Şubat 24, 2021

Bangkok City Nights Pt. 04

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Continued from Part 3, link on my profile.

Please note that Part 4 was written from the male character’s point of view.


The next few days seem to have flown by, even during packing, I would come up behind you and grab you. I just didn’t want to let you go. Even moments away from you were too much and I couldn’t wait to take you back with me. Just a few short days later, it was time to leave. I knew I wanted to make our leaving special so I called for a limo that morning to take us to the airport.

At 8 am sharp, the limo driver was outside and quickly packed our suitcases into the car. Coming back into the house, I sweep you off your feet and carry you outside to the car; a single kiss on your blushing face. Carefully placing you into the car, I close the door behind me and quickly give the driver instructions. I turn back to you “We have a long car ride my love”. I run my hands through your hair and lean in to kiss you as I raise the glass between us and the driver.

You jump slightly as the phone in your pocket rings, and I frown a little as you pick it out to answer it. Work, again, but you make it quick when you realize that my wandering hands were not going to leave you alone for even a second. Seeing how unpleased I am, you attempt to reach over to my thigh and I quickly grab your hand, looking straight into your eyes and pull you sharply towards my face by the back of your neck. A light nibble on your lower lip before I ravish your mouth, groaning into it. I love the way your lips feel, and right now I know exactly where I’d like to feel them. I place one of your hands on my slowly growing cock and your eyes already look hungry. I unzip my jeans and you unbutton them, sliding them off slowly, enjoying the tease yourself. I groan in pure frustration, wanting your soft lips wrapped around me. Your hands reach inside my boxers and slowly bring my bahis firmaları hard cock out. You kneeled on the seat next to me and slowly brought your head down on my cock, taking just the head into your mouth. I groaned hard, moaning “Fuck” as I felt you tightly wrap your lips around my cock. I leaned back and immediately saw an opportunity.

Your hips in the air, skirt already hiked up over your ass, and your hands preoccupied with my balls, gave me the perfect opportunity to reach behind you. I slowly slide my hand to the back, kneading and grabbing the flesh, being careful to not touch any sensitive areas just yet even though the heat I can feel radiating from between your thighs is quite tempting, to say the least. I can feel your desperation as you try to rock your body to feel more of me, inviting my touch. I love that I have this control over your body – over your greedy need for my touch.

I gently slide your panties to one side, carefully brush my finger up your slit, being careful to not push it inside you just yet. It’s tough to focus on torturing you when I can feel you moaning onto my throbbing cock like this. The second I started feeling you pushing yourself further down onto my cock, I decide to immediately plunge two fingers into you, causing you to almost scream.

With my two fingers buried deep inside your greedy, dripping pussy, I pull your body towards me that way, hooking you in place. The vibrations of your moaning on my cock has me in ecstasy.

I can’t take it any more and I pull you up to me, sliding you down on to my hard cock, wet with your saliva. You slide down easily, but I can feel you holding back a scream, I slide my hand through your hair and pull your head down to me, using my teeth to bite your lips. I grab a fist full of your hair and pull your head back, biting your neck. I want it to be known that you’re mine, whether from anyone kaçak iddaa looking at you or when you’re reminded of this moment through your own reflection in the mirror.

Your tight pussy wrapping around my cock like a glove, every nerve ending on fire from the intensity of our coupling. I can’t help but groan as I feel my need for you being slowly quenched. If I could spend the rest of eternity in this position with you, I would. I try not to focus on the velvet feeling but it becomes increasingly difficult as you piston up and down on me, and I begin to feel my balls tighten and lose control. Biting into your shoulder, I erupt deep inside you, holding you close as small thrusts fill you up with my cum. My breathing is ragged and fast and as it slowly returns to normal, I realize I’m depriving you again. My flaccid cock slowly slides out of you as you try to hold on, whimpering while I pick you up easily and seat you next to me, one leg hanging off the seat and the other in my lap.

I glance at my phone and a smirk begins to form. I know that smirk scares you and if you only knew the devilish idea in my head. As we crossed Perfect Place, I plunge two fingers inside you and lean over to whisper in your ear “We have 5 minutes to get to the airport. When we reach there, I will stop, whether you have cum or not.” I time out 5 minutes on my phone and have the screen facing you, the time ticks down quickly. I use my other hand to rub one finger gently around your ass, teasing the tip of my finger in and out. I stare into your half closed eyes, seeing the lust in them, urging me on with every thrust of my fingers. The clock has already hit 4 minutes and the first signs of the airport appear in the horizon. “4 minutes dear” I plunge a third finger inside you and the howl escaping your lips has made my cock twitch already. I don’t understand how you have this effect on me, but I love every kaçak bahis second of it.

“3 minutes” the finger teasing your ass is slowly slid in past the tip.

“2 minutes” the finger in your ass is up to the second knuckle and the three fingers in your pussy are practically soaked.

“1 minute” the finger in your ass is all the way in and I can feel the fingers in your pussy as I invade your pussy and ass.

“30 seconds” I begin pistoning in and out of you, alternating which is filling you up.

“15 seconds” your cries of ecstasy are filling my ears and you bite down on my shoulder to try and muffle the moans.

“5 seconds” I glance down quickly and see that you’ve brought your hand down and started to rub your own clit in desperation while biting down on your lower lip. The smirk on my face turns into a grin as I see that once again, I’ve pushed you past your limit.



“2. Cum for me baby”

“1” Your moans turn to cries and I feel you gush over my fingers, your cum dripping down to your ass as I leave the finger in there to ride out your orgasm.

“Good girl”

I lick you off my fingers, looking directly into your eyes as I do. “I love the way you taste”. I pay the driver and the porter and we speed through the airport, I’m lost in your eyes, arm looped around your waist and holding you close. I whisper into your ear “There’s something we have to do on the plane.”

Time seems to fly by and it seems in minutes, we’re seated in the airplane. The steward comes by to check on us and scurries away afterwards. You wink at him and I catch the glance he gives you and the jaw drop when he sees your lusty look. I suppress my grin but another idea forms. We have a long plane ride and I know just the way to make it go by faster.

The orgasm seems to have drained your energy and you quickly fall asleep in the reclined chair. I extract my fingers from yours and hunt down the steward. I need to see how soon he can be available, and I’m sure he will love my idea.

******* To Be Continued *******

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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