Ocak 30, 2021

Aunt’s Panty Lesson Ch. 03

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I watched Aunt Jane walk toward the stairs, just wearing her over shirt. Her legs looked stunning, all tanned and smooth. Her hair was still slightly damp from our swim and looked incredibly sexy. I was a little sad inside thinking that our afternoon of fun was over.

Aunt Jane got to the bottom of the stairs. She put her foot up on the first step and her over shirt rode up, exposing her leg fully and I could see her bottom. She turned and looked back at me.

“Well Dan, aren’t you going to come with me?”

I went over to Aunt Jane and she took my hand and led me up stairs to the bathroom. Once there she took off her aqua over shirt and leant into the shower and adjusted the water. I took off my t-shirt, shorts and her bikini bottoms I still had on after being in the pool and I got into the shower with her.

While I had been in this shower a few times, I had never realised it was roomy enough for two people to be in there comfortably. I looked at Aunt Jane again; enthralled by how gorgeous she looked when she was wet. Her skin glistened under the water flowing down her body.

She reached out and gave me a big hug and a nice long kiss. Water was cascading down us and she felt so nice in my arms. Our tongues teased and played together and quickly my penis had its own ideas and wanted to pop up and have a look at what was going on. Soon I couldn’t cuddle Jane quite as closely as I was before.

Aunt Jane smiled as she gave my now semi erect member a small squeeze and stroke. Laughing happily she said “I can see you like being in the shower with me. You will just have to wait a bit with ‘this’ as I’d like you to help wash my hair first, if that’s ok?”

“Of course Aunt Jane, that will be nice.”

She passed me the shampoo and I lathered her shoulder length dark hair. I took my time, massaging her scalp and running my fingers through her hair.

“That feels wonderful Dan. It is really lovely having someone wash my hair for me.”

“I’m glad you like it Aunt Jane.”

Aunt Jane turned and rinsed her hair under the water, running her hands through her hair. It was beautiful watching her do this, arms up, hands in her hair, her lithe body covered in the suds. My cock was hardening by the second, as I studied Jane under the shower.

Once completely rinsed off, Aunt Jane kissed me again, wrapping her arms around me. “Thanks Dan, my hair feels really nice. Would you mind washing me now?” she asked in a sweet almost innocent voice.

“For sure Aunt Jane, I’d love too.”

I poured a large amount of soap onto her sponge and started on her back. For the first time since we had started playing together yesterday, I really had the chance to closely look at Jane’s perfectly matured body. Her back was tanned and beautiful. I sponged down her back and onto her womanly bottom. I took my time in washing her beautiful bum and then massaging it with my hands. Jane started to lean in towards me and was lightly cooing with my caresses.

Proceeding down her legs, I again enjoyed touching and caressing her silky smooth skin. Her thighs and calf muscles felt amazing to my inexperienced fingers. I was truly enjoying this.

Jane turned around and allowed the shower to rinse the suds off her back and behind. She guided me back up and kissed me again. My erection was standing right up between us, and when we embraced, it pushed up against Jane’s stomach. We continued to kiss and cuddle under the water, when Jane broke away.

She slowly stoked my member and said “If ‘he’ can wait a little longer, you still have to wash my front.”

I quickly poured some more soap onto the sponge and turned my attention to Jane’s chest. I soaped up her chest and moved down to her breasts. Cupping her right breast in my left hand, I gently washed it all over. It was slippery to touch with the suds on it, and I took the opportunity to caress her bosom. Her nipple puckered up and started to stand to attention.

Rinsing her breast off under the water, I let my mouth and tongue do some cleaning of their own. I kissed, licked and suckled her nipple until it was fully erect. I looked up and noticed Jane had her head back and was moaning in pleasure at my actions.

Taking the sponge I turned my attention to her left breast. I again soaped her breast, making it wonderfully slippery. Her left nipple was already quite hard, and I licked and suckled on it as well, to Aunt Jane’s delight. Standing back up I kissed Jane again, pulling her close, before continuing to wash her.

I washed down her slightly rounded tummy, as I got down on my knees to then wash down her right leg, enjoying the moment. I moved across to her left leg washing back up to her groin. Gently with the sponge I soaped down between her legs. Jane leant back against the wall of the shower as I washed her ‘landing strip’ of hair. She opened up her legs to allow me to sponge her sex.

