Şubat 24, 2021

Banging Dad’s PA

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Brad Bowman’s father wanted him to work in his company for one year of life experience before going on to college to study biochemistry. He was basically the mail clerk, coffee maker and general gopher. His pay was as low as the state would allow and as part of the life experience he had to pay his mother for his lodgings.

While his friends were all getting pissed and fucking pretty girls at their various hubs of learning, he was slaving over the photocopier and the drip coffee maker with the occasional few minutes to spare, which he spent in the storeroom glancing through some sex magazines he’d stashed there.

His Dad always seemed such a reserved, down to earth businessman, Brad never suspected him of having a piece of tail on the side, however, one day when he opened his office door unannounced he caught him fucking the ass of his voluptuous Personal Assistant Nina. His Dad didn’t see him but she, having her head hanging over the side of the desk, caught sight of him and looked quite alarmed.

Later that day she caught up with Brad in the storeroom. He quickly shoved his books under a cabinet and tried to look serious.

“I’m sorry about what happened today Brad but your father gets a stressed out with all the business he has to do and I try my best to give him some relief.”

He didn’t reply so she came a little closer.

“I’m sure that even you get stressed out sometimes – don’t you?” she purred, fingering the lapels of his jacket, “that’s why you like to look at all those pussies and tits in those magazines.”

He swallowed hard but he still didn’t bahis firmaları say anything. Nina undid the front of her top exposing two incredibly perky tits, “I’m sure you’d rather play with these than look at those pictures,” she said, and taking his hand she placed it right over the nipple.

Brad didn’t want to show he was turned on but he gasped and the next thing he knew her tongue was searching around his mouth for his. This of course made him squeeze her soft warm tits harder and press the bulge in his pants against her leg.

Nina wasn’t that much older than him, maybe 25, she was tall, slender and her shorts skirts revealed long shapely legs that any man would want to have his face or his dick between. Her hair, that changed color quite frequently, was blonde on that particular day. It cascaded onto her shoulders and swept across his cheek as they continued to exchange saliva.

She backed up slightly towing him with his hand still attached to her left tit and she bolted the door. “I think we need a little privacy,” she said, and stepping away from him she began to strip of her clothes. When she wiggled out her white lace panties and he saw her neatly shaved pussy he began to rip off his clothes as fast as he could.

“Wow – that’s a nice looking cock you have there,” she smiled and immediately dropped to her knees and started licking the end. She just teased it at first and then putting her hand around it she pulled the skin very slowly back until it was as far as it would go. Then with her other hand she took his balls and began to kneed then gently.

Brad kaçak iddaa had enjoyed a few blowjobs in his time but the way she handled his dick and his scrotum was like as if they were precious jewels. Even when she slipped it into her mouth it was like he was embedding it in warm moist velvet.

Nina didn’t do anything in a hurry, she worked up and down his shaft as if she was prepared to take all day to make him cum, but it didn’t take all day. It took him and her by surprise when his cum just suddenly spurted into her mouth. She move back shocked, and shook her head disapprovingly, “You should have warned me,” she said spitting into a garbage can, “I don’t swallow cum for anybody – not even your father.”

Brad apologised explaining that it took him by surprise and then he asked her if she’d sit down on the filing cabinet that was three drawers high. She looked at him quizzically but did as he requested. First he made for her tits and he sucked them, and licked them, and rubbed his hands around them as she fought the temptation to groan out loud. Then he made a track with his tongue right down the middle of her gorgeous body, gently prized open her legs and placed his face tight up against her damp cunt. She gave a big sigh and began to run her fingers through his hair.

Just as she’d tantalized him he played the same game, first licking the lips of her flower and then running his tongue down the inside of her thighs and back up. Nina was all tense and she wanted him to tongue his way into her cunt so that she could cum. Not wanting to tease her anymore, in case she tore his hair kaçak bahis out by the roots, he pulled her folds back with his fingers started to flick his tongue up and down one side and then the other, just clipping her clitoris occasionally on his way up.

She was breathing so heavy he was afraid someone would hear it down the hallway and when she came she held her lips tightly together to prevent herself from screaming. As soon as she had regained her self control and hopped off the drawers he turned her body around so that she was leaning on the cabinet, he then spit on his dick, grabbed hold of her hip bones and drove into her ass with great force.

She stiffened up for a moment as though she’d be shot but relaxed when he moved it in and out a few times. It was really a tight fit and he began to yearn for that feeling you get when you slip into a well lubricated vajayjay, and so he withdrew and redirected it into the soft warm lips of her pussy. Soon he was crashing against her bum with ever increasing force until he could feel his goop working its way up his pipes and he couldn’t help shouting “Holy fuck,” as he shot his load deep inside of her.

They both sat on piles of boxes until they had regained their composure, dressed and returned to their duties as if nothing had happened. It was not their last visit to the storage room and soon rumors began to circulate. In light of this tongue wagging Mr. Bowman decided that perhaps he son should go to college after all and generously provided for him to start immediately.

Being less than 100 miles from where Nina lived she became a frequent week-end visitor to his on-campus bachelor pad. In the end she quit her job with his father and moved in with Brad, of course that did create an awkward moment when he took her home to meet his mother. THE END

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