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Aunt Kate’s fuckbuddies

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Aunt Kate’s fuckbuddies
It was breakfast time when mom told me I would be going to aunty Kate’s house, that evening, I had plans with my school friends but she said I had to cancel them. Kate had moved to California shortly after I was born, and after fifteen years had only just moved back to New York, the first time I had ever met her was last week when mom and I met her for a coffee. I could quickly see the family resemblance, Kate, a year younger than mom, is the same size, at about five foot two, her petite body is a perfect curvy shape, her dark red hair and green eyes are more like mine than mom’s blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about five foot six and slim, and get my looks from my dad, it was only when I met Kate for the first time I realised where my colouring came from. For those that like my facts, I’m around 95 pounds and my breasts are still only an A cup, but they did only start growing about eight months ago!
As much as I thought I would hate spending the evening with Aunty Kate it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. She collected me from school, and when we got to her apartment she made us a fantastic lasagne, she chatted away and I found her real easy to talk to. She never spoke down to me, unlike most adults I know, she chatted like I was her equal, not her junior by twenty years. After tidying up the dishes she suggested we watch a film, some romcom from the nineties. She drank a glass of wine and although she offered me one I stuck to coke.
We had a good laugh watching the movie, both of us commenting on the ridiculousness of the scenarios. Kate was fairly open with me, she told me how she got divorced shortly after moving to California, apparently she found her husband In bed with his male yoga instructor!.
“Have you got a boyfriend now Kate?” I asked
“No, a couple of fuckbuddies, they give me everything I need” Kate laughed
By the time the movie was over I had no idea what time it was. Kate asked “are you tired? You have had along day, with school and everything, there’s no word on when your mom and dad will be over to collect you, maybe if their date goes well they might use the lone time for a bit of passion” we both giggled. “Why don’t we lie down in my bed, if you’re tired you can sleep, I’ll wake you if they call. I can put on a movie in my bedroom to watch if you don’t feel tired.”
I agreed, because I felt that was the grown up thing to do, so found my self following Kate in to her room.
“Just take your jeans off Ella, and climb in, I’ll organise the movie”
I wriggled out of my jeans, doing as I was instructed, I didn’t feel tired, but I guess that maybe Kate did, and this was her way to rest before mom and dad called to collect me. I left my tee shirt and bra and panties on, and climbed under the covers.
Kate turned the large flat panel TV on, and slipped a DVD in to the machine. As the film started she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, the navy and white dress fell to the floor. The movie began, it was a French film, subtitles, I missed the name of it, but from the opening scene the couple it seemed to be about were in a very hot erotic embrace, it wasn’t porn, but it didn’t leave anything to the imagination, the sex was romantic yet extremely hot. Kate was standing at the end of the double bed, just her bra on, her bra matched the colours of her dress perfectly, white satin with a blue trim.
“Ella, you’re staring” I shook my head, had I been staring at Kate, wearing only her bra, and a pair of pantyhose, or was I staring at the screen as the middle aged woman gave a blowjob to the young male stable boy. Kate was facing me, her nude colour pantyhose completely see through, a neat triangular bush of red hair pointing towards her pantyless crotch.
“Do you like my pantyhose? The feel so wonderful against my skin, it was too hot in California to wear them, but its much cooler here, they sort of make me, you know tingle”
Any time I wore pantyhose I always wore panties underneath, and I presumed so did everyone else, but Kate was naked underneath. She climbed into the bed beside me, and immediately got fixed on the film.
The film was very erotic, nothing that my mom would watch, maybe dad would, but it didn’t go as far as being porn. We were about twenty minutes into the film, the middle aged woman had already made love to two young guys, and I guess her husband, but I was finding it difficult to keep up with the subtitles.
“I never asked you Ella, do you have a boyfriend?”
“No all the guys in my class are douche bags” I answered
“But you must have loads of admirers, one night stands maybe?”
“No, not yet anyway”.
Kate went silent again for a few minutes. The scene playing showed the middle-aged woman masturbating as she watched a young man painting the front of her house. “So have you slept with many guys yet Ella?”
“No, I haven’t met the right one”
Silence again, I noticed Kate had her hand under the covers, her knees raised, she spread her legs slightly and the cover slipped over her knee. “Do you masturbate Ella?” I looked at Kate, her hand was making small circles around her clit, through the nylon pantyhose. “I just love, after a stressful day at work, watching a hot erotic film and masturbating all the tensions away. What about you?”
I wasn’t sure how to answer, the film was so hot I had been desperate to touch my self since the very beginning, but I definitely didn’t have the nerve. I had been clamping my thighs together and releasing them, giving my pussy as much pleasure as I dared, wishing I could release the building pleasure inside. I decided not to answer Kate’s question, I just grunted.
“Feel free, if you want to play with yourself” Kate smiled, letting a little moan escape from her throat.
