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Ann: A Love Story Ch. 04

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Basking in the afterglow of our encounter on the river bank, Dawn and I strolled back to the softball diamonds. We slowly approached our teammates, who were already warming up for the next game. Jill spotted us first, frantically waving us over like a base coach sending a running home as we made our way to the diamond our game would be on.

“Man, you too really have Mark going nuts. He’s been freaking out. It’s almost game time.”

I shrugged my shoulders, too happy about what just happened and how I was feeling about myself to really care about a softball game. I mean, I would never deliberately let Mark down, but getting my life back on track was a little bigger in my eyes.

“Sorry, we kind of lost track of time,” Dawn said, grabbing her glove out of her bag.

“Well, I’ll go tell Mark you’re here. You two better warm up.”

“I don’t think Dawn can get any warmer than she was a couple of minutes ago. In fact, she was pretty fucking hot!”

“You were pretty hot too, lover!”

Jill covered her mouth again, but the sparkle in her eyes struck us both.

Mark must have saw us, because he came running back from the utility building, where he had been making calls to see if he could drum up players in case we had ditched him. He started to get on us, like any good coach or manager would. But Dawn scolded him.

“Mark, you know very well that Neil and I would never do that to you. But I don’t think it’s any secret that this is turning into a special weekend for the two of us; and it’s not just about softball. So cut us some fucking slack, will ya! We’ll be here for every game, on time. But in between, we want to be left alone. Okay?”

“Fine, Dawn. I’m sorry if you think I overreacted. I just wish you would have had the courtesy of give me that little speech before you left. What would you do if you were in my shoes!”

Dawn felt bad and said, “You’re right, Mark. I’m sorry too. But now you know. We wont’ be late, and we’ll try to be here a little earlier next time.”


The game was over before it started, really. Mark was pitching great, and he had a great defense behind him. Anyone that knows the game will tell you that pitching and defense usually wins. Dawn and I had really gelled on the field and off. It was amazing that I would always know where she was on the field, even when I wasn’t looking at her.

During the game, I had a ball hit in a spot where I had to make a blind play. A shot in the hole to short made me backhand the ball. I spun and threw knowing Dawn would be there at second, stretching for my throw like a first baseman.

Then there was the play where I didn’t expect her to be there, and she was. It was amazing. There was a soft little blooper hit right behind the bag at second, and a runner was at third with one out. I was going to catch it, but I was running away from the bag, so there was no way I was going to be able to stop to make a throw. As I was looking up to make the catch over my shoulder, I heard Dawn.

“I’m to your right, lover!”

That second, I knew what Dawn wanted me to do. Even though I was looking in the air to catch the ball, I could tell from the direction of her voice where Dawn was and which was she was heading. She must have run straight back when the ball was hit, anticipating that I would make the catch. She judged where she needed to be in relation to me, so she was running a pattern so that we would intersect going in opposite directions. I caught the ball and blindly flipped it to my right as I ran toward the outfield. I turned to see Dawn catch my lateral barehanded and fire it home.

Jill caught the ball on the fly and tagged the runner trying to tag up. He was out by 5 steps.

“Nice catch,” Dawn said as she slapped my ass.

I was tempted to fondle something of my own, but I just said, “Nice throw, lover. That was unbelievable.”

“Isn’t it great to be able to trust your partner!” she said. Those words could have been meant off the field as well as on it. But she was right. It was great to be able to trust someone again.

We sat on the bench after that play, silently lost in our own thoughts. She was practically sitting on top of me.

“We score 2 runs, and this one is over,” she said, stating it like it was a challenge, and alluding to another mercy rule win.

“What are you saying?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“The sooner we end the game, the more time for us lover.”

Mark had switched the lineup for this game, moving me up to bat third behind Dawn, and she was going to be up second in the inning. The leadoff guy made an out, but Dawn hit her first pitch for a double. When I came up to bat, I was floored by what happened next. It was no secret to most of our team by then that Dawn and I were becoming an item, for the lack of a better way to put it. But we weren’t necessarily broadcasting it. That was, until Dawn yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Hey lover! Hit a home run and I’ll give you a big surprise at home casino şirketleri plate!”

