Şubat 20, 2021

August Night

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It was a particularly warm and muggy August evening, the power had gone out earlier from a passing storm, and the house was still warm as the air conditioner fought to catch up. The two lovers laid on top of the sheets, casually watching a movie on TV. She laid her head on his shoulder, as she’d done a hundred times before, and he, in turn, instinctively wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in a little closer.

He began to rub her back almost without realizing he was doing so. She began to lose interest in the movie and focus on the way his hands felt on her skin as he slipped his hand inside her shirt and continued caressing her back and shoulders.

She began letting her hands wander as well, while feigning some interest in the TV. As she lay on her side in his embrace, she let her free hand wander over his chest and torso. Slipping her hand under his shirt she felt his smooth skin on her palm. She looked up at him and was rewarded with a gentle kiss. She shyly said, “Can you take this off?” tugging at his soft gray T-shirt.

He sat up and she pulled the t-shirt over his head. He pulled her to him, and pulled her thigh across his lap so that she was straddling him. They sat in a lovers embrace, kissing each other passionately, forgetting all about the heat of the house or the droning TV. He kissed her neck and said, “Well, we should be fair about this…” and began tugging at her navy blue t-shirt. She raised her arms and let him slip the shirt over her head. She had taken her bra off earlier, and her large breasts swayed slightly as he caressed them, tracing his palms over her nipples, then reversing his hands, he traced along the tender underside of each breast. His touch felt so soft and gentle, she could not contain a small sigh of pleasure.

That casino şirketleri was all the encouragement he needed, as he lent forward to kiss each breast tenderly, teasingly, then passionately. She arched her back, pressing her breasts into his tender mouth as he began to lightly bite each nipple turning them into hard little knobs of pleasure.

He laid her back against the bed, trailing kisses down her torso as his hands replaced his mouth at her breasts. His thumb grazed over her nipples, he was surprised at how erect they were from just a few minutes of attention. She began to move around slowly, arching her back, moving her hips in a subtle slow rhythm. He adjusted slightly, laying on his side beside her. Pressing the length of his body against her as he continued to caress her. He tugged on her shorts and she instinctively lifted her hips for him to remove them, then stretched out comfortably, fully naked for him to enjoy.

He began to kiss her, more passionately now than before, propped up on his elbow, hovering over her. His free hand moved down to her naked center, teasing her with his touch. He stroked the freshly shaven, silky skin between her thighs, tenderly letting a finger slip inside the folds briefly. Feeling how wet and warm she was from his efforts, he began to kiss her harder, thinking about how it will feel to be inside her soon.

He moved his thigh over hers, settling one knee between her legs, pressing against her where his hand had just been. He tasted the wetness on his fingers and could take no more of this lovers play. He wanted her. He wanted to be inside her. He began to remove his shorts, as she sat up to help him. She stroked his hard cock thru his shorts, and then lifted the waistband outward to free him. casino firmaları The head was glistening with moisture, which did not go unnoticed! She leant forward and let her warm, wet tongue slide over the tip of him. She moaned with pleasure at the taste of him. She hungered for more and began to take him in her mouth. He stopped her though, knowing that much more of that and he would not be able to hold back.

He put his hand on the nape of her neck, under her long, straight, soft blonde hair and coaxed her up for another passionate kiss. She protested some, hungering to please him, and feeling intoxicated by the taste of him. But she also knew he only stopped her for a good reason, and she also was filled with desire to feel him push deep inside her.

He gently coaxed her to lay flat on the pale blue sheets. She obeyed, watching his gorgeous body as he moved gracefully on top of her. He pushed up on his arms, and knees, kissing her breasts once more. He rested his weight on one hand and freed the other hand to wander again. He wasted little time sliding his hand down her body, pushing his thumb inside her for a moment, teasing her with what was to come. He moved his warm wet thumb to her clitoris, circling it gently as her hips raised to meet him. He felt her hand join his, then felt her fingers on his cock, reaching to guide him into her.

She moved his cock slowly over her wet folds, centering him as she arched up as if to push him inside herself. He felt a slight resistance, then warm, almost hot wetness spread up his shaft as he pushed inside her… finally! They both moaned at how heavenly it felt. He continued to circle his thumb over her, feeling the hard little button under his pressure. He pushed with slow purposeful thrusts inside her, just güvenilir casino slightly slower than she would have liked, as she was pushing her hips up to meet him, encouraging him to hasten his pace. He began to kiss her again, as her arms circled his waist, and wandered to his perfect round ass. She began pulling him into her faster, her nails slightly scratching at his backside. Their tongues touched and searched for each other, kissing harder, more passionately.

He felt her tightening around his shaft, first slowly, then with a distinct rhythm, which was getting faster and tighter. Her hips began to twitch, bucking gently against him. He began to kiss her neck, biting gently, then a little rougher. She pressed into him hard, feeling him stimulate her with his thumb, and filling her up on the inside at the same time, she was coming, pressing hard into him twitching, spasming, clamping onto his shaft so hard and tight.

He couldn’t take it another minute as he began to come, too. Filling her with hot liquid spurts over and over. He moaned with pleasure feeling his hot semen spurt inside her. Knowing how good he felt inside her, she pulled him into her encouraging him to come until he could come no more. She could feel the warmth inside her now, and as she tightened around him she could feel how wet and slick everything was now. She felt him twitch, still inside her, both of them hot and glistening. Trailing kisses across her shoulder, up her neck, he kissed her earlobe. He moved his hand, which had helped to bring her to such a hard orgasm, to her face and smoothed back her hair. He kissed her cheek once more and said “I love you.” as he pressed his finger across her lips to silence her. There was no need for her to speak, for he had known for a long time how she felt. He wanted her to enjoy the moment. She held him tight, reeling from his words, wanting to speak but afraid her voice would fail her. She’d heard these words before, but never had she wanted to hear them so badly as with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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