I smiled back, letting my legs part slightly, I lowered my hand between my legs. Kate returned her focus to the screen, her finger gently rubbing her clit in a slow tempo. I touched my panties, my finger touching the crevice between my labia, Immediately I felt my panties dampen, I so wanted to just pull them off and push my finger inside, just like I do when I watch porn on dad’s laptop. I kept rubbing my self through my panties, yearning an orgasm, but trying to hold back, with my aunt beside me.
“I think I need a little help,” Kate said.
My hand was still stuck to my damp panties, I looked at Kate, she leaned over to a drawer and pulled a sex toy out, looking like a kitchen hand blender, she smiled, “My magic wand” she leaned over and plugged it in. The toy began humming, Kate placed the bulbous head against her pantyhose covered pussy, a guttural moan immediately escaping from her throat. She reached inside her bra with her other hand and freed one of her breasts. Kate started pinching her already hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger, while pressing the magic wand against her pussy. Within minutes Kate was clamping her legs tight together holding the vibrating toy in place. The sounds of from the toy raised and lowered as Kate moved the control dial up and down. Then with a sudden pull of her nipple and a huge sigh, her legs and body began to shake, “Oh god, that’s fucking good” she said, “Amazing”. Her orgasm lasted over a minute maybe more, then Kate eventually released her thighs and let the toy fall from her pussy. She was panting hard, ribbons of sweat dripping from her temple. She reached between her legs and shut the toy off, taking several minutes to regain her composure.
“Would you like to try?” Kate had the magic wand in her hand, as if offering it to me. After witnessing the orgasm Kate had, and the feeling I was experiencing from my own pussy, I nodded quickly. “Here pull these covers down” I did as Kate asked, she turned the dial and the toy hummed back into life. Kate leaned over and gently placed the toy at the base of my tummy, just above my pubic mound, she rolled the speed controller up and down, the sensations pulsing through my body, I felt her hand on my thigh, “part your legs” again I did as I was asked, she moved the toy down to my thighs, the sensations feeling even stronger, yet the yearning in my pussy growing even stronger. It was like she was teasing me with the powerful toy, edging it closer to my pussy them moving it away. She then placed it right on my pubic mound, the speed at the lowest setting, she then rolled the head on to my clit, even through my panties the sensation was like nothing I had experienced before, in the hands of my aunt, this toy was doing things to me that I had only dreamed about. Gently she raised the speed, my clit shaking, then she rolled the toy further down, right against my pussy. I could feel the toy pulsing deep inside my body as she touched my already sensitive pussy with it, then she began increasing the speed, I felt a gush of energy race through my body, as if trying to match the toy, every muscle tensed up, my toes curled, gripping the sheets so hard, pulling them off the bed, a huge gasp of air escaped from my lungs.
She held the toy against my pussy for about a minute, controlling the speed of my orgasm with the dial on the toy. When she finally allowed the toy to switch off, I was unable to speak, just grunt, but I must have had the widest craziest smile on my face.
I lay still for several minutes, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss throughout my body, not wanting to move, unable to move, wanting to remember this orgasm for ever.
“Are you really still a virgin?”
“Well I have something that might interest you” Aunt Kate reached over me, to get something from the bedside locker on my side of the bed. As she leaned over, her one freed breast hung just above my mouth, her hard nipple nearly brushing against my lips. I’m not sure why but I raised my head slightly, my tongue brushing her nipple, she let out a little whimper, I opened my mouth wider and sucked her breast in, my mouth sucking her hard as my tongue flicked against her hard nipple, I could feel her areola bubble as I sucked her mammary gland.
“Oh that’s nice” she moaned. I could feel Kate’s hand between my legs, caressing my inner thighs, searching its way up my legs. Her hand reached the gap between my thighs, tracing her finger along the gusset of my panties, she moaned, “oh soo wet”. Her finger moved up to the waist band of my panties and slipped in. her soft finger caressed my clit then moved to my labia, sliding inside my soaking pussy. Her finger moving in and out, exploring the inner secrets of my pussy. After only a minute she pulled her hand out of my panties, pulling her breast from my mouth. Her eyes like lasers piercing my own. I wanted her to continue, to keep probing my pussy, to make me cum again, but her face told me she had something else planned.
Stretching over she opened the cupboard beside the bed. “Take your clothes off” she ordered, she moved just enough so I could pull my panties down and my tee shirt over my head, leaving me in just my bra. She pulled something from the press, something I had seen in one of dad’s porn movies. Kate had a huge grin on her face, she didn’t have to explain what she wanted to do. She unravelled the various illegal bahis straps and buckles she was holding, revealing the silicone penis. She stood up, stepping into the strap-on one leg at a time, pulling it up her pantyhose covered legs. “Do you want me to fuck you Ella?”
“Please” I answered, I was so turned on I needed my pussy fucked, not just a finger, something bigger.