I’ve never been a power hitter. I hit hard line drives. So, if I’ve hit home runs in softball, it’s been hitting a gap and being able to fly around the bases. But I can hit to all fields, and the fields we were playing at had no fences. I had been pulling the ball all during the tournament, because I do have more power that way.

Walking up to the plate, I looked at the outfield. The right fielder was a girl who was pretty good, but she wasnt’ very fast and she was cheating in. I waited for a pitch outside and ripped it to right. It hit fair just inside the line and rolled forever.

Dawn squealed as she saw the ball land past the outfielder, knowing there was no way they were going to get me out before I reached home. She took off, and I raced around trying to catch her, knowing I couldn’t. As I rounded third base to head home, Dawn was standing just behind the plate, having already crossed it. She had her hands up in the air; the traditional signal that I didn’t have to slide in order to be safe. She also had her sports bra and jersey pulled up over her tits, flashing me and everybody else on the field.

I ran as hard as I could to reach her, and as I crossed the plate, I reached down and picked Dawn up. She squealed again like a little girl as I buried my head between those big mammaries and went ‘brrrbbbbb’, shaking my head and slobbering all over them.

I put her down, and her eyes were blazing, turning a new shade between gray and blue that I’d never seen before. She pulled her jersey down, leaving her bra up over them. Grabbing my hand, she squealed again. “Come on, we only have an hour before our next game!”

“Ninety minutes, lover. Remember, we ended ours early.”

“Oh shit, let’s go then!”

We grabbed our stuff and we ran to the car, Dawn’s big tits bouncing all the way.

I handed the keys to Dawn.

“Your turn to drive.”


“Because I can’t shift and finger your pussy at the same time.”

Dawn’s eyes got wide, and she practically raced out of the parking lot. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but she did. I played with her mound through her shorts. With the sliding shorts, and the thick fabric of the softball shorts, nothing I did really had an impact physically. But psychologically, Dawn was being stimulated. I moved my hand slowly, and put pressure where I knew it would at least have some sort of positive effect.

“Where are we going?’ I asked.

“To get something to eat. We’ve got two more games, and we exerted a lot of energy between games. I want to be strong for tonight, and I want you to be too.”

“Tonight? What time is our last game?”

Dawn gave me that wicked smile.

“After our last softball game, lover.”

Dawn took me to a little out of the way delicatessen just off of downtown, where we had a very nice late lunch together. I paid for us, much to her chagrin.

“I know we’re equals in this relationship, lover, but the guy pays!” She patted my hand, letting me be chivalrous for the moment.

We went back to the car, and I opened the trunk and pulled out a sheet I kept back there for emergencies. I took it out, and handed Dawn the keys again.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“To cover you up when you take your shorts off.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I promised I was going to finger fuck you, and I can’t as long as you’re wearing your chastity shorts.”

“Neil, you don’t have to. We need to get back.”

“I do need to.”


“Because I promised you I would, and where I come from, that means something.”

Dawn smiled, and climbed into the driver’s seat. I put the sheet over her lap, and she giggled nervously as she removed the lower half of her uniform. I inserted one finger into her very wet slit as she inserted the key into the ignition. I started her up in time with the car, and we were on our way.

I kept her on edge all the way back to the sports complex. I didn’t want her to wreck, so I made sure she could concentrate. But that didn’t stop her from moaning.

“God this thing handles well,” she said, talking about the car as she tried to find something to take her mind away from what I was doing to her pussy.

I rubbed my thumb over her throbbing clit lightly, just to let her know I was in the vicinity. Dawn moaned the second I brushed her sensitive nub.

“She sure does!” I said as I winked at her.

Dawn pulled into the parking lot at the complex and parked in a more secluded spot away from the fields. We had a little more time before we had to get to the field, and as she turned off the car, she took the sheet and pulled it off her lap. Throwing it in the back seat Dawn turned her body and spread her legs for me a little more. I responded by pulling my fingers out of her sopping cunt.

Dawn panted as she felt the emptiness left in her pussy; the look on her face betrayed her true feelings. She was crushed that casino firmaları I had stopped. “Why did you stop?” she said, practically pouting.

