Şubat 5, 2021

Another Overnighter

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After spending the day training a group of engineers and staff up in Holbrook the other day, I met a few for drinks at a local lounge. The place started to fill up with a mixture of people. Some seemed to know one another and others just seemed to fit in. A few people came over to the table and the two men got up and shook hands, there was no introducing me and I thought that odd but let it go, when they sat down again they were friendly and made light conversation asking about where I was from, what I was doing there and how long I’d be staying. They seemed to think my traveling around the state doing trainings was an interesting job and asked if I never got lonely. I had to admit I did. The shy engineer blushed when his friend asked me directly, “well what about sex.”

In my city boldness I asked, “Is that an offer?”

“Well it can be,” he snapped back, his dimples reddening a bit while his co-worker apologized for his forwardness.

An odd two here I thought to myself, but one compliments the other. When I said overnight they asked where. I mentioned the motel that the office had made a reservation at for me. It was the only one they found within a reasonable distance and at state cost.

The bold one laughed, “Did they rent to you by the hour? That old place has had the same sheets on the bed since the 60’s.”

The shy one seemed to light up with that comment and surprisingly came out with an idea “Why don’t you stay with us? We have an extra bedroom, and besides, since we have been away for training, it has to be cleaner than the only motel.”

Although it was not my intent, the idea of not having a separate bedroom became immediately more appealing than being able to sprawl out in my own room.

Adrian didn’t talk much, but he read faces a lot better than his friend. His intent focus on my face made me feel he was simmering inside, wanting me to know it, and hoping I would share it. Jack must have known Adrian well, because he instantly became more friendly. The place was getting noisy, and honestly, my focus was no longer on what was going on in the lounge, nor was it focused on getting set up for the next morning. I would have liked to have thought that one of them had spiked my drink, but that was not the case at all. The thought of both these guys and me had my buttons bulging out of my t-shirt and the engineer’s hard-ons bulging in their pants.

“You look bored,” Jack said. “Why don’t you get all this stuff out of the lounge before something gets lost.”

I never noticed the attention we got as we left the lounge by the side door and walked up the steps on the outside of the building. The men followed me to the motel down the road. I was more intent on getting up the stairs and inside the door. The anticipation was killing me. Even now as I am writing this, I am getting wet remembering that I did not know whether I could make the first move, but I knew if someone did not I would not wait long. Adrian grabbed the key and unlocked my room door. Jack was behind me. When we got to the landing, I knew I would not have to wait too long, because I could feel Jack’s hard cock rubbing against me wanting to get out of his pants. As he opened the door and we stepped inside, Adrian turned around, and I had one man running the front of me and the other rubbing me in the back. I was impressed with the package they each had, and could not wait to unwrap it.

Adrian did not bother to be slow about it and pulled open my blouse, exposing my bra. It was the kind where half the breast is exposed, and they must have swollen a bit, because my nipples were erect and long before he even touched them. Jack did not waste a moment wanting to get skin to skin. Unbuttoning my slacks, he slipped his hands into my thong and lowered them with one motion. Before I knew it he had opened his fly, and I could feel the already wet head of his cock against my ass. I was not quite ready for the cold hand that moved under my blouse and greeted the nipple Adrian had learned so much about the year before. Both were immediately as hard as the front of his pants, which was now pointedly pushing against my thigh. I could feel him holding tighter, bending his knees and then straightening out simulating what he would have liked to be doing unclothed.

Jack did not want to let go, but there was much more I could offer by turning around and facing him, so I did. His mouth lowered itself over my nipple and I could feel the gentle warmth of his tongue and saliva replacing the coldness his hand had brought to it just a moment before. As his tongue moved with more speed, the dry nipple grew as if it had a desire to quench his thirst for lust, but could not. What refused to flow from its outlet did not stop the rush of liquid below, as the cum started to gush from my pussy, it warmed his legs and mine dripping into a puddle at his feet. I had a difficult time standing as the flow continued. With his mouth pulling on the nipple, casino şirketleri the tide of warm juice worked its way out. Even without my eyes seeing it, I could feel his cock getting harder, and I wanted more and more to allow it to share my pleasure.