“Take your bra off”. As I did Kate tightened the straps, holding the cock as if it was real, as if it was her own appendage. “God your body is amazing, so perfect, your breasts are so cute, so eatable, can I?”
I nodded, she moved forward, her mouth clamping over my small breast, sucking most of the soft flesh in between her lips. Her mouth was doing things to my breasts that could have brought me to another shattering orgasm, but again Kate stopped before I could cum.
“Lay back and spread your legs” Kate positioned herself between my thighs, placing her hand on my pussy, slipping her finger inside. I could feel a river of my vaginal juice pour from inside me. “You are so wet” she said, “But if it’s your first time, we’ll use some lube, I don’t want to hurt you”.
Kate took a bottle of lube from one of the drawers, pouring a good dollop into her hand, coating the plastic cock as if she was wanking some dude, then the remaining lube was rubbed around and inside my pussy. Holding the plastic cock in her fist she aimed it at my pussy, rubbing the top up and down along the length of my pussy. I could feel my pussy responding, opening. She rubbed the tip against my clit, then down my pussy length one more time. Kate used her other hand, her fingers either side of my labia, parting them, opening my pussy. I felt the tip of the cock press against my opening, slowly, allowing me to get used to it as she guided it to my vagina. I felt my vagina widen, the cock slowly pushing in, deeper and deeper until most of it was inside me. It wasn’t a real cock, but it had just taken my virginity.
Kate pulled the cock back out, not fully, just leaving the moulded head inside me, then again pushing it all the was back in. I soon realised she had the full length, probably six inches inside my pussy, how could such a small opening accept so much cock?
Kate started humping her hips, up and down, every movement of her body moving the cock inside me. She moved her mouth to mine, our lips locked, her hips still humping the cock in and out. She was kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth, dancing with my own tongue. Kate had only been fucking me for a few minutes when I felt the build up start in the pit of my stomach, the waves slowly increasing as my orgasm grew inside me. “I’m cummimng Kate” I managed to mumble. Kate grabbed one of my breasts, pulling at the nipple, keeping the same perfect pace as her strap-on fucked me. My orgasm exploded, my whole body shook, my hands and feet clenching, my pussy clenching the cock inside it, I could feel every piece of me shaking. Kate continued fucking me, I kept cumming until finally I heard myself begging her to stop, begging her to pull out of me. Slowly she pulled the cock out, and fell on to the bed beside me, her plastic cock sticking up from her groin like an erection.
Kate undid the straps, pulling the strap-on off, lifting the plastic cock to her mouth, licking my juices from the toy, then offering me a taste. I gladly sucked as much of the cock into my mouth as I could tasting my warm juices.
Kate stood up, “I have to pee” as she moved for the door, her phone beeped, she glanced at the message, but went straight to the bathroom.
“Was that mom the texted, is she on her way?” I asked when Kate returned.
“No it was one of my fuckbuddies” Kate answered.
“Am I one of your fuckbuddies now?”
“Definitely” she responded.
I had to pee, so I climbed out of the bed, naked walking to the bathroom. As I sat I spent a minute admiring how hot my pussy looked, the lips swollen glistening with my cum, the flow of pee slowly starting and filling the bowl, I felt like I was in ecstasy, I had just been fucked, just lost my virginity, and it felt so good. But my body was itching for more, my mind was racing with all the things I wanted to try, the positions I wanted Kate to fuck me in. I cleaned up, wiping the remains of my cum from my thighs and made my way back to the bedroom.
The bedroom was empty but I heard noises coming from the living area, a few steps later, and at the door I saw a man, he had his back to me, his pants around his ankles, holding his shirt up. I could see Kate on her knees in front of him, by the sounds she was making, slurping and occasionally gagging, she must have been giving him a blow job.
“Stand up” he groaned, Kate did as she was asked, she saw me watching them. “Put your foot up on the chair” Kate lifted one leg on to the arm of the chair, I heard the tearing of her pantyhose, the man moved closer to her, Kate’s body lowered.
Kate could barely speak, “Oh god, inside me, that feels so good” she started raising and lowering her hips. The guy was fucking her standing there. Kate looked back over to me, “Wait in the bedroom, I’ll be in in a minute”
As I turned away, heading back to the bedroom, I heard Kate say, “Take me from behind”. I climbed back on to Kate’s bed, the sound of skin slapping against skin, the rhythmical moans, the noises I regularly heard from my parent’s room.
I felt my pussy getting wet again, the whole situation had me so aroused. Kate’s strap-on was laying on the bed. I picked it up, and rubbed the plastic cock against my pussy, a near flood of my vaginal juices coated the fake cock. I pressed it against my opening and watched as it slid in, slowly I pushed it deeper. In and out, matching the pace of the guy fucking Kate next door, imagining he was fucking me. I was in such a high state of arousal, I could feel wave after wave of mini orgasm crash through my body, I was just short of repeating the massive orgasm I had with Kate only a short while ago.