Cupping some water in my hand I splashed the soap suds off from between her legs. I then ran my hand between her legs, feeling casino şirketleri the delicate folds of her womanhood between my fingers. Running my hand back up, I ran my middle finger between her folds, feeling her wetness and getting to the little bud of her clitoris. Jane gave a little jolt as I touched her clit. I looked up to see a most pleasant expression on her face.

Taking my cue from this, I moved in and began to kiss between her legs. I started near her landing strip, kissing downwards where Aunt Jane had been shaved. She must have shaved recently as she was perfectly smooth.

I kissed right down her sex and then opened up her folds with my tongue as I moved back up. Jane moaned loudly as I did this, grunting as I reached her clit.

Using my hands I opened up her sex and started to lavish her clit with kisses and caresses from my tongue.

“Ohhhh Dan, that is mmmmunngh great. Ooooohhhh, yes Dan, do that, yessssss oooohhhh”

Continuing to kiss and lick her clitoris, I slipped my middle finger down to the entrance of her vagina and slipped it inside her. Jane bucked as I entered, her hips beginning to move as I motioned my finger in and out. Aunt Jane was really excited as her juices dribbled down my fingers onto my hand as she moved her hips with the rhythm of my finger and tongue.

Aunt Jane was now leaning back against the wall of the shower, opening her legs slightly wider allowing me access to her sex. She had her hands on the back of my head, directing where I should be licking. I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my tongue, probing in and out. Jane started to wriggle even more when I did this.

I glanced up to see that Jane was now playing with her erect nipples, squeezing and pulling on the turgid buds, with her head tipped back and eyes closed. She was moaning and grunting in obvious enjoyment.

I moved my attention back to her clitoris and again slid my finger into her. She bucked her hips and urged me to move my finger faster.

“Mmmmm Yes Dan, fuck me with your finger. That is soooooo good. Ummnngh.”

I moved my hand faster and faster, and was lapping at her clit faster than I had done before. Aunt Jane was bucking her hips, and she moved her hands to hold my head close to her.

“Ohhh Dan, I’m going to cum. Yessss, yesss ohhhhh, munnnngh.”

Aunt Jane grabbed my head tight, forcing me against her womanhood. She was bucking her hips slightly, and I could feel the inside of her vagina contracting slightly around my finger as her orgasm took hold. Her legs began to shake as she pushed my face away from her sex, wanting me to stop playing with her clit. I kept moving my finger in and out of her vagina as her orgasm continued.

I looked up and Jane still had her eyes closed as waves of pleasure flowed through her. Her face and chest were flushed from her orgasm, and her breathing was faster than normal. A look of ecstasy was on her face as she enjoyed the pleasure she was receiving.

I slid my sopping wet finger out of her vagina once her orgasm had finished, licking off her juices from it as I did. Aunt Jane was still leaning against the wall, all exposed and sexed out as her orgasm subsided, letting the water from the shower flow over her. She looked truly blissful.

Standing back up, I rinsed my face under the shower, and reached over and gave Aunt Jane a big cuddle and kiss. She held me tight, still coming down from her orgasmic high, and kissed me again.

“Ohhhh Dan that was incredible. It was even better than when we were in the pool.” She said in a quiet voice.

“Glad you liked it Aunt Jane. I’m so glad you enjoy what I do. You taught me well.”

Aunt Jane broke away from our embrace and rinsed herself off again under the water, to cool herself down and regain her composure. As she did this, I took myself in hand and began to stroke my member back to full hardness. Seeing Jane rinsing her beautiful body under the shower was getting me hard again and I was enjoying the show.

Jane ran her hands over her head, getting the hair off her face. I loved when she did this as her magnificent breasts ‘stood out’ as she ran her hands through her hair. Her breasts glistened under the water and her dark nipples were still quite hard. Jane opened her eyes and looking across at me, with a very happy smile on her face.

“You look like you are ‘enjoying yourself’ there Dan. Why don’t you let me help you with that?”

As she said this, she reached out with her hand and started stroking my penis. She pulled me closer to her and kissed me. Her tongue flipped and flicked against mine, teasing me. Our embrace moved closer and we again held each other tight. Jane still had her hand around my penis and was slowly stroking me.

Jane broke away from the embrace, and began to kiss down my body. She licked and nibbled on my ears, then down my neck, kissing, sucking and biting her way down. The sensations were exquisite. She kissed across my chest and then licked and sucked my nipples. The feeling casino firmaları was amazing, with the sensations going directly to my raging erection. Jane started to bite and nibble on my nipples and they were harder that I had ever experienced before.