I got up, moving onto my knees. Leaning over, I kissed her as I reach under her jersey to play with her nipples. I loved that Dawn had never bothered to pull down her sports bra, even at the deli. I was twisting one of them, and I pulled back from her lips. Her eyes were still closed, and I leaned down to her ear, whispering softly.

“I stopped because I can’t eat you with my fingers in your pussy, lover. Would you rather have me finish you off with my fingers, or my tongue?”

Dawn let out a high little squeal of joy as she said, “Oh God…with your tongue, lover. Please…with your tongue!”

I pushed her jersey back up over her tits, exposing them just like her lower half. Even though we off by ourselves in the parking lot, she was still in view.

“Okay lover, I’ll use my tongue. But I want you to play with your nipples the entire time for me. Just knowing you’ll be doing that makes me so hot for you. Will you do it for me?”

Now, Dawn had already made love to me outside next to the river. She’d let me eat her on the front porch where she lived, totally naked! Hell, she even flashed her tits right there on the ball field. But the look of nervousness that crossed her face was enough to cause my cock to cramp up in the tight confines of my shorts.

Dawn’s eyes were darting, looking around. It was interesting considering what she’d already done with me. But the flashing was just that. It was quick, and spontaneous, and while it was titillating for me, it wasn’t overtly sexual in and of itself. The encounter on her front porch was exciting, but it was relatively safe. It was late at night, and not near any windows of her neighbors. The pine trees that bordered their lot had blocked the view. And it was like we were making love in the wilderness in ‘our spot’.

Dawn seemed self conscious, which was a side of her I never realized.

“Are you okay, lover?” I asked.

“Uh…yeah. I’m just a little nervous, I guess.”


“I don’t know. I really don’t. I’ve never felt like this before.”

I started to lower her top, but Dawn grabbed my hands.

“Don’t. I want to.”

I smiled. I figured she would tell me what was on her mind if she felt she needed to. I glanced quickly at my watch.

“Lover, if you want to cum, you need to start playing with those beautiful nipples for me soon. I want to watch you a little, and then I’ll get you off.”

Dawn’s hands flew to her chest, smacking into them like she was hitting a stop button on an erotic game show. She stared at me, and smiled as she started rolling and pulling her nipples. She tried to maintain eye contact, until what she was doing to herself made her to close them. That was my invitation. Lost in what she was doing, I felt compelled to join her.

It was as cramped in the car as it was in my shorts. I had to work just to get my body into position. It briefly crossed my mind to find a different way to please Dawn, but that thought was quickly shoved aside with the revelation that whatever had been hanging her up was gone. After all the things she had done for me, I wasn’t going to let her down.

It wasn’t my best work tongue dancing orally around a pussy. But it was one of my most inspired, and that made up for the lack of angles or positions I could use. I normally freelance when I eat a woman, starting with a basic attack; and reading her body for reactions. Then it becomes a game of pussy and mouse. I try to mentally get her to chase my tongue with her body. Only when I let her catch me does she get the prize she wants…a sweet release.

But in situations where I don’t have a lot of time, and in this case, the space to move, I revert to an old trick I was told about by an older roommate in college. He told me, “When you’re eating pussy and its going like hell, then lick at her clit while you’re trying to spell!” Yeah, it’s a stupid rhyme, but I always remembered it, which was the point. So in a time like the one I was up against, I would use my tongue like a writing instrument and drag it across the pussy I was trying to please, spelling out the letters of different words that came to mind.

Almost always, they were sexual words, or sometimes sentences describing things I wanted to do to the girl of the moment. Dawn was no different. I had already spelled every dirty word that popped into my head first, and I moved to more personal things. It wasn’t actually a sexual event or position that I came up with. It was what I felt at that moment.

I know it sounds corny, even now. But it was true. It really did happen. I was spelling out ‘I really love calling you my lover,’ and when I got to the ‘L’ in lover, Dawn came for me. I could feel her body jerk, and I knew she was yanking on her nipples as she gave me a wet present for my taste buds. God, that woman tasted sweet.

I pulled up, and Dawn looked like she was stoned. güvenilir casino I had to kiss her several times before she snapped out of it, and she grabbed my head and held me against her soft, full lips.

