Şubat 15, 2021

Anna Maria Ch. 04

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After their trip to the beach Anna and Tony are both hot, tired and covered with sand. They flop down into chairs, smiling at each other and brushing sand off onto the carpet.

“I’ve got sand in places I didn’t even know I had,” says Anna, smiling. Tony just smiles back. Thoughts keep entering his head about what will happen when they return to Forest Glen later today, he doesn’t want to think about it. Doesn’t want this day to end and doesn’t want to see Jill.

As if his thoughts have been read he receives a text message from Jill. Anna glances up as Tony’s phone beeps. He reads the message out loud, Jill saying she’s staying on another night with her Mum and she’ll see him tomorrow.

“Maybe I’ll send Brad a message. I know he wouldn’t even be aware I’m away, but I’ll just see what time he’s going to be back tonight,” Anna has that strange intense look in her eyes again. Tony feels her drift.

“Are you ok. Do you think it’s going to be ok when you get back Anna?” says Tony.

“Don’t worry about it,” she replies, taking her phone and going into the other room.

Tony gives her space for a few minutes, then goes into the bedroom and finds her sitting on the bed holding her phone, just staring out the window. She doesn’t look at him and continues to stare.

Tony drops to his knees in front of her, turning her face to his. Abruptly she grabs his face and kisses him deeply, her tongue in his mouth, moving round to his ear, where she whispers “I don’t want this to end,” Tony detects a slight sob in her voice as she says so but she doesn’t stop there, kissing his neck and ears and guiding his hand between her legs where she’s wet and warm.

His hand rubs her slit just gently, in under the gusset of her bathing costume. He lifts her to her feet and guides her to the bathroom, running hot water in the shower. She stands there and allows him to undress her, sliding her pants down, pulling off her top. Her skin is so salty and sandy, crystals reflecting on her breasts and belly. Tony feels his erection rising again just looking at her, feeling her soft warm skin under his hands as he undresses her. He slides his own shorts off and they step into the shower together.

They stand just letting the water run over their skin for a while, Tony unable to take his eyes off Anna, looking so luscious with rivulets of water gliding down her throat, running down her breasts, a waterfall cascading off each nipple. Anna pulls him in close and holds him to her, sliding her hands over his back, his erection pressed against her soft round belly. She reaches for the soap and lathers it in the palm of her hand, soaping Tony all over his back, then around to his chest, lathering more in the hair there, then sliding slowly down to his belly, lower still to his cock which again is so hard.

Tony’s legs feel weak again, the sensation of Anna’s hands on him and her body pressed so close to him are too much. He pushes her gently back against the tiled wall and kisses her again, his lips enclosing hers completely and his teeth just grazing her tongue. He feels her breathing change as his mouth explores hers. He moves his head once again to her breasts, takes each stiffening nipple in turn in his mouth, the water gushing over his head and into his mouth as he does so, her breasts so soft and hot under his touch. Anna holds his head there as he sucks harder, this feels so familiar now and he just doesn’t get sick of it, could stay here all day.

Anna lifts one leg and pulls him to her, wrapping her thigh around his hip. She holds Tony’s cock and guides it inside her, just slides it in. Tony sighs again at how hot and wet she is inside, where he’s been not long before when fucking her in the sand. He doesn’t move his hips but just keeps his cock buried inside her as she clenches the muscles of her pussy around him.

Anna’s leaning up against the wall just gripping Tony’s hard cock inside her. They still don’t move, but he reaches a hand down to find casino şirketleri her erect clit, and begins to rub it slowly in circles, feeling her legs buckle as he does. Tony suckles at Anna’s neck once again. Her breathing is becoming shallower now as she just rubs her clit and keeps his cock buried hard inside her, making his movements faster now, wanting her to cum more than he wants to cum himself, to see and feel her shudder in ecstasy is all he wants. The water running fast and hot over them both he feels her hips start to move but keeps his still, just the hot rod of his cock filling her inside, his fingers wildly rubbing her clit and his mouth latched to her neck, knowing she’s close, feeling her shake, till she throws her head back and with a gasp and a moan holds his head tight and cums, her pussy gripping his hardon over and over, feeling her orgasm with his flesh tightly encased inside her, till shuddering she falls back against the wall.

He withdraws his cock with some effort from her but tells her “I want to save this for you, I want to be hard for longer,” whispers in her ear.

His erection remains as he and Anna soap each other more then finish in the shower, and dry each other after.

As Tony dresses his cock is aching, it’s leaking gallons of precum but for some reason it was more important to him just now that Anna cums. He wants to let it build, knowing how explosive it will be later. Anna eyes his erection longingly but Tony just smiles as they dress.