“Oooh Jane that is incredible. It feels so good.” I said.

Flicking my erect nipples with her finger Jane giggled “Your nipples are nearly as sensitive as mine. But wait, there’s more.” She said with a smile.

With that, she kissed down my stomach, before setting down on her knees in front of me. Jane reached with her right hand and took hold of my rock hard penis. She stroked me slowly, her hand sliding up and down. She then ran her finger over the bulbous purple head, lightly smearing my pre-cum over the tip.

Jane leaned forward and still holding my penis licked the underside of it from base to tip, flicking her tongue on the sensitive underside near the head. Licking the head some more, she caught some pre-cum on her tongue and stretched a long string of it from her tongue as she pulled back.

Licking her lips, she looked up at me and said “You taste sooo good.”

Aunt Jane then leant forward again and put the head of my penis in her mouth, sucking gently and flicking her tongue all around the head.

I began to moan as the sensations were amazing. Looking down I could see Aunt Jane starting to bob her head back and forth slowly, taking more of my erection in her mouth with every movement. Before I knew it, she had all my erection in her mouth and was gargling on my penis as she moved it into her throat. Her nose was pressed into my pubic hair as she gurgled away on my penis.

“Aurghhhh Aunt Jane that is incredible” I moaned.

Aunt Jane pulled away, wiping her mouth, but still stroking my now super slippery, throbbing penis. “Glad you like it.” She purred back to me. “Now, let’s see you cum for Aunt Jane.”

Jane put the head of my penis back in her mouth and started to suck and bob again. She also stroked my penis with her hand, twisting her hand around my member.

I started to moan again as the feelings intensified. Jane was looking back up at me with my penis in her mouth. To experience a blow job like this was out of this world. And having Jane look up at me, smiling with her eyes as she pleasured me was brilliant.

This continued for a little while, but I began to get the familiar feeling in my loins and I knew I was going to cum. Jane was still sucking and stroking away at my penis.

“Aurrrrgh Aunt Jane, I’m gonna cum, Aunt Jane, I’m gonna cum”.

I looked down, expecting to see Jane take my penis out of her mouth. I began to pull away, but she kept hold of me and shook her head.

“I’m gonna cum Jane!” I said again, and she just nodded her head while I was still in her mouth.

That was it. I came and came hard. My cum was spurting harder than ever before as my orgasm hit. Rope after rope flew from my penis and Jane took it all in her mouth. The first spurt hit the back of her mouth and she flinched slightly, but she continued to work on my penis, milking the orgasm out of me into her awaiting mouth.

I came for what felt like an eternity. Jane really worked on my erection teasing out the biggest orgasm of my life. It felt like I was going to shoot my testicles out through my penis. My legs trembled and my knees went slightly weak. It was a real toe curler of an orgasm.

As I slowed down, Jane still had her mouth around my penis. When I finished, I slumped against the wall of the shower. Aunt Jane took her mouth off my penis and opened wide. I could see all of my cum inside her mouth. She smiled at me, closed her mouth and swallowed all of my cum down in one mouthful. Unbelievable!

I must have looked a little stunned, but she stood up and we cuddled up close. The water of the shower fell around us as we embraced.

“You taste wonderful.” Jane whispered in my ear before kissing me deeply.

I could taste a little saltiness in her mouth and combined with muskiness in my mouth from my earlier oral pleasuring, it made for a beautiful cocktail of taste. Our embrace continued for a little while as we relaxed after our exertions, the shower still flowing over us, cooling us down.

Eventually we moved apart, hopped out of the shower and began to dry ourselves. I was grinning from ear to ear. It was an amazing experience. I couldn’t help but think how I hadn’t expected this when I came down to visit, or how this all wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t ‘borrowed’ Aunt Jane’s panties 6 months ago.

Aunt Jane saw me smiling and said “It looks like you enjoyed our shower together. I hadn’t planned to do that but it was great fun. You are so good at eating me, I can’t believe you hadn’t done that before yesterday.”

“I can’t believe I have got to do any of these things, especially getting to do these with you Aunt Jane. It is amazing. And I can’t believe you swallowed my cum.”

“Like I said, you taste wonderful.” She replied with a laugh.