“Oh fuck, yeah I’m cumming” Kate cried out “Don’t stop, keep fucking me just like that”
In my mind I could see Kate thrashing about as the man fucked her hard. Then she went silent, just as I needed one more minute, to cum. I listened, hoping to hear if the man had cum, were they finished?
Moments later Kate’s head appeared around the door, “Are you ok Ella?”
I had her strap-on dildo deep in my pussy, her magic wand just too far away to reach, and was so close to a massive orgasm that I could barely speak, I nodded.
“My friend hasn’t cum yet, and if you are agreeable, he’d love to fuck you, to take your virginity properly.”
I nodded, a real cock with a man behind it was the perfect solution to my yearning for my orgasm.
“He mightn’t last long, he was so close to cumming”
“Please, yes I want him to fuck me” I squeaked. Kate came over to the bed, her pantyhose torn, only the waist band and one leg still attached. She bent over and kissed me, on the lips, tenderly. She reached down and pulled the dildo from my pussy.
“Enjoy it my love” she whispered to me.
I was about to receive my first cock, I was so turned on, so on the edge, I felt that if the guy shot his load inside me as soon as he entered me I would still explode with a massive orgasm. Kate lay down beside me, taking my hand, squeezing it.
Through the door came the man, my eyes focused on his cock, it looked large and thick, veins popping out all over, the head was nearly a purple colour, angry looking, as if he was about to cum. As he approached the bed, his cock was in his fist, the head and a couple of inches still sticking out. This was the cock that was going to take my virginity, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop it.
“Are you sure you want this?” he said, his voice sounded familiar.
“Yes, I want it, I need it” I answered
Slowly I looked upwards to the face, it was my own father, climbing on to the bed, positioning himself between my legs. Instinctively I parted my legs, my sexual urges had taken over my thought process.
I felt his cock against my pussy, the tip barely resting at my opening. Kate squeezed my hand, my focus was now on his face, his so familiar face, with a look that I had never seen before. I felt his cock press against my pussy, my opening seemed to stretch as he entered me. He felt thicker than the dildo I had inside me only moments ago. I could feel a fear in my mind, would I be able to take him, would he fit in my pussy, my first time a real cock entered me.
Slowly he went deeper, I could feel the inside of my pussy stretch to take him, both him and me lost in a passion indescribable. He grabbed me heels and pulled my legs upwards, stretching my body wide. His hairy legs met my soft sensitive thighs and I realised he was fully inside me.
“Oh god, you’re so tight, so wet, you’re cunt fells amazing” Kate was squeezing my hand as he spoke. I had never heard my daddy talk like that, but it seemed right, adding to the passion. “I’m inside my own fucking daughter. And she feels like velvet”
His cock was sliding in and out of me, I could feel wave after wave of excitement, crashing against my body with each stroke of his cock. Each wave feeling bigger, I didn’t care who he was, I just wanted his cock, and it felt wonderful. He was only fucking me for a couple of minutes when his face turned to a grimace. “Oh fuck, I’m cu…” he didn’t finish but I felt a explosion of hot cum hit the walls of my pussy. His hips were bucking and his cock jerking deep inside me as more and more cum splashed inside my pussy.
My own body was thrashing around the bed, his weight on top of probably the only thing keeping me from flying off the bed. My orgasm just kept coming.
Daddy pulled out of me, an enormous grin on his face, Kate immediately slipped her mouth over his cock, sucking the last drops of his cum, lapping at our mixed juices, slowly my orgasm subsided. We had only fucked for minutes, but even though he is my daddy I knew it would take a lot to beat the bliss I had experienced
Ten minutes later we were both dressed, climbing into a cab. He hadn’t spoken to me since he had climaxed inside me, I could feel his cum and my juices still leaking into my panties, as the taxi drove us home. We walked up to the door of our building, as he put the key in the lock, daddy put his arm around me, pulling me towards him, his mouth meeting mine. He kissed me, gently at first but then more passionately his tongue dancing with my own inside my mouth. As he pushed the door open, he broke the kiss and whispered “thanks.” We climbed the stairs to our apartment, and he turned and said, “I better have a shower” then he disappeared into the bathroom.
I woke the following morning, mom standing over my bed, “Ella are you awake, do you want some breakfast”
The memory of the previous night came into my mind, daddy had fucked me, not only me, he had fucked aunty Kate too.
“Will I wash your clothes?” mom was picking my clothes off the floor, the clothes I had been wearing the previous day, my jeans, tee shirt and bra. She found my panties on the floor, just as she was about to throw them in the basket she was carrying, perabet giriş she paused, saying nothing, then added them to the laundry.
