Şubat 27, 2021

Beach House Vacation Ch. 03

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The next morning found the three of us alone for the first time without our parents. A quick bowl of cereal and a quick change of clothes and I was out the door and out taking a walk. The morning ocean air was refreshing and invigorating and it was still not quite hot yet. I walked all the way to the bay and looked out over the boats in the water and people fishing and crabbing from them. They were far out into the bay looking like a post card.

Alone and secluded at the end of this old trail, I sat on a fallen tree that stretched the water’s edge and salt marshes of the bay with only my thoughts to occupy me. Those thoughts eventually returned me to the last few days and Michelle. The sight of her naked in my room, the feeling of her naked body next to mine in bed, her legs wrapped around me in the shower, they were all flooding back to me. I began to get hard and looking around made sure I was alone as I pulled my shorts off to the left side and pulled my semi hard dick out and started to stroke myself.

I imagined how her feet were right beside my head when I was fucking her last night and how her toes curled and the way her feet curled and I was slowly stroking myself to thoughts of how sexy her body looked below me, her tits rocking as we fucked, how her face contorted as my cock penetrated her deeply, mmm…, I can feel myself getting close. I massaged my nuts thinking it was Michelle caressing them. Mmmm…

Damn there is something so erotic about openly jerking off outside. I looked all around again making sure that no one was around. My right hand continued to slide up and down over my thick shaft. There was a little precum dribbling out of the tip of my cock. Taking my finger, I swirled it down my shaft. Mmm…, I am so close now. My thoughts drifted back to Michelle and what it would be like to have my cock in her mouth, to feel her warm and wet mouth sucking my cock and her hands squeezing and holding my balls. My hand continued to stroke but now harder and faster. I want to cum. I am ready to cum. I tighten my ass and arc my hips forward as I stroke and finally feel myself cum. I lean forward let my cum fly out onto the sand and rocks. I am still stroking myself as I continue to cum feeling my dick throb and contract and pump out my load. As my orgasm finishes and my organ goes limp I slow my strokes and squeeze out the last little bit of cum out of my cock before slipping my spent dick back into my shorts again. My heart is racing and sweat has formed on my forehead and along my spine and I sit a few moments longer composing myself and cooling down before walking back to the beach house.

When I arrived back at the beach house, I see my sister Lori and her friend Michelle in their bathing suits waiting on the deck for my return. Lori is wearing a one piece that helps make her look slimmer than what she is and Michelle is wearing a new green bikini that she must have been saving until after my parents left because there was no way that my parents would ever let her go anywhere with our family if she trotted out in that. Thankfully, I already beat off just a short while ago or I’d be instantly and noticeably hard right now and making a beeline for the bathroom in need of rubbing out a load. Lori was sitting modestly with her legs crossed but Michelle was sitting back with her feet up on the railing of the deck. The bottoms of her suit was riding up her ass and coming very close to exposing her sex.

“It’s about time you got back. We want to go to the beach now and we’re getting tired of waiting” Lori complained.

“Just give me a few moments to change” I answered without taking my eyes off of the site of Michelle’s display.

“Tom” yelled Lori getting my attention and making me look casino şirketleri up and away from the view, “hurry up. The cooler is packed and so are the snacks. We’re wasting time.”

“Ok” I exclaimed and stomped into the house to change. I quickly changed into my suit and grabbed my car keys and we all piled into the car for the short ride to the beach.

Once arriving, I discovered that I was to be the mule. The ladies grabbed the beach bag and the snacks and left me to grab the cooler, the chairs, the blanket and towels. I trudged everything through the sand to where the girls decided the best spot on the beach to be. I dropped the cooler and the chairs onto the sand and handed the girls the blanket and towels and then set up the chairs in the sand. The ladies spread the blanket out and once settled, they sat on the blanket and worked on pulling out their beach supplies of lotions and oils and tanning agents of all kinds. Me, I grabbed some suntan lotion and applied a good coating across my body. I could reach everything but the center of my back so I asked Michelle to help me. Lori rolled her eyes before she took up her position of laying stomach down on the blanket to tan. Michelle stood behind me and rubbed the lotion into my back.

