Ocak 31, 2021

Auntie and her Minx Ch. 02

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Kaitlyn sat on the edge of her bed staring into the mirror. Her face was red and blotchy from crying and her nails a mess after chewing them down as far as she could. The memory of being woken by Scott giving her a thirty minute warning before his arrival left little time to think through what had happened. They simply stuffed as much as her young nibbling needed in a case and left.

The two cases filled with toys and clothes she knew most adults would deny owning in polite conversation were now hidden behind a few boxes in her garage. She had made agonising small talk for just over an hour as she helped Kenzie get settled in her room. Soon as an opportunity presented itself, she quickly excused herself claiming a headache and hid in her room crying with shame and guilt at what she had done.

What made it worse was that every time she allowed her mind to drift she could think of nothing more than the wonderful taste of young pussy and the feelings of an amazing experience. Yet the nagging guilt refused to go away.

The click of the front door being opened dragged her back to the present. She hid under the covers and turned off the light praying the young girl was tired from babysitting for her school teacher.

“Aunt Kait you awake?” Kenzie whispered as she opened the bedroom door. Kaitlyn held her breath not knowing what to do. The red head stood watching her Aunt ‘sleep’ for a few minutes before sighing loudly and walking off.

Kenzie walked into her own room and sat down. All night she had only been half concentrating. The rest she spent day dreaming of an awesome day. She had always loved her Aunt. Unlike her Mum’s sister, Aunt Kaitlyn was her confidant and so open and honest they could talk through any problem. Any time she needed help or someone to talk to she would turn up at her Aunt’s door knowing she would be there to give a cuddle or on the rare occasion the proverbial kick up the ass she needed.

Kenzie knew she lucked out with her friends. They were all nerds but with a cool enough edge no -one gave them grief. She had plenty of invites to the school prom but she kindly declined. She was after all gay. Alice, Kenzie’s oldest friend, had questioned what her ideal date would be “To help set her up.”

“Have to be taller than me in my heels. Great hair, deep soulful eyes, athletic, smart and independent…” Her face burnt as she realised she described Kaitlyn. Whom she’d had the best time with ever and now is pretending to be asleep.

Kenzie fell backwards on the bed staring up at plain white ceiling. As her mind wandered it was filled with the memory of her being held tight between heavenly thighs staring right at the leaking slit as it was lowered at agonizingly slow speed. She could feel her panties stick to her sex and slid a finger under her shorts to rub as she thought.

She imagined her Aunt busting through the door and lifting her up for a kiss. Not a normal kiss but one like the princess would get at the end of the movie. Without breaking the princess kiss she would somehow tear her clothes off and fling her small body on the bed. With just a grin to rival the Cheshire cats she would kneel between her legs. Small delicate kisses making her knees tremble up her leg. ‘No,’ she thought the kisses be like to a newly bloomed rose.

Once past her thighs Auntie would grab some rope lashing each limb to a corner post leaving her helpless with no control. And she would….

Kenzie jumped several feet in the air as heard glass smashing. Frozen in fear she could hear cursing from the kitchen. Kenzie tip toed over to the bedroom door and peaked out into the hall. Bathed in light from a lamp she could see her Aunt clean up the shards of a glass. She could only stare at the kneeling women bent over looking for stray pieces of glass unaware of the lewd view she gave to peeping eyes.

Kenzie casino şirketleri continued to stare watching the slight jiggle of her Aunt’s modest breasts and admired her slight curves and pert bum. A thought sprung into her head where the goddess before her would march over and grab her hair dragging her to the scene of the smash. Demand Kenzie to clean it up and spanked her for breaking a valuable glass before taking her to the bedroom and repeating earlier exploits. Kenzie got so engrossed in her fantasy she didn’t notice her Aunt walk up and stand in front of her until she heard the cough.

Like a startled deer Kenzie froze staring at her Aunt now covered with a dressing gown looking at her concerned. “Erm Kenzie go to bed, I’m sorry about today. Go to bed and try and get some sleep and we can talk about it in the morning.” Wrapping her arms around herself the elder women side stepped past as far away as she could and all but sprinted into her room firmly closing the door behind her.

Bad dreams

Both ladies tossed and turned in their own beds. Neither able to switch off from the emotional turmoil the situation had left them in. Kenzie finally broke and got up. Collapsing in front of her Aunt’s aging PC. She stabbed angrily at the power button annoyed that the one person she would normally talk to was the one she currently couldn’t.

