Ocak 12, 2021

At The Con

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I had attending a science fiction convention. It had been fun, but I was mainly on my own, most of my friends didn’t go and I wasn’t dating at the time. I had attended a number of panels, checked out the dealers room and the art show. I checked out a few parties but none really appealed to me so I headed for the con suite. I was sitting a table when this guy I had seen a couple times during the day asked if he could sit down with me, he had noticed the book I was reading. We had talked a long time about a variety of things, when he invited me to his room to continue the conversation, where he said it would be quieter. As we left the con suite, I noticed that he had grabbed a few condoms from the bowl. “Never know when they might come in handy,” He said.

His name was Ken and he was in his early 30’s. He was married, but his wife hadn’t joined him for this convention.

“So are you staying here?” Ken asked.

“No, I’m local and can get back to my apartment in about 5 minutes.” I said.

“That’s handy,” He said. “And a little cheaper. My spouse had a family event to go to usually she comes with. As compensation she let me stay here. We live in one the outer suburbs.”

Ken was sitting on the bed and I was in one of the chairs. “So do you let your hair down so to speak at the con?”

“I’m not big on getting drunk,” I said.

“There are other ways to have fun.” He said with a smile.

“I don’t usually get picked up by the women,” I laughed. “They’re usually attached at this con.”

“That’s true.” Ken said. “But that’s not the only way you can go. Have you ever tried going the other way.”

I now noticed that he had been checking me out. I had played around with women a little bit in college, but hadn’t really given trying guys any deep thought. I also hadn’t dismissed the idea. There had been times when I fantasized about another cock when masturbating.

“I haven’t really thought about that.” I said.

“It does open up your options.” Ken said. “Have you ever thought about how an another guys erect penis feels.”

I must have blushed, as Ken grinned at me. “Well, maybe now and then.” I answered. I shifted in the chair, as my cock was stirring.

“Surely you’ve checked out the cocks when you’re watching a hot porn tape?” Ken asked.

“Well, yeah, but its kind of hard to miss them.” I answered.

“I know I enjoy watching them, especially when they show close shots of a cock sliding into a nice pussy.”

“There is that.” I said.

“You ever thought about what it would be like to have another guy suck you?”

“Well, yes.” I answered. “I’ve wondered if it would be any different.”

“Why don’t you come and sit on the bed next to me.” Ken said.

“Sure.” I said. I was amazed at how quickly I answered. I looked at Ken for a moment, it looked like his pants were bulging. I kicked my shoes off and sat next to him.

“I can see that you’re not scared by the idea.”

“No.” I said. Now feeling a little nervous but getting excited.

“It is quite fun.” Ken moved a hand to my thigh. Then when I didn’t push it away, he moved it straight to my now bulging cock. “I can see that you quite like the idea.”

Ken gently fondled my cock through my jeans. “I enjoy teaching a guy the joy of man to man sex. Would you like a lesson?”

I thought for a moment but the warmth of his hand on my cock was the deciding factor. This felt very good. “Yes, I would.”

Ken fondled my cock some more. “You have a nice cock here.” He was also moving his face towards mine. “Let’s try a kiss.”

Up to now, I wouldn’t have tried that, but I was now thinking with my cock. “Ok.” I said. Ken moved in close, his lips touched mine. It felt good. Then I felt his tongue on my lips and open my mouth, soon our tongues were dancing. My inhibitions about this were slowly going away.

Ken’s hand moved from my cock to my belt and pants button. Soon he had opened my zipper and was fondling my cock through my shorts.

“Let’s just get naked,” Ken bahis firmaları said breaking the kiss. He got up on one side of the bed and removed his shirt, then slide his pants and underwear down in one move. His cock popped out as his clothes slid down. I looked at it. It was fully erect and was angled up. His cock head was cut and red. Ken gave his cock a fondle and rubbed his hairy balls. He grinned at me and moved to kneel in the middle of the bed.

I stripped off my shirt and then slide down my pants and underwear and slipped off my socks. As I stood up, Ken smiled at me. “Nice, this is going to be fun.”

I climbed and the bed and kneeled next to Ken. He reached an arm around me and pulled me in for another kiss. It felt good to press close to his naked body. Ken’s hard cock was pressing into my belly and was next to mine. We broke the kiss, I smiled at Ken, and reached down to touch another man’s hard cock for the first time. It felt nice and warm as I wrapped my hand around it. I slid my hand up and down the shaft. Ken moaned and moved a hand to my hard shaft. We both played with each other’s cock and balls for a bit.

“Lay back, I’m going to give the first part of the lesson.” Ken said.

