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Ashley Returns Ch. 01

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Note to readers: After writing “Ashley’s Teeny Green Bikini” I received lots of good feedback. I’ve thus decided to develop a series with Ashley, my wife and I. This story is Part I. There will be at least a Part II and Part III. If you haven’t you should read “Ashley’s Teeny Green Bikini” first.


A few months had passed since my wife helped me enjoy Ashley’s teeny green bikini. I hadn’t seen much of Ashley since then but my wife’s relationship with our young neighbor continued to develop as my wife, Lynn, had been providing last-minute child care for Ashley intermittently. Over the past year Ashley got divorced, moved back in with her parents — who live in my neighborhood — and taken a job as a teller at a bank. Because both of Ashley’s parents worked full-time, Ashley needed someone who could be home when Ashley’s 6-year-old son got home from elementary school. My wife filled this position most days of each week, depending on Ashley’s work schedule.

It was now holiday season and the typical holiday parties were getting into full swing. I arrived home one Friday evening and found Ashley in my kitchen chatting with Lynn. Ashley gave me a big smile when I said hello and I returned the smile. I asked her how her new job was going and she beamed.

“It’s going really, really well, thank you.” Ashley responded. I could tell by the tone in her voice there was more to the story.

“Tell him why, Ashley.” My wife encouraged.

“Well,” Ashley began, “I met this doctor who’s a customer at the bank. He comes in all the time and he flirts with me. Anyway, he asked me out. He wants me to be his date to some holiday party tomorrow night.” She said excitedly.

“That’s great. What kind of doctor?” I asked just to show some interest.

“I can’t remember.” She said. “But he’s older, divorced, no kids, and handsome for a guy his age.”

“How old is he?” I asked, getting suspicious that this was some old, wealthy doctor who was looking for some young arm candy. Ashley was only 24 but was mature for her age- the result, I’d guess, of being a single, working parent.

“He’s 45.” She said confidently. “I know because I looked up his profile at the bank. I can also tell you that he has a really, really big . . .” she paused for several seconds and I shuddered to think where this was going, “bank balance.” She laughed at her own joke and my wife laughed heartily with her.

“Anyway,” my wife interjected, “Ashley asked me to help her find something appropriate to wear. It has to be a somewhat formal because the party is at a private room at Antarre’s.” my wife said, referring to a very expensive, upscale restaurant in our city. “So, I’m going dress shopping with Ashley now.”

“Yeah, I don’t have anything appropriate. I can do slutty and sexy no problem, but I need classy and sexy so that’s why I asked Lynn to come with me for help. I don’t know anything about classy.” Ashley explained.

“We’re gonna go now,” my wife informed me. “We shouldn’t be gone too long. I know where I want to take her shopping”.

The women than made their way out. I fixed myself some dinner, grabbed a glass a wine and assumed my typical position in my recliner where I read the paper and watched the news. A few hours later the women returned and were in quite an excited mood.

“Well, we found something!” my wife announced as they walked in the door from the garage. “Ashley, go try it on for Mark so he can see. You can change in my bedroom so you can see it again in the mirror. I’ll be back there in a moment.”

“Great idea.” Ashley said and she bounded back towards my bedroom. My wife came, sat in my lap and gave me a nice, slow deep kiss.

“Mark, she has the perfect body. Everything we tried on looked good on her. Normally I’d be jealous, given how I have such a hard time finding things that fit me but I just really enjoy looking at her. It’s strange. She’s just really, really sexy.” My wife said, her voice indicating that my wife was perplexed by this range of emotion she was experiencing. “I mean, I’ve never been into women or wanted to be with a woman before but she is just something else.”

I didn’t know what to say to my wife but I couldn’t see how any of this would be bad for me. On the inside I was smiling. On the outside, I just held my wife and told her how sexy I thought she was and how much she turned me on.

“Oh, do you mind if Ashley borrows my black pearl necklace for tomorrow night? She really needs something and my black pearls would go perfect. ” my wife asked.

