Ocak 13, 2021

Balls and Bats Ch. 03

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The next day (Friday) Bruce called me kind of early.

“What’cha doin this weekend?” he asked.

“MMMm nothing I guess.” I replied.

“Well Sam and Ida (his parents) are goin to my aunt’s camp on the river, and I got use of our house on the lake if you might want to go. We can have a good time.”

“OK, I would like to go.” I said without really thinking much before I committed.

“Good.”, he replied, “Come over to my about 2:30 we’ll leave about 3:00. I didn’t score on my date last night, and I want you to take care of me before we start that 3 hour ride north.”

“OH, well’ OK.” I could now sense that I was getting in deeper and deeper.

I had been to his parents house on the lake when we were in Boy Scouts, and I knew it could be a fun place. Then I thought what else I was letting myself in for, a weekend with Bruce’s cock and my mouth.

But that seemed OK, and actually a turn on, and my cock was getting hard. I would probably have to suck him off once or twice a day, but in exchange, I would get a nice place to stay, a lake to swim in, and his boat to go water skiing with.

If it took a little cock sucking to get to hang out, then cock sucking I would do.

Getting the weekend off from my folks was easy, the old man got some business from Bruce’s old man and he always wanted to be associated with Sam.

He would have pimped me out, just to get closer to the circle they moved in.

My car wasn’t running yet, and I couldn’t ride my bike with my weekend suitcase and swimming bag, so I had to walk to Bruce’s house carrying them.

I arrived at 2:30 and Bruce let me in. He dropped his shorts right away and stroked his cock.

“I’m glad you got here, I’m horny as hell after last night, and that prick tease Karen wouldn’t put out. Come over here and suck this.”

I walked to him and dropped to my knees. My mouth opened, and Bruce jammed his cock into my mouth. Bruce started fucking in and out. He rammed in deep and really jammed it hard.

“OHHH, yes, OH MAN, that feels good. That damn Karen, fuck her, FUCK, FUCK, AHHHAAAHH, OHH, SUCK, SUCK IT, Take this you BITCH!”

I gagged and sucked, I sucked on his cock and he rammed in and out of my willing, sucking mouth. Soon he was moaning and stroking with short jabbing strokes, then he shot a load of cum into my throat.

He wiped his cock on a towel and told me, “The keys for the Lincoln are on the counter. Put your stuff bahis firmaları in the trunk. My stuff is there in the family room.”

And he went to make a call.

I put our stuff in the trunk and got into the car. Bruce came out a few minutes latter, and we started our trip.

“We just gotta pick up Tony and we’ll be on our way for a good weekend.”

TONY! TONY! Man I never thought of that. Taking someone else along.

Tony was the only black kid in our school. His old man was a minister but Tony was a wild kid, a real smart ass. He played basketball for our school.

Only second string, but he still was built like a athlete, and I knew his cock was big, probably bigger than Bruce’s.

It was pretty well known that he had scored with most of the cheerleaders and was quite a cocksman. The story was that he would really treat the girls like shit but most of them put up with it for the rewards.

Then I thought maybe Bruce hadn’t said anything to Tony. After all Bruce wouldn’t want to appear queer.

I was wrong! Bruce didn’t think it was queer at all to get his dick sucked, it was the cocksucker that was queer.

It turned out Tony felt the same way.

When we got to Tony’s house, Bruce told me to get out, and get Tony’s bags, and put them in the trunk, then get in the back seat. But Tony said

“Never mind, pop the trunk and I’ll toss it in, and I want to ride in back where I can stretch out anyway.”

We rode a ways with Bruce and Tony talking like I wasn’t even along.

Then Tony asked Bruce about his date last night. Bruce filled him on Karen’s refusal to put out.

Then he said “But I got some nice relief from my little cocksucker here before we left.”

Wow My stomach flipped and my face turned red.

Tony said, “Yeah I want some of that myself, see how he does compared to those hot pants little cheerleaders.”

Bruce said “Well we’ve got over a two hour drive yet, why not have him get in the back seat and give you some action now as we go.”

Tony agreed that a nice suck as he rode would be a real nice way to pass the time. Bruce pulled over to the side of the road, and for a minute, I just sat there.

Bruce finally said, “Well what are you waiting for? Get in the back seat and get going, or I’ll just leave you here.”

Tony had been busy taking of his shorts and underpants and was now naked from the waist down, with a harding, big, black cock kaçak iddaa looking for some pleasure.

I got out of the front, and opened the back door.

