Ocak 29, 2021

As Long As It’s for Art

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“What did you just say?” Becca wasn’t quite sure she’d heard her son correctly.

“Please mom, let me touch your breasts and your ass.” Jason repeated.

Becca’s son was an artist, and quite a talented one at that. He had several paintings up in a gallery in town and was known for depicting the female form in all its beauty.

“I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my art lately. I need help getting inspiration. I need to study more body types.” Jason explained, peering down at his mother’s large chest.

Becca crossed her arms over her breasts. “Jason, I don’t know…”

“It’s not like I’m feeling you up! It’s for art.” He said, standing up and beginning to approach her.

“Right well…I want you to be able to create more paintings so…as long as it’s for art.” Becca said, lowering her arms.

Jason smiled and approached his mother, slipping his fingers underneath her top. He slowly started to pull the fabric up.

“Wait, are you going to take my shirt off?!” Becca asked in surprise.

“I can only paint what casino şirketleri I’ve seen. I need to know everything about you, how you feel, how you look…how you taste.” Jason pulled his mother’s shirt up over her head, letting the cloth drop to the floor. He then removed her bra. Jason slowly placed his hands over his mothers breasts, moving his hands around subtly. He softly squeezed and ran his thumbs over her nipples. Becca bit her lip to stop a moan from escaping.

‘What are you thinking, Becca?’ She asked herself. ‘This is your son, he’s only doing this for his painting.’ But Becca was lost in the moment anyways. Jason got on his knees and moved his face in close to his mother’s chest, then he held out his tongue and gently ran it across one nipple.

“This is just for research, mom.” Jason reassured her, before putting his lips over her nipple and suckling gently. Becca didn’t even try to hide the moan this time. Jason continued sucking and slowly moved his hands down his mother’s body, pulling off her jeans.

“I’d like to see all of casino firmaları you, if that’s ok.” Jason asked. When his mother nodded in agreement he pulled down her pants, then her panties, and took in the view of her bare body. “Well, well.” He said, shaking his head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Becca asked.

“I should’ve done this a long time ago. I’ll be able to paint the most beautiful bodies now.” Jason answered, taking his index finger and caressing the lip of his mother’s pussy.

Becca shuddered with pleasure, then ran her fingers through her son’s hair. She gripped his hair in between her fingers and pulled his head down until she could feel the warmth of his mouth against her clit. Jason didn’t hesitate to begin kissing and licking her. His hands slid up the curve of her ass as he stuck his tongue deep inside her, closing his eyes and taking in the pleasure of the experience.

Jason slowly moved his hand down and unzipped his pants, pulling his hard dick out in his hand. He began stroking it, back and forth, as he ate his mother’s güvenilir casino pussy.

“Mom.” Jason said, suddenly pulling away. “I need to know what you feel like. All of you.”

Becca understood what her son was requesting. She pulled back and slowly pushed Jason onto the floor. She then mounted him and gently grasped his cock, sliding it into her wet pussy. Both mother and son moaned in harmony as they began rocking back and forth on the floor, their hands feeling all over each other. Becca felt her son shiver and felt him cum inside her, warm and tight in her pussy. She got off of him and laid down on the floor next to him, both lovers panting softly.

“Think you’ll be able to paint a good portrait now?” Becca asked, looking over at her son and smiling.

“I do mom. In fact, I think I’m entering a whole new era of my art career.” He responded with a grin on his face.

“Well then, let me give you some more inspiration.” Becca sat up and leaned over her son, taking his half hard cock in her hand and running her tongue over the tip. Jason bucked his hips uncontrollably and moaned loudly.

“Oh, mom.” He moaned, as Becca slid her son’s cock fully into her mouth and suckled on it like a Popsicle.

“My next painting is going to be my very best one, I can feel it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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