Şubat 3, 2021

Any Chance We Could Ch. 43

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to fully appreciate this tale.

Monday, November 5th

Veronica awoke with Mary Claire’s hair against her face and arm across her chest. As she began to move Mary Claire opened her eyes and murmured, “I love you, Mom. I really do.”

“Thank you sweetheart, I love you too,” softly replied Veronica brushing Mary Claire’s hair aside a bit. “Let’s go shower.”

As Mary Claire started to get up, Veronica playfully pulled her back down on the bed. “But first,” she grinned as she lowered her head to the nearest breast. The moment she latched onto the dark nipple her young lover cooed. Veronica licked and sucked it for a short while before leaning over to enjoy the second.

“Ohh, you do that so well,” sighed Mary Claire. A moment later as her lover continued lovingly attacking her tit she added jokingly, “I think you’re a boob woman.”

Breaking from the breast Veronica kissed her. Before getting off her young friend she replied, “I’m a boob woman as you put it. I’m also a pussy woman, and I’m definitely a cock woman.”

“You’re just a woman who enjoys sex and making love, Mom. I’m glad you do and helping me to become a woman who’s also becoming addicted to sex.”

They both slipped on short robes and wandered up to the master bath. The air was still warm from the previous occupants, more than likely Scott and Amy Anne she thought to herself. Since her lover’s long hair reached the middle of her back, Veronica immediately helped Mary Claire wash her hair. As they were soaping each other, Mary Claire asked, “You mentioned ‘special women’ last night. Who else is special to you? Mind you I’m curious, not jealous.”

“Maybe a little bit, huh. Don’t worry about being pushed aside, each of you are unique and have a special place in my life. They’re Katrina and Ashley of course. Then there’s Carol and Cindy. Carol has been a special friend and lover since we became roommates in college. Cindy, she is so easy to love and has had a difficult life. There’s something erotic and playful about her.”

“We all know you and Carol are totally in love with each other. It shows in how you interact and look at each other,” Mary Claire said as she helped Veronica wash her back. “I know what you mean about Cindy. My family may be dysfunctional but hers is super dysfunctional plus. Before she and I became intimate I loved her and wished I could whisk her away from her family. Mom and I talked about inviting her to move in with us but my father said absolutely no way.”

“His position was unfortunate,” Veronica said after a short pause. From what she knew of the father, she was not impressed. He projected an image of being a god-fearing and loving husband but in private he was anything but that. She was tempted to say he was a cold foolish asshole but she elected to give a neutral response.

Vigorously rinsing her hair again to make sure all the shampoo and conditioner was gone Mary Claire mentioned, “Sometimes I’ve thought about cutting my hair.” Throwing her head back and squeezing out as much water as possible she asked, “I there anyone else?”

“I hope sometime in the near future I can count Evie Graham as well,” Veronica concluded as they stepped out the shower quickly since the water had just started to cool.

“Ooh, Evie. The little I know about her I’m really impressed not only with her intellect but her mature sensuality and beauty. I wouldn’t mind being around her more.”

“Maybe, someday we’ll both get our wish,” smiled Veronica toweling off Mary Claire’s ass before kneeling on one knee to towel her legs while Mary Claire started to towel dry her hair.


Shortly after arriving to work Cheryl remarked, “Scott, I don’t know what you guys did with Max Saturday night and Sunday morning, but he certainly has been grinning ever since. He’s normally glued to the television watching one NFL game after another but he slept for three and a half hours yesterday afternoon. I doubt that Rams not playing had anything to do with it,” she shook her head. She laughed as she continued, “When he got up he asked if Beth and I could wear skirts, heels and stockings during dinner. After eating he had us kneel side by side on the couch with our asses up in the air, removed our panties and proceeded to fuck each of us with ten strokes and then moved to the other. I suspect he learned to do that from you guys, not that I’m complaining. He came in me after being in both of us about fifteen times. Then we cuddled until he said he was ready for another go. Beth and I were ready as well. He got the butt plugs and put one in each of us. After another fifteen minutes of eating us he had us resume the ‘ass in the air’ position and he fucked us both in the ass! That time he came in Beth and all three of us retreated to my bed where we promptly fell asleep. So thank you for whatever creative fucking skills you taught my son. I hope all three of the ladies enjoyed him.”