“OK with me, just tell her to be really careful with them.” I said seriously. bahis firmaları My wife headed back to the bedroom to give Ashley the necklace and have her put it on.

A few minutes later, Ashley walked out in her new dress, my wife a short distance behind. My jaw dropped. The dress was a black-and-white number that came down to just above her knees. It accented her long legs (Ashley is 5’10”) and long, curvy torso, especially given the added height from her black high heels. The dress was tight, but not too tight. And, amazingly, it was low enough up top that it showed off Ashley’s cleavage but still managed to conceal most of Ashley’s tattoo that was on the side of her torso, under her arm. Only a small bit of the tattoo was visible and only when Ashley raised her left arm. Although Ashley was only a B-cup, her tits were very firm and perfectly shaped. Thus, she was able to show some cleavage even though she wasn’t well endowed. Her small, pert, firm tits were perfect on her long and lithe body.

“Turn around, Ashley.” My wife commanded. Ashley turned around so I could see the back side. From the rear, the low-cut dress showed off her well-proportioned shoulders, neck and nape. In short, she looked stunning.

Ashley turned around to face me and Lynn ran into the bedroom and returned with her black pearl necklace. She gave it to Ashley and reminded her to be careful. Ashley thanked us profusely and put on the necklace.

As I gazed at Ashley in her new dress, high heels and classy necklace, I couldn’t help but think how stunningly beautiful she was. I wanted to make love to her, worship her body, fill her with my cum. As these thoughts raced through my mind, my dick began to stir.

“What do you think, Mark?” my wife asked me. I wondered if she could tell I was mesmerized.

“It’s perfect,” I replied. It was all I could say. I could not take my eyes off her.

“Lynn found it.” Ashley confessed. “I tried on several things but Lynn picked this out almost immediately. And — the best part- it was on sale!” Ashley said very excitedly. “Lynn, I need to go and get my son and relieve my mom. I’ll call you Sunday and let you know how the evening went. Thank you so much. I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. I couldn’t have done this by myself and just don’t have any friends who could help me be appropriate for tomorrow night. I owe you big-time.” Ashley gushed.

“You don’t owe me anything, Ashley. I’m happy I could help. Definitely call me on Sunday and tell me all about it. I can’t wait. And don’t forget the number one rule I told you.” My wife said firmly.

“I won’t!” Ashley responded.

Ashley headed back to the bedroom to remove her dress and put her regular clothes back on. While she was doing that, I asked my wife what the “number one” rule was.

“I told her, no matter what, do NOT have sexy with her date tomorrow night. Ashley has always been quite promiscuous, by her own admission, and I told her that, if she had sex of any kind with him on this kind of date, he would think that she was essentially his escort. He throws around some money and she gives it up. I told her if she wanted to try and develop a real relationship with him, she had to wait and make him earn her.” My wife explained. I nodded in agreement.

Ashley emerged from the bedroom, thanked my wife and said good-bye. My wife and I wished her good luck and told her we expected a report on Sunday.

Sunday evening rolled around and we had not heard from Ashley. My wife and I had dinner and then settled into our typical evening ritual: she in some cute little nighty, curled up on the couch watching TV and me in my recliner, reading the paper, both of us with a glass of red wine nearby. I could tell that my impatient wife was miffed that Ashley had not reported in.

It was about 9pm and Ashley called the house. I answered the phone and she asked if it was too late to come over, return the pearl necklace and tell Lynn about her evening. I told her to come on over and informed Lynn that Ashley was on her way.

A few minutes went by and Ashley knocked on the door. Lynn jumped up to go let her in. Lynn then escorted Ashley to the kitchen table, poured her a glass of wine and then sat down to have Ashley give her all the details from her big date with the doctor. I remained in my chair, reading the paper. I knew that, after Ashley left, my wife would give me the executive summary.

About 30 minutes went by and the girls finished their conversation and a bottle of wine. They got up and Ashley called out to me.

“Good night, Mark. Thanks again for all your help.” She said.

