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Carol had been looking forward to the weekend seminar in a remote seaside resort town that she had never visited previously. The seminar was aimed at a group of middle aged professional women, most of whom came from ‘suburban marriages’, and who were unused to the privilege of weekends away from household routines.

Extreme disappointment was the best way to describe how Carol felt when she learnt on checking in that she had to share a room with another woman – Anne, whom she had never met before.

Anne seemed friendly enough and very interested in comparing notes on the differences in their respective lifestyles, over a cup of tea. Carol a separated lady in her late 40’s, with a grown up family and Anne in her mid 30’s, fitted the traditional suburban wife role with two children at home.

Carol, a statuesque and even voluptuous brunette, tallish, with wonderful legs and hips, set off by fine high cheekbones and a cultured speaking voice, could not help thinking how dowdy Anne’s general appearance and dress sense was. Featureless uninteresting, inexpensive clothes and practical flat shoes, which gave no indication at all whether Anne would be attractive to men.

Two hours passed quickly as they compared notes and talked about their families. Carol found herself warming to Anne and the realisation that Anne was perhaps extremely understated in her presentation started to intrigue Carol. Anne, with obviously dyed blondish hair, was almost as tall as Carol and spoke with an interesting and cultivated accent, which Carol learnt was English, though she had been in Australia for 20 years.

‘Lets go and have a meal Anne. And a drink,’ Carol suggested.

Almost as an afterthought she added, ‘lets get dressed up, I always like to dress up to go out, especially in a new environment.’

A non too subtle hint to Anne that she should try and improve her appearance.

Anne commandeered the bathroom first and firmly shut and then locked the door. Carol wondered if she could a survive a weekend with such an ordinary woman as a constant room mate. As she waited her turn for the bathroom she noticed for the first time that two walls of their motel room had full length mirrors which from the right position in the corner of the room had obvious connotations and romantic benefits for male / female couples.

As Anne emerged from the bathroom Carol was surprised to see Anne looking a lot more attractive than she imagined she could. Anne had not bothered to dress in the bathroom as Carol imagined she would and came out dressed in a very short black silk dressing gown. As Anne walked past Carol, she could notice that Anne was wearing a skimpy black bra which surprised Carol by the full breasts it barely contained.

The surprise to Carol was such, that when she entered the bathroom she neglected to close the door fully. The bathroom was fitted with a mirror, which Carol suddenly realised allowed a view of the motel room because of the placement of the other mirrors

and anybody in the room could see the other person in the bathroom.

As Carol undressed she felt that she was being watched by Anne from the other room, and a glance in the mirror confirmed it. Anne was sitting on the sofa, drinking another cup of tea, legs crossed and black pants visible at the top of her very good legs.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable at another woman watching her undress Carol suddenly became engrossed in the thought that perhaps another woman might enjoy seeing her naked body. Always one to enjoy centre stage and secure in the knowledge that men enjoyed wondering about her body, Carol had never thought until now that another woman might enjoy fantasising about her body.

Discreetly and slowly undressing so that Anne could see her every move, but carefully avoiding eye contact, Carol deliberately left her high heeled shoes on as she shrugged out of her dress. Standing in bra and brief coloured pants, she slowly brushed her hair, aware that Anne was watching her every move, and Carol thought, looking flushed.

Why? Was she bahis firmaları getting off on looking at me about to undress, Carol mused? Always aware that men liked her big arse Carol decided to try for the effect it might have on Anne. Playing the moment for all it was worth Carol slid her pants off first, over her high heels and then busied herself arranging a towel so that she had to turn full circle, and have Anne get the full view and effect of her arse and hips, wonderfully contrasted by her long full legs in high heels, and closely shaven fanny. Eventually the bra came off, but even then Carol still made herself look busy as she stood in all her naked glory in nothing but high heels, knowing that Anne was watching her every move.

Removing the shoes a moment before she entered the shower. Carol could feel a strange and new flush through her whole body which she had never felt with the men in her life.

After showering Carol dried herself slowly, and she thought as seductively as she possibly could with another woman watching. Carol stood naked and brushed her hair, stepped in to her high heels, applied make up, perfume, all slowly and deliberately in front of the mirror, aware of her every move being closely observed by Anne in the next room, out of direct sight, but visible in the mirrors. At that point Carol closed the door to gather her thoughts and think.

She finally emerged from the bathroom dressed in a white silk shirt which was slit at both sides to finish above the end of her long full thighs, and barely covered the cheeks of what her estranged husband referred to as her magnificent arse and the closely shaven area between her legs. The only other clothing she wore was an even higher pair of high heels than she had gone in with.