“Do me” she instructed when she finished.

I smiled and thought to myself, I already have.

Michelle caught my wicked smile and gave one of her own as I rubbed the lotion into her back. Michelle then took her position on the blanket next to my sister but face up. They were lying on the blanket with their heads towards where the chairs were set up. Sitting in my chair, I looked out and over the beach and water looking at all the kids that were already there playing in the surf and the other folks out sunbathing. I saw some very attractive women and some that shouldn’t have been allowed to buy a bikini let alone wear one out in public. And the same holds true for many of the guys too. But alas, the fashion police were not on patrol this day.

As I scanned out over the area, my eyes kept returning to Michelle. Her body all sprawled out before me, her bikini covered tits, her flat stomach, her cute little “innie” navel and barely covered mound and her long legs ending at her cute feet and toes. I was so glad that my sunglasses were tinted in a way to prevent anyone seeing where my eyes were looking. God, she looked hot. As my mind wandered, there was a stirring in my bathing suit and before it got too noticeable or too uncomfortable I stood up and announced that I was going to take a walk along the beach.

I walked for a long time along the water’s edge and enjoyed looking at all the pretty young ladies and even some MILF’s during my walk. But now, I was hot and upon my return to where we were set up on the sand, I noticed that the girls were gone. Looking out to the water, I found that they were playing in the surf. I walked down to the water and then sprinted right between them diving into the oncoming waves. Standing up and looking back I called to Lori and Michelle to come in deeper and join me. We stood out there in water up to our chest and talking and enjoying the cool water and even playfully splashed each other. And this is how much of the day was spent, some sun bathing and some cooling off in the water. Michelle kept pretty close to Lori and I was pretty much on my own to entertain myself.

Around late afternoon, we packed up and left the beach. We left everything still in the car and I immediately headed for the outdoor shower. I wasn’t in there more than a minute before Michelle was knocking on the door.

“Hi stranger” she said as I let her in.

My cock instantly started to rise. She smiled. “Glad to see casino firmaları me I see.”

“Yes we are” I replied. “Where is Lori?”

“She’s in the shower, inside. Knowing your sister, she will be a while”

Still standing there naked, I made it obvious to Michelle that she was still fully clothed in her little green bikini. She took the hint and stripped out of her suit. Once her suit was off, I could really see her tan lines from the past few days emerging and it just added to her sexiness. We stepped closer to each other where my cock was poking her in her belly. She reached down between us and pulled up on it so as not to bend it before we stepped in closer and locked in an embrace and started to kiss. As we were making out, my hands roamed her body running through her hair, down her back and over her ass. I guided my hands through her ass crack and tried to slip lower but Michelle grabbed my hands and pulled them back up. In between our kisses she reminded me to keep them out of there.

The cool shower water was cascading over us. I reached over for the soap and began to lather us up. The feel of the slipperiness of our bodies from the soap was very electrifying and our bodies glided against each other erotically. I soaped and massaged her breasts and nipples as her hands stroked my slippery and soapy cock and balls. I went down to my knees and soaped up her feet, legs and thighs. Down here I was face to face with her pussy and leaned forward and kissed her mound. While still running my hands up and down her silky thighs I reached out with my tongue finding her slit. She placed her right leg over my shoulder allowing me more access to her pussy and I buried my face between her legs and snaked my tongue between her lips and tasted her wetness. Michelle’s hands were running through my hair as I ate her out in the shower. I slid my hands up her thighs and opened her pussy with one hand and easily slid 2 fingers from my other hand into her as my tongue flicked the love bud of her clit. By now, she was whimpering and moaning my name repeatedly. My fingers worked faster and faster in and out of her pussy. She leaned back resting her arms on the sides of the shower to support her body. Shortly after that, the combination of my finger fucking and mouth on her clit had her cumming. I felt her body tense and then go limp before she pulled me up to my feet.