“We gotta go, lover! We promised Mark we’d never be late, remember?” I said, trying to cajole her to get dressed.

“God I want you, Neil!” was all she could say in response.

“I want you too, lover, but we have a game to play.” I said as I pulled her sports bra down over her abused breasts.

“Fucking tournament! Why did I have to sign up for it!” she pouted.

“If it wasn’t for the tournament, I wouldn’t be here, babe.”

“Oh yeah. Forget I said that,” Dawn said with a laugh.

Lowering her jersey, I climbed back on my side of the car. I handed Dawn her sliding shorts, and she shook her head like she was snapping out of a dream, and she grabbed them. I was amazed at how quickly she got dressed.


We made it to the field earlier this time, and Mark wasn’t in full panic mode yet. In fact, he was relaxed. “Hey guys. Did you have fun?” he said, insinuating we were off having another sexual adventure.

I played it off. “Nah…nothing like that. Dawn just took me to get something to eat.”

“Really? Where’d you go?”

“A deli…started with a ‘Z'”

“Oh, Zingerman’s. It’s really good, isn’t it?”

I was putting on my cleats, staring at Dawn, who was smiling at me.

“Yeah, I have to admit. It was really good. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth!”

Dawn would have hit me in the arm over that, but she knew if she did, she’d give our latest shared secret away.

I grabbed a ball, and Dawn and I went to warm up.

“I can’t run, Neil. My legs are weak from cumming so hard.”

Instead of warming up our arms, I warmed up Dawn’s legs. I had her get on the bench and I gave them a stretch and massage. By game time, she said she felt better. Fortunately, she didn’t get anything hit her way our first turn in the field. Instead, all three came my way, and we were out of the inning quickly.

Dawn recovered by the next inning, and we were on our way.

We finished that game with a pretty easy win. We didn’t mercy them, but we won comfortably. It would have been nice to have another break, but the schedule we had didn’t allow for that. We were waiting for another team to finish, and we’d play them right away.

There were eight teams in the tournament, divided into two brackets of four. We had to play every team in our bracket, and we had one crossover game against a team in the other bracket. We had beaten the team from the other bracket in that one run win in the first game. Now we were playing the last game in the round robin against our own bracket.

Dawn sat on the bench after the game, drinking some Gatorade.

“If we win this next game, we go straight to the championship game tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. That means we’ll have until 2 tomorrow before we have to leave for the game.”

“What if we don’t win?” I asked, not sure I wanted to know the answer.

“We have to play at 10:00, and then wait to see what happens. We could be stuck here forever.”

It seemed all it took was the motivation of having as much time together as possible to inspire Dawn and myself. The fact that we didn’t have a distraction between games only made us more focused. We knew we’d have a lot of time together that night, but we were literally playing for tomorrow.

We had really gelled as a team. Besides getting our defense locked in, Mark had honed in on a strong lineup at the plate. And one of the advantages we had over all the other teams was that we were playing with no bench. There was the legitimate concern about fatigue, and the Russian roulette possibility that an injury could have us playing shorthanded. But playing with just 10 players in a tournament where every player on the the entire roster bats in the order is a bonus.

That’s especially true in a lineup where all the players can hit. We had no easy outs to speak of and with just ten players, we batted around the order faster, so we all got more at bats. From game to game, that kept us sharp, and it paid off.

We were the visiting team in the last game of the day, and that line up got us out in front fast, and we never looked back. It wasn’t a shutout, or even close. We didn’t play our best defensively. Dawn and I had a couple of miscues, with was uncharacteristic. But we had become sort of playful during the middle of that game. We were never in danger of losing, and we were hitting the snot out of the ball.

Dawn and I stopped focusing on the game, and started flirting with each other. It was the start of what would be another long and tantalizing round of seduction; it was foreplay for the mind. The fact that we both knew we were going to fuck each other again didn’t diminish the effect of the teasing. It enhanced it.

We won the game in 6 innings, and headed off the field as a team after shaking hands with our opponents. Jill asked us to join them and the rest of team, and go out for some pizza and beer. We had to eat anyway, and we didn’t want to seem rude. It was a tough choice, but as most of us know, often the tough choice is the right one.

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