Ocak 28, 2021

An Interview with Jacquie

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An Interview with Jacquie, a.k.a the Buxom Beau

Interviewer: Hello folks, and welcome to the second instalment of our interview series in which you get to ask the questions, and hear all the juicy, forbidden answers to them. Today we have the exquisitely lovely Jacquie with us, Josh’s eldest sister and – according to them both – best friend. Say hi, Jacquie.

Jacquie: Hi, guys.

Interviewer: Now, should we do a bit of background first?

Jacquie: Sure.

Interviewer: [smiling] You’re a lot more co-operative than your brother.

Jacquie: [laughs]

Interviewer: Now, why don’t you tell us all how this sexual relationship with your brother came about…

Jacquie: Okay, well … I guess it started on Josh’s birthday. We were doing the washing up after dinner and I guess I leaned forward a bit too far and soaked my T-shirt; it was white, so it became see through and Josh got a good look. And after that, he started acting awkwardly around me, so I thought it might make things better if I just showed him what he wanted to see. Well, one thing led to another and I eventually asked him if he wanted to have sex. And we’ve been intimate ever since.

Interviewer: Well, I think that’s sufficient. Shall we get to the questions now?

Jacquie: Sure.

Interviewer: Okay, our first question comes from CheatMan, who asks if you’ve ever wondered why Josh, being a normal, 18-year-old male, needs sexual satisfaction only once every two to three weeks.

Jacquie: Two to three weeks? It’s way more often than that. But there are circumstances that we have to work around. We have to be alone, for example, and we have to have the right amount of time. And I really don’t think Josh is a normal 18-year-old boy. He doesn’t walk around the house begging for it; he just kind of lets it fall in place. And he always makes sure I want to first, and he’s always romantic when we do it, so no, I haven’t ever wondered if he needs more satisfaction.

Interviewer: Also, have you ever suspected Josh of having a sexual relationship with Dawn?

Jacquie: [loud laughter] With Dawn? Are you serious? They hate each other. Well, I mean, not so much anymore, but do you honestly think Dawn would want to go anywhere near Josh’s naked body? I can see why Josh might think about it, although he told me he doesn’t, but Dawn … no way.

Interviewer: [clears throat] Yes, well … uh … I’m sure you’re right. But the final part of the question is, if Josh did – hypothetically, of course – tell you that he and Dawn were having a sexual relationship – again, hypothetically – would you be averse to joining in?

Jacquie: As in a threesome? Of course I would. I still find it hard to cope with the fact that I’m fucking my brother, but would I ever have sex with Dawn? God no. I’m straight, not bi. I mean, I did make out with a friend of mine once, but I was a bit tipsy and it didn’t mean anything. Josh is all I want for now.

Interviewer: Isn’t that sweet? Well, moving on.

Jacquie: [glaring]

Interviewer: CheatMan wishes to know whether you’ve ever considered surprising Josh with a romantic gesture, such as the impromptu flowers he gave you.

Jacquie: A romantic gesture? Well, I want to, but it’s kind of hard to do that when your whole relationship’s a secret. I had to tell mom, Dawn and Alice that those flowers were from a friend of mine, and not some secret admirer. And I doubt Josh and I could ever get away with having dinner at an expensive restaurant or walking around a moonlit pond. I’d love to do that though, if I get a chance. We’ll see, I guess.

Interviewer: All right. Well, we have another question from CheatMan, who asks, do you think it was a good idea, or a bad idea – in retrospect – to allow Josh to see your breasts, especially at the impressionable age of eighteen? And what impact do you think this will have on the family?

Jacquie: I’m long past the stage of feeling guilty, so yes, I’m glad I let him see. I don’t think I could have put up with his staring much longer without lifting my top up and flashing him. And it made me feel really great about myself to know that he found me attractive.

Interviewer: And the impact on the family?

Jacquie: Well, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of the family, does it? But it’s definitely brought Josh and I closer together, and I’m grateful for that.

Interviewer: We have a question here from Ryno506 pertaining to the time you found Dawn’s panties in Josh’s room. You said then that if Josh ever started an intimate relationship with Dawn, such as he has with you, you wouldn’t mind. Was this the truth or simply an effort to act nonchalant?

