Şubat 12, 2021

Bangin’ The ‘Sitter

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I answered the door and was stunned by this young girl staring back at me.

“Hi, I’m Ashley, Mrs. Smith asked me to babysit…” she said, a grin spreading across her face.

She was babysitting for me. She was a real beauty. Her blonde hair fell in large soft curls around her face. Her blue eyes glowed with innocence and virginity. She had a slight tan and glossy pink lips. A tight white shirt clung to her, accenting her perky breasts and hour glass figure. I was just beginning to imagines the things I could do to her when my wife ran down the stairs, my jacket and tie in hand.

“Hi Ashley, I’m so glad you could make it. The kids have already had dinner. Travis is already sleeping and Alan should lay down in about a half an hour. We’ll be home around 1. There’s food in the fridge. If you want to go to bed, you can sleep in the downstairs living room,” my wife hurried, tossing me my tie as she fluttered out the door. “Hurry up Steve!”

I glanced at Ashley. She stood there, grinning at me. There was a lustful glint in her eyes as she snuck her hands into her pockets, her shirt riding up to show me the bare skin of her stomach, tanned to perfection. I blushed, I knew I did. I was an old man and that look in her eyes showed me she might not be as innocent as I first assumed. I quickly tied my tie and rushed towards the door. She just winked and waved as I turned to close the door quietly.

My wife and I were at a charity event, hosted by her work. All night was spent being dragged along from person to person, from couple to couple, introductions and small talk. All night my thoughts turned to Ashley and I was scared someone would notice the unmistakable tent in my shorts. I sat at a table and let my thoughts wander as my wife continued to socialize. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing in our home right now….

I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined her laying on my bed, naked. She’d spread her casino şirketleri sweet thighs and let me look at her small peice of heaven for a moment. I felt my member throb in my pants and I quickly reopened my eyes, trying not to let my imagination get the best of me.

A few hours passed and soon my wife was telling me we could finally return home. The car ride home was quiet. My wife complained of how tired she was, and she didn’t want to deal with my snoring. I promised her I’d sleep in elsewhere tonight, knowing that tomorrow she had yet another social event to attend.

When we arrived home, the lights were out and I was almost sure my wife could see the disappointment cross my face. But upon entering the door, I heard the downstairs television. As I climbed the stairs to see my wife to bed and change into something more comfortable, I tried to make up an excuse to let myself downstairs. But upon entering the main floor living room, I heard the fridge door slam close and out of the kitchen walked Ashley. My eyes widened, and my mouth gapped. She had on the shortest shorts known to man, made of a thin white material that showed her black thong. Her tanktop was white also, and I seen her nipples pushing through the thin material. Immediately, my dick began to harden. Her eyes dropped, and she gave me a wicked smile.

“Want to watch a movie with me downstairs before bed, Mr. Smith?”

I just nodded and followed, watching her ass sway as she descended the stairs. She picked out the movie, one of my wife’s favorites. I don’t remember the title, but it was a very sexual romantic movie, almost a softcore porn. Whenever my wife watched this, she always got turned on and we had amazing sex. Ashley accidently dropped the case as she went to put the movie in. She bent over, right in front of me, her small tight shorts outlining her pussy. I let a soft sigh escape my lips and she straightened up and turned to casino firmaları smile at me.

As soon as she put the movie in the DVD player, she hurried to sit next to me on the couch. She sat close, throwing a blanket over herself and asking if I was cold.

“No, I’m alright for now,” I said, giving her a small grin.

The movie continued, and the first sex scene came on. I glanced at Ashley but her eyes were transfixed on the TV. The young couple was lost in the thoroes of lust. Their bodies were rhythmically moving together, soft moans and sighs escaping the girls heart-shaped lips. I glanced down to see a little movement in Ashley’s crotch. My eyes widened as she happened to glance at me, giving me a cheesy smile as she slowly slipped off her short shorts underneath the blanket.

Her hand snaked out, her damp fingers came to my lips and she slowly rubbed them into my mouth as my tongue snaked out to taste her. Her other hand grasped my own and guided it towards her hot snatch. My fingers first touch felt her smooth pussy, slightly moist. I pushed into her lips and ontop of her clit and she gasped. I started to slowly insert one of my fingers into her tight cunt as I leaned in to kiss her hard on the lips. My tongue danced with hers as my finger started to push in and out of her hole. She moaned and sighed on my mouth before I pulled away, grabbing her tits with my free hand. I pulled her tanktop down and pinched her nipples hard.

I loved the way her mouth formed a perfect “O” shape. I drew away from her and hastily took my dick out of my pants. I pinched her nipple hard again and when her mouth opened slightly, I shoved it towards my dick. Her mouth sucked my dick hard once before her tongue began it’s exploration. Up and down she licked, her tongue flat and then pointed, trailing up and down.. Tracing the ridge and sucking up the pre-cum that leaked out of my tip. Up and down she began to suck, rubbing güvenilir casino my hairy balls softly.

I felt the cum start to build up. Here was this beautiful 18 year old girl sucking on my dick while my wife and two sons slept upstairs. I quickly pulled her up and kissed her hard on the mouth, ripping her black thong off. She began to slowly lower herself onto my 8″ dick. I groaned and she gasped. Her hole was a hardly used one. I got sick of her going slow and thrust at least 4″ of my dick straight up. A high pitched squeal escaped her perfect lips as I began to push up and up, loving the feeling of her tight snatch gripping my thick cock. She reached around and started to massage my heavy balls.

Suddenly, I pulled out and forced her to the floor. She got on all fours, the TV light showing me her beautiful pussy. I got down and with one long lick, sucked up her pussy juice before kneeling behind her to shove her full of my thick dick. As I began to thrust, I leaned on her back, pushing into her hard. Her pants and moans told me she was loving every minute of this hard fucking I was giving her. My hands were full of her titties as I felt I was about to cum. I whispered in her ear, softly, hotly inbetween pants “I’m gunna fill you with my cum…”

In responsed, she groaned loudly, her eyes closing and her pussy clamping down as my fingers sought out her clit. Furiously I rubbed her clit as I pounded into her faster and harder. Our sex noises mixed together and were a beautiful sound. I felt her pussy began to pulse around my dick, and she got a bit louder. My balls were banging against her clit as I let out a loud grunt and began to empty my balls into her. Over and over they spewed my creamy goodness inside of her, deep and hard.

She collapsed forward and I finally pulled out, a trail of our mixed cum juices trailing as more began to leak out. She reached back, scooping some up with her fingers and sucked it off. My dick was limp as she turned around to clean it off with her mouth.

Tomorrow, I might just have to ask Ashley to stay as I was sure I’d be way to sick to attend another one of my wife’s stupid events when I had a hot puss waiting at home for me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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