A few minutes later I was in the kitchen, mom was cooking bacon, and I was setting the table. I could hear dad approaching. It was his normal Saturday morning mating ritual, he would walk up behind mom, wrap his arms around her and hug her tightly, she will giggle then turn her head and kiss him. Exactly like every other Saturday morning. How can he do that, if he’s having an affair, what if mom finds out, about Kate her sister and about me, about what I let him do last night. After he and mom kissed, he stepped up behind me, and for the first time, I felt his strong arms wrap around me, his hands pulling me against him. “And my favourite daughter, Ella, do you feel good today” as he hugged me from behind, I could feel his hand brush against my breast, his other hand between my legs, his hips thrusting forward, my ass meeting what felt like a bulge in his shorts, not a full erection, but I could definitely feel a stiffness. His embrace only lasted a moment, a split second, as if he was afraid mom would see, I enjoyed his closeness, wanted to feel his body against me, his touch, and the obvious excitement he felt too, but if mom caught him!!
After breakfast dad went for a shower, after cleaning up, I went back to get dressed, just as I was about to turn into my room, the bathroom door opened, dad walked out, completely naked. He stopped, like a scene from a cowboy movie, waiting for one of us to draw, to move. In the second we faced each other, his cock jerked, quickly stiffening as he faced me. “A towel” he said, reaching for the shelf where we keep the towels. He was getting hard so quickly, me standing there watching him was turning him on, and was turning me on.
Just then mom called me and asked would I go to the mall with her. Dad went back into the bathroom, and I went into my bedroom. Mom and I spent a couple of hours at the mall, I had no real interest in shopping, all I could think of was what would happen if mom found out, she’d divorce him, but then if he’s cheating he would deserve it, wouldn’t he. The longer the day went on the more confused I got, and the more remorseful I got, up to the point that by the time we were on our way home, I just wanted to go to bed, and cry. As mom pulled her car into the garage, I noticed Kate’s car was parked in one of the spaces, I didn’t say anything, but mom didn’t seem to notice. If Kate had called over, and they were up to something mom would surely catch them, we weren’t due back for at least another couple of hours.
As soon as we got into the apartment I headed for my room, as I passed mom and dad’s room, dad was standing by their bed, his cock fully erect, I ran to my room. Minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was mom.
“Are you ok Ella, you look like you’ve been crying”
“Mom, I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you” I didn’t want to be the one that destroys their marriage.
“You can tell me anything, I wont get mad”
I sobbed then blurted out, “Dad, he’s having an affair”
“Oh Ella, I’m sorry, do you mean with Kate”
“I did see her car in the garage, but he’s not having an affair, not behind my back anyway”, she was sitting on the bed, I rubbed my eyes.
“What do you mean? You know?”
“Yes honey, about five years ago, our marriage wasn’t in a good place, so we went to stay with Kate for a few days, I actually thought our marriage was over, we hadn’t had sex in over a year, and we barely spoke. You stayed with your granny in the village and we went to get away from the normal daily grind. While we were staying in Kate’s I realised her life was much worse than mine, she had been through dozens of no good boyfriends and she was badly in need of someone to love, I figured that if nothing else, she might feel wanted by your dad before we got divorced, I have always loved my sister and would do anything for her. I suggested that your dad spends a few hours with her, and whatever they did would be their secret and I would never ask. When your dad climbed back in to our bed later that night he was a changed man, it was like he found his passion again, found his mojo. We made love all night, in every position both of us could think of, my husband was back. The following morning the three of us agreed, that your dad and Kate getting together was the best thing that happened to us all. With her living on the west coast they only saw each other a couple of times a year, but the benefits for me when your dad got back, are so immense. Then when Kate decided to move back to New York a few months ago, well I will leave the rest to your imagination, but basically I haven’t been so sexually satisfied in my life and neither has Kate”
“But mom, last night” I felt that I wanted to tell her, the full truth about what had happened, she obviously had no issue with dad and Kate, but what about me.
“I know about last night” mom continued, “When I was picking up the laundry this morning and noticed the cum stains in your panties. A couple of weeks ago, your dad had been visiting Kate, he had got home and we had made love, at least twice, we lying in bed when we heard noises from your room, you must have been masturbating, we could hear you panting and moaning then even though your dad had just cum inside me, he became erect again. We talked about it, after making love for a third time in less than an hour, and we both agreed it was so hot. I told your dad, and Kate, that if the opportunity cropped up, and you agreed, then he could have you as well, like the TV show sister wives”
We both laughed.
“When you both got home last night, he was so rampant, then seeing the cum, and the final part of the equation, when he hugged you from behind in the kitchen”
“You saw that”
“Yes and remember I had just got a hug from him and felt how aroused he was! Everything your father has done was with my consent, and I hope yours also”
I cleaned my face and mom brought me out to he living area of our apartment, both dad and Kate were sitting on the large sofa, mom sat beside them.