“Oh, casino şirketleri they did and hope he stays interested in trying them again,” I smiled.

Mary Claire overheard the tale and said, “In the ass huh, well where do I sign up? I’ve not done that yet. You’d like to do my ass wouldn’t you Dad?”

“Of course, you know I would, just ask.” I grinned.

Katrina was the only one with class this morning so she left after coffee and scrambled eggs but didn’t fail to mention how much she’d enjoyed Cathleen last night. Veronica, Carol, Ashley, Mary Claire and I were eating when Lauren arrived in a short skirt, an untucked loose blouse, heels and bare legs.

“I have to change before we leave,” she said. “Should I do it now?”

“Plenty of time. Eat first,” replied Veronica. “Where are you off to and with whom?”

“Scott and I are going to the bank to get checks for tomorrow’s closing and the cars, then he’s got a lunch ‘date’ with Dave,” she told Veronica. “He’ll bring me back here before lunch.”

“As soon as I get a text from my sister I’m going to meet her and we’re going to get a couple of persistent boys out of her life,” said Ashley.

“I hadn’t heard about that,” said Veronica. “Tell us.”

Ashley told them of the plan they’d hatched to dissuade the two guys who had been following her around seeking dates. I told them I hoped it worked. It could backfire because they may like to watch two girls in action, so to speak.

“I know, Dad, but it’s worth a try,” responded Ashley. “My fallback is to say that I might consider them watching us only after watching them together.”

“That’s nasty,” I laughed, “but it would likely work.”

Amy Anne and Cathleen came down the stairs together looking a bit disheveled, came to the kitchen to say goodbye and departed. We all grinned at each other as they walked out the door. I guessed they were going straight home. But whose home was in question because when they left they were still touching and teasing each other.

Veronica and I went upstairs to change. As we walked into our bedroom I said “We need to talk.”

“You’re upset about Max aren’t you?” she asked with an anguished look on her face.

“Veronica, for the last time, an emphatic no,” I said curtly, I was feeling a little bothered that she kept asking. I paused to continue more calmly and lowering my voice a level, said, “I enjoyed watching you getting fucked by him and you enjoyed him fucking you. As I’ve said many times before, indulge yourself. I want to tell you my thoughts about Carol.”

“You don’t like him fucking Carol?” again with an anguished expression.

“No, yes. Let me state it clearly, I don’t mind Carol being with Max either. Now can I say something without interruption,” I said as I pulled her close to me and kissed her. “If you agree, I’d like you to go to Dupree’s and get rings for Carol. I’ll have Cheryl make a plane reservation for Carol to join us in Key West on Tuesday of the honeymoon and we’ll propose to her then. I’m sure Cheryl can figure out some way to make it a surprise when she takes her to airport that morning. I assume since we haven’t heard otherwise she’s been counseled by Evie and we have a green light from her viewpoint.”

“Wow, I like that idea, a lot. Why not have her fly with us on Sunday?”

“Remember she has that major meeting on Monday afternoon involving a dozen people,” I reminded her.

“I forgot about that. She’s presenting a report and recommendations to her boss, various University department chairs, possibly to the President too. Since I’m meeting Evie for lunch today I’ll make sure she hasn’t any problems with the idea. I’ll go to Dupree’s after lunch and order rings, similar to mine I guess. But a smaller stone if that’s okay with you. Speaking of Dupree I haven’t seen the delivery from last week, can we look at it?”

“What’ve you got in mind for Carol?” I asked.

“My design only with emerald side stones, a four caret center stone and a band that’ll match ours. Sound okay?’ she quietly asked.

“Whatever you want sweetheart, you know I’ll love it,” I smiled and kissed her gently.

I dug around in the back of the shelf of the closet and brought out the still sealed package. We opened it and admired the wonderful job he’d done with the celebratory rings and the intricate pattern on the girls’ wedding bands. Veronica was quite taken with her wedding band with the four violet diamonds. “You did good, stud.”

We had just undressed when Mary Claire and Cheryl knocked and walked in the open door. “Ooh, gonna play? Can we too?” asked Cheryl looking at my hard cock.

“Maybe later,” I said. “What can we do for the two of you besides love you?”

“Mary Claire and I were discussing meals for this week and noticed that neither of you have anything scheduled for any night this week and we just wanted to make sure before restocking the pantry.”

