Haziran 13, 2020

Bad Real Estate Agent

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Bad Real Estate Agent
Finally, after selling the business that I’d built over the years it was time to retire. My wife wanted to find somewhere away from the New England winters but didn’t want Florida. I wanted to be close enough that I could make weekend trips to Jacksonville to watch my beloved Jaguars play. I know, they’ve sucked for years but I’m still a fan. Anyway, we settled on South Carolina to look for our new home. We spent hours looking through the popular real estate sites online and finally found a couple of houses that caught our eye. I contacted an agent in Columbia and planned to fly down the following weekend to check them out. Unfortunately, Sally, my wife, was feeling under the weather when the weekend approached so I decided to fly down alone and would fill her in on whichever house that I thought would work out best.
Friday afternoon I caught my flight to Columbia. It was just after five when I landed and twenty minutes later, I found myself standing in the warm southern sun smoking a cigarette while waiting for my luggage, not that I’d brought much. After getting my luggage I went to the rental car counter and twenty minutes later drove away with a nice Mustang convertible. The hotel was nice and had a restaurant where I ate dinner and a small bar with a nice selection of Scotch. I considered calling for an escort but decided against it in the end.
The next morning, I punched in the address of the first house into the GPS and left to meet the realtor. This one was the one that we were the most interested in, in fact we’d pretty much decided to buy it. Pulling up into the drive I already knew that this was going to be the home that we’d spend the rest of our lives in, it was perfect. I parked in front of the large four bay garage and got out of the Mustang for a smoke while I waited for the realtor. I checked out the manicured lawn while I waited and waited and waited.
Finally, a beat-up looking Honda Civic pulled into the drive with some God-awful rap music blaring from inside. This was not starting out so well. The music turned off and a cute little blonde stepped out of the car. At least she was dressed professionally in a mid-thigh black skirt and a smart looking white blouse. “I’m sorry that I’m late Mr. Carrol, I’m Missy, the barista screwed up my latte and I had to go back to Starbucks for a new one.”
She wasn’t helping her case since she’d basically told me that her fucked up coffee was more important than my purchase of a million-dollar home. Besides, what happened to people drinking just plain coffee? I took a sip of my coffee, it was black, you really can’t fuck that up. I shook her hand and let her lead me to the front door. She might be a screw-up, but she had a really nice ass.
Once inside I began to cool off, the house was even nicer in real life. It was nicely staged with some pretty expensive looking furniture, I doubted that Missy was responsible for that. The entryway was done in marble tiles and very nicely done. She showed me the formal livingroom which featured a beautiful fireplace and then we got to the kitchen. I love to cook, and this was a huge space where I could already imagine myself spending a lot of time. The appliances were all top of the line and the cabinetry was gorgeous. It was then that her phone rang with an obnoxious rap song. She excused herself to another room while she took the call, but not far away that I couldn’t hear her giggling and telling the other party that they could meet for lunch after she showed me these two houses. I was getting pissed off all over again.
When she returned she resumed her tour showing off the walk-in pantry and the laundry area, both were nice, as was the formal dining room and family room that overlooked the huge backyard. We went out back and checked out the beautiful in-ground pool and an outdoor kitchen area on the patio. Again, I started to cool off. We went back inside and she led me upstairs to check out the bedrooms. I followed a few steps behind getting a great view of her ass kaçak iddaa on the way up. The master was amazing with two walk-in closets and an incredible master bath. As we moved into the next bedroom her damned phone went off again and again she excused herself to the next room to take the call. Again, it was obviously a friend calling as they giggled and talked about going to some club the night before. I could clearly hear her telling her friend about how small the guy that she brought home was. That was probably the real reason that she was late. I was really getting pissed.
We continued the tour finally, the house was everything that my wife and I were looking for and I knew that I wanted to buy it but I wanted to see the garage and the attached workshop. Now that I’m retired I planned on doing some woodworking so the shop was important to me. She said that she would open it up for me but to hurry since we were going to be late getting to the next house. Now I was really fucking pissed, if she’d been on time and not yapping on her fucking phone the time wouldn’t be an issue. I checked out the garage which certainly met my expectations as did the shop space. I came back out to the driveway to the disappointing look of Missy.
“What”, I asked.
“We’re really late for the other showing”, she whined like it was my fault.