“Dad, Kate, I’m sorry I thought you were having an affair, but mom explained everything to me, I love you both” I leaned over and kissed Kate on the lips, firmly, opening my mouth my tongue found hers. Then I looked over to mom, I didn’t need to ask, she nodded giving me permission, I kissed dad, lips tongues, then moving my legs on to the sofa straddling him. I wanted him to know I wanted him, that I needed him, that what happened the night before was beautiful, i lowered myself down. As we kissed I could feel his cock under me, growing as our tongues played. I could feel his hands on my back. He moved his hands to my ass, I could feel him grabbing my soft flesh through my dress. Then he began pulling my dress upwards, rubbing his hands over my panties, he pulled my dress over my head, I helped him take it off. one of his hands was pulling at my little breast, tugging at my stiff nipple, his other hand was creeping inside my panties, under my bottom, his finger rubbing my pussy. I could feel myself get so wet as his finger prodded me.
I looked over to mom, to make sure I had final permission, then I slid off dad, on my knees in front of him, I opened his zip, pulling his pants down to his knees and freeing his cock. His erection sprung out from its enclosure, I kissed it then slowly fed it into my mouth, licking and sucking, savouring the taste of his manhood. Deeper and deeper I swallowed him, getting more than half his length in my mouth.
Dad lifted my head up, his cock falling from my mouth. He tugged my panties, letting them fall to the floor. He lifted me up so I was standing on the sofa, the perfect height, his tongue lapping at my pussy, exploring my clit, prodding the folds of my labia, fucking my pussy. When he eventually stopped, I was so turned on, and his face was covered with my love juices. He told me to lower myself, his cock entering my highly aroused pussy. I began bouncing up and down on his manhood, his cock filling me up. My rhythm was quick, I wanted to cum, I wanted him to cum. We fucked for several minutes when he told me to get off. his cock popped out of my pussy, making a loud noise, he told me to go to the side of the sofa and bend over the arm.
He came up behind me, adjusting himself to match my height. Then I felt his cock enter my pussy from behind, the sensation was much different, my pussy felt even fuller than when I was on top of him, his cock hitting new places that I had not felt earlier. When he was fully inside me, I could feel his body against my butt, he took hold of my hips and slowly at first began fucking me. As he sped up his fucking got harder, his body loudly slapping against mine.
“Oh god Ella, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”
“Cum inside her, cum inside her” I heard the voice and looked up, at the far end of the sofa mom and Kate were watching us, I wasn’t sure who had called out. I tried to focus on them, mom had her hand up Kate’s dress, her sister pulling mom’s breast under her top.
“Oh fuck, yeah” dad called out, “Yeah”. With that I felt his load explode inside me, he pulled me tightly against him, our bodies connected by his throbbing pumping cock. My own body had gone weak as my orgasm rocked me, unable to hold myself up, I fell forward, daddy holding me up. He pulled out of me, I fell on to the sofa, I felt a splash of hot cum land on my back and ass. Dad was panting unable to speak.
Meanwhile mom and Kate had started kissing, their hands exploring each other’s body. Mom had Kates dress pulled up over her waist, mom’s hand inside her panties. Mom broke their kiss and slid off the sofa between Kate’s legs. She was kissing her sister’s thighs, moving higher until she reached Kate’s crotch. Taking a deep breath, sniffing Kate’s pussy through the thin lace. She then pulled Kate’s panties down, taking a moment to take in the picture of Kate’s pussy, then clamping her mouth on Kate’s pussy. She was lapping loudly at Kates pussy.
Dad and I sat back on the sofa, his arm tightly around me, my hand gently stroking his limp cock. Kate was moaning, while all I could make out from mom was “yumm, mmmm, yummm,” as she sucked on Kate’s pussy. After a few minutes mom looked up from between Kate’s legs, “I can taste his cum in your pussy, he must cum real hard inside you.” This was enough for Kate, she immediately started to cum, her legs and body shaking as tried to pull on her own hard nipples. Mom kept flicking Kate’s clit, continuing her orgasm as my aunt thrashed about on the sofa.
When mom eventually released Kate from her continued orgasmic bliss, it took Kate’s body several minutes to calm down, the occasional post orgasmic twitches eventually stopping. Mom was still kneeling on the floor between her sisters legs, her head resting on Kate’s thighs. “Jeez” said Kate “I don’t think I ever came that hard by just having my pussy eaten, when did you learn that”
Mom looked up, “First time” she said, a grin on her face.
“God you suck pussy like a pro, perabet güvenilir mi thirty five years of being my sister and its only now that I find you are the ultimate pussy licker”
We all sat in silence, each of us getting over our various orgasmic states. Although I was still caressing dad’s cock, he wasn’t getting any harder, I guess he was spent after his multiple sexual exploits and needed a rest. Mom spoke first “Food! Is anybody hungry?”. That was always her way of getting out of a potentially embarrassing situation, she’d go and prepare food.