I released myself from his grip and knelt down on my knees. The rug was wet from my cum. My breath on his still closed pants seemed to excite him and deliver an anticipation of my next move. I took one hand and slowly opened his zipper. I thought of keeping this a chance encounter; one he might have had were he to have found a street girl looking for some fun. After all, neither one of us were looking for love. It was only sex, lust, passion and fucking for the sake of a fuck. I reached inside and felt his warm hard cock. Considerably smaller than I often had, I immediately swallowed the entire thing. He moaned, feeling his entire shaft entrapped with the warmth of my mouth. I have a particular passion and talent for oral sex. I’m unable to count the number of men who cannot seem to let go of me after having experienced my special methods of sucking a cock. It is never just sucking; it is my mouth making love to it, taking control over it, and giving off any and every sensation a man could even imagine.

The pulse of the blood through the shaft and the smoothness of the head made me afraid that he would cum, so I worked on opening his belt, believing that the moment’s distraction would allow me to offer another few minutes of pleasure without his having to wait and hopefully begin again. After all, in a year we had discussed a number of different positions, speeds and emotions. And now having him, I wanted to experience them all. (Not to mention the different places we discussed doing it. Most of which I was not at all objecting to!)

I wanted to bend over and have him ram me fully, and lay on my back with my legs over his shoulders, and sit on top, slowly gyrating and dancing my way down while my cum streamed all over his balls. We settled for one of our other fantasies. I lay on my back with my head hanging off of the bed. I wanted him to stand up and pump his load into my mouth. But I wanted to watch! Naked, my nipples ready to be played with again; I lay on the bed with my head hanging off the side. He did not immediately ram his cock in my mouth, but instead, played with the head of his cock on my lips. I played back, holding them tightly together, making it near impossible for him to penetrate, but occasionally allowing a little opening from which my tongue could emerge. He was getting hot and I was getting hotter. He reached for my nipples with one hand and pulled the head of his cock with the other. My view was of a naked man’s balls, his hard cock pulsating above me.

At that moment he pushed a little harder and reached for my nipples. I came like a fountain, and he stroked like he had never before had a woman. I could feel his head and knew that this would not be the time I used my magic; only my skills. He knew what I wanted and how to deliver it. In another few strokes, I felt his cum forcing its way down my throat and all over my face, while I continued to create a small lake on the bed spread under me. It would seem that the anticipation of our phone conversations had him hot, because he said don’t move, and I didn’t. He moved to the other end of the bed and proceeded to look for the source of my ever flowing cum. My clit was red and swollen. There was satisfaction, but the softer kind than I enjoy. He knew it and he nibbled while reaching up to those buttons again that kept me turned on.

“I know what you want,” he said, “and I am not leaving until you ask me to stop.”

I was hoping he realized that I was close to insatiable as one can come without being classified a nymphomaniac. His cock was already hard again and he pulled me a little closer to the edge of the bed, lifting my legs above his shoulders, he fully penetrated, stopping only at his balls. At that moment I allowed my muscles to give him the message of his life and his first moan was followed by many others. Soon he had trouble controlling his thoughts, but no problem controlling his stroke. Each outward stroke was swifter, and each inward stroke more determined. I could feel another load of hot cum ready to explode in me. I had cum many times already, and that was apparent by the small lake under his balls. I was not ready for this to be over, so I tightened my muscles as tightly as I could and pushed him out.

He looked at me strangely, and I motioned he should help me up. I reversed my position and laid over the bed, my ass just slightly in the air, my chest flat to the surface. I had to walk over a few steps since the carpet was wet and sticky. I wanted this to be tighter, so I grabbed a towel and soaked up the cum from my thighs, but as soon as he poked back into me, it started flowing all over again. In this position, he felt the full flow of hot juice shooting out of me. casino firmaları The height difference had him bending his knees, penetrating and pushing in as hard as he could. Still not my favorite way, but I could feel the power behind his thrust. Anticipating some bedroom activity, I had earlier hidden a battery powered vibrator within reach. I could not see his face, but he sighed with pleasure as I reached behind me and placed it on his resting balls. It wasn’t long or too many muscle contractions jerking him off inside of me before he was shooting streams of cum mixed with mine.

