Ocak 13, 2021

Becoming Anne Ch. 03

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Anne carefully retied the collar around her neck as she knelt on the floor of the bathroom. She’d cleansed herself thoroughly in the shower, washing off all traces of the scents that had clung to her body after the pleasure Katrin had given her. Her body was returning to something approaching normality too. She could still feel the stress in her muscles where she’d stretched and strained against the bonds in her pleasure and her sex still harboured a memory of how it had quivered and convulsed, but she could also feel her heart beating normally, her breath calm and shallow.

Katrin had closed the door to the bathroom after Anne had entered it, but she could still hear the sound of her heavy boots walking around the house. For a moment, she wondered what might happen if any of the neighbours saw her there, what they might think about the beautiful young woman walking around, but then she dismissed it. That was the sort of concern Michelle might have, and Anne’s sole concern was to please Katrin, not question her.

After she had knelt there for a while, the door opened. With her head bowed, Anne didn’t see Katrin come in until she saw the boots standing in front of her.

“Stand up.” Came the command, and she followed it, standing still with her arms at her side as Katrin looked her over, fingers glancing over her skin as she examined her possession. She saw that Katrin was holding a small black leather bag in one hand and tried not to imagine what it might hold.

“Good. You are clean again. Sit down in the chair, legs apart and hands on the arms.” Anne walked to the sole chair in the bathroom and did as commanded, watching as Katrin placed the leather bag on the small table beside it, then walked to the sink, filling it with steaming hot water, then turning back to face her.

“You are mine, aren’t you Anne?”

“Yes Miss, I am.”

“And you want to appear in a way that pleases me, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss, I do.”

“You’ve shown me that by reshaping your body for me and yet there is still one thing that must change before bahis firmaları you’re totally mine.”

“Whatever you wish me to do, Miss, I will do it for you.” She didn’t think before saying the words, but knew they were right as soon as she uttered them.

“Even when you don’t know what it is, you agree. I made a good choice in you. I asked you to keep your bush for me, didn’t I?”

“Yes Miss.”

“And you let it grow, just as I commanded, but now it’s time for me to take it from you. I do this now to show how you are mine, that your body looks the way I wish it to. After this, I will expect you to keep yourself smooth for as long as you are mine, but you will always think of me when you do it. Do you understand?”

“Yes…yes Miss.” She involuntarily gripped the arms of the chair, a small unease burning in her stomach.

“You do not sound sure of yourself. Tell me.”

Anne could feel the protest within her, like she was split in half, one part wanting this, the other throwing up objections. “I-I want this, but she — Michelle doesn’t.”

Katrin raised an eyebrow. “Michelle? There is no Michelle here with me, only Anne. Why does she protest?”

“My — her husband. She does now know how to explain this to him.” She was gripping even tighter now, trying to block those thoughts out. Anne wanted this.

“And does Anne care about this husband? Does she limit herself for what he thinks, or is she mine?”

“She is yours, Miss, she wants — I want – to please you. To be yours.”

“Then tell her that. She chose to surrender herself, to become Anne. Anne is better than her, Anne wants more than she could ever dream of. Isn’t that true?”

She listened to the words, to Katrin’s voice speaking them to her so clearly, each one emphasised and resounding in her like absolute truth. She remembered changing her name online from Michelle to Anne, of how Anne had taken whatever Katrin had told her and done it and how good it felt. Michelle shrank within her, her protests dulled and silent. “Yes Miss, it is true.” She felt kaçak iddaa her grip on the chair loosen, her heart slow down and her body calm.

“Good, then we shall begin.” Katrin said, lowering herself to kneel between Anne’s outstretched legs and reaching past her to take the bag and open it. Anne was surprised to see her kneel, but as she looked at Katrin, saw the fierce purpose in her eyes and the rigidity in her back as she knelt totally straight, she realised that this, for her, was in no way a show of submission, just another way to assert and claim her dominance over Anne. Her hands rested on the chair, her legs splayed wide open, offering herself to the younger woman in full knowledge of what was happening.

“If you have doubts or worries or if she protests again, you must never fear to mention them to me. No matter how much you want this journey, or how much pleasure it gives you, doubt will always be there, and you must address it and conquer it, not let it linger.” She took a small pair of scissors from the bag and began trimming Anne’s bush, cutting it back close to the skin with the lightest of touches.

“That’s good, my girl. Keep yourself totally calm and still.” Katrin said, as Anne focus on the snipping sound, feeling the twirls of hair falling away from her, glancing occasionally at the concentration showing clearly on Katrin’s face.

When she’d cut as much as she could with the scissors, she took a shaving brush and soap from the bag, wetting the brush with the hot water from the sink, and then slowly painting the thick soft soap onto Anne’s mound and around her sex, carefully ensuring that every part of it was covered well. Anne enjoyed the soft warmth of it on her, having never done this to herself, again feeling herself change into something new at Katrin’s hands.

Katrin smiled at her as she reached past and took a pearl-handled straight razor from the bag, carefully unfolding it and weighing it in her hand. Anne couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise in shock as she saw it. “Be calm, my dear.” Katrin said. “I have done kaçak bahis this many times before and this is the best way to get you totally smooth for me.” Her soothing words calmed Anne a little, but she still found herself nervously biting the inside of her lip as Katrin splashed the razor in the hot water, then began to stroke it carefully over Anne’s mound.

The sensation was unlike anything she had felt before, somehow sharp and soft at the same time, as Katrin’s careful hand drew the razor over her skin, slicing through the hair but leaving the flesh beneath untouched. She worked in careful strokes, cleaning the razor in the water after each one, and Anne could feel the difference as the soap was brushed away, the warm air of the bathroom gentle on her now bare skin. Katrin moved carefully and methodically over her mound, around her lips, shaving away every trace of hair, sitting back when she was done and giving it one last look before folding the razor away and standing up.

Katrin handed her a towel to clean herself with, and she felt the softness of it directly on her skin, feeling so sensitive as she swept away the last few wisps of soap. She took Katrin’s offered hand and followed her out of the bathroom, barely noticing the cooler air of the house outside it as her body tingled with new sensations.

There was a full-length mirror in the bedroom, and Katrin led her to it, standing off to the side as she positioned Anne in front of it. It took Anne a moment to realise that the woman she was looking at — the one with the smooth and toned body, nipples still flushed from earlier, lips prominently and wetly displayed beneath a bare mound — was her. She looked and felt more sexual, more free, than she ever had done before and the smile she saw on her lips and in her eyes was one she couldn’t remember ever seeing before.

Katrin walked behind her, hands resting lightly on her hips, lips close to her ear. “Who do you see?” She murmured.

“Anne.” She said. “Only Anne.”

“Good, and who does Anne belong to?”

“To you, Miss, only to you.”

“Correct. Now, dress yourself in the clothes I have put on the bed and come join me downstairs. We have an appointment to get to.”

She quickly turned and left, leaving Anne wondering what she meant.

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