I volunteered to help, and forgetting I was still naked found myself making a salad with mom.
“You should really get dressed Ella, even if you just put on a bra and panties”
“Oh mom! It doesn’t matter, any way I’ve had such a great day, thank you, you’ve been so fantastic” I reached over to mom who was standing beside me and gave her a kiss on her arm (it was the closest part of her to me) “Mom you’re the best I love you”
“Thanks Ella honey”
I thought I felt someone behind me, then just like that morning I felt dad’s arms around my body, bear hugging me, pulling me tight against him. It felt like there was an iron bar behind me, a stiff rod poking against my ass, then as he pulled me tight, it slipped between my ass cheeks, every movement I made, no matter how small, his stiff cock slid along my butt crack. Dad was obviously fully erect, a short rest and he was ready and willing again. His arms around me felt strong and fatherly, yet sexy. He raised one hand to my bare breast, palming my small fleshy mound, his thumb rubbing my nipple. His other hand moved down my stomach, my belly, over my pubic mound and down between my legs. He slid a finger along my pussy crack, causing the lips to part, my juices to leak out, a little pressure and I felt his finger slide in, quickly he found my vaginal opening. “The second most beautiful pussy in the world” he said his warm breath in my ear “So soft, so smooth, so tight, yet so wet” he pulled his finger out, coated with my natural lubricant, he expertly found my clit, making little circles around my nub, then finally rubbing my sensitive area. “So tender, so sexy”. His cock seemed to be growing even bigger, I waited, hoping, that he’d slide his hard cock into me, bring me to another orgasm. But he released me, pulling his hands away, stepping back, his cock springing free from my body. He slid over to mom, wrapping his arms around her.
“Oh yeah” she said, “First you fuck Kate, then you fuck your daughter, and only after you’ve satisfied yourself with them, then you come to me”
I thought they were about to start a huge fight, that mom regretted what had happened, that dad had gone too far. Was it me, was I the step too far. I waited for something to happen, for an explosion, for the food or plates to go flying across the kitchen. Would mom hit him, throw something at him?
Dad pulled the hem of mom’s dress up, snaking his hand underneath, nuzzling his mouth into her neck. She tried to continue with her complaint, but seemed to stutter, as if she couldn’t speak. Mom let out a moan, as he sucked on her neck. “And now the sweetest most perfect pussy ever, the pussy that gave me an amazing daughter, a pussy that I will always come home to, mom gasped, I looked over, downwards, his hand was inside her panties.
Dad pulled mom’s dress up at the back, then pulled her panties down over her butt, holding her skirt with one hand, it took him a couple of minutes to free her panties. They eventually fell to her ankles. Mom was turning her head back, their mouths struggling to meet, but kissing all the same. Gently he pushed her forward, so she leaning on the kitchen counter. He was right behind her. Mom let out another moan, “Oh god, yes, put it in me”. I saw a slight movement of dad’s hips, and mom’s facial expression changed, her eyes glazed over. “Oh that feels so good, so hard, ugh”
Dad was fucking her, standing right beside me. His thrusts were slow but definite, he fed his cock in slow, all the way, then must have pulled it out, stopping just before he popped out of her vagina. In and out, each time he filled her up was met with a moan of acceptance.
“Don’t you fucking cum inside me until I have cum at least twice, I’ve wanted your big cock all day, five minutes this morning only frustrated me, was only foreplay. Oh yeah that feels so good, so deep”
Dad was concentrating on fucking mom, his response took a few minutes, “I’ve cum so much today, its going to take a while for me to shoot another load, but when I do, its going to be inside your beautiful hot pussy”
Mom responded by raising her hips, meeting his thrust with her back arched. Dad pulled at the zip of her dress, then pushing the material over her head, unhooking her bra. Mom was naked, except the panties around her ankles, and her shoes. I could see his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy, it wasn’t the crazed fucking I thought they would both want, but mom was definitely enjoying it.
“Oh god just like that” he reached around and by the loud gasp she made, I guessed he was rubbing her clit. “Oh yesss, that’s it, just there”. Mom’s body started bucking, throbbing, pulsing. “I’m fucking cumming”. Dad thrust his cock fully back inside her one more time, grabbing around her waist pulling her tight, making sure they were fully connected, fully immersed inside one another. Mom’s orgasm lasted at least a minute, I expected dad to cum too, but he gave no outwardly signs of any release.
Mom’s body eventually relaxed, calming after her sexual peak. Dad pulled out of her, “Taste my cock, taste your cum on my tool”, she kneeled down and slipped her mouth over his raging hard on, slurping her own juices off him.
“I think we should take this back to the sofa” dad said, “do you want to come with us Ella?”
He helped mom up from the ground, and took her hand and mine, leading us to the sofa, dad told mom to lie on her back, then instructed me to sit on her face, “I want to watch you eat Ella out while I fuck you” he said.