“Good kaçak iddaa night, Ashley. Sounds like you had a very nice date last night. I’m glad to hear it.” I replied as I put my paper down in my lap. Ashley then turned to Lynn and hugged her tight.

“Lynn, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help. I had a great time last night and that wouldn’t have happened without you. You’re like the big sister I never had. I promise I’ll return the favor one day.” Ashley said to her as they embraced.

As I watched the two women embrace, I noticed that their eyes were moist and — for the first time- I began to appreciate the depth of the relationship that had formed between them. My wife then walked Ashley to the door and locked up for the night.

My wife returned to the living room and walked up to me. She stood before me and I admired her sexy little body. She was wearing a sexy midnight blue silk nighty that was short and showed off much of her sexy backside. My wife has a tiny waist and torso accentuated by thick hips and ass. Think Jennifer Lopez with maybe an extra 5-10 pounds. Thick, short and very sexy.

As I admired my wife’s sexy little body and held her gaze with mine, she reached under her nighty and removed her panties. They were a pair I like very much: low-rise cotton bikini, white background, green border and multi-colored Victoria’s Secret logos all over. I liked them because they were cut low, showing off the top of her gorgeous, plump ass and cut low in front, always giving me a peek of the top of her full, feminine bush. She held out her panties to me.

“Here. Feel them, smell them. I’m so wet.” She said.

I took the panties and found the crotch. Sure enough, they were soaked with my wife’s pussy juice. I was amazed. I lifted them to my nose and deeply inhaled her wonderful musky scent. My wife’s cunt always smelled and tasted fabulously. I inhaled again but this time looking into my wife’s eyes. I was dying to know what caused my wife to get so turned on but from experience I knew now was not the time to ask. Later.

“I want to fuck you. Now” My wife said seductively.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She slipped off her nighty and laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I removed my boxers and t-shirt and got between her legs. My cock was already rock-hard and ready and I was trembling with anticipation. I still had her panties in my hand and tossed them on the bed near her head.

“I’m going to lead, just do what I tell you.” My wife said. I nodded my approval. I love it when my wife takes charge in bed. It lets me know she’s very turned on.

As I knelt between her legs, ready to penetrate her missionary style, she put one hand on my chest, signaling to me to just hold myself above her. With her other hand, she reached down and grabbed my thick hard cock. By now, the head of my cock had swollen to the size of a small lemon. With her firm grip on my dick, my wife began to rub the cock head up and down against her warm, wet slit. Through the tip of my penis, I could sense her extreme wetness. She did this for a few minutes. Finally, she rubbed my cock head against her swollen clit, gasped loudly and then began to rapidly rub the cock head against her love nub. As I was above her, I stared at her face and watched the look on her face and listened to her as she used my dick to pleasure herself. It was a tremendous turn on to me to have my wife use me for her own pleasure. The sights and sounds of her masturbating herself with my cock were truly heavenly.

“Oh Mark, I’m so turned on. I’m gonna cum soon!” she informed me.

“Really?” I asked with surprise. “That turned on?”

“Yes. Do you mind? Do you mind if I cum this way?” she asked me.

“No, not at all. I can tell how wet and turned on you are. I want you to cum any way you want.” I reassured her.

“Your dick is so hard, so thick.” She said. “I love your cock.”

The rubbing of my cock head against her clit picked up the pace and became very rapid. Every now and then, she’d rub the tip up and down her slit, parting her thick, wet labia. I could tell her pussy was open and ready to receive me, but my wife had other plans and I was at her mercy. Knowing how turned on my wife was, I lowered my head and began to suck and nibble her erect nipples. My wife only enjoyed this when really turned on — like now — and it helped to send her over the edge.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! Oh yeah, oh God!” my wife screamed.

Her hand was now furiously stroking my cock head against her clit and, as her orgasm hit her, her body convulsed and she arched her back kaçak bahis so that I was forced to take her whole tit in my mouth. I continued to hold myself in this position as my wife finished her orgasm

“Oh my god, that was so good.” She sighed.

