Haziran 8, 2020

Away From Home and My Wife

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Adriana Chechik

Away From Home and My Wife
It was the last night of May and I was feeling extremely lonely while away on business. I made a call to my wife and spoke with her letting her know I missed her and that I was lonely. I had been away for right at two weeks and not having me wife beside me was a major downer for me. My wife suggested I go out to a local bar and have a few drinks and try to relax. So I took her advise and took a quick shower and got dressed and headed out.

I stopped at about three bars before I found one I felt comfortable more people my age and not young people. I took a place at the bar and ordered a rum and coke with a lime twist. As I sat there sipping on my drink I took a look around the bar and noticed a very attractive lady sitting with a couple of other ladies. Then a voice “Hey bud if you are thinking of hooking up with her or any of the them WELL GOOD LUCK” I turned to see this guy sitting next to me who looked to be about my age and looked as if life had beaten him down. He smelt of hard liquor and was looking to be on another hard drunk. I just laughed and said “No I’m not thinking of a hookup I am married, just needed a drink and a place to relax. Then I noticed that the lady was standing next to me ordering more drinks for her and her friends. I looked up at the bartender and illegal bahis siteleri told him to put the drinks on my tab. “No you do not have to buy our drinks and as a matter of a fact we do not want you to buy our drinks” I was thrown back on how she responded to my offer. She got her drinks and walked back to her table and told her friends of her response to my offer and they all just laughed. This kind of pissed me off some what. I turned back to the bar and the guy says “See I told you” We both just laughed and I order us both another round.

As the night went on I was thinking more and more about how I missed my wife and how the lady had answered me. It was getting late and then my phone dinged with a message from my wife “Hey I hope you are feeling more relaxed and found you a nice bar to sit and have a few drinks I LOVE YOU” I replied back “I found a bar but it is not that friendly but I am having a few drinks and I so miss you and would love to be home making love to you” She responded back “Awe I do wish that as well, as a matter of fact I am laying here in bed playing with my pussy thinking of you: This just set me afire and just then a pic came across my phone”

It was a picture of her hand down her panties playing with herself. I think I went hard straight away. I canlı bahis siteleri sent a response back “MMMM That looks good I really wish I was there to help you out baby” I got no response back for a few minutes and then DING I looked down at my phone and another picture.

A close up of her hand in her panties I was so getting turned on and could feel my cock throbbing in my shorts I was wearing. I sent a text back “Are you wet and horny baby, does it feel good baby, I so want you baby” and again nothing in reply. I kept looking at the photos she had sent me and I was ready to exploded. Just about then I felt someone next to me and as I turned it was the bitchy lady “Oh my she is having herself some fun with out you it looks like” I turned all shades of red I am sure and was trying to cover up the phone and just as I did cover it up it Dinged again. I was so wanting to look but the lady was still standing there. “Go ahead and look at it you know you want to, go ahead look I would like to see her too” I pulled my hand away and there was the next picture and as we both saw it we both let out a approval moan “MMMMM”

I then felt the ladies hand on my shoulder as she squeezed on my shoulder and then I felt her lean into me and press her breast against my back. She leaned into my ear bahis firmaları and said “She is very lovely and I can tell you miss her dearly” I replied back “You wished you only knew how lovely she was and yes I do miss her very much so” I then felt the ladies hand move from my shoulder and with in a few seconds I felt it on my thigh and then she moved it upper ward my thigh until she felt the head of my cock and that is where she stopped. Then my phone dinged again we both took a deep breath and looked to see the next picture of excitement.

Then came the picture that set us off…

As soon as the lady saw the picture she grabbed my cock through my shorts and squeezed it hard and then slowly stroked it. I relaxed and thought I might shoot my load and then the lady said “Lets get out of here” she grabbed my hand and led me out the door. I did not even pay the tab and did not care at this point. We headed to my hotel and while walking my phone dinged again as we walked we looked at the next picture she sent.

It was a close up and then another ding and another and another. By now we were at the hotel and I was opening the door and as soon as the door was close the lady and I were looking at the pictures.

It was so hot to see her toy shoved in her pussy and myself and the lady were taking off our cloths and once we where naked we laid on the bed looking at the pictures my wife was sending us.

The lady took my cock into her mouth as she lowered her pussy in my face and we started in on each other in 69 and with in just minutes we both cummed thanks to my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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