Michelle took a hold of my cock in her hands as she turned away from me and guided my hard cock into her pussy. I easily slid completely into her in one thrust. Michelle was bent over nearly to the point of touching her toes as I began to slide my cock in and out of her. I held her hips and watched my cock slide fully in and completely out of her pussy. Her anus was open and staring up at me. As I fucked her all I wanted to do was push a finger into her or my cock but I knew she was not going to let me, not with the few subtle warnings she has already given me.

I felt Michelle’s hand on my nuts and softly roll them around in her hand. The water from the shower was pouring down my back and my orgasm was building. I picked up my pace and speed. The sight of my cock disappearing into Michelle was overwhelming. I put my thumb on her asshole and Michelle responded by squeezing hard on my nuts. Not hard enough to really hurt me but enough to give me the message that I was not to go there.

I returned my hands to her hips and Michelle let go of my balls. She leaned up and held the door and I reached up to take her right breast in my right hand. I was pulling on her nipple and I was ready to cum. I told her that I was close, that I was ready. Michelle started to push back against me. We moved in synch fucking harder and güvenilir casino faster. The shower was filled with the sounds of out wet bodies slapping together, our moans and panting. I was almost there. Just a few short strokes away.



Shit, it was my sister Lori. I had not cummed yet and was on the brink. Michelle froze as did I not knowing what to do.

“Lori?” Michelle sounded meek and unsure as she replied to my sister.

“Oh God, you’re in there with Tom aren’t you” she asked.

Michelle straightened up and pulled herself off of my cock, much to my disappointment and opened the shower door just a crack and looked at Lori. I stood in the back corner of the shower out of sight of my sister and the open door. I was shielded by Michelle and the door but I was still sporting a raging hard on and a mean set of balls that needed to cum bad.

“Damn it Michelle. That’s my brother! This was supposed to be our vacation for us to hang out and be together. Not one for fucking my brother.” Lori was really pissed and upset. She stormed off out of sight and without saying a word Michelle quickly grabbed her bathing suit grabbed her towel and followed after her leaving me with one still hard dick bobbing out from my body.

By now Michelle was gone, the moment was gone and the mood was broken. I wasn’t even feeling like finishing myself off. I just finished washing myself in the shower and then wrapped my towel around me and returned to the house. I have no idea where the girls had gone but they were not anywhere in the house. Feeling a little bad about how my sister’s time had been ruined and not wanting to deal with anything when they returned I quickly dressed and headed into town. I figured that I’d spend the next few hours walking around the shops, finding someplace to eat, watching all the pretty ladies strutting about and staying out of the way of Michelle and Lori.

When I returned back to the beach house, long after dark, it was pretty close to 10 PM. The house had some lights on and on the deck I could see a few candles burning to keep the bugs away. As I climbed the stairs to the deck I saw my sister Lori sitting there like she was waiting for me. I let out a slight groan under my breath knowing that I was not going to be able to escape the inevitable conversation.

“Hey” I said as I sat myself down in the chair next to her.

“Hey” she replied but not looking in my direction and not saying anything more.

“Listen” I began “You shouldn’t be mad. Things happen. And we tried to not do it in front of you. We waited until you were in the shower.”

“Just drop it. Forget about it.” But I could tell Lori was not going to forget about it.

“If it will make the rest of the week better for you, I’ll keep my distance from both of you. I’ll drive you guys to the beach and pick you up. I’ll stay out of the house all day except to sleep so that you and Michelle can have your vacation.”

“You two do what you want. I don’t even care” she retorted.

“No, she is your friend and all I am supposed to do is keep an eye on you two. Nothing more than that and I crossed a line. I am sorry.” I tried to be as sympathetic and apologetic as I could sound. I did feel bad for my sister. She really has no one and never really was the type of girl that boys go crazy over.

“Listen, I am going in and heading to bed. I hope that tomorrow everything can get back to normal. You two can let me know what you want to do tomorrow and I’ll take you there” and with that I got up and entered the house.

I saw Michelle in the living room watching TV but she never looked up at me or anything. I stopped at the bathroom to brush my teeth, take my evening piss and head to bed.

Just like every night so far on vacation, I woke later to find Michelle slipping into my bed. Only tonight she was clothed as she slipped under the covers.

“Shhhh” she started off “we need to talk”

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