I usually am pretty good at controlling my temper but this little twit had managed to push all the wrong buttons and I lost it. “Maybe if you’d been on time instead of fucking some little dick loser that you picked up last night, we wouldn’t be running fucking late!” She gave my that deer in the headlights look that confirmed my suspicions. “Yeah, I heard all about it and all of your other fucking phone calls while you were supposed to be showing me this house. That’s why we’re fucking late you stupid bitch.” I was really building up a head of steam and continued to tell her what a fuckup she was and that there was no need to see the other house, that I wanted this one but there was no fucking way that I would buy it from her. I then explained that I was going to call her boss and explain exactly what happened and that I wanted another agent to handle the deal. I also explained that the deal hinged on her being fired, today.
By now she was staring at the ground with tears streaming down her face. “If you do that I’ll lose everything, my car, my apartment, everything!”
“That’s not my fucking problem”, I explained loudly, “Maybe you should have taken your fucking job seriously instead of staying up all night fucking some little dick fucking college boy!”
“Please don’t do this”, she sobbed, “What can I do to change your mind?”
“I can’t really think of anything”, I explained, “I’ve trained hundreds of salespeople over the years and have never had to deal with a fuckup as bad as you.”
“Please, there must be something that I can do to make you happy enough to not make that call”, she plead.
It was at that very moment that I stopped thinking with the head on my shoulders and began to listen to the one in my pants. “Come with me”, I instructed. I led her back up to the front door of the house and told her to open it. She fumbled with the little lock box with her shaky hands and finally retrieved the front door key. I pushed her inside once she got the door open and led her into the formal livingroom. “You’re going to have to work really hard to convince me not to make this call”, I told her, “Why don’t you start with losing the blouse.”
The young blonde looked at me in disbelief, “You want me to do what?”
“You want me to not make the phone call”, I spelled it out for her, “then you are going to have to do something to change my mind. I can only think of one thing that you might be good enough at to make that happen.” I began to unbuckle my belt and told her to get undressed.
Still she just stared at me and shook her head.
“Fuck this”, I yelled, “You’re still wasting my fucking time.” I fixed my belt and pulled out my phone.
Tears once again filled her eyes as she cried for perabet giriş me to stop. Her fingers were shaking so bad that she was having trouble working the buttons of her silky white blouse. Finally she got her blouse opened and just let it slip from her shoulders revealing her taut tanned belly and baby blue bra.
“Keep going”, I told her admiring the view.
“You only said to take off my shirt”, she whined.
“Come on, even you can’t be dumb enough to think that showing me your bra was going to fix this bullshit, get naked.”
The reality of what was about to happen began to sink in and she cried harder as she unzipped her skirt and let it pool around her ankles. Her panties matched her bra, which of course they did. The bra came off next and she tried to cover her boobs with her left arm while using her right hand to push down her panties. As soon as they were far enough passed her hips to let gravity take over she hastily covered her pussy with her hand.
“Put your arms down and let me look at you”, I instructed, “I have to be sure that you are even worth the effort.” She did as she was told and to be honest, she had quite the body. Her tits were very nice, maybe a C cup with perky little nipples. Farther down her tight little body her pussy was completely shaved with a nice camel toe, perfect. I walked over to where she stood and cupped her mound slipping a finger between the lips of her sex. She jumped a little at the intrusion and tried to back away but I’d wrapped my left arm around her slim waist and held her there while I gently rubbed her hardening clit. She was starting to get wet when I pulled my finger out from between her lips and licked it clean. “Hmm, you taste good, we just might be able to work this out after all”, I told her and then instructed her to get down on her knees.
Fresh tears welled up in her eyes as she did as she was told. “Isn’t there another way”, she whined, looking up at me with pleading eyes.
“It’s this or I make the phone call”, I informed her bluntly, “Now quit wasting my time and either get fucking dressed or get my dick in your pretty little mouth.”
With trembling fingers she reached for my belt buckle. She undid my belt and jeans then pulled them down along with my underwear. My cock wasn’t quite hard yet but she looked surprised at it’s size. She wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft and with one last pleading look she took her between her lips. Damn, I’d actually found something that she was good at! It didn’t take long for her talented mouth and tongue to have me fully erect and she took my seven inches with practiced ease. She even managed to deep throat me a couple of times which was a first for me. She was certainly giving me her all and it was an incredible blowjob, but I had no intention of letting her off with just some good head.
