan had an adorable young child. It didn’t seem possible.

“Yes,” Karen rebutted, “isn’t that so, Jenny?”

Jenny whispered, almost inaudibly, “Yes.”

“And what’s more, she is Jenny’s and my Mistress,” Karen revealed.

I couldn’t imagine someone more powerful than Karen so I responded, slightly dazed by yet another bombshell, “I can’t believe that.”

“Believe it, slut, but believe it or not for now, soon you’ll receive your proof when you’re on your knees with both of us beside you on ours, submitting to her too,” Karen proclaimed. “I feel just like John the Baptist, saying that!” she chuckled irreverently.

Megan was a beautiful woman and until this very moment I’d considered her as just a friendly, sweet neighbour. But now with my own naughty side unleashed, I could imagine her exactly as Karen described, as a powerful Mistress whom I too longed to please.

“Do you want to submit to Mistress Megan?” Karen asked me.

“Do I have a choice?” I responded.

“We always have a choice,” Karen pointed out.

I realized she was right. I could have prevented this submission to her from occurring…maybe. But a dark side of me, a side I’d held in check for a long time, too long, had finally come out of hiding, and once out, there was no going back. “Yes, I suppose so,” I responded, trying to avoid sounding as eager as I really was and looking like the fool who rushed in. Yeah, right! It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it?

Karen waved her hand dismissively, “We can talk about your submission to the neighbourhood’s Head Mistress later. Please continue your story.”

I had to think briefly to remember where I’d left off before I continued, “Well, I decided I’d have to confront Jenny when she returned from her cheerleading retreat, although I really had no idea how even to begin. I didn’t want her to know I’d been on her computer and reading her private stuff! Conflicted and confused, I shut down her computer and contemplated how I might deal with this. I didn’t get anywhere, so I just went to bed and jilled off endlessly before falling asleep.

“The next day, yesterday, I must confess I spent hours online, reading story after story on the Literotica website in the lesbian section. Occasionally I would click on another story listed as having a similar theme to a story I was just finishing . This led me to the occasional group sex story and, I hate to admit it, even a few incest stories. It wasn’t the incest that turned me on, but the utter submission of the mother to the daughter that did. For example, I…no, never mind.”

“You can’t just start something delicious like that, then leave us hanging,” Karen objected.

“No, it’s not important,” I responded, trying desperately to make it seem like it was really nothing.

“Would you like be punished in front of your daughter?” Karen threatened.

“No!” I responded, quick as a knee-jerk, terrified at what the sexy but powerful teen might do to me and how that would make me look to my daughter, as if it could get any worse than it already was! My face flushed with embarrassment I admitted, “There was a story called ‘Mommies Make Good Puppies’ about a daughter who dominated her Mom and made her into her pet, like a puppy. I can’t explain it, but such utter submission had me so wet, I ended up fucking myself with a hairbrush.”

“You don’t have any toys?” Karen asked, flabbergasted.

“No,” I admitted.

“Well, that’s just stupid. We’ll change that very soon,” Karen promised.

“Ok,” I agreed, although the smirk on her face had me slightly worried.

“So you fucked yourself with a brush fantasizing about being your daughter’s pet?”

“No, no, no,” I adamantly denied, “I got off on the utter submission, not the incest part.”

“Sure you did,” Karen responded, dismissing my distinction between one and the other.

“No, really!” kaçak bahis I countered, desperate to end this talk of incest, especially with my daughter right here in the room watching Karen dominate me and imagining who knows what.

“Jenny, would you like to have a pet?” Karen asked.

My mouth dropped open, mortified at the question. Jenny luckily had the same mindset as mine and blurted, “No!”

“You sure? Mommy seems like she would be a very good little pet for you. A very obedient little pet. She comes highly recommended…by me,” Karen teased, clearly trying to humiliate me even further.

Jenny shook her head, clearly as uncomfortable as I was with this topic.

Karen shrugged, looking directly at me, “Whatever. Maybe later. So then what happened, slut?”

Thankful that the awkward incest conversation was over, hopefully forever, I continued, “Yesterday I did my best to avoid the temptation of my newfound libido, but I ended up spending a few more hours on Literotica. I learned I could search by tags and searched under the lesbian category using tags like submissive, blackmailed, domination, teenager. I don’t know how many times I got off yesterday, but it was more than a dozen.”

“Wow!” Karen responded, impressed, “When the dam breaks, it really breaks.”

I blushed again, although my face was probably stuck on ruby red forever. “I also tried endlessly to think of a way of talking to my daughter. Jenny, I still hadn’t come up with a plan that looked at all feasible by the time you were due to return home last night, so I just chickened out, fled to a donut shop and sat there stuffing my face with pastries while I avoided the inevitable confrontation with you, knowing I couldn’t hide forever. By the time I came home and snuck in the front door you were asleep in bed. I thought maybe I could deal with it today somehow, maybe just blurt out something unbearably awkward and wing it from there, but you’d gone somewhere by the time I woke up, and I guess that’s rather irrelevant now.”

“I would say so,” Karen chuckled.

Ignoring her comment, I continued, “Which I guess leads us to today.”

“Oh yes, it certainly does,” Karen responded, her sexual innuendo impossible to miss. “And your final submission as my slut,” she added narcissistically.

I paused, pondering how to even start the bizarre events that led to me in this submissive predicament, this humiliating, yet utterly enthralling submission.

“Yes,” I agreed, my shame burning so hot I thought I looked like I was on fire.

“Anyway, there was a knock on the door just before twelve. I was still in my robe, having a very lazy Sunday while I just sat around fretting nonstop about you, quite frankly. I opened the door and there was Karen in her usual cheerleading outfit. I told her you were out at the mall or something, but she said she was here to see me. I invited her in, unsure why she would come here just to see me.”

“But your cunt knew, didn’t it?” Karen vulgarly proclaimed.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so, honestly. It hadn’t hit me yet what your intentions were, although I guess it should have,” I admitted.

“So Karen came into my house and I offered her some iced tea. She accepted and I went into the kitchen to get some. Karen followed me in and sat down at the table. Once I’d poured the iced tea, I returned to the table with our two glasses and sat down.”

Karen pushed the toy fully into my cunt and demanded, “Close your legs, slut.” I obeyed. The buzzing toy immediately became a major distraction.

I continued telling the humiliating story to my daughter, although now I changed my narration style to tell the story with the dialogue as I remembered it.

I asked, “What can I do for you, Karen?”

Karen smiled, “I need some advice.”

“OK,” I replied, “What’s about?”

“Well, you may have guessed this already, but I’m a lesbian,” she revealed rather frankly.

I was slightly surprised by her secret, although in retrospect it made perfect sense and my first thought was to ask if she’d made my daughter one too, although I already knew the answer. “That’s ok my dear, this is 2010,” I comforted, knowing this was often a delicate situation.

“Oh, I know,” she responded, not looking all that worried, “It’s just that… how do I tell my Mother? She’ll freak!”

“Hmmm,” I pondered, “I don’t know, but I’ve found that honesty is always the best approach, even if at first there may be a rough patch.”

“How would you respond if Jenny told you she was a lesbian?” Karen asked.

A week ago it would have shocked me to the core, but by this point I just assumed that she was one. The evidence was all there. “Well, I’d support her of course. I mean, being a woman in the world today is tough enough. Being a lesbian in a man’s world is even tougher. I would hate for her to be an outcast or ridiculed because of her sexual orientation. Her happiness is far more important to me than some label.”

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