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An Indian Family Story Ch. 03

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An Indian Family Story Ch 3This went on for a few weeks. Ponni and Ramu were very happy. They fucked every night. Ramu felt guilty whenever he met Muthusamy. The thought that he was fucking his best friend’s wife without his knowledge made it more thrilling. Until one night! He was lying down after a hard fuck, and Ponni had gone to wash herself. When she came back, her husband was following her into the room naked and with his erect prick in his hands. Without so much of a glance at Ramu, Muthusamy placed himself between the thighs of Ponni and started screwing her. It was a quick but intensive affair. Ponni was so engrossed in screwing she was getting that she was not aware that Ramu was still there. Not knowing what else to do, Ramu watched. Muthusamy was panting and grunting, and within a short time he shot his load up Ponni’s cunt and fell on her.

Then every thing was silent. Only their breathing was audible. Muthusamy then rