Ocak 28, 2021

BBQ Ignites Daddy/Daughter Affair

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Damned if I really know how it all got started. We were having a barbeque with friends Les and Jackie on our verandah together with my wife and daughter. The meal was finished and we sat chatting as the sun settled over the gulf. We were all feeling very mellow and relaxed as we sipped glasses of fine red wine while Vickie my daughter, satisfied herself with a coke.

The sun had almost settled below the sea and darkness immediately fell over our property but there was sufficient light coming from the house to dimly light the area where we sat. Dressed in light summer clothing Vickie sat next to me on a wooden bench while the others were seated in collapsible chairs.

It was the sudden nightly breeze that sprang off the ocean that caused Vickie to cuddle my left arm and pull herself into me in attempt to find warmth and somehow or another, my upper arm lay along the length of her lap.

The conversation continued for several more minutes before I became aware that Vickie had somehow seemed to manipulate my elbow into her crotch and was very gently moving herself against it. I couldn’t believe what she was doing but I tested her by gently pressing my arm back. Only I heard the slight murmur from her lips and felt the tightening grip on my arm.

As I talked with our friends I expressively began to move my hands as though emphasizing points knowing that the movement of my left hand was causing a gentle rubbing movement between Vickie’s legs. My actions were rewarded by Vickie pulling my arm backward and forcing my elbow tightly against her cunt.

My cock became erect as I finally realized my daughter was masturbating herself against my elbow and she was doing it in such away that the others would not notice. I did everything I could to assist my blonde daughter in her quest, pretending to make even more points my moving my hands until at last she let out a little gasp and shivered against me.

“Are you all right Vickie?” my wife asked.

“Yes mom. It’s just getting a little cold, I think I’ll turn in,’ she replied.

Vickie disentangled herself from my arm, stood and softly kissed me on my cheek before kissing her mom and saying goodnight to our friends and then vanished into the house.

I followed a couple of minutes later under the pretence of going to get another bottle of wine and found Vickie in her bedroom. I gave her no chance to say anything, quickly I gave her a soft lingering kiss on the lips while my hand fumbled beneath her sari skirt and fondle the wet gust of her panties which were soaked through with her recent cum.

“Stay at home tomorrow. Tell your mom you have a headache and you’re stopping at home. Do you understand?” I said.

Vickie had collapsed against my chest as I touched her intimate spot, her breasts crushing against my chest, “Yes daddy. I understand,’ she whispered.

Re-joining the group on the verandah, we continued to drink for another couple of hours before we decided to call it day. After waving our friends off I all but dragged my wife into the bedroom to satisfy my lust and massive erection.

I didn’t even allow Carol time to undress. Pushing her up against the wall I dropped to my knees and pulled down her panties before licking on the lips of her sex. Performing on her just long enough to ensure she was wet, I took her standing up, my cock buried deeply in her soppy quim while her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist.

Neither of us lasted too long, Carol cumming as soon as she felt my spunk spraying her insides with huge globs. She clung tightly too me as our passion subsided.

“Wow! What brought that on? You haven’t fucked me like that in a long time,” she said.

“I don’t know, I just needed you badly,’ I lied.

It was a fitful night for bahis firmaları me. I just kept imagining Vickie’s sweet face and planning the next day over and over in my mind. I eventually fell asleep with a very rigid cock and it was still like that when I awoke in the morning.

As per our usual morning routine I shook my wife’s sleepy body as I emerged from the shower. I’d dressed and was leaving the house when I heard Vickie complaining to her mom of a headache, grinning too myself, I headed off to work for a couple of hours.

I’d planned to return home at 10 am but I couldn’t stop thinking about what was waiting for me. Knowing that Carol left for her job at 9:20, I decided to leave the office at that time for the 15-minute drive home. I’d planned so many scenes in my mind it was confusing, so when I pulled into my drive I decided just to play it by ear and see what happened.

“Hello daddy,’ Vickie said shyly when I found her in the lounge.

She truly was beautiful and I couldn’t get over the fact that I was looking at my daughter sexually but my stiffening pole reminded me. Vickie’s hair was still a little damp from her shower and she was dressed in a white blouse and a gingham skirt. Not the most seductive of clothing but somehow they made Vickie look very sexy indeed.

Sitting down on the centre seat of the settee I indicated Vickie to come and stand in front of me. It seemed to me that she almost floated across the room before standing in front of me, her eyes cast downward. Placing my hands on either side of thighs just above the knees, I rubbed on her silken flesh tracing a path up to her panties and back down again.

“Are you wet?” I asked my daughter.

Vickie raised her eyes to mine meeting them for a moment before looking back down at the floor. “Yes daddy,” she responded with a whisper.

Then I cruelly put her on the spot, “Why are you wet Vickie?”

I watched her face as she struggled for an answer a couple of long minutes went by and then I saw the tears in the corners of her eyes and her bottom lip began to tremble.

“I don’t know,” she sobbed. “Are you angry with me?”

The fear in her face and the tears melted my heart, I pulled my sweet daughter too me and hugged her tightly making comforting noises. Her long blonde hair smelled of little green apples from the shampoo she’d used and her scent was one of freshness and innocence. It was at that point I almost gave up it was only the way she pressed her young firm body against mine that decided her fate. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Pushing her away a little I said, “Lift up your skirt, I want to see.”

Vickie stood between my spread knees and reached for the hem of the cotton fabric and then slowly raised it upward until she exposed her white cotton panties. The wet patch was clearly visible and I could smell her condition, my daughter was ripe for the picking.

If someone had have told me I would have been doing this with my own daughter I wouldn’t have believed them, yet here I was slowly tugging down her panties while she held her skirt up for me. Now other thoughts were running through my mind, I’d fathered her, fed, housed and protected her the whole of her life and for what? To let some wanker ram his cock into her sweet pussy? No, Vickie was to be mine, she owed me for the investment I’d made in her life and I was going to reap the benefits.

Even I couldn’t help but let out a slight gasp as I exposed her sweet pussy, it was beautiful. Her vagina lips were distended and the slit which was slightly parted had petals of honey-dew glistening in the crack. A few blonde pubic hairs curled softly above her vulva making her choice part even more attractive to my view.

I just couldn’t help myself, gently I applied kaçak iddaa my middle finger to her crack and pushed gently in between her distended lips. She was tight but it slipped into her easily, her excessive juicing easing the path.

Vickie groaned and placed a hand on my shoulder for support while still holding her skirt with the other one. Looking her directly in the face I began to finger fuck her virgin snatch.

My daughter was on another planet, her head was thrown back and her eyes closed as I fingered her. Little mewing noises came from her throat and she began moving her body in time with my hand, I knew she would not be able to last. When I pressed her magic button her whole body shook and then exploded in an orgasm so severe, she fell against me for support while her cum spent itself over my finger.

“Thank you daddy,” she said in a mouse like voice when she finally returned to her senses.

Even though I was in urgent need of relief I decided to delay my pleasure a little longer. First I removed Vickie’s blouse and bra exposing her cute tits which for me were a perfect size. I’ve never liked big breasts they always seems to get in the way but my daughters small, well shaped breasts, crowned with stiff nipples really turned me on.

Vickie held her arms upward as I unclasped the belt of her skirt, she then wriggled her hips allowing it to fall around her ankles leaving her totally naked. Drawing her onto my knee I then spent some considerable time fondling her body and sucking on her tits before encouraging her to start undressing me.

Her fingers trembled as she began unfastening the buttons of my shirt. Nervously she popped each button and then parted the fabric before softly applying her lips to my chest, her fingers testing the hardness of my muscles and exploring me. Then after what seemed ages, she worked up the courage to kneel between my legs and tug at my belt buckle and unzip my trousers, drawing them slowly off while her eyes were fixed to the bulge in my shorts.

When the trousers were off Vickie’s gaze sought mine and I could see the unasked question in her eyes. “Yes sweetheart, the shorts as well. What’s in there is all for you.”

Fingers still trembling, she eagerly grabbed hold of my waistband and I lifted my rear as she pulled the shorts downward. Her face was a treasure to watch as first the head of my erection was exposed and then the full length.

She was like a rat I had once seen that was hypnotized by a snake; she just couldn’t remove her eyes from the monster that confronted her. “Daddy. It’s so big,” she gasped fearfully.