Jacquie: [pursing her lips thoughtfully] I guess it was casino şirketleri a lie. I mean, I didn’t think I’d care, because it was just sex and I knew it would have to end some time, but … I don’t know… Josh kind of grows on you. I know it’s a cliché, but he makes me feel special. It’s so much different than it is with other guys, maybe just because I know him better. It’s like skipping all the awkward bits and being in a relationship where you can do anything and talk about anything you want. Which isn’t to say that Josh isn’t awkward at times, but I love that. It’s fun watching him learn and it’s even more fun teaching him.

Interviewer: So if he were to engage in similar activities with Dawn, you’d be hurt?

Jacquie: Probably. I wish I wouldn’t be, but if I said no, I’d be lying. Like I said, he’s grown on me, and I’m still not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.

Interviewer: And furthermore, do you, in fact, find Dawn attractive and tempting?

Jacquie: [laughing] No! Of course not. I’m not into girls and she’s my sister!

Interviewer: Josh is your brother.

Jacquie: Well, that’s different.

Interviewer: How so?

Jacquie: I don’t know; because I relate to Josh differently than the way I relate to Dawn or Alice. They’re like sisters, and he’s like something else – a brother and a friend and a student … I don’t know. The relationship’s just different.

Interviewer: So, you don’t find Dawn to be attractive?

Jacquie: Well, I mean, from an objective standpoint, of course she is. She looks like a friggin’ model! But that’s different to being attracted to her.

Interviewer: Of course. Now, from Ryno506, what would you change about yourself if given the chance to change one and only one thing?

Jacquie: Er … I don’t know. I’ve always been jealous of Josh’s and Dawn’s eyelashes. And I don’t know why Josh got long ones, because he doesn’t need them.

Interviewer: Well, I think your eyelashes are ver nice. Now, moving on – we have a question from hotstuff112 who asks what it is you speak about with your sisters, and how often a mention of Josh comes up.

Jacquie: We just talk about normal stuff. I try not to mention Josh too much, obviously, but I can usually separate the things we do in the bedroom from the things we do in public. It’s just like it’s always been, really.

Interviewer: Except with a lot more sex?

Jacquie: Except with a lot more sex, yes.

Interviewer: Okay, well, our next question comes from Mark, who asks how long you plan on continuing your relationship with Josh, especially considering that you’re twenty-four years old.

Jacquie: [sharply] What’s that supposed to mean?

Interviewer: Well … um … nothing insulting, of course. I mean, twenty-four is still very young and you definitely look young. But he wonders whether your mother will start bugging you to find a nice boyfriend and settle down.

Jacquie: [snorts] Start bugging me? She’s been bugging me for years. All I ever hear is how there’s a nice boy at her work or one of so-and-so’s friends is going to be a lawyer. But I’ve never met a guy that I really like.

Interviewer: And does Josh fill that void?

Jacquie: He does now, yeah.

Interviewer: And what about in the future?

Jacquie: [sighs] Well … I’m not sure.

Interviewer: Will you continue your relationship with Josh if at all possible?

Jacquie: [pause] Maybe. I’d like to, I think. I mean, at first I just liked messing around with him because it was exciting, but now when we have sex it’s like … I don’t know … like we’re in love. Which is weird, I know, but it was probably also inevitable. And I know it’s not based solely on the sex, so…

Interviewer: If both you and Josh were to find other partners down the line, would you be open to a continuation of your intimate relationship?

Jacquie: Wellll … I think I would. I’ve never cheated on a guy before, and I don’t think I ever would under normal circumstances, but … Josh is my brother and I’d want to preserve that connection we have, even if it means lying to a boyfriend or a husband.

Interviewer: So you’d continue having sex with Josh even if you were married?

Jacquie: Well, it comes back to Josh, doesn’t it. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to, because he’s a big softy and he’d never cheat on his girlfriend or wife. But then again, he might not feel like it’s cheating if it’s with me. It does feel different, though. Sort of like … we’d still love each other in that way even if we weren’t having sex, so we might as well. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Interviewer: Very, very little, but let’s move on, shall we? Montie has asked you what your true casino firmaları purpose behind letting Josh fondle you was, and later, letting him have sex with you.