“Speaking of the pantry, which is being designed to support a family of six casino firmaları or seven. I think we may need to almost double that along with larger refrigerator and freezer capacity,” observed Mary Claire.

“Scott’s seeing Dave for lunch and will it mention to him,” Veronica responded.

I sat on the bed in my briefs leaning against the headboard with my arm around an equally scantily clad Veronica who was leaning back against my side. “I suppose we’ll go to the club on Friday, but I’m not yet clear-headed enough to remember any other evenings. We’ll let you know when we come downstairs,” I smiled.

“I’d like Lauren to stay for dinner tonight,” replied Veronica.

At the door, Cheryl turned and said “Keith and two other guys are here installing two larger hot water heaters and the wine cellar, so I’d suggest being fully dressed when you come down.”

As they walked out I said, “Stay a minute Cheryl.” She turned, came back in and I continued, “Make some notes please. This is a surprise for both Katrina and Ashley as well as for Carol. Charter a plane to bring her to Key West on the Tuesday of our honeymoon. Call the same firm we used at the office. I’ll get you directions to the house where we’re staying. Arrange for a limo to bring her to us from the airport. I’ve already talked to her supervisor and he says she still has thirteen days to take by year end and approved four days off. I want this to be a surprise. You’ll have to pack some clothes for her, maybe with Lauren’s help and have a suitcase hidden in the trunk. Try to see if you can get her to take part of the day off that Tuesday, or possibly with the help of her supervisor see if you can get access to her calendar to arrange for a meeting at a conference hotel by the airport. When she arrives, let her know about the charter flight. Work up a plan and implement it. Also check with the charter company that the return flight will have room for five,” I concluded.

“Her events need to be on our household calendar as well,” interrupted Veronica.

As we left the master bedroom Lauren was coming out of the spare bedroom dressed in a grey skirt suit, a silver grey blouse under the jacket, grey hose, and black patent pumps. “Oh, very nice Lauren,” remarked Veronica.

I watched two delightful asses swing as they descended the stairs in front of me.

As we reached the first floor Mary Claire was talking on her cell. “Yes, that sounds great … Tuesday and Thursday at three … Your apartment, sure … Saturday night? … Yes, I’m free … Six? … I guess we’re going to eat somewhere? … Okay, I’ve been wanting to try that. … Sounds exciting. … Thanks, see you this afternoon. … Bye.”

“Gloria is going to the help me prepare for the ACT test next month. She’s helping her step-sisters as well. We’ll meet at her apartment this Tuesday and Thursday. We’re also going out Saturday night. She wants to take me to a lifestyle gathering, Carol’s group. Is that okay?” she asked hopefully.

“Of course, to both the tutoring and the party. Please ask Carol about the party before you go,” Veronica replied. “You’ll want to know what to expect before you commit.” Mary Claire nodded.

It was very pleasant riding to the bank with Lauren. She had turned a bit in the seat and hiked her skirt up enough for me to enjoy her long legs and her stocking welts. While we talked about some of her expectations she leaned over to put her lips close to my ear at a stop light and said, “I’ve never felt so loved as I did Friday night when you were fucking, er, loving me. It was more than just the best sex I’ve ever had with a man, even Dad,” she said lightly kissing my ear lobe.

“I’m glad you feel that way, but I feel I could’ve focused more on your pleasure. I’ll make it up to you,” I smiled as I turned to look into her eyes.

“You never need to make anything up to me. Just please yourself as well as me, and leave me feeling well loved and I’ll be satisfied, okay?” she replied.

“Yes,” I replied as I ran my hand all the way up under her skirt to lightly squeeze her bare thigh above her stocking top and graze her g-string with the tip of a finger.

We handled our business at the bank expeditiously because she’d alerted them on Friday. We arranged some security words so she could have access to our operating account via the phone if necessary. We also got a handful of additional debit cards, seven to be exact. I gave them to Lauren and made her responsible for keeping one herself and giving them to Cheryl, Katrina, Ashley, Mary Claire and Cindy. For future use if needed the seventh would be kept in the vault being installed in her new office.

I asked her to accompany me to the closing tomorrow. She immediately called Cheryl to put it on the calendar. When we got home Cheryl had a message from Dave saying that his daughter had taken his truck to pick up a chair that wouldn’t fit in her car and she’d gotten delayed at the warehouse. He asked if I would I pick him up at his office at güvenilir casino eleven-thirty. “He said you needn’t call him back, he’d see you at eleven-thirty.”

