Şubat 6, 2021

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 02

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Principal Schwartz was patrolling the hallway between classes on Friday, the day after the Westville football team had won the regional championship. The school was bursting with pride and Schwartz decided she needed to be seen in the halls to keep the jubilation down to an acceptable level.

She was dressed in her conservative gray suit with a skirt that came halfway down to her calves. Her blond hair was done up in its usual tight bun. Despite her frumpy style of clothes, nothing could hide the enormous swell of her breasts underneath her buttoned-up-to-the-neck white blouse.

She turned the corner of the hallway and the normally stern look she had on her face deepened unconsciously into a frown. Walking down the student-filled hallway was Sarah Stevens, the girls’ physical education teacher and the youngest teacher at the school.

“Look at her joking and laughing with the students,” thought Schwartz. “What she’s wearing is practically indecent. Why doesn’t she zip up that running top over her sports bra…Although, I’m sure that top would be too tight for those breasts…and those shorts! They’re practically riding up her ass…WHAT! Did that student just grab her butt? No, she’s still laughing and talking. I guess I was mistaken. Of course, all the men are ogling her. She’s the most popular, while I’m treated like a leper…even the girls like her. She’s the type of bimbo a husband would leave his wife for…” Schwartz gave herself a mental shake and thought, “No, I will not classify her as such. That’s unfair. She should be popular with that win last night. Shit! Whatever possessed me to make that stupid bet with Hopper? I haven’t got the foggiest idea how to pull it off…He is taking me to dinner and the theater…I was idiotic enough to try to enlist Stevens and Brown to help settle the bet.”

Disgusted, Principal Schwartz turned around abruptly to put some distance between her and Sarah Stevens.


Schwartz collided with another person coming around the corner. Schwartz rocked back on her heels and grabbed the person’s arms to maintain her balance. The person reached up with both hands and grabbed the sides of Schwartz’s mammoth tits, pushing them together, in an effort to keep from falling over. Schwartz looked down to see a white cap and uniform that was unbuttoned enough to show a generous amount of cleavage.

“Nurse Brown, are you alright?” asked Schwartz.

“Principal Schwartz!” exclaimed Cindy Brown, who was the school’s nurse and almost identical to Sarah Stevens, except that she was tanned and had brown hair, while Sarah was fair-skinned and blond. As Cindy and Sarah were as tight as two peas in a pod, they both shared in Schwartz’s jealousy. “I’m fine…yourself?”

“It was entirely my fault,” said Schwartz. “I turned around without looking.” She stopped talking for a second and looked down. “Do you mind?”

Cindy followed her gaze and was shocked to see that her hands were holding onto the sides of Schwartz’s huge breasts. Worse still, her fingers were flexing involuntarily as if they were massaging the cloth-covered globes. Cindy snatched her hands back as if they were scalded. What she did not need was to be fired on a sexual harassment charge.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I was falling over and…” stammered Cindy.

“It’s alright, Nurse Brown,” said Schwartz distractedly, still mulling over the problem of her bet.

“Is everything okay, Principal Schwartz?” asked Cindy, tentatively. What Schwartz had said sounded like an apology, which was the last thing she had expected from the principal. “Do you really want Miss Stevens and me to help you tomorrow?”

“That was what I was thinking about,” answered Schwartz. “I’m canceling the whole bet.”

“Why?” asked Cindy in astonishment. “A man at your beck and call for 24 hours who has to do anything you tell him to? Why did you make the bet in the first place then?”

“Principal Hopper and I go back to high school. He was a stuck-up, arrogant prig then and even more so today. He got under my skin and insulted this school. That’s why I made the bet. I shudder to think what could have happened if I had lost. He’s already made dinner reservations and purchased the theater tickets, so he’ll be inconvenienced. I just wish he could be taught some humility.”

“Hold on, I’m getting an idea,” said Cindy quickly.

“I’m not going to like this, am I?” asked Schwartz sternly.

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?’ asked Cindy meekly. “Look, give me an hour to see if I can set this up.”

With that said, Cindy walked away. Principal Schwartz sighed heavily, straining the buttons on her blouse and jacket. She shook her head and headed down the hallway to silence a group of boisterous students.

Cindy headed down the hallway and took the stairs up to the second floor. She knew Tim Marino and Joe Stewart, the offensive and defensive captains of the football team, had English class together. She caught up with them outside their classroom. She motioned them to casino şirketleri come over to a quiet corner on the hallway.

“Guys, I need five or six men who can keep their mouths shut tomorrow night from about 10 PM until after 8 in the morning,” she said without any preamble.