Logging onto her favourite fetish site she scanned the usual guff and replied to few personal messages. Absent mindedly she looked over the new photos and updates in her feed. A flashing message alert stopped her clicking and opened in the instant chat.

@MaitresseMalice – All OK little one you’re up very late?

@PrincessBelle – Hey MissM, just struggling to sleep that all.

@MaitresseMalice – Anything I can help you with?

@PrincessBelle – Great day gone sour. Just thinking what I can do to fix it. 🙁

@MaitresseMalice – A boy or girl?

@PrincessBelle – What made you come to that conclusion?

@MaitresseMalice – Because sweetie the only thing that ever keeps you awake is love or a great night. I figured as a school night probably love 🙁

@PrincessBelle – I tell you too much,

@MaitresseMalice LOL. Sweetie that is true. However all relationships need open and honest communication. When you don’t talk, you fail. So do what you can to make them listen.

@PrincessBelle — That’s good advice. BBx

@MaitresseMalice – NN sweetie xox

An idea struck Kenzie as she spoke to the English Domme. Quickly logging out and rebooting the browser she let lose a silent cry of success as her Aunt’s log in details were stored.

For the next ten minutes she scanned her Aunt’s profile, Checking her messages to see what interested her Aunt most. Pausing to think, the young kinkster crept into the garage and searched her cases of “naughty” items. Pulling some clothes from the pile she tip-toed into her room to get dressed.

Meanwhile as Kaitlyn lay in bed she could hear her niece walk around forcing her to stay in bed unable to face the shame. With a huff she moved to a yet another position trying to get some sleep before work. No sooner had she closed her eyes than her mind flooded her with thoughts of her crush, tied up and forced to worship her pussy for hours. The idea made her nipples harden and pussy throb as shame and guilt caused her face to go red. She cursed to herself rolling into yet another position forcing herself to think of work hoping it would allow her to sleep.

The door to the master bedroom crashed opened and like some vision of lust and innocence her niece stood lit up like some super hero. Kaitlyn opened her mouth to tell her to leave but the vision highlighted in the doorway left her speechless. Her hair was tied up in high fluffy pigtails. Around her neck the light bounced of the studs on a collar. A baby blue casino firmaları latex camisole and high waist knickers covered her young tight body as the girl held her favourite teddy’s hand.

“I had a nightmare,” the girl whispered in a high girly voice. “Can I sleep with you?” She put her hands behind her swinging her shoulders.

Kaitlyn could only nod yes unable to speak or think as her niece manipulated her like a horny teenage boy. She pulled the sheet up as the girl skipped over and rolled on the bed kissing her Aunt’s nose and giggling at her expression.

“Silly Auntie. I always sleep with you when I’ve had nightmares.” Her voice still high and childlike.

The latex clad girl kissed her Aunt again then turned around wriggling in as close to her naked Aunt as she could. She felt her Aunt’s heart race faster as she pulled the naked lady’s arms around her.

Kaitlyn’s mind slowly filled with a haze of lust feeling the cool smooth latex rub up against her. She could not help but caress the material. She always had a fascination with latex but never quite had the guts to order any. The pungent smell was still there but the feeling of it against her skin was amazing.

The nymph could feel her Aunt’s breath get slower as she gently rubbed up against her and suitably used her elbow to nudge the hand rubbing the cami against her rock hard nipples down to her wet hot slit trapped in its rubber prison.

Kenzie squealed out as fingers roughly pushed inside her panties pinching her clit. “You little whore!” Kaitlyn whispered menacingly in her girl’s ear. “Trying to manipulate me are we you naughty girl?”

“No I want you.” Kenzie squirmed on the hands now fucking her hard and abusing her clit. “I read about you and if I saw your profile I would have begged to meet you.”

“Really?” the blonde questioned.

The girl just moaned in reply feeling an orgasm approach. She pushed back into the soft breasts behind her as she pulled and twisted her own nipples.

“Kenzie I asked a question?”

“Totally.” the girl moaned forcing herself down and pushing the fingers deeper. “Your cute, no BS. And you know… you know you don’t know everything yet. And I wanna learn and experience all I can with you.”

Kenzie felt the fingers stop pushing. She gently turned to look, the blonde’s face betraying her thoughts. Pulling her hands free she lovingly tilted the head locking eyes her other hand caressing her Aunt’s cheek.

“I love you and I trust you to use me in any way you want.” She whispered, “but the most important part is you are my dream woman. Ever since the day I knew I liked girls I wanted my soul mate to be identical to you. This is not the way I fantasised it would happen. But I am so happy, and you’re not going to get rid of me now.”