Carefully I guided her small hands onto the object of her attention and reveled in the touch of her explorations as she tested the rigidity and measured the length. I watched her actions, willing her to do the right thing without having to be shown, I needn’t have worried. Almost in slow motion she drew the tip of my circumcised cock to her ruby lips and opened her mouth.

Vickie’s tongue flickered out gathering the pre-cum and tasting me for the first time. She looked at me with approval and then the head of my cock was between those beautiful lips and my shaft sliding into her as her head lowered.

Her initial movements were shy and tentative but soon became wildly abandoned. My beautiful girl had stuffed as much cock into her mouth as she could take and her hands worked the remainder of my shaft and fondled my balls. Occasionally she would cast her eyes up toward me as if seeking approval but the happy look on my face said everything.

As if by instinct, Vickie began to stroke the glans with her tongue and her hand gripped the exposed part of my lower shaft in a perfect wanking action. That combined with the insistent suction of her mouth kaçak bahis left me with no choice. My toes curled as I tried to hold back but it was useless, grabbing her hair I held her mouth tightly on my cock while she had her first feed of man juice.

I’d sort of expected Vickie to attempt an escape but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Eagerly she pumped with her little hand while her throat worked overtime gulping down every drop of seed I had to offer. Even after I’d subsided she continued sucking until my defeated member softened and retreated back to its usual size.

Vickie finally released me and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, her eyes sparkling and looking like the cat that had just eaten the cream “You’re delicious daddy,” she grinned.

It seemed a natural progression to lift my daughter and carry her into the dining room and lay her on the table. Raising her knees and spreading them, I drew a chair between her open legs and feasted on the delicate folds of her cunny while my hands gently massaged her tits. In a short time Vickie was back to full arousal and grinding herself against my mouth, she cum the instant my tongue connected with her clit.

Furrowing my tongue, I feasted on her juices, dipping into her honey-pot time and time again until there was nothing left. Then after mopping up her puffy virgin lips, I used my thumbs to part her crack and look into her pretty pink interior. It was like a jeweled cave, glistening strands of sticky lubricant spanned her love cavern walls and I could almost see the treasure that was awaiting collection. Planting a final kiss on her snatch I stood up, pushing the chair backwards as I did so.

Gathering a couple of cushions, I raised her shoulders so she could comfortably see between her legs and complied willingly as her body was moved into a convenient position. Her beautiful face was full of love and trust but you could also see the eagerness and anticipation of what was to come.

“Are you going to do me now daddy?” she asked simply.

“Would you like me to fuck you now baby?” I asked.

“Oh yes. I’ve dreamt of nothing else since you told me to stop at home. I hoped you were going to do all those things you’ve done. Now I want nothing more than to feel you inside me. Don’t be frightened of hurting me; I want you to do it so badly.”

Vickie was looking down as I guided my cockhead to her slit, her eyes widening as I pressed forward, opening her up. Holding onto her thighs I pushed again, stretching my daughter to her very limit as my length probed the very depths of her being.

I saw the tears seep from the corner of her eyes and stopped pushing immediately, “Am I hurting you sweetheart?” I asked.

“No, don’t stop daddy, please don’t stop. I’m crying because I’m so happy.”

Moments later I was at her cherry and I could see her face wince at the assault on her maidenhood, I paused again.

“No,” Vickie begged, “Do it quickly, just don’t stop. I’ll die if you do.”

“Arrrrrrrgggh Daddy,” she screamed as I administered the coup de grass, “Daddy I love you, fuck me….. Please.”

I took a long last look at my fat cock buried to the root in my daughter’s sweet snatch and then began to fuck her with long firm strokes. She was soon babbling gibberish and shaking her head from side to side, her cunt manufacturing lubricant continually. It was like having my cock in a very wet, warm swamp.

Then Vickie went into multi-orgasm, cumming continually in waves and as one wave was nearly spent another arose from her depths lifting her higher each time. She was sobbing and jerking spastically on her daddy’s cock, totally unable to control the emotions and passions that had overwhelmed her.

Relief only came when she felt hot sperm blast her womb which created the final wave of her orgasm and finally doused her arousal. She lay back quietly sobbing with joy at being so wonderfully taken and the knowledge that this would happen time and time again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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