Şubat 27, 2021

Beach Vacation

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I got checked in to the hotel and decided to get in a comfortable sundress and heels and go to the hotel bar – wide open to the beach – to get one of those frozen fruity drinks with an umbrella. I was sitting at one of the outside tables looking at what promised to be an incredible sunset in about an hour. That’s when I saw you.

You looked directly at me – I don’t know for how long. You were with a few of your cronies having beer or something but even through your sunglasses I felt your heated glare. It warmed my legs on up, this gaze, as if the sundress wasn’t there. It was an appreciative one, and longer than it should be. I had to look away, but even as I did, I felt you.

I slurped the rest of my drink as I wondered how long it’s been since I had such a strong reaction to a man from across the room. Just then a waiter brought me over a second drink. I looked at him confused and he said that it was from an admirer. I looked over at you and you motioned your beer as if to ‘clink’ my glass. I blushed and made the same motion. You again kept the gaze longer than the norm and again I was warmed.

At that moment another man came over to my table and asked me if he could sit down. I said, “No thank you.”

He kept talking and I told him that he should please leave. He did ignore my request and started telling me that a woman alone in St. Croix can be in danger and he’d be happy to be my tour guide for the duration of my stay.

I was getting very annoyed and uncomfortable. I told him that I was NOT in danger from anyone but obnoxious idiots. He used an expletive, but thankfully left.

That’s when you appeared and told me that you were ready to come to my rescue. What you didn’t realize was how auditory I was and the sound of your voice sent my mind and lust soaring to a gear I was quite unprepared for.

I told you that I didn’t need someone to come to my rescue. But I couldn’t help but smile and I’m sure you saw my response to you. You asked what I did need and I said – “nothing yet.”

You had taken off your sunglasses and I was looking in to your eyes unable casino siteleri to talk. I finally found my words and said, ‘Thank you for the drink.’

You smiled and your gaze didn’t leave my eyes. ‘May I share it with you?’

I motioned for you to sit down….and so it begun.

You kept the conversation light, talking about the sights, the diving, the bars, the food. You’d been there a week already and planned on another week.

I told you that I was there for a week also and was looking forward to all the sights, diving, bars, and food.

Although the conversation was light, your voice and eyes were seducing me. The island music came on and the sun was setting and it was stunning.

You stood up and put out your hand and although you asked, “Care for a walk?” and although it wasn’t a command performance – there was no way I could turn you down even if I wanted to. The alcohol was running through my veins and lust was pooled in all sorts of spots. I took your hand and you told me that you knew just the spot to watch the sunset.

We walked, and as we walked your fingers traced circles in my palm. How could you know that this very simple act drives me insane – as if directly connected to points well-hidden? Each light and innocent place you touched drove me further and further into your web under a spell.

You continued to speak lightly about the locals, the wealth, the poverty. You spoke as if you had no idea the effect you were having on me – but your eyes showed me that you knew each part of me. At the same time I felt aroused and comfortable. When we got to a private cove, a blanket was laid out and some drinks were there. You came close to me, and moved my body around, and very closely turned my head towards the sun.

Your mouth so close to my face, you whispered in my ear to look at the sunset. I swallowed hard trying hard not to visibly react to your whisper and breath in my ear.

The sunset was breathtaking, but your breath and voice were completely undoing me. As I was looking ahead at the sunset, your mouth found my neck. We both knew slot oyna where this was headed and it was extremely arousing.

“You like that, Jayne? I like your reactions – you’re very transparent.”

The words were spoken into my neck undoing me, making me melt in to you – glad you were holding me up. You stopped what you were doing and I turned towards you – feeling the need for more. You took my own hand and moved it to touch the neckline of my dress – this act so intimate. I’m ashamed that I want you as badly as I do without knowing you – but I can’t think of anything but the physical. You seem to understand what my body craves. I take your hand from the neckline and take a finger in my mouth. Hearing the light gasp from you is heady and I start to suck it.

“Kiss me, Jayne.” You stood perfectly still looking deep in my eyes. You saw the lust there. You saw the want. You saw that I wanted you to make this move – but you would not. You saw my pupils dilate and my nose flare and my throat bob.

I put my hands on your shoulders and tiptoed to your mouth and gently put my mouth on yours. And then we both took. You took my mouth, my desire, my lust and sent it higher, higher with your invasive and hungry kiss. I returned the passion with my own and couldn’t get enough of the taste of you. The passion you were unleashing in me was unparalleled – I’d never felt like this. The need for what I know I’ve never had or felt before.

The urgency was on both our parts. Your hand cupped my breast and I quivered. Your mouth came down and through the fabric, you sucked. I gasped. The need stronger still. I grabbed your head keeping it there – not wanting the joy to end. “You want more, Jayne? Tell me what you want. Tell me, and it will be yours.”

“I want you inside me – soon. I need it. I want more and more – but after – right now I need you inside. I want a week of you. I want to eat with you, drink with you, dive with you, and make love with you. But right now – right now, I need you inside.”

At once two fingers inside me! Oh my God! The sensations.

“Like that?” I canlı casino siteleri couldn’t speak. “Or you want something else?”

I pressed my hand against your arousal in your shorts. You gasped again when I took my fingernail and lightly outlined your bulge. You were so hard.

“Take it out.” I did. I removed your shorts and I was holding your very hard cock as your fingers were inside me. I needed. I wanted. I was soaked from the evening’s seduction. I stroked you, so hard and beautiful. Your eyes told me you liked what I was doing, your cock told me you liked what I was doing. The desire to taste you was becoming overwhelming. I knelt down on the blanket and looked up at you silently asking you if it was okay. You nodded but that wasn’t enough.

“What do you want?” you asked. “Take what you want, Jayne, take it.”

That was all I needed. I took your balls in my mouth and swirled them. Another gasp as I felt your legs sturdy themselves. Your hands naturally went to my hair. I took my tongue and very slowly licked up the vein on your hard shaft and flicked my tongue under your rim, so slowly all around. Your cock was twitching as if telling me it wanted more. I took you inside my hot, wet, mouth. I let you stay in my mouth for a moment still, feeling the pulse and throb. God!! It felt so good. I put my hands around to your ass and pulled you in and sucked, bobbed my head back and forth. You were getting harder and harder and I loved hearing your sounds as well as listening to the sounds of my mouth slurping on you, devouring you. But you wanted more than this…. and you had the control to move.

You guided me on my hands and knees and told me to watch the sunset. And in one hard thrust I felt you enter me. So hard! So deep! OOOOOHHH! I felt the build so fast – coming over me like the waves I was watching. You took yourself out. I felt empty.

“All week, Jayne? Is that what you want?”

“YES! PLEASE!!!! PUT IT INSIDE ME!” You needed it too – and pounded in to me over and over again. “More! More! More!!!!”

We were matched well and I started to cum.

“Oh God, pleaseeeeeeee don’t stop!” And you rewarded me – giving me the most powerful orgasm of my life – I shatter watching the sun finally set. You pound and pound, making me explode and explode. Knowing it will be a fabulous week.

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