It was apparent they were not waiting for anything. In the middle of the room was a long oak coffee table. Having been in more bachelor pads than I would care to admit, I knew that there were other uses for a table of this height. They escorted me over and I laid back with my legs slung over the edge. Adrian now with only his tee shirt on straddled the table, his hard cock swinging over my head while my tongue tried to catch a lick. Jack started stroking his already hard cock. Although I was concentrating on getting Adrian, I could not help but look over and wonder when Jack would stop expanding. A handful to begin with, he extended to a good ten inches. He nodded his head to Adrian and they changed positions. Jack straddled the bench and with a determination stroked his cock into my mouth. I assumed he was mindful of his size, because he was gentle in his strokes, but that did not stop me from beginning to let my cum flow.

Most men are excited to see a “squirter” begin to flow. The initial climax is like the onset of a volcanic eruption: small bubbles of liquid shooting up from, in my case, a shaved pussy, followed immediately by another eruption then by another, and as they increase in intensity, they increase in volume. Jack was getting more excited watching than he should have, because he lost control of his stroke and started choking me. Adrian, who was well endowed himself, but not quite as large as Jack had been playing with my nipples and watching. He had managed to get them to expand almost an inch when he indicated to Jack it was his turn. I was glad that Jack had stopped his thrusting. He moved down to the end of the table where my legs were still over the edge. He went to the other side and stood on the table. Slowly (because he knew I wanted it all inside me – I told him more than once), he spread me apart with each inch of his cock.

Once he had fully penetrated, he rode me with a vengeance; his balls bouncing against me with every stroke as if he were trying to get them inside me too. My cum was flowing all over him and all over me, gushing out with every long stroke outwards. I heard Adrian moan as his load shot downwards in my throat. He continued to contract even after unloading a gush of cream. Jack sped up but was not yet ready to climax. I loved every stroke and did not want him to stop, so when Adrian began to get hard again in my mouth, I licked the head. He let the now re-hardening shaft fall into my face and I worked the vein from top to bottom. His balls hung over my mouth. He gently stroked so as not to lose his erection, and I slowly worked his balls, warming up the juice for what I hoped would be another delicious load of cum. That was not what they had in mind!

Once erect, he moved down toward the other end of the table. Unlike Jack, he stayed on my side of the table and they taught me what full penetration meant. When Jack stroked in, Adrian pulled out, and when Adrian stroked in, Jack pulled out. Although I had been experienced in sex before, I never felt anything like this before, and being honest, it felt so good I wanted more. I wanted someone in my mouth, someone playing with my nipples, and someone fingering my ass. The sensation turned my world totally into feelings, and I could not get enough of it feeling good! My muscles tightened, and although I tried being fair, I had lost track of any kind of rhythm. The puddle under me was getting larger and I realized for a moment there was nothing they could have asked me to do that I would not have done to keep them going.

Adrian felt good, but I loved feeling Jack. He did not hesitate for one moment to let me know he was getting enjoyment out of this, and he was in control. It was for that reason that when he abruptly stopped and pulled out, that I wondered what had happened. He pushed me forward and prodded the tightest opening on my body. I think he changed my mind knowing that he had already spent twice the time Adrian had. He moved forward toward my chest and pushed them together. As he squeezed each nipple, I sent a flow of warm cum toward Adrian. He was long enough for me to catch the head with each forward thrust and I anticipated his warm load all over my face. Adrian began that determined rhythm that comes just before climax. Jack fell into the same beat, and Adrian pulled out just before letting go. His warm cum shot all over my shaved mound! güvenilir casino Jack was ready and so was I! My mouth open, I tried to catch every drop as it shot through my breasts and toward my face. I am sure I was quite a site!