To make her point she pulled the conflicted women into the most romantic kiss she ever had. Loving and slow they continued their kiss like long term lovers after a great night out. Fingers pulling each other close. Stopping only for the need of oxygen.

Kaitlyn stared into brilliant green eyes feeling herself melt again. “What will people say?”

“Who cares we’re not hurting anyone.” Her face broke into a mischievous grin. “Well, maybe each other,” she said her voice lust filled and flirty.

“You’re a horny little monster.”

“Are you that shocked? I want you to try what you spoke to Madam Alexandra about!”

“How you know about that?” Kaitlyn said resisting urge to slap the slut.

“You have auto log-in enabled.” Kenzie replied grinning. “Found out Auntie Blue is not all that shy.”

“KENZIE!” she shrieked in reply struggling to add any more.

“You can punish me later. Please try it?” The pigtailed minx said kissing her a dozen times.

“I have never done it before, I’m not sure….” Kaitlyn’s concern obvious güvenilir casino on her face.

Huffing in frustration Kenzie twisted back round pushing in close. Nudging her Aunt’s hand up to her face as she pushed the other down into her juice filled panties. Holding the soft hand to her sticky needy cunt.

Down the rabbit hole

Kaitlyn allowed her hands to be controlled by the sex pot snuggling against her naked chest. Her fingers felt the moist soft folds as her slutty niece fucked herself. Remembering the key words of advice from her friend. “Hold your breath too.”

She gently eased her girl’s arms behind her back and snuggled closer trapping the arms between them. The nymph shuddered against her sending a jolt of pure heat to her sex. The latex panties radiated heat as she rubbed her fingers up and down the pussy beneath as Kenzie mewed nuzzling her Aunt’s neck.

Holding a deep breath Kaitlyn pinched the girl’s nose closed and clamped her palm over her mouth. She started to rub hard and fast feeling the girl tense up. As both held their breath Kaitlyn could feel the odd twitch or jerk in the head as her niece tried to twist free of the vice like hold stopping her breathing. As the seconds ticked by she rubbed faster and only large squelching sounds broke the silence.

As Kaitlyn’s internal clock ticked over a minute the girl twitched more and twisted her head and neck trying to break free. This power trip was a new high Kaitlyn had never felt. The feeling of control as she rode the girl’s attempts to escape. But she was determined to only let the girl free at the time of her choosing.

At ninety seconds her wrist grew tired from so much rubbing. The girl was bucking wildly like a trapped creature desperate for escape. When she finally had to breathe herself she released her grip. Kenzie gulped in huge amounts of air, her body tingling from the erotic rush. “That.. Was.. Amazing.. More,” she wheezed between breaths.

“Rub for me baby.” Kaitlyn demanded seeing the girls nipples poke through the thin rubber resting her arm.

Kenzie needed no further prompting pushing both hands into the front of her panties. She began to rub furiously as she pushed four fingers into her horny hole. “Again. Please again?” She pleaded.

“Of course my Angel,” Kaitlyn replied. “Rub as much as you can but no cumming until Auntie says you can.”

Not waiting for a reply she took a huge breath and clamped her hand over the sweet lips and nose. This time she wrapped her arm over and pulled the two of them together as close as she could. The power trip came back. Raw adrenaline and lust poured through her, feeling the dam start to crack. She noticed the patterns. The small twitches and jerks to get free. As the seconds drifted past the movements came faster and more urgent. Each cracking her own dam further.

They carried on the game. Few moments rest before again holding her close. Feeling the need to escape and hearing the frantic squelches and rubbing of clit. The power of control and holding her existence in her own hands drove Kaitlyn to new heights of emotion. Without thinking grinding her naked pussy against the masturbating girl in her arms. Each time holding out a little longer driving both into spaced out bliss.

Neither knew how long they had carried on but Kaitlyn could not hold out any longer. Her hand shot down and furiously rubbed herself. “Cum with me baby” She screamed feeling the girl turn round kissing as limbs became an entangled mess. Pussies rubbing together as they kissed with raw passion and need ending in a climatic roar of release!


Goes without saying all characters are over 18. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, plus any thoughts or ideas you have . What was going to be a short story has at least fours arcs in my head so if you want to read them please rate comment and share.

Please please please. Do not try breath play without researching and learning from another. NEVER EVER use plastic bags.

Final thanks to BlueTulip and CharlieB4 foe editing help.

Love you all play safe

Thank you again Belle

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