Ocak 29, 2021

Anniversary to Remember Ch. 02

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Sandy stepped out of the shower and took a towel from the cupboard. Brian was already towelling himself.

“Well” said Brian “that was different.”

“Yes” said Sandy, watching him towel his penis. She began to towel herself.

“I got the feeling that she wanted to stay and watch us finish.”

Brian held his penis and looked at her.

“Yeh, so did I. Would you have minded?”

Her hand was down between her legs. As she rubbed she replied “No, I don’t think that I would have.”

She felt herself start to tingle. She wasn’t sure if it was the sight of Brian playing with himself or the thought of her daughter watching them fuck. She didn’t really care she was still horny. She dropped the towel and continued to rub herself. Brian stepped closer and kissed her. She kissed him back and took hold of his cock.

“God, your horny this morning,” said Brian.

“What do you expect. We didn’t get to finish off.”

He sighed.

“Yeah a big shame. I was so ready to show her that the oldies are not past it.”

She gave him a long kiss, wanking him as she did. He put his hand over hers.

“Not now my darling, I promise to finish you off properly later on.”

“OK my love.”

She picked up the towels and dropped them into the wash basket.

“Anyway, we’d better get down before they come looking for us.”

They went back to the bedroom, put their dressing gowns on and went downstairs. Jerry and Janice were waiting for them in the dining room, giggling over a cartoon on the telly. Janice was now in a bra and knickers and Jerry in boxers. Jerry jumped up.

“You’ve had your cold shower then” and disappeared into the kitchen.

Sandy looked at Brian and raised an eyebrow. He just shrugged. Janice switched the telly off casino şirketleri and came round to the table. They both noticed that it had been laid.

“Take no notice of him, he’s just peeved that it wasn’t him that saw you,” said Janice.

Sandy slipped an arm around her waist and kissed her on the cheek.

“He was always jealous of you. Anyway what’s all this about.” Indicating the table.

“Take a seat and find out.”

She kissed Sandy and slipped into the kitchen. As they sat the twins reappeared, Jerry with a jug of coffee in one hand and a pitcher of Bucks Fizz in the other. Janice had a plate of toast and a plate of smoked salmon. They set them down and Janice went back to the kitchen, returning with some cream cheese. Janice sat down and Jerry took the pitcher, stood between his parents and filled their glasses. He noticed that his dad’s gown was gaping open and his cock was on view. Which made his own begin to twitch and grow.

Sandy slipped an arm round his hips. He shuddered slightly, which she felt.

“Thank you my darlings, this is very good of you.”

“Well, it is a special one,” said Jerry.

He shuddered again. Her hand was softly stroking him. He pulled away gently, trying not to show his growing erection. Janice stood up, lifting her glass.

“No big speech from me, just want to wish you a happy anniversary.”

She lent across and clinked glasses with them. As did Jerry. They had a good swig and began to tuck into the food. Sandy began recounting their courting time together and they were soon laughing and joking. During this time Sandy’s dressing gown had come loose but she made no effort to fasten it. Jerry noticed it and came round to serve them some more drink. Which took some doing as his hand was casino firmaları shaking from excitement, looking alternatively between his mums’ tits and his dads’ cock. As he reluctantly went back to his chair Janice jumped up.

“Silly me, I forgot the camera. We need some pictures for the album.”

She ran off and quickly returned.

“OK, lets have one of you kissing.”

Brian leaned across and pecked Sandy on the lips.

“Oh, come on you two. It’s too late to be shy.”

Sandy flung an arm round his neck and slid her tongue into his mouth. They could hear the camera click as they noisily kissed each other. Brian came up for air, aware of his growing erection. Sandy pulled him over and they set to kissing again, unaware that Janice had moved round closer to them. Brian forgot himself and cupped one of her exposed tits. Sandy broke away gasping for breath and moaning with desire at the same time. Brian dipped down and took her nipple into his mouth. He was aware of a noise next to his ear and looked up to find Janice clicking away in close up. With his stomach churning he managed to turn slightly and suck on her other nipple.

Sandy let out a strangled moan, noticing Janice for the first time.

“Hope you’re getting some good snaps.”

“I’m not really, not enough angles.”

Sandy gently pushed Brian away and stood up. As she dropped her robe she noticed Jerry, naked and wanking himself. She laid down on the robe and beckoned Brian down. He took his robe off and knelt in front of Sandy.

“That’s much better,” said Janice.

As Sandy cupped her tits and pulled on her nipples Brian inserted a couple of fingers into her juicy hole and began to work in and out. As Sandy began to cum Jerry came round and stood beside his sister, güvenilir casino still wanking. Brian withdrew his fingers, settled her legs over his thighs and slid his aching cock into her very wet pussy. Sandy letting out a long, low moan as he buried himself into her. Catching sight of Jerry he beckoned him over.

“That’s a lovely sight my boy, why don’t you kneel here and shoot a load over your mum as we fuck.”

Jerry knelt beside them and continued to rub his cock. Janice, now with her bra off circled them, constantly snapping. Brian gripped his wife’s thighs and began to pump into her willing love box. She was gasping with each thrust. Janice noticed that her brother had stopped rubbing himself. She came round and knelt beside him.

“What’s up bro.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.”

She put the camera down and lent against him. She felt him shudder. She reached round and ran her hand over his stomach. She turned to whisper in his ear and he felt her tit pushing into him.

“It’s ok Jerry, just relax and enjoy it.”

She slipped her hand down and started rubbing his softening cock.

“I can’t, it’s wrong.”

He gasped as she wrapped her fingers round his cock and started to wank him.

Noticing this happening Brian increased his thrusting and soon had Sandy calling out for him to fuck her silly. Jerry quickly hardened under her fingers and within a couple of minutes Janice felt him quiver and a globule of cum spread over her fingers. She continued rubbing but nothing else appeared. He pulled away and disappeared upstairs. She slipped one hand into her knickers and began to rub her lips, quickly finding her clit. With the other cum strewn hand she began to rub her mums tit.

Sandy felt her nipples being pulled and this sent her over the top. She grasped the hand that was on her tit and began to rub hard, bringing herself to a shattering climax. This triggered Janice into a climax and as she shuddered to a finish Brian let hinself go and shot a load into his wife’s pulsing cunt.

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