‘I cant decide which slacks to wear, Anne,’ Carol said. ‘Will you help me decide?’

Carol started pulling on a tight fitting pair of creamy white slacks and was aware of Anne watching her every movement as she slowly pulled the slacks up her long legs. With the slacks almost completely on Carol held Anne’s gaze as the slacks started to creep up over her hips at the same time raising her silk shirt and exposing her naked arse to Anne.

Carol felt sure that she could sense a tension in Anne.

‘Are these all right to wear Anne?’

‘They look fantastic. Nice and tight on your legs and backside.’

Carol smiled back at her, enjoying her by obvious power and attraction over Anne.

Carol looked Anne squarely in the eyes and slid out the slacks she had only just put on and turned to Anne so that she had a full view of her 43 inch hips. The firm, dimple free twin orbs of her naked arse were having an obvious effect on Anne.

‘Perhaps this pair will suit me better’, she said as she walked in her high heels to the far corner of the room feeling Anne’s gaze on her naked legs and arse as she walked.

Carol repeated the performance twice more before she finally chose the skirt to wear which she had intended wearing all along, instead of slacks.

Watching Anne quickly dress in a loose fitting dress was a surprise to Carol. ‘Why I am even watching,’ she thought as Anne quickly undid her short silk dressing gown and slipped a dress over her head, which she did up herself. Carol found the sight of Anne’s surprisingly good body, briefly clad in black bra and pants, and visible only momentarily having an effect on her which she found hard to explain to herself.

Their conversation over dinner and two bottles of wine was a revelation to both of them. Despite entirely different lifestyles they found they shared a great many common interests, including sex and men. Over dessert and a liqueur Anne finally found the courage to ask Carol a question she had mulled over all night at the dinner table.

‘What colour pants did you choose to wear with that skirt?’

Carol smiled back. ‘Funny I can’t remember. I’ll let you know when we get back to the room’. By now Carol was certain that the definite undercurrent she had felt all night was building to tension levels in Anne.

The kaçak iddaa short walk back to room, after finalising the dinner account, heightened the tension even more. Anne was nervy and fidgety and even Carol who usually showed great aplomb was tense.

Inside their shared room, they both nervously turned on lights and music as a distraction.

Carol was the first to speak. ‘This skirt is uncomfortable and I always have trouble getting it off. It fastens around the back. Can you help me?’

Carol was sure Anne’s fingers trembled as she undid a button and a short zipper.

‘Keep going Anne. It’s still tight. Help me off with it’.

Anne slid the dress to the floor and Carol stepped out of it still in high heels, at the same time answering Anne’s earlier question.

‘Like my the colour of my pants?’

Her black G string was the only thing she had on apart from her make up and high heels. From where Anne stood, the G string was nothing more than a thin line around her waist and another slightly thicker line which disappeared between the flawless twin orbs of her arse. Anne had never seen another female arse to even compare to this flawless marvel of womanhood, she thought.

‘Make me a cup of tea would you Anne?’

Carol was determined again, to play the moment for all she could. The sexual tension was electric in the room. The last thing Carol wanted was a cup of tea but she was determined to tease Anne and force her hand. Carol was enjoying the tension she was creating by teasing another woman with her body, and felt Anne’s hand surreptitiously glance the cheeks of her arse as she walked to the kettle, at the same time ogling the front of her G string from which traces of her closely shaven pubic hair showed.

Anne’s courage was increasing.

‘Your arse is gorgeous. I never realised how beautiful a woman’s arse could be. That G string looks fantastic on you. You were made for it. Or perhaps it was made for you?’

Carol’s only reaction was to turn her back on Anne and stand in front of the full length mirror with her high heeled legs apart and reach for a brush and start slowly brushing her hair, hoping her trembling hand was not apparent to Anne.

At the same time Carol could sense, as well as see Anne watching her every move in the mirror.

Although Carol was sure they had both drunk the same amount of alcohol it was obvious that it’s affect on Anne had relaxed her to the point where what seemed any previous inhibitions had completely disappeared.

‘Do you take milk and sugar?’

The sudden question jolted Carol back to reality, as she sat on the couch, her legs at an angle to accentuate her long full thighs.

‘Yes. A little of each, please. Is there any honey in the cupboard?’

As Anne looked and confirmed that there was a new jar of honey, she held Carol’s gaze and slowly started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

‘What would you like the honey for, Carol,’ Anne asked as she handed Carol the cup of tea and at the same time, finished undoing the last button on her blouse, so that Carol could see her cleavage to full effect as she bent over to hand her the cup of tea.