“And what do you need us for?” asked Tim with a knowing smile.

“Exactly what you think,” stated Cindy, returning his smile and thrusting out her large chest. “Miss Stevens will also be there.”

“I’m in,” said Tim and Joe nodded also. “Do you want football players or…?”

“I need guys with stamina, who can think, and keep their mouths shut,” replied Cindy.

“How about Adam Oliver and Jeremy Dean?” suggested Joe. “I know they’re geeks, but they became cool geeks after that swimming class with Miss Stevens. The two characters, Dan and Brian, in the class with them were starting to make boasts and those two shut them down. I heard Jeremy busted up Dan’s cellphone. Both of them have taken up swimming regularly.”

“We can get a couple others without any problems, but how are we going to get away from our parents for a night?” asked Tim.

“Camping trip,” replied Joe. “You know, the last minute thing to get away from all this hero worshipping and adoration.”

“Sounds great,” said Cindy, enthusiastically. She then gave them both a sly smile. “After that rough game last night, I should give you both physicals.”

“Uh, can I take a raincheck on that?” asked Tim. “I’ve got a date with Nicky Pearson tonight. I wouldn’t want my performance to suffer.”

“I got a hot date, too,” stated Joe, a little ruefully. He then smiled widely. “You should contact Adam and Jeremy as soon as possible to see if they can make it.”

“Oooo, good idea,” gushed Cindy, feeling her body heat up. “Okay, we’ll meet Saturday night around 9 PM at our place,” and she gave them Sarah’s address. “Be ready for an all-nighter, boys.”

Tim and Joe smiled like the Cheshire Cat as they hurried into their classroom. Cindy went back to her office. A quick call to Emily solicited the information that Adam was in Honors Physics and Jeremy was in Honors Chemistry during this period. Cindy asked Emily to have them both come to her office immediately.

“Hi, Nurse Brown,” greeted Jeremy as he walked into her office after a couple of minutes. He was followed closely by Adam. “What’s wrong?”

Cindy locked the door and said, “You two took an aquatics class with Miss Stevens. From what I’ve heard you two are trustworthy. I’m getting a group together to help…well, let’s say a comrade. We’re meeting Saturday night around 9:00 and you won’t get home until after 8:00 on Sunday. Miss Stevens and I will both be there.”

Both students’ faces lit up with joy.

“No problem,” stated Adam. “I feel I owe Miss Stevens. She gave me confidence I was lacking. What do we tell our parents, though?”

“The other students are going on a quote-camping trip-unquote,” said Cindy.

“I can draw up an outline of what we did during the camping trip, so we are all on the same sheet of music,” said Jeremy. “That way we’re all telling the same story. Where are we meeting?”

Cindy gave them the address and then said, “I’ve heard you two are swimming regularly. You may have picked up something at the pool and I need to check you out.”

Cindy walked up to Adam and Jeremy and reached down to their crotches to fondle their cocks through their pants. Both students moaned as her hands kneaded their shafts and in no time their pricks were rock-hard.

Cindy let go of their cocks and began to unbutton her white nurse’s outfit. The top three buttons were normally undone so that she could show off a generous amount of her tan cleavage. Cindy peeled off her uniform so that she was only clad in a sheer white bra that barely held in her 36DD tits and a white thong.

“You boys will have to undress for a through examination,” she said huskily.

Adam and Jeremy wasted no time shedding their clothing. Cindy looked in approval at their toned bodies as she unhooked the front clasp to her bra and released her large breasts to the gasps of both students. Her melons swayed downward as she bent over at the waist to remove her thong. Clad only in her nurse’s cap, Cindy knelt in front of Jeremy and Adam.

“The first thing we need to check is to make sure there are no obstructions in your reproductive system,” she said as she grasped a hard dick in each hand.

Pre-cum was oozing from the tip of Adam’s cock and Cindy leaned over to lick up a glistening drop. Adam shivered from the sensation of her tongue. Her other hand had a firm grip on Jeremy’s turgid shaft and was stroking it slowly. Cindy started stroking Adam’s dick as she leaned over the other way to lick the head of Jeremy’s cock.

“Oh, God, Nurse Brown!” gasped Jeremy. “That feels so good.”

Cindy purred as her full lips parted and her head bobbed forward for her mouth to engulf part of his veiny rod. Cindy swirled her tongue around the tip as her head bobbed casino firmaları back and forth. She began alternating between Adam and Jeremy with her blowjobs.