I moved to the middle of the bed and lay back. Ken lay on top and gave my another long wet kiss, then moved his lips to one of my nipples, lightly biting and tonguing it. I moaned a little, then he moved his tongue down the middle of my chest, spreading my legs. Then he took the tip of my cock into his mouth. His mouth was wet and warm around my cock head. I felt him rub the tip of his tongue into the piss slit. It sent a shiver of pleasure that caused me to moan involuntarily.

“Oh my.” I said.

Ken then took more of my cock into his mouth. He ran his tongue on the ridge at the bottom of my cock shaft as my cock slid deeper into his mouth. I felt a hand on my balls, slowly fondling them. Then Ken slipped my cock from his mouth and licked my shaft like an ice cream cone and worked his way down the shaft. I felt warmth on one of my balls as he took it in his mouth. He gently sucked on it, then moved to the other one.

After he sucked both of my balls, Ken moved back to my cock and took it back into his mouth. He started sucking up and down on the shaft. I was soon moaning with delight.

Ken stopped a moment. “Just lay back and enjoy yourself. Let your orgasm come and not worry about warning me.” I grinned back at him as he took my penis back into his mouth.

The warmth of his mouth and watching him enjoy sucking me, soon brought me close to the brink. My breathing picked up as I felt the build up in my balls. Ken picked up on my signals and sucked a little faster. I was now passing the point of no return. I moaned loudly as my cock erupted in his mouth, shooting cum into his throat. Ken sucked harder and kept my cock in his mouth as I moaned and groaned my pleasure. It was a very intense orgasm. I had forgotten how horny I had been. It was also one of the best blow job’s I had ever received.

Ken sucked a little more on my deflating cock, but soon let slip from his mouth and looked up at me with a smile. “How was that?”

I smiled broadly. “That was amazing.”

Ken moved up to lie next to me. He gave me a kiss. After we broke it. I said that it was my turn to try that. Ken smiled and lay back. “Now are you ready to try what you learned in your first lesson?”

I smiled at Ken, reached down and fondled his erect cock. “Yes. I’ll give it a try.”

I moved down between Ken’s legs and kneeled there. I examined his cock. It was different from mine in that it was a little bigger and thicker. I grabbed it and squeezed it with my hand. The soft skin on the outside of a hard core is what made an erect penis so interesting. I moved my mouth closer and took the tip in my mouth. It tasted slightly salty and I could smell the natural musk from down around Ken’s balls. I ran my tongue over the tip, feeling its softness. I took it deeper, opening my mouth wider to accommodate its girth.

I kaçak iddaa heard Ken moan as I moved my mouth up and down on the shaft. “You learned well, Tim.” He said. “That feels very good.”

It was interesting have a cock in my mouth. It filled it good, I couldn’t quite take the whole shaft like Ken, but was taking in as much as I could. Ken had shown me that I guy can do a good job of satisfying another guy. I tried to do things to Ken’s cock that enjoyed in a good blow job. I would just keep the tip in my mouth and run my tongue over it. I ran the tip of my tongue into the slit at the end of the cock.

“Oh you’re doing good.” Ken said.

Now I decided to move him to the finish. I started moving faster on the in and out, sliding his cock in and out at a good pace. Soon Ken was moaning louder.

“That’s it, you’re doing great.” Ken said. “I’m going to shoot soon.”

I picked up the pace just a little. I was getting into this. I was enjoying having another man’s penis in my mouth. Ken was moving his hips just a little in conjunction to my sucking.

“OH Yeah!” He moaned and I felt his cock jerk as cum squirted from it. I tasted the salty ejaculate as it hit my tongue. I sucked his cock hard, trying not to loose a drop as Ken moaned. It was cool. I had crossed a line that I wasn’t going back over. I had sucked off my first penis and enjoyed it. I wasn’t going to stop doing this. Soon his cock was getting limp. I let it slide from my mouth.

“That was very good for a rookie.” Ken smiled at me.

I moved back up the bed and lay next to Ken on my side. He rolled to face me.

“Ever think that you would try sex with another man?”

“I have had some fantasies about it.” I answered. “I hadn’t really done more than read the occasional hot story about it.”

“It does give you some more options.” Ken said. “There is a joy to having sex just to enjoy the pleasure. There is also great fun in playing with a man’s body, feeling his hard cock.”

Ken had reached over and was gently holding my cock. He grinned as he felt me getting turned on by the talk.

“Now would like another lesson?” Ken asked. “There is something else that we can try, if you’re interested.”

Ken moved his hand to my hip. He was talking about fucking me. He was asking if I was interested in taking his hard cock into my ass. I thought for about what had turned me on about the gay hot stories I had read. I had become really turned on about the ones where the narrator described being fucked. The shear joy that they had shared in the ultimate sharing.

Ken moved his hand on my ass cheek and slide it up and down the crack. “I’d really love to fuck you.” He said.

I felt my cock get a little harder at that. “Ok.” I said.

Ken grinned. “I’ll make it wonderful for you. I’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy it more than the sucking.”