I turned over and laid down on the bed next to her so I could rest my arms and shoulders. My wife lay next to me catching her breath and letting her red-hot and swollen clit desensitize. She reached over with her hand and began stroking my cock which was still rock hard and now ready to cum,

“Wow, he’s still so hard!” my wife said with some surprise. “Is he ready to fuck me?” She asked.

“Oh absolutely. Now I’m so turned on, I don’t think it will take me long either.” I replied.

“Good. She said. I want to ride you.” She said.

My naked wife then rolled over and straddled my cock. She positioned herself right over me so that my cock head was pointed right at the opening of her cunt and slowly lowered herself onto my thick pole wiggling her curvy, womanly hips to fit it in so that she didn’t have to use her hands. We both sighed at the incredible feeling, her of being filled by a thick, hard cock and me of being enveloped by extreme warmth and wetness.

“Oh, Lynn, your pussy is so wet. You feel so good to me.” I said to her as I looked her in the eyes.

She slowly raised and lowered herself a few times to make sure my entire cock was slick with her pussy juices. Once my cock had been thoroughly lubed up, my wife sat up straight and began to ride me hard, grinding her hips against me.

“Oh, your dick is so hard, it’s so thick. I think I’m gonna cum again.” My wife told me.

I grabbed her hips and helped her grind. With her hands free, my wife reached over and grabbed the panties she had been wearing. She found the crotch and placed her panties on my face with the crotch against my nose. Her panties were still damp and still smelled of her fragrant cunt. As my wife rode my cock, I was able to smell her womanly scent.

“Oh, I’m getting close!” she said. “Grab my tits!” she commanded.

I removed my hands from her hips, which were now rhythmically rocking quite rapidly, and firmly grabbed her nice C-cup tits. While I palmed her whole tit with each hand, I used my fingertips to roll her very hard nipples and lightly pinch them.

“I love the way you’re playing with my tits and nipples. Don’t stop!” she instructed. I breathed deeply through my nostrils, the scent of my wife’s beautiful pussy filling my senses with each breath. I did all I could not to cum, wanting to make sure my wife came. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh, Mark, you’re gonna make me cum again. Are you ready?” she asked.

“”I am. Cum for me, Lynn. I want you to cum.” I assured her.

“Here I go, I’m cumming again!” she said. “I want you to fill me, fill my pussy with your cum.”

“I will. I’m going to cum so much in your pussy.” I said and with that I gave myself the mental approval to let go and let my body take over.

“Oh God, Ohhh!” my wife shrieked as the wave of another very intense orgasm overtook her. Her bucking and grinding on top of me was fast and furious. “Fill me, Mark. I want your cum in my pussy!”

The first shots of cum started leaving my dick, filling my wife’s warm and wet pussy. I had a firm grip on each of her erect nipples and stopped talking so I could resume sniffing my wife’s cotton panties, still covering my nose. My wife ground herself against me, using her wonderful pussy to milk every drop of cum from me. I arched my back trying to ram my cock all the way into her uterus. More cum left me and I filled my wife.

“I can feel you cumming inside me.” She said with a big smile. “I can feel him twitch and fill me with that warm cum.”

Another minute or two passed and my orgasm resided. We caught our breaths and my wife removed her cute little panties covering my face.

“Did you like that?” she asked. “Did you like the way I fucked you?”

“I loved it!” I replied.

“I know. I don’t know what came over me but I’m sure you won’t complain.” She said as she removed herself from atop my still hard cock and laid down next to me.

My erect penis glistened with the slickness of her pussy juice and my cum. My wife left to go the bathroom and clean up. When she returned, she informed me she was ready to go to bed. She slipped on a new pair of cute cotton panties and her nighty.

I asked her how Ashley’s date went and my wife told me we’d talk tomorrow, now she was ready to fall asleep. With that she slipped under the covers, turned off the lights and set the alarm.

As I lay there wondering what had turned my wife on so, I knew it had something to do with Ashley but couldn’t figure out what. I was determined to connect the dots, but it would have to wait at least one more night.

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