Tony said, “First let me see your cock. Just open your pants and let me see if you’ve gotten hard with the idea of sucking my cock.”

I opened my pants and presented my hard, small, cock.

Tony laughed and said, “That’s what I thought, you’re all turned on to get to suck my cock, especially this big black cock! Aren’t you? Come on admit it.”

I hung my head down and admitted “Yes,I am.”

Tony pressed the issue: “No, I want better than that, tell me how you want this cock, beg me to let you suck it.”

I gulped and stammered out,”Yes, I want to suck your cock.”

“I want your cock in my mouth.”

“Please, Please let me suck your cock.”

Both Tony and Bruce laughed. Bruce was loving this, and probably disappointed that he hadn’t thought of making me beg for cock.

Tony said, “Come on towel boy, get in here on your knees, and start sucking the cock you love.”

I felt weird, kind of sick to my stomach, yet, a good sick to my stomach, and definitely my hard cock showing my total willingness to suck cock.

I leaned forward and took Tony’s cock into my mouth. Tony’s cock was longer than Bruce’s at 9 inches and it was fatter, making in harder to suck.

I jammed my head down and found out quickly it wouldn’t even start to go into my throat. I tried to swallow Tony’s cock, but his big black cock gagged me completely.

I jammed my head down again until I choked and then pulled up I was only getting a little more than half of that cock in my mouth.

Then Tony put his powerful hands on my head and jammed it down. His cock still wouldn’t go into my throat and I couldn’t breath.

He kept ramming, holding my head and making his thrusts. I tried to pull my mouth off his cock but he held me in place. I was gagging, drooling and gasping for air whenever I could.

My eyes were watering but I was totally turned on.

I heard Tony tell Bruce, “He does have a pretty good mouth. I would rate it right up there with most of those cheerleaders, except for M.J. she could get my cock in her throat, but she was the only one who could.”

I think Tony said that to half humiliate me, but also to stick it to Bruce about how many cheerleaders he has fucked. And I knew Bruce hadn’t gotten M.J. so Tony was having a lot of fun right kaçak bahis now.

I was now getting into Tony’s rhythm grabbing air when I could and sucking on his cock. Sucking pretty good I think, using my mouth around his cock pleasing the head of his cock by giving it a good suck and tongue swirl when I came up.

Tony was holding my head a little lighter now, and thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked. We had a good rhythm Tony making slow deep thrusts with his cock and me moving my head and sucking.

The sucking, mouth fucking, continued for a while.

Then things changed Tony’s cock was now thrusting in my mouth with strong slow thrusts, then he picked up the pace of the thrusts and cried:

“OH YESS OH YESS this is good fucking! Damn Good! Suck it bitch. Suck it now. OOOHHH HERE IT COMES OOOHHHH TAKE IT BITCH OOOHHHHH GGEEAAAGGG,!,”

And then he shot a load of his black cum into my sucking mouth.

“Swallow it bitch!!! SWALLOW IT!!”

I gagged and swallowed as well as I could.

After Tony was done using my mouth he had me lick it clean then he used my shirt to wipe off.

He moved a little in the back seat and let me sit down, naked with my little hard cock sticking up.

Bruce said, “Damn that got me ready again, Tony you drive for a while. I want to get back there and get a good suck off again. This is going to be a great weekend.”

Bruce and Tony changed places. Bruce pulled his pants off and laid back in the seat.

“Beg me to suck my cock bitch” he demanded.

“Please Bruce, please let me suck your cock. Let me have the pleasure of sucking your cock and;;;;; then,;;;;;;; Please come in my mouth.”

“OK”, he allowed, “Come get my cock, give it a nice slow blow job.”

Once again I went to my knees between his legs. His cock was semi hard, and I leaned forward and took that cock in my mouth. His cock started getting a full hard on, growing in my mouth.

Bruce told me “YEAH, just a nice slow suck, I’m not as horny as I was before and I really want to enjoy this. I don’t want to shoot my cum till we pull off the freeway and onto Route 9.”

I began a long, slow, caressing, suck, of his cock.

When we drove past some trucks the drivers blasted their horns, being able to see into the car with me on my knees and face in Bruce’s crotch, obviously sucking his cock.

Then Tony said, “You know we should pull over and let some of these truckers get a good cocksucking, after all they must be horny being on the road for long drives.”

“Thats a good idea.” Bruce replied, “When we get to the one up ahead at the Citgo truck stop. We’ll get him some action there.”

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