Veronica, Ashley and I gathered our coats at the same time. After we all kissed Cheryl and Lauren, Veronica asked, “Lauren can you and Cheryl stay for dinner? “

“I can,” replied Lauren.

“I can’t,” replied Cheryl, “I’m meeting my attorney at four.”

Cheryl had given me Dave’s address, an office building in a small strip mall of mixed office and retail on Clayton Road west of I-270. When I walked up to the building I saw the name of some national sales company on the outside wall and when I walked in the front door I found Dave’s name and office number on the reader board. I also saw Keith’s name with an adjacent office number. The leasing company had a notice that a suite of available offices was posted below the directory.

In the central entry foyer was a gray-haired receptionist typing at a computer and all three names were listed on the front of her workstation. She buzzed Dave and then directed me down the hall to his office.

Dave’s office contained an architect’s drawing board covered with rolled and unrolled plans and an attractive, young, well proportioned brunette sitting at the desk on the phone. After Dave and I exchanged greetings and made small talk for a moment, the young woman hung up, stood, extended her hand and introduced herself as Joy Mays.

“You’re Keith’s wife?” I asked trying to keep from looking down her half-open blouse without first looking her in the eyes.

“Yes. I usually work in Keith’s office next door as his office manager but Dad’s gotten himself overloaded and I’m helping with the scheduling and ordering for your job,” she smiled. “We usually use the woman in front for routine correspondence but Dad wanted my technical experience for your job.” She paused, leaned forward just enough to tease and invite my eyes to look down her cleavage. “Dad has told me all about your family. It sounds like you have your hands full. … Would you like me just to take my blouse and bra off? You wouldn’t have to twist your neck so much,” she laughed

“Now, or next time I visit?” I wisecracked.

“When Dad brings you back after lunch come in and see me,” said Joy with a coquettish smile.

Dave did not visibly react to our give and take. He went on to explain that he had access to a conference room, fax and copy machines and high speed internet plus answering services from the front desk.

“Excuse me a minute, before we leave I need to cover something with Joy,” said Dave.

As they conversed I stepped out to the reception area and called Lauren. I told her where I was and gave her the name and number of the leasing agent and suggested she call to see if any more space was available.

Dave stepped behind me as I hung up with Lauren and said, “I’m sorry, things are starting to move pretty fast on your house and I needed to have Joy push one of the plumbing suppliers with a message that if he doesn’t have confirmation of delivery for the requested date by the end of business today that we’ll be going with another manufacturer and supplier.”

“No apology’s necessary. Ready?” As we started to leave, I remembered Mary Claire’s request. We returned to the blueprints. He noted Alyssa had already planned to double our refrigeration space in the kitchen and with the pantry being extended six feet she’d included an upright freezer. The pantry was being widened by just twenty eight inches and the existing fourteen inch deep shelves were being replaced with a more efficient arrangement of wall mounted and free standing shelves that were twenty-eight inches deep. The storage capacity would be almost three times our current space and more than what Mary Claire wanted and access would be better. Again I was impressed that he’d anticipated the need and addressed it. Satisfied we said goodbye to Joy.

On the short drive to the country club I asked Dave if it were possible for him to pour a concrete pad adjacent to the garage to park my sudden fleet of cars. He made a note on a piece of paper after asking the priority. “Any time, I’m closing on the house across the street and we can use that driveway and garage temporarily,” I further explained.

“Number nineteen?”

“Yes, the one you built.”

“It should still be in good shape, is it?” Dave asked.

“Keith thought so, no predications from his inspection and none from the city.”

“I bought the lot, built the shell of that house on spec then finished the interior for the buyer. I think it went for close to one point two mil. If you don’t mind my asking what’d you pay for it?” Dave asked.

“I don’t mind, eight hundred K. We close tomorrow,” I said.

“What’re you going to do with it?”

“Probably keep it in the family. The kids are getting close to the age where they might want a house, or maybe lease it for a few years.” I replied as we pulled under the portico at the club.

As the valet drove the car away I said, “I noticed that besides the master suite over the garage there’s a smaller master suite at the other end of the hallway. Do you know what that ‘s that all about?”

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