“Oh god that’s so hot” Kate was still sitting on the sofa and with dad’s instruction to me, she had her hands between her legs, stroking her bare pussy.
Mom was on her back, with her legs spread, I positioned my self above her, a knee on either side of her face. From my position, I could see directly down on her pussy, and dad’s cock, as he lined it up with her vagina. I lowered my self so mom could reach my pussy, as soon as her tongue began to work on my aroused pussy I could feel my juices start to flow. Mom had a grip of my thighs, holding me in place while I balanced my self on the back of the sofa. Kate had been right, mom seemed to instinctively know how to eat pussy, by the time dad had re-entered her I could feel the excitement of an orgasm start its journey from my stomach. Dad was using his slow full technique as he fucked mom, her moans were muffled, from under my body. I could watch each of his strokes from above, he pulled his cock so the head was just showing at the edge of mom’s pussy lips, then he slid it fully it until his groin met hers. In and out.
Kate had moved over, kissing dad, running her hands all over his body, their tongues dancing in their mouths. She had one hand on his balls, rolling them in her palm as he fucked mom. I felt like I was on a constant roll of orgasms, wave after wave crashing through my body, soaking face with my cum juices.
Suddenly mom’s body shook underneath me, I felt her let out a loud yell, lifted myself off her mouth, “Oh fuck I’m cumming” she yelled, “yes, cumming”. Kate had one of mom’s breasts in her hand, pulling at mom’s hard nipple, as mom thrashed around on the sofa, her legs and torso shaking. Dad was still fucking her, still at the same rhythm.
“Now fuck her, fuck her hard, fuck her the way she wants it” Kate ordered dad. Immediately his pace quickened, his legs slapping against the back of her thighs as Kate pulled them back. Dad’s hips were bucking, then Kate reached around him, I couldn’t see where she had her hand, it looked like she was holding his butt, then her arm lowered, and dad let out a yell, a passionate yell. Whatever Kate was doing or wherever she had her hand, it seemed to have a huge effect on dad. He was pounding mom.
Dad tried to speak, “In my butt, in my fucking butt” then suddenly his hips shook, he slammed home one more time into mom’s pussy, clenching his teeth, then a loud gasp. Mom’s body shook, his cum shooting deep into her, bringing mom to her third orgasm. His body wasn’t moving, but his throbbing cock seemed to be moving of its own accord.
Time seemed to go still for a while, then slowly dad pulled out of mom, his cock slowly softening. As his cock came free from her pussy, Kate leaned forward, taking his manhood in her mouth, noisily slurping on the cum soaked penis. As she sucked it, deep in her mouth, she beckoned to me, pointing to mom’s pussy. I moved forward on the sofa, mom’s pussy was puffed open, white creamy cum leaking from its bright red inners. I kissed her pussy lips, then lapped up some of the leaking mess, tasting pussy for the first time, tasting cum for the first time. My first taste tasted good, so I continued lapping, the sweet creamy mixture, until mom’s pussy was clean.
We all lay on the sofa, a tangle of bodies and limbs, breasts and a penis, all entwined, all taking turns to kiss and cuddle each other. None of us really speaking, just the occasional little moan or gasp. Mom eventually broke the silence, “We should get dressed, or at least put panties on”
“Whose panties will I wear, Ella’s?” dad responded
“If you want daddy, but they might be a bit small for you” everyone laughed.
“Well showers then, we all smell I’m sure” said mom.
Kate had her hand between mom’s legs, “Yeah you smell” she raised her hand to her nose, sniffing in mom’s scent “that’s sex I’d say, and it’s the nicest smell I know” again we all had a good laugh.
Finally we all decided we needed to clean up, our shower isn’t big enough for all four of us, so it was decided me and dad would go first. The warm water splashing over our naked bodies felt beautiful, we took it in turns soaping each other’s backs, then I felt dad’s hand between my legs, as he soaped my pussy, taking his opportunity to finger me again. I soaped and massaged his cock, then getting down on my knees took his cock in my mouth, sucking him, after a few minutes he pulled my head up telling me he had cum so much that he wasn’t able to get hard again. I offered to try again before bedtime.
As we stepped out of the shower, taking the big soft towels mom and Kate were holding for us, the two women stepped in. like us they began by washing each other, soaping their bodies, kissing each other. Mom was rubbing Kate’s clit as her red-haired sister sucked on mom’s breasts. Mom was holding the shower head, spraying the stream of water between Kate’s legs, directing it at her pussy, then Kate got down on her knees, tonguing mom’s pussy, reciprocating the orgasm she had received from her blonde sister hours before. As both women came in unison, the shower walls holding them upright, dad and I were cheering loudly. By the time the shower was turned off, we were all so tired and dad was due to work early the next morning. We fell asleep on mom and dad’s bed, without even eating the half-prepared salad

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