Jane güvenilir casino dried herself a little quicker than I did and she went into her room. She called for me to join her. I went in as she was getting her clothes ready to go wear for the dinner out tonight with my family. I went in and felt her beautiful bum again and she turned around and gave me a gentle kiss.

“Now Dan, we don’t have time for any more fun now. We have to go out for dinner, remember.”

“Yes you’re right Aunt Jane, I couldn’t help myself.” I replied a little sheepishly.

“That’s ok. I wanted you to come in here so I could get you some panties to wear tonight, if you would like to.”

“Oh yes, that would be great Aunt Jane.”

I was standing next to Jane as she opened the top drawer in her chest of drawers. Inside was a sight to behold. It was her lingerie drawer and it was filled with the most amazing collection of panties, bra’s, suspender belts and other frilly items that I had ever seen. Jane really did like her lingerie. There didn’t appear to be anything plain or ordinary in there. Everything looked silky, lacy and very sexy.

She reached in and pulled out two pairs of panties, one black and the other white. They were both satiny material, with a frill around the side.

“I’m going to be wearing the white pair tonight, and I’d like you to wear the black pair so we can be ‘matching’.” She said.

“They look great Aunt Jane.” Was all I could manage to reply. “Thank You”.

Jane was stepping into her pair and they looked beautiful. White and shiny, the panties had just an elastic string at the sides with the frill attached to it. They were bikini style, full in the back and looked great.

Aunt Jane put her hands on her hips and turned around, posing for me, with a big goofy grin on her face. The fit her beautiful bum really well, nice and tight, showing her bum to good effect. They also fitted her nicely at the front.

“How do I look Dan?” she said cheekily.

“Jane you look great”. I replied as I reached around and pulled her close to me. I ran my hands over her satiny bottom and it felt great.

I kissed her and said again “You look beautiful Aunt Jane.”

Jane kissed me and said “Thanks Dan, but we have to get ready now. We have to leave soon. Go on and put my panties on and get dressed.” She turned me around and smacked me playfully on my bare bum and said “I’ll see you downstairs soon.”

I went to my room and put the black panties on. They felt great. Elasticised around the bum they held me nicely, and the string sides and frilly trim were really nice. I admired myself in them and then put the rest of my clothes on and went downstairs.

Aunt Jane came downstairs a little while later in another of her beautiful summer dresses. She always looked good in dresses and this one suited her well.

We went out and got into her car to drive to the restaurant. We made small talk in the car, mostly about how we were lucky not to be running late.

As Jane parked the car near the restaurant she spoke to me a bit more seriously.

“Now Dan tonight at dinner, I don’t want you to be staring at me or smiling at me or anything that could ‘give away’ what we have been up to ok. Oh and please don’t sit next to me if we can avoid it. I don’t want your lovely wandering hands to be tempted to ‘play’ again. Is that ok?”

“Yes Aunt Jane. I will be on my best behaviour. I don’t want us to get caught either. Besides, I have your panties on to keep me company.” I replied with a little laugh.

Aunt Jane laughed at this as well, bringing that lovely smile to her face.

Dinner was really nice. I sat next to my brother, and we discussed how the championships were going and the like, as well as talking with all the family.

Aunt Jane was at the other side of the round table, and we conducted ourselves as we would in any other situation, just like any other aunt and nephew. I did sneak a few quick peaks at Aunt Jane though, and I couldn’t help squirming in my chair slightly, enjoying the feel of Jane’s satiny panties on my nether regions.

Everyone had a good evening, but time seemed to fly and before we all knew it, it was closing time and we were heading back to our respective accommodation.

I said to Mum and Dad that I would be out to the game tomorrow at about 10:30, before driving home about mid-afternoon. We said our goodbyes and my uncle headed the short distance back to his office to get his car and drive home. I again travelled with Aunt Jane.

We chatted on the drive to their place about the dinner and other general things. Aunt Jane seemed a little preoccupied. She then said she wanted to talk to me seriously.

“Dan, I have had such a great time these last couple of days, and I know you have had a great time too.”

“I definitely have had a great time Aunt Jane. It’s been incredible.”

“I’m glad you have enjoyed yourself and you are a quick learner. But Dan you need to know we can never do this again. You are my favourite nephew and you are very special to me, but we can’t do this again.” She said.

I knew deep down that this would be the case, and I knew my Aunt loved my Uncle, and there could never be anything more between us.

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