Adam reached down and began feeling up one of Cindy’s large tits. She moaned with her lips wrapped around Jeremy’s cock when Adam rolled her hard nipple between his finger and his thumb. The pressure on her nipple sent jolts of pleasure right down to her pussy. Her body felt hot and her cunt was absolutely dripping after Jeremy grabbed a hold of the other breast.

“Come with me,” gasped Cindy as she released both of their cocks.

Adam and Jeremy followed her into the back room. Their hard cocks, shiny from her saliva, swung back and forth like snakes as they walked.

“Jeremy, on the exam table,” ordered Cindy. “Lay back and let your legs hang down.”

Jeremy did so and Cindy walked over to him. She grasped his hard dick and pointed it straight up. Bending over at the hips, she took his prick back into her mouth. Her heavy breasts pressed against his thighs and when Jeremy flexed his legs together, he could squeeze them against one another.

Cindy’s mouth came off Jeremy’s cock with a pop and she said to Adam, “Waiting for an invitation?”

Adam smiled and moved up behind Cindy. He could see her glistening slit peeking out between her thighs. He grabbed his prick and rubbed it up and down her shaved pussy, coating the head with her pussy juice. With a groan from him and a moan from her, Adam slowly pushed his throbbing cock deep into Cindy’s hot, wet vagina.

“Geez, you’re tight!” gasped Adam as his hips hit up against her buttocks.

Cindy nudged him with her ass as if to tell him to get to work. She had braced herself with one hand on the exam table and the other was holding the base of Jeremy’s prick. She slurped and sucked on Jeremy’s hard dick, while bobbing her head up and down. Her brown hair hung down to tickle Jeremy’s thighs, while her large, firm breasts rubbed against his inner thighs. Jeremy had to concentrate just to keep from blowing right then and there.

Adam pulled three-quarters of his cock out of Cindy before shoving it all the way back in. Cindy gave a little squeak and then moaned as his balls slapped up against her clitoris. Adam grabbed her by the hips and slowly began to shove his throbbing shaft in and out, savoring the exquisite sensation of her vagina clutching around his prick.

Cindy could feel her passion burning inside her as her pussy was fucked by one cock and another was stuffed into her mouth. She slurped off of Jeremy’s dick so she could look back at Adam and gasp, “Harder! Faster!”

Adam smiled and readjusted his grip on her hips. He pulled back and began ramming his cock into her with gusto. Cindy inhaled sharply at the sweet sensations produced within her pussy. She turned back and started sucking on Jeremy’s cock with the same fervor.

The room soon smelled of the musky perfume of raw sex as all three were breathing hard in their passion. Moans, groans, the sound of hips slapping together, and the wet, sucking slurp of Cindy’s mouth filled the air. Cindy could feel her orgasm building as Adam’s balls swung forward to hit against her clit with each thrust.

Jeremy came first. Between Cindy’s talented mouth and her large tits rubbing back and forth between his thighs, his passion peaked rapidly. With a gurgled cry, his legs squeezed together against her tits, effectively holding her in place. His hands gripped her head as his balls tightened. Cindy felt his cock expand and pulsate in her mouth. She sealed her full lips around his shaft and moaned in delight as the first eruption of thick, hot sperm blasted into her mouth. Jeremy kept shooting wad after wad of gooey jizz, and Cindy swallowed it down to keep with the flow.

“Oh, fuck! YEAH!!!”

Adam, seeing his friend’s hips arch upward and hearing Cindy swallow down his sperm, could not hold back his own built-up sexual tension. With a final hard thrust, he jammed his pulsating prick deep into her dripping pussy. His body shivered and shook for a second before he began spurting his baby batter into her womb.

Cindy gasped loudly as she felt Adam quiver and then release his sperm inside her. It set off her own large orgasm, which made her quake all over. Adam kept his cock inside Cindy until it went flaccid and then pulled it out. Their mingled juices ran a creamy trail down her tan legs.

“No obstructions…I can…see,” gasped out Cindy as Jeremy got off the exam table and she sat down to regain her strength. “You two had…(huff, huff)…better get back…(gasp)…to class. Don’t forget…nine tomorrow.”

Saturday night, Principal Schwartz sat on a cushioned chair in the ladies room at the theater and pulled a piece of paper out of her purse. The play was due to start in a few minutes. With a puzzled look, she read over the instructions Nurse Brown had sent her before school ended on Friday.

Schwartz was dressed in her black suit and blouse as stated in the instructions. güvenilir casino She frowned as she reread the part about wearing a short skirt or dress. The skirt she was wearing came down below the knee because she did not have any other, but she had gone out and purchased the black nylons as requested. Her blond hair was done up in its typical tight bun.

