Şubat 26, 2021

Beauty and the Geek

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I had a long day at work. My current life as a temp consisted of locking myself away to print and collate training manuals for an advertising firm. Yes, I know. Exciting life, right? I live on the opposite side of the city so when I finally ripped myself away from the mountain of paper I was simply too hungry to go straight home.

I stopped by the diner down the block and ordered a grilled cheese with sweet pickles on the side. I quietly ate and decided that I wanted to indulge in my secret obsession, vintage science fiction and fantasy novels. I have read them since I was a kid. A quick search on my phone revealed a comic book shop two blocks over that carried vintage pulp. I love the city, everything you could possibly think of, condensed in one vast place.

It didn’t take me long to walk over, the evening was cool and I had on a pair of peep toe patent leather heels that wouldn’t make me regret wearing them at the end of the day. The long brick row of connected shopfronts spanned the entire block. The sun was beginning to set just as I got to the shop, I looked at my watch and it was a quarter past seven. The sign on the door said the shop closed at eight, so I figured I would go in, quickly browse the shelves, grab a few titles, and be on my way.

The shop consisted of four rooms. There was the main room I was standing in that held all the comics, novelties, and collectibles, and three smaller rooms connected at the back via archways. There were a few people browsing, quietly leafing through pages, engrossed in whatever realm their heroes resided. I started making my way towards the center of the room and a male in a well worn Star Wars tee and jeans walks up to me.

“Hi there, is there anything I can help you with?” He had one hand in his pocket, arm straight. The other he used to absently ruffle his hair.

He seemed eager. He was handsome in that fanboy sort of way. Tall, with a shaggy mane of hair that reached his chin, and over a day’s worth of stubble. His eyes were a stony gray, quite striking when his pale skin came into play. He reminded me of an actor on one of those syndicated criminal profiler shows I sometimes watched on my evenings in.

“Hi, I found this place online. I am actually looking for the vintage pulp and fantasy books area. I am guessing they’re somewhere near the back?”

“They sure are. Go to the end of this row and take a left,” he said as he walked me towards a row of shelves that housed action figures. He leaned close to me as we moved, and gently put his hand around my waist but pulled it away. He must have been afraid he’d overstepped a boundary. He smelled like ink and pricey department store cologne. I was enamored by this combination. “It is the last den in the back.”

I found myself in a bookworm’s heaven. There were ten bookshelves lining the walls, three double-sided library style shelves in the center, and a worn leather chair for reading nestled within. Every shelf was brimming with books from the 1940s casino siteleri onward.

I browsed the shelves for a while, pulling several titles out for purchase. I was entranced by a trashy detective novel, so I sat down in the chair to read a few pages. I lost track of time. I was about forty pages in and in the middle of the first sex scene when the lights above me went out.

“Hey!” I startled. “Somebody is still back here!”

A voice rang out from the front of the store, “Whoops, my bad, I thought everybody had gone.” and half of the rear lights came back on.

I gathered my small stack of books and proceeded to the left side of the store where the counter was positioned. He met me at the counter and started ringing my order up. “You’ve really got great taste,” he said “a few of these are favorites of mine”.

“You read actual books?” I playfully teased, “I kinda figured you for one of those lightsaber swinging, hang out and watch a movie marathon Jedi types from Tatooine”.

“Aha! I knew it! You are a closet geek! I had you pegged the moment you came in,” he teased back. “Geek girls are the only females who can name off the Skywalkers’ home planet. You do a really good job of hiding it, though”.

I smiled. “I know my way around a good scifi saga or two. Now, how much do I owe you?”

“$29.53” he said.

I gave him thirty dollars and told him to keep the change. He hopped across the counter and stood beside me. I got another whiff of his scent, the ink mixed with that delicious cologne. I shifted closer to him. “If you don’t mind me asking, what cologne are you wearing?”

“Something my sister bought for Christmas, I can’t remember. Were you asking because you wanted to buy some for your boyfriend?” he said. Clever boy, he was fishing out my status. I decided to run with it.

“No, actually. I am single. I just really dig your scent. It’s sort of a thing for me, the smell of the ink from the comic books mixed in. Plus, that book I was reading earlier didn’t help me any. Steamy, I am telling you.” I smiled as I shifted towards him another imperceptible inch.

“Would it be too forward of me if I asked you out for coffee?” he lowered his voice and moved closer to me, our bodies nearly touching. I could see the fire forming behind those cold gray eyes. I had a similar fire burning, only somewhere else.

Oh, what the hell. I was going for it. “Would it be too forward of me to ask if we just said, fuck the coffee and you took me now?”

I dropped my bag and gasped as he threw me upon the counter, the heat from his breath fogging my horn rimmed glasses as he kissed me deeply. I had unleashed something primal, his beast within. He untied the belt on my wrap dress and it fell open to reveal my naked torso. I was so fucking glad I didn’t wear a bra today, less to have to put back on later. As he kissed me, he ran his hands through the back of my hair, tugging and pulling it just hard enough to make me want more slot oyna as he pressed his body ever closer to mine. I felt electric.