“I want to take you somewhere for lunch, have some wine with you, somewhere nice,” he says.

“I’d love to,” Anna smiles.

On the drive to the winery Anna is pensive, staring out the window. Her phone goes off and she reads the message, but doesn’t tell Tony what’s in it. He knows it’s Brad though and knows she must be feeling as he does, not wanting to return to reality and what is waiting for them both.

Anna looks gorgeous in a red dress with thin straps, tight across the top with a swirly skirt and high heels, her hair still damp cascading over her shoulders. Tony’s in jeans and a white shirt. Her breasts look so full and inviting in the red fabric, her dark hair such a contrast against her skin and the crimson dress.

They park the car and walk across the gravel carpark, Anna stumbling slightly in her heels, Tony holding her hand and feeling the gaze of a group of men turn to Anna. Again she seems oblivious to this and just holds Tony’s hand tightly as they enter through the cellar door.

Anna has a love of red wine just as Tony does. They try every variety they can, Tony remembering he has to drive and trying not to overdo it. Just being with Anna is intoxicating enough. Anna loves the Merlot and Tony buys a mixed half dozen.

“When we get back to Forest Glen we can share these. Jill only drinks white!” Tony winks.

“I don’t want to think about going back,” says Anna. “I’m starving. Let’s have lunch.”

They head to the restaurant where the young waiter leads them to a table, ogling Anna’s cleavage as he does so. The restaurant is full and rowdy, a jazz band playing in the corner and a few people on the dance floor.

Tony again notices men gazing at Anna but still she pays no attention, it’s fully focused on him.

“Anna I have to ask, do you notice how often men look at you while you’re out?” Tony says smiling.

“I know. It’s fine but I’m not interested. Course I like being admired but I only want you,” she says. “I can turn it on more if you want to see.”

Tony’s fascinated. He looks at Anna and something in her expression changes. She catches the eye of a man about her own age who’s sitting with his family but watching her the whole time. Anna holds his gaze and he’s mesmerised. She leans forward in her seat and a strap falls from her shoulder, the half globe of her succulent breast exposed. The man’s gaze flickers south to look for a moment. It’s almost a cartoon moment as his mouth hangs half open, his eyes casino firmaları glazed and his tongue touching his lips.

Anna holds his gaze again and slowly slides the strap back onto her shoulder. The man’s wife notices him ogling, glares at Anna and thumps his shoulder. Anna’s expression changes again and she looks back at Tony. The spell’s broken.

“See,” she says. “But I only want you.”

“God Anna that was amazing. You’re amazing,” Tony says not for the first time. “You could have any man, why me?”

“I saw something in you that’s so familiar, so enticing, I feel I know you, sounds weird I know, but…”

“No it’s not weird at all,” Tony says.

The waiter comes to take their orders. Anna orders Turkish bread and dips for both of them, just what Tony would order. They order a seafood platter to share, and some of the winery’s own red.

Tony loves to watch Anna eat, she puts almost as much passion into eating as she does into making love. He is watching her pink tongue come out of her mouth and lick juices from her lips, stopping now and then to gulp wine. He can’t help thinking about her mouth on his body, her hands while they break bread stimulating his skin.

It’s so arousing to watch her eat and she in turn watches him. Tony feels her foot come up between his legs where his cock is hardening already. Anna continues to eat as her foot still in its shoe explores his crotch. Tony gulps his wine trying to maintain composure as Anna shifts her chair around next to his, noticing the same man as before watching them.

Anna’s thigh is pressing against Tony’s now as she takes his hand and slides it up her skirt. Tony gasps as he finds her uncovered pussy beneath it so warm and wet still, and she slides his finger down her slit. Tony tries to protest knowing they’re being watched but Anna won’t let go of his hand. She manoevers his finger inside her, sliding her body forward slightly on her chair, and he feels his finger enter her pussy to the hilt.

He finger fucks her under the table for a while, watching her continue to sip her wine and above the level of the table behave normally. Tony doesn’t know what can be seen below but he can’t resist the soft resilience of Anna’s hot and wet vagina clasping his finger. Suddenly Anna reaches down to withdraw his hand, and puts it to her mouth, sucking each finger one by one, in full view of whoever’s watching. Tony almost loses it at the sensation of Anna’s mouth sucking her own juices from his fingers.

Anna stops and takes another gulp of wine, smiling at Tony. Tony notices the man who was watching get up abruptly, his napkin covering his crotch, staring at Anna red faced as he walks past hurriedly, Anna still only paying attention to Tony as he does so.