Adrian said he had to get going, as his wife would expect him home soon. I asked him what his wife would think if she knew he was fucking another woman right now. He replied that she would probably divorce him and take his pension, the kids and the house. But he said they no longer slept together in the same bedroom and a divorce might allow him to do this more often. The boys and I took a shower and then Adrian left. Jack asked if I was up for more partying, and I said yes! He advised he knew of a local country bar that closed the front door at 2:00 a.m.; but the regulars hung out inside until dawn. So, I put on a pair of five-inch red stilettos, a short form fitting, hip-hugging mini halter dress with no thong, and a gold ankle bracelet and set off with Jack to meet his local friends. Scott calls this outfit my “fuck me” getup.

The bar wasn’t as crowded as usual for a Thursday night Jack said. Jack and I sat in the corner drinking as we talked about encounters I previously had and it didn’t take me long to get aroused. One of the regulars Jack drank and joked around with on other occasions came in and sat on the other side of me. With his eyes burning his intentions onto my breast, assisted by wearing a really low cut halter, I started to stroke his leg as we told jokes to each other and I would inch my way closer. He seemed to get nervous as my fingers touched the tremendous bulge in his jeans, but I sat back in my stool so he could see that my other hand was busy giving Jack the same attention, and he was aware of what I was doing. He ordered another beer and it foamed up, spilling down the neck.

I grabbed his beer and cradled it like it was his cock and slowly swallowed as much of the bottle as I could , surprising myself that I could take so much down. He moaned and sighed as I took hold of his fingers and mouthed them slowly and tightly. Asking both him and Jack to stand up against the bar, I unzipped and pulled out two beautiful, hard cocks. Smearing the pre-cum from my two trophies over their heads, I let my hands glide along their shafts with ease, as I could feel their pulsating blood circulating as my strokes were soft and slow but tight. He whispered he was going to cum and there was no way I was going to waste a single drop. I pretended to drop something on the floor and I quickly made his cock disappear into my warm, waiting mouth. As my tongue rolled over his head and along his shaft, I sucked tightly, as he held the back of my head and pumped.

I wanted this moment to last longer, but he started to swell and spurt his creamy load into my mouth. I wanted to savor and adore, but being detected was my enemy, so as I pulled his cock out and a silky strand trailed from his head to my lips and cheek, I used his head to push what was left into my mouth. Getting back in my seat, the few seconds of my oral worship to him was only known by us three. Such a thrill and rush to be sneaky and naughty and if you are wondering, Jack got his also. Jack said in this bar, there was a popular custom in which one woman would “pull a train”. She would service all the men in the train, one after another, and sometimes several at once. He reminisced with my new friend of his experience of sinking his hot cock into her steamy, soaking wet pussy, not minding the sensation of other men’s semen inside her, but just enjoying the depths and experience of the encounter.

The guys would also compete to pull the most enthusiastic reaction from her with their performance. The women participated voluntarily and often pleasured at least six men in a night and often as many as ten to fifteen. I sat in his lap as he described the last encounter at the bar. Justin was a clean party guy. Attractive with short blond hair and deep green eyes, it was hard to keep my perspective on the task at hand. I wanted him. He took good care of his body, as was evident by his superb physique. I explored his firm pectorals with my fingernails, and worked my hand inside his button-down shirt. The t-shirt beneath was a thin barrier to protect him from my biting nails. Apparently he enjoyed this stimulation as his pants became a less uncomfortable cushion for my backside. Leaning up, I kissed his fresh mouth with my own crimson smile, and began a dance of erotic tonguing.

Shifting to straddle his hips, I made contact with his erection, my bare pussy soaking the front of his khaki pants as my dress climbed my thighs. Moving my mouth with gentle nibbling kisses across his cheek to his ear, I began to rock gently against him. My hands circled round to his back to continue stimulating him as I lapped at his earlobe, blowing into it and then whispering, “You want me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he breathed.

“Right here? In front of everyone?”

“If you want to! I like to share. All these horny guys would love to fuck you. Otherwise, we’d better go to a motel while we still can. ”

“No,” I whispered. “I want all the hot cock I can get tonight.”

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