Jacquie: My true purpose? That makes me sound like an evil genius. [grins] I did it because I wanted him to stop flipping out whenever he saw me. That wasn’t all of it, but that was definitely the largest part, at first.

Interviewer: But…

Jacquie: But … after the first time, I actually liked it, and I hadn’t had sex in months, so … I let him continue.

Interviewer: And is that the same reason why you allowed him to have sex with you?

Jacquie: Don’t say it like that! You make it sound like I just laid back and let him do his thing.

Interviewer: Well, you did … didn’t you?

Jacquie: [glares] No. I had sex with Josh both because I wanted to take some pressure off him and because I wanted to.

Interviewer: But mostly because you wanted to?

Jacquie: [thinking] Well, maybe 30/70.

Interviewer: Did you ever stumble upon feelings of non-filial affection for Josh before your erotic encounters?

Jacquie: Nope. Never.

Interviewer: Okay. Our next question comes courtesy of ryno506, and he asks what your feelings towards your father are. Do you want to see him again?

Jacquie: No, I don’t.

Interviewer: Do you still resent him for what he did to your family?

Jacquie: Yes. Very much so. But if he’s not here to bother me, then I forget about it and concentrate on the others.

Interviewer: Okay, well, we have one from darkangel132, who asks what it was like for you, having to take over both the paternal and maternal roles inside the house, especially with regards to Josh.

Jacquie: I wouldn’t say I took over the father role; I just help around the house, do chores and things. And I cook. But mom’s still very much a part of the household. I think it’s just because we’re older now. She worked less when we were growing up, so that she could be there for us, but now that Josh is eighteen, she feels comfortable spending more time outside the house. And I suppose I just naturally took a liking to Josh. He was so adorable when he was young. [smiles]

Interviewer: So we’ve heard. Our next question comes from Nony, and he asks whether you’ve ever feared that Josh has stronger feelings for another person, or that his feelings for you aren’t, perhaps, as strong as you think they are.

Jacquie: Er … okay. Well, do I think he has feelings for someone else? Sure – Valerie. Do I think he cares about me less than I think he does, no. Josh isn’t stupid; he knows exactly what love is, and if he tells me he loves me, I believe him.

Interviewer: Obviously, being siblings, any kind of future between the two of you would prove difficult. Does this ever affect the way you behave towards Josh, and do you think it’ll be easy letting go?

Jacquie: To tell you the truth, I never thought of this as a long-term thing. It’s just a good opportunity for both of us, I think. It’s sort of like having casual sex with a friend, but being in love with that friend as well. When we first started, I was conscious of Josh becoming too attached, but eventually I became just as attached and so that threw plan out the window. Whether it ends or not doesn’t really matter, because Josh is always going to be my brother and the sex is just fun. It’s like being best friends with someone: if all you can do is talk to them over the phone or the ‘net, you still care about them. But if you can see each other and do things together, it’s more fun.

Interviewer: Supposing Josh was to find someone to settle down with in the future; would you ever suggest a continuation of your love life?

Jacquie: I wouldn’t ask Josh to cheat on someone, if that’s what you’re asking. But … it’s hard to see what we’re doing as cheating. I know I should be seeing it that way, but I don’t think sleeping with him behind his girlfriend or wife’s back would bother me as much as it should. It’s the wrong thing to do, but I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself. I mean, if Josh gets married, and I get married (which is the extreme case), we’re still going to want to spend time with each other, some of it alone. And when we’re alone, I think one thing will lead to another and, well … it won’t be easy to stop. I think it’ll be impossible actually, and it’ll be harder on everyone if we try to. It’s not as though we’re doing it for some casual thrills on the side; we just both happen to love each other despite any other people we might love in our lives. It’s a very unique scenario, but I’d be likely to adopt a ‘what they don’t know, won’t hurt them’ approach. For anything else, though, I’d never even consider cheating.

Interviewer: güvenilir casino Well, that’s a very thorough answer. Next we have CheatMan asking a very good question, and that is whether you’ve ever considered going on the pill to improve your experiences with Josh. You’d think all these condoms would be dipping into your purse quite a bit.