“Melvin’s playing his part well, the arrogant prig,” thought Schwartz as she tried to puzzle out the last part of Nurse Brown’s instructions. “He can’t hide his overwhelming ego and condescending attitude, though…no matter how subservient a role he plays. I don’t know what Nurse Brown has planned, but, for now, I’ll go along with what she wants.”

“That was nice going out to dinner like that, but I drank too much wine,” commented Sarah to Cindy as she braided her shoulder-length blond hair into two separate braids. Sarah was dressed in a blue tube top and blue jeans. The top gripped her huge, firm breasts and Sarah had opted to go without putting on a bra. Cindy wore a black wife-beater t-shirt and skin-tight spandex pants. “I’m so glad Schwartz didn’t call us.”

“Actually, she does need us,” said Cindy. She looked up as the doorbell rang. “…and them.”

“What?” exclaimed Sarah. “What does she need us for and who’s at the door?”

“Don’t worry. She won’t be there,” said Cindy as she opened the door.

Sarah’s eyes widened as Tim, Joe, Adam, and Jeremy came into her apartment. They were followed by David Stein, the football receiver who caught the winning pass, and a big black student named Sammy Federal, who was a linebacker on the football team. All the students stopped just to stare at the sexy outfits Sarah and Cindy were wearing.

“Alright, guys,” said Cindy crisply, snapping them out of their reverence of the women’s boobs. “We’ll meet you by the side entrance to the school’s auditorium, okay?”

“What in the world have you gotten us into?” asked Sarah as she followed Cindy out to the car. “I was trying to keep it professional with the students.”

Cindy smiled that Sarah’s last remark was in the past tense and said, “Schwartz was going to cancel the bet because she didn’t know how to pull it off. This man belittled her and insulted our school. We may not like her, but she is our principal. We can’t let him get away with this, can we?”

Sarah’s tipsy mind had a little trouble following Cindy’s speech, but the speech was rousing and Sarah gave an immediate reply.

“No, we can’t,” she exclaimed as she sat down in the passenger seat of Cindy’s car.

“No, we can’t” repeated Cindy with a smile and thought, “Just like I planned.”

“Well, mistress, what is your pleasure now?” asked Melvin Hopper with a chuckle.

“What a prick!” thought Schwartz as they got into his car after the theater. “He’s trying to get to me, but I won’t give him the satisfaction.”

“I know just the place to go, slave,” simpered Schwartz girlishly. “Drive to Westville. I think you should see the auditorium.”

“Your wish is my command,” said Melvin with a leer that turned Schwartz’s stomach. He pulled out of his parking space and thought, “What luck! She knows nothing of domination. I would have had her spanked, humiliated, and broken within the first hour if I had won the bet.”

Melvin drove quickly to Westville High and parked close to the entrance to the school’s auditorium. Schwartz led him to the doors and opened the one on the far right, which was unlocked as her instructions stated it would be. Melvin followed Schwartz confidently as she led him through the dimly lit lobby into the main auditorium.

The auditorium was completely dark except for a single spotlight illuminating a large wrestling mat at the forward edge of the stage and the green glowing exit signs. Schwartz beckoned Melvin on and led him to the front row center seat.

“Strip, slave,” said Schwartz sweetly.

“Whatever you command, mistress.”

“Shit, it’s Schwartz!” hissed Sarah to Cindy from their hiding place backstage.

“She’s not staying long,” whispered Cindy. “Look.”

Melvin had stripped down to his skin. His six inch dick was hard and pointing right at Schwartz.

“Sit down here, slave,” said Schwartz. Melvin complied and she added, “Put your arms out to the side.”

Melvin extended his arms and Schwartz stepped over to his right wrist. There, attached to the arm rest, was a set of handcuffs. Schwartz secured his right arm and did the same to his left one.

“Ooo, kinky,” laughed Melvin.

“We’re not done yet,” cooed Schwartz. “Move your right foot a little to the right.”

Melvin smiled widely as he moved his leg, opening up his crotch area. Schwartz knelt down in front of the seat next to his and reached underneath. She pulled out one end of a set of leg irons and fastened it around his ankle. She stood up and went to his other side where the other end was located. She then secured his left ankle and stood up to take a look.

Melvin had both arms stretched out and secured by handcuffs to the armrests of the adjoining seats. His legs were spread apart by the leg irons that ran behind the bolted down leg braces of the seats. Melvin’s cock was stiff and jutting right out. He was smiling as if this was a funny joke.

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