Holding Carol’s gaze all the time Anne stepped back two paces and admired herself in the mirror.

‘Not bad for a dowdy looking book keeper, eh?’ Anne smiled.

‘Years ago I started to deliberately dress down. Men are so boorish with their leering remarks.’

Carol by now could feel her curiosity at almost fever pitch. How could she have assumed Anne to be such a dull looking woman?

Anne could sense Carol’s eyes almost burning through her skirt, and as she turned to face Carol she deftly undid a few buttons and the skirt fell to the floor.

As Anne stepped out of her skirt and tossed it onto a chair, Carol was delighted at the body she could now see and appreciate almost totally exposed.

As Carol sipped the cup of tea in which she had no real interest, she smiled back at Anne.

‘If you have to ask what the honey is for, all the tension and build up kaçak bahis in this room is wasted, don’t you think,’ her voice by now had a distinctive quaver to it.

‘Be creative, let your fantasies unfold and run riot, Anne. Your husband is hours away and not even thinking about you. I was frightened of being bored witless at this seminar. If you like my arse so much you can kiss it – later. First you have to get me interested. Really interested.’ By now Carol was sure Anne was at the point of no return.

‘My husband used to talk about American soldiers during the war here, who used to pour honey over women’s nipples and lick it off.’

All traces of any inhibition Anne had were now completely abandoned, as she undid the lid of the honey jar and without averting her gaze from Carol, slowly started rubbing honey around each of her nipples, which Carol felt sure were becoming larger and more erect even as she slowly rubbed the honey on.

‘Do you like? Anne smiled, suddenly aware that she was now controlling the situation for the first time.

‘I want you completely naked and then you can lick the honey off.’ By now Carol was commanding rather than asking.

With all the aplomb Anne could muster she held Carol’s gaze and at the same time undid her bra. Carol was pleasantly surprised and felt herself being turned on at the sight of her already hardened nipples.

Carol had never been in a situation such as this before, though she had often fantasised about it. The alcohol she had consumed earlier made it easy for Anne stand in front of Carol and slip out of her bra , then kneel before her where she was seated on the couch, and start slowly licking the honey from each of Carol’s nipples.

The feel of a woman’s tongue on alternate nipples, coupled with the honey, was a new and wonderful sensation to Carol, and to her surprise Carol felt not the slightest sense of guilt, but instead a burning sensation between her legs.

As one they both said, ‘Do you like?’

Carol gently Anne pushed away.

‘I said I wanted you naked, before you could lick me. You cheated. Show me what a naked woman looks like.’

Anne complied readily and Carol feel that they were now past a point of no return.

‘Stand up and turn around so I can kiss your beautiful big arse as I slide your pants off, they are so tiny, I don’t know if I should call them pants’, Anne said with a quaver in her voice. ‘Do you want some honey on those fantastic cheeks too?’

Carol was surprised and delighted, yet again by the feel of a woman’s tongue on the cheeks of her arse, and absolutely turned on as Anne ever do slowly peeled her G string off, her lips licking and kissing her arse all the time, as she slid the G string over her twin orbs and down her long legs. So slowly that Carol could hardly bear the tension, and wanted to help Anne but instead, relished the moment and wanted it to continue.

‘I never realised a woman could have such a big, wonderful and beautiful arse. No sagging or dimples. Fantastic. After I’ve finished licking this part of you, guess what I want to lick next?’

‘Covered in honey?’ Carol asked, or was it instructed.

By now Anne was sitting on the settee and had Carol positioned standing in front of her with her legs apart as she kissed and licked the magnificent twin orbs of her 43 inch arse, at the same time her right hand was between her legs slowly caressing her vagina.

‘Want me to stop, Carol?’

No reply, only heavy breathing.

‘This turns me on like you would not believe. I’m wet with wanting you’. Anne said, her voice with a definite quaver to it.

‘Turn around so I can lick you between your legs.’

Carol made no move or response, eager to be forced into doing something she had fantasised about for years. Anne took her hand and led her to the bedroom, at the same time running her free hand over the cheeks of Carol’s bare arse.

‘Magnificent arse. Magnificent…..Relax and let me pleasure you,’ was all she said as she lay Carol naked on her back and watched as Anne poured honey between her legs.

‘I want to fuck you with my tongue. Do you think you would like that?’

Carol never had a chance to answer, she was so immersed in the new found pleasure, all she could do was ask for more.

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