“Oh god Anna,” whispers Tony in disbelief. “I thought you – or I – were going to cum there and then.”

“I just wanted you to touch me here and now,” she answers.

Tony is so in awe of her and kind of feels sorry for the man at the other table as he sees him return some moments later even more red faced to his wife and family. He still stares at Anna as they finish their lunch and pay the bill. Anna pays him no attention but just stands close to Tony as they settle.

It’s getting late in the afternoon and Tony knows it’ll soon be time to head back. He doesn’t want to let go just yet, and as soon as they arrive back at their room he presses Anna against the wall and kisses her, running a hand up her bare thigh and feeling her soft bum under his hand.

“God I just…” he starts but she stops him with a kiss.

Anna unbuckles Tony’s jeans and drops them to the floor. She slides down the wall and hikes up her skirt, her pussy red and glistening through her dark hair. Tony’s head dips between her legs to taste her again, her thighs locked around his shoulders as his tongue flicks over her clit, now and then exploring her inside, tasting her salty and sweet creamy juices. He just wants to stay here güvenilir casino forever, and licks her pussy with wild abandon as if it’s the last time his tongue will take this journey.

Anna cums explosively, squirting juices into Tony’s mouth for the first time which he swallows gladly. Her head is thrown back against the wall and her skirt is up around her waist, juices running down her thighs. Tony has never seen a sexier sight as she urges him “fuck me, fuck me,” so he does, his cock raging now, hoisting her legs around him and entering her quickly.

So wet and easily sliding in, he kneels and fucks her once again, loving the feeling of being inside her, loving her intense cries and moans as she holds her thighs locked so tight around him. He knows after the shower this morning he won’t be able to hold on long, he tries to keep his movements slow and shallow but she just drives him in so deep, they both feel so frantic now and he can’t help fucking her hard, just wants his whole body inside her, his balls slapping against her and her body tight against his.

Tony can’t hold on for long as with several hard long strokes he feels himself start to cum in time with Anna again, they are so in sync, she grips him hard and calls his name as she cums, his balls contracting up into his body as he in turn cums wildly inside her, pulsing and shuddering with each spasm, over and over.

They don’t move for a while, he on his knees in her, her bent up against the wall, holding him, he thinks she’s sobbing but she won’t let him look at her, her face is buried against him.

Moments or hours pass and finally they move, composing themselves and rearranging their clothes. They start straightening up the room and packing things away.

The journey home is difficult and they don’t talk much, both knowing what the other is thinking.

“This doesn’t have to be the last time Anna,” Tony says, and she nods, just listening once again to her CD as they speed along the South West highway.

Tony feels tangible pain at going home, thank god Jill won’t be there. He needs time and space to think, doesn’t even know what he wants anymore. Or what Anna wants. She still has to face Brad.

It’s dark when they arrive home. Jill’s car of course is absent from the driveway. She isn’t in the habit of spending a lot of time with her mother, Tony knows she isn’t ready to come home. He knows she knows something. Brad’s car is there, the roofrack still stacked with fishing gear, along with a couple of other cars. Anna seems relieved.

“Great, his mates are still there. He’ll be three sheets to the wind no doubt,” she smiles sadly at Tony.

“Anna this weekend was amazing, and I’ll never forget it.” Tony holds her face in his hand and kisses her.

Anna says nothing, but stares at Tony and smiles a little. Her gaze is intense again and holds Tony’s. She reaches for her bag, and kisses him on the forehead, jumping out of the car and walking up her driveway.

Tony sighs, parks his car, goes inside. He catches a glimpse of himself in the hall mirror. He’s a changed man, he looks younger, his eyes are glittering.

He throws his bags on the bed and sits for a while, mulling over the events of the weekend, just thinking of Anna and how much his life has changed in the last few days. This time last week

he didn’t even know her.

He flops backwards onto the bed and sleeps.

Some hours later he wakes to the sound of his phone going off, a message from Jill saying she hopes he got home safely and that she’ll see him tomorrow. He sighs, heads to the kitchen, deciding to open one of the bottles he bought in Margaret River.

It’s hot outside still even though it’s close to midnight. He goes out on the deck and sits, drink in hand, inhaling the fragrance of the eucalypts and the rich smell of the merlot in his hand. Anna’s house is in darkness again, cars still in the driveway.

He peers out into his backyard, sensing movement there. Wishful thinking, he thinks. But his eyes adjust to the darkness, and there, not in his imagination, is Anna, standing once again in his garden, looking up at him.

Tony stands, raising his glass to her as she walks up to the deck.

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