His hand ran the length of my neck and down to my breasts, groping and teasing my nipples. I wanted him in waves, my body awakening with every beat of my heart. I explored his chest and back with my hands, the thin, fine hair on the top of his chest was soft against the defined muscle beneath. His back was smooth and warm against my cool fingers. I kissed him, more forcefully this time, biting his lower lip as I pulled away. He breathed deeply, a gravelly groan on the exhale. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I pulled him to me tightly, searching with my other hand for the bulge I knew had grown. It didn’t take that long to find, and he was primed and ready. I stroked the length of his shaft from the outside of his jeans, slowly appraising and appreciating all the length he had, and it was more than sufficient. I was going to enjoy this. And as if with a snap, he had all he could take.

With fevered force, he pushed me back as he moved to his knees, kneeling before me. I was so wet at this point that fluid had begun to migrate onto the crotch of my purple satin panties, which he now pushed aside to reveal my flower, flush and parting with thrilled blood. I could feel the brush of his stubble against my thighs as he devoured me in long kisses, sucking my labia, flicking and swirling his tongue on my clitoris like a rolling marble in oil.

I moaned in ecstasy as he did his work. I, grinding into him— he, responding in turn to my movements like a beautiful dance. In that very instant, he and I were of one flesh. My muscles began to tighten, that familiar clench, the apex that builds up to the release, with another flick of his adept tongue, he sent me over the edge. I stilled as I felt the first wave of climax, a guttural moan, long and slow, came from my throat as I rose and fell with the waves that began to pulse through me. I bucked against him but he held firm, slowly lowering the cadence of his tongue as he lapped up my fervor. As I came down from the orgasmic pedestal he had put me on, I looked down into his eyes and I saw his bliss.

He kissed me again while I undid his belt. If he was aroused before, he was the Man of Steel now. I slid from the counter and kneeled before him, my breasts still exposed for him to gaze on as I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down. Dark Knight boxers, my kind of man. I wasted no time liberating him of them.

He was shaved, something I admire. His cock, well, I will just say it—-it was magnificent. It was sizable and straight with a slight upward curve, the head proportional. A fine specimen indeed, and I like to think of myself as a connoisseur. I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft and he shuddered in anticipation.

After a few moments of teasing, I licked my lips and I slid him into my mouth, taking him deeper with each nod. I pressed my tongue tightly against canlı casino siteleri the underside of his shaft. As I pulled away, I would flick and circle the head with my tongue. He would exhale deeply as I used one hand to gently tug on his sac while I touched myself with the other.

He responded beautifully to this because as I continued to suck, he began to thrust. When he hit the back of my throat, I felt him pull away, but I relaxed, grabbed his ass and pulled him into me. He groaned as I took him into my mouth as deeply as I could, and held him until he decided to move. I had that delicious, thickened saliva building up in the back of my throat, lubricating each pump of his hips and allowing him to slide deeper. I wanted to appreciate him as he had me, and I wanted him with fire.

Before I realized what had happened, he had lifted me up and splayed belly-first against the counter. He was surprisingly strong. From behind, my favorite position. At this point I have no idea where my panties ran off to.

I turned my head to look at him, his milky skin glinting with a thin sheen of sweat as his chest heaved. He was like an alabaster lion, ready for the kill. I wanted to be the giselle, unable to wrestle from his grasp as he had his way with me. He grabbed my hair and tugged as he slid his slick cock inside me with such force that I was afraid he would bottom out. I couldn’t stop myself, the harder he would thrust, the louder I would pant, yearning for more. We slammed together like thunder as he hammered me. Moans escaped where no breath was left to fuel them. I wanted every inch of him, and he was going to give it to me.

He quickened his pace and the counter began to jostle, knocking an entire display of imported anime dvds on the floor. I felt the rise of climax building in me once more, and this time I did not hold back. I gave myself to it, whole and free. I felt like a firework with a lengthy fuse.

I exploded with a guttural scream, writhing as my knees began to quiver with the rush and he began to set me off, thrusting upward, deeper, breathing heavily. He wanted to come with me. Just as I reached the summit, he exhaled another groan and I felt his cock spasming inside me. Three, four— five times I felt him unload inside me. He slowed to a creep and leaned on my back. His face was hot, but his breath was cool and blowing against my skin.

“Wow. That was amazing, the force is strong with you,” I said.

“I am not usually this spontaneous in real life,” he chuckled as he brushed my thighs with his hand. “but we should definitely do this again sometime”.

We dressed and I helped him clean up the little mess we made. I collected my bag, certain that the books I had purchased were not going to be nearly as thrilling as what I’d just experienced. I took a glance at my watch and it was a quarter after ten. We exchanged a few lighthearted words, I gave him my number and he unlocked the shop door to let me out. As he turned away and back into the shop, I saw the faintest flash of purple satin peeking out from his back pocket.

“Those were not the panties I was looking for,” I said aloud, like a true Jedi mind trick.

I smiled to myself as I hailed a cab.

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