Ken moved his head closer to mine and kissed me again. He was not in a hurry, I let him slip his tongue in again. He pulled me closer, I move my arm around his back. I felt his hand move between my ass cheeks. He rubbed it up and down the crack, stopping to gently rub my rosebud. It felt good. I moaned in his mouth as I felt his finger circle around my hole.

“I think that you’re going to love this.” He said. “Now lay on your back and spread your legs.”

Ken got up and went to his bag, he took out a bottle and a condom. He climbed back on the bed and put the items on the bed next to us. He moved between my legs and played with both ass cheeks.

“Just relax and enjoy it.” Ken said. “Let me know if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort. This should not be a pain in the ass.”

I laughed.

Ken rubbed his hand up and down my ass crack, stopping to play with my pucker. He ran his finger around the rim. Then I felt a new sensation. I felt his face on cheeks and the shock of pleasure at his tongue caressing my butt. I was getting rimmed. My cock got harder. My breathing picked up this was feeling good. Ken then sat back up and reached kaçak bahis for the bottle of lube. He squirted some on his fingers and worked it between my cheeks and around the hole. Then I felt his finger probing. Ken slowing penetrated my virgin hole with a finger.

“How’s that?”

Still feeling good from the tonguing, this was feeling just fine. “Good.”

Ken put more lube on the finger and soon was working it in all the way. It felt very good. Then he worked a second one in and was working my hole with two fingers. I was moaning contentedly. Ken squirted the lube in a little more, then he reached for the condom.

Ken put some lube on his cock and rolled the condom. He the moved closer. I felt him rub his lubed rubberized cock up and down my ass crack. It was a fun feeling. Then he stopped that and I felt his cock head line up with my asshole.

“I’m going to start, let me know if you feel any pain.” Ken said.

“Ok,” I replied.

I felt pressure on my asshole as his cock head started its penetration. I imagined my asshole opening up as I felt it open wider. The tip was now in.

“How’s this?” Ken asked.

“You’re doing good.” I answered.

Ken continued to slide his cock in. I felt the fullness returning. Ken slowly slid part in and then stopped and then moved more of his cock into my ass.

“You’re doing good,” Ken said. “I’m almost in all the way.”

There was still no pain. It was feeling good. I moaned a little. Soon I felt Ken’s pubic bush bumping my ass cheeks.

“Ummm.” Ken said. “I’m in all the way. How does that feel?”

“Very good.” I said.

“You’re ass feels great.” Ken said. “I’m going to start slow, you let me know how it’s going.”


I felt Ken slide his cock back and then slowly thrust it in. He used slow strokes to begin with. There was no pain and there was a pleasure starting to build. Ken began pumping faster. It was a good feeling, soon I felt a pleasurable glow in my ass. Ken was moaning and I felt him lean against my back, his breath on my neck.

“Damn, this is good, Tim.”

“Yes.” I said. I was enjoying it too much to say anything else. Ken kept up a good pace with his strokes, giving me nice long deep ones. I could feel his balls hitting me as he took his in strokes. The pleasure glow was spreading from my ass. It was interesting feeling. I felt Ken’s breathing getting heavier. His thrusts getting faster. He was fucking me at a good pace.

“I’m getting close.” Ken said.

He maintained his pace. Soon the pleasurable glow had moved to my penis. It felt it was getting ready to cum. Ken continued deep thrusts, his cock sliding deep with each stroke. His orgasm was strong as he thrust his cock deep one last time and groaned as he filled the condom with cum. His cock pulsing as it ejaculated.

Ken moaned deeply. “Oh that was good.”

He lay on top of me for a while, his cock still in my ass. The glow reduced. I felt great. I had been fucked for the first time and knew for certain that it wouldn’t be my last.

Soon Ken rolled off and lay on the bed. He smiled at me. “That was very good.”

I smiled back. “Yes it was.”

“Would you like to stay the night?”

“Certainly, if you don’t mind.”

Ken grinned. “Not at all.”

We rested for a bit, but soon we felt an urge to do it again. Ken fucked me two more times that night. And after we fell asleep naked, I felt his mouth on my cock in the dark and enjoyed a middle of the night blow job, which I also repaid. In the morning we showered together, it was fun playing in the water and soaping him up. Ken and I spent the next day together going to panels and stopping back at the room for an afternoon session and he invited me back to his room for the second night of the con. It was much like the first, lots of naked hot sex again, including a lazy 69 until we both shot down each others throats. Ken even let me fuck him.

Ken and I get together now and then for some good sex. He has moved me firmly into the bisexual camp, I’ve even met and had sex with more men as well, enjoying having this new option for fun. Now he’s thinking about inviting me to meet his wife. She’s mentioned she’d like to watch us. That sounds pretty hot to me.

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