Jacquie: [laughs] We don’t do it that much. But I suppose it would be nice. I guess up until now I just didn’t want to commit to anything. Things are still up in the air with Valerie and I don’t want to make that commitment (and it does feel like a big commitment to me) only to have to stop the next day. I’ll see though.

Interviewer: Very well. Daedalus wishes to know why you haven’t had any romantic relationships (other than that which you have with Josh) in the last few years. Is it something you’re not interested in?

Jacquie: Who said I haven’t had a relationship in years? I ended one about six months ago. I admit, I haven’t had as many as Dawn, but then who has? I’ve had three serious boyfriends, I think. One cheated on me, the other was too clingy and I just got bored of the third one. Well, I wouldn’t say bored, because that’s mean, but if, after a year, I feel like our relationship isn’t going anywhere, then I want to be able to look for someone else. I kind of put my love life on hold for a while, just to help around the house and stuff, but then the opportunity arose to mess around with Josh and, well … that’s all I need right now. Casual sex, a best friend and someone I love. [smiles]

Interviewer: Daedalus also asks why you aren’t on the pill yet?

Jacquie: [rolls eyes] I told you, it just felt like a big commitment. It makes everything that much realer. Suddenly I’m worrying about having my brother’s baby. That kind of freaks me out. But I’m looking into it, so stop asking.

Interviewer: Finally, we have another rather good question from Daedalus, who asks what your plans for the future are. Are you planning to be a homemaker forever?

Jacquie: God, no. I’m just doing that to help out the others. I used to work before that, and go to college, but nothing serious. And I have a psych major too, so hah!

Interviewer: Really? You’re a trained psychologist?

Jacquie: Don’t look at me like that.

Interviewer: Like what?

Jacquie: Like Incest Girl isn’t capable of helping people with their problems.

Interviewer: Well, I didn’t actually…

Jacquie: And what about your childhood, hmm? Any strange encounters with your sister? Or brother maybe?

Interviewer: Excuse me! This is preposterous! What are you insinuating?

Jacquie: Nothing.

Interviewer: [taking a deep breath] Whatever relationships I had with my family are my own business, but I can assure you that I have never engaged in anything as perver—

Jacquie: Watch it, bub.

Interviewer: [clears throat] Perhaps we should get on with the interview. We wouldn’t want to keep the fans waiting, after all.

Jacquie: No, we wouldn’t. So stop coughing and ask some questions.

Interviewer: [sighing] Very well. Ah, here’s a good peace-making question. Goonie Boy asks what your favourite movie is.

Jacquie: Favourite movie… Um… I don’t know. I don’t watch many movies. I used to. Alice watches a lot of this arthouse stuff, and I usually catch those on occasion. But … I like horror movies as well. Like The Sixth Sense. That was good. Can I say that?

Interviewer: You can say whatever you like.

Jacquie: Okay, that then. For lack of a better response.

Interviewer: All right, an anonymous user who has just finished his first year of college asks whether you’ve ever been suspicious of your sister Dawn’s … sexuality.

Jacquie: You mean is she bi?

Interviewer: Essentially, yes.

Jacquie: I’m not sure. It’s definitely occurred to me before, but she’s never said anything.

Interviewer: Why did it occur to you in the first place?

Jacquie: Well, for one thing, she’s Dawn, which speaks for itself. And, well, have you seen the girls she hangs around with? Even I find them attractive.

Interviewer: So you’d—

Jacquie: I said I find them attractive, not that I want to jump in bed with them.

Interviewer: But if—

Jacquie: [brandishing a finger] Look, buddy. Keep your mind on the questions, okay?

Interviewer: [clearing throat] Yes, of course. Uh … a question from Goonie Boy asks what your favourite type of … lingerie … is?

Jacquie: What’s with these questions? Do people really want to know what kind of underwear I buy?

Interviewer: You have no idea.

Jacquie: Well, I hate to disappoint, but I’m a pretty regular girl. Anything simple is really okay with me. I wear mostly black though.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Jacquie: [smiles] Because Josh likes it.

Interviewer: So no leopard-print G-strings?

Jacquie: [laughs] You’re talking to the wrong sister.

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