I reluctantly pulled her face away from my crotch and told her to get on the couch. She did as she was told and lay back into the soft expensive looking leather. I plied her knees apart, overcoming her weak resistance and was rewarded with a close up look at her beautiful pussy. Now, I’ve always loved eating pussy and I had to get a taste of this pretty little blonde real estate agent. Using my thumbs, I spread her puffy moist lips and exposed the pretty pink treasure within. Damned if she didn’t taste as good as she looked as I ran my tongue the length of her slit.
“Oh wow”, she sighed as I began to work on her clit with my mouth.
It didn’t take me long before she was squirming on the couch and moaning loudly, she was obviously getting ready to cum so I stopped and pulled her ass closer to the edge of the cushion. Just as I lined up the head of my rock hard cock she whined, “You don’t have a rubber on!”
“Ain’t got one”, I hissed and pushed my knob and about half of my shaft into her tight steamy cunt.
“Please, I could get pregnant”, she cried out as I pulled out then buried the whole length of my shaft into her. I gripped her thin hips and continued to fuck her sweet little pussy. “Don’t perabet güvenilir mi cum in me, please.”
I continued to ignore her pleas while I enjoyed her tight cunt, and damn it was tight. Pounding her little twat I reached up and took a hold of one of her firm tits. I pinched her hard nipple making her yelp. Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment, and her pleas of not cumming inside her turned to those begging me to fuck her harder. Happily, I obliged and pounded her twat with hammer like strokes. I grabbed the back of her bony knees and pushed them up against her heaving chest. The echoes of our coupling reverberated through the empty house and the air was filled with the pungent scent of our arousal. I could tell that she was getting close so I instructed her to play with her clit. She snaked her hand down between us and did as she was told, the reaction was almost instant as her lithe body clenched up with each wave of her strong orgasm. It almost made me cum with the way her pussy clamped down on my shaft.
I wasn’t ready to be done with her yet so I pulled out before I reached the point of no return and urged her to roll over and get onto her knees on the couch. Now, I could stand up behind her, which was a relief to my aging knees, fine Italian tilework is pretty to look at, but very hard. I looked down at her fine ass staring up at me and had a thought. I pushed back into her sloppy cunt a couple of times and then withdrew completely. My throbbing cock glistened with her juices and was more than a little slimy as I lined it back up. This time my aim was a little higher and before she could stop me I pushed it into her extremely tight asshole.
“Take it out”, she screamed, “It’s in the wrong hole!”
I pushed in a little further. “Maybe for you”, I calmly pointed out. It had been years since I had my dick in a young girl’s ass, or any ass for that matter, my wife absolutely hated anal the one and only time she let me try it.
“Please take it out”, she cried and squeezed at the couch cushions. “I’ve never let anyone do this before.”
I really didn’t care, this was about my pleasure. I pumped my shaft into her colon again and again, going deeper with each stroke until finally my balls were slapping against her pussy. Grabbing a hold of her hips I fucked her asshole hard until finally there was no more denying the rising flood of cum that surged from my balls. With one last push I buried my prick to the hilt and flooded her colon with my seed. At least she wouldn’t get pregnant.
I held her ass tight to me until mt rapidly deflating cock slipped from her stretched out asshole. It was at that very moment that we heard, “What in the fuck is going on in here?”
We both turned to see a very surprised man of about seventy standing in the entryway to the livingroom. Missy instantly recognized him as the seller of the house and began stammering that it wasn’t what it looked like. “Mr. Harris, I can explain”, she whined as she knelt on the fine leather couch with my cum oozing from her gaping asshole.
He was a little reluctant to take my offered hand as I approached him, still naked, but timidly took it. I explained how this dumb bitch nearly cost him the sale of his home. I then suggested that since she had nearly screwed us both out of this deal that it was only fair that she repay both of us for her ineptitude. Missy paled at the suggestion, but the old codger smiled a wicked grin and began to loosen his belt.
I dressed as the old guy fed his own impressive cock into the young real estate agent’s mouth. I quickly sent her a text with my hotel room and told her to meet me there for 7 that night with the paperwork. She mumbled something that sounded like agreement but it was hard to tell with her mouth full.
As I let myself out she was again whining about getting pregnant and the old homeowner was reassuring her that he’d been firing blanks since before she was born while he buried himself into her well fucked cunt. I smiled to myself as I headed back to the rented Mustang and headed back to the hotel. On the way I called my wife and told her about the house, she seemed really excited that we were getting it. She asked about the negotiations and I told her that they were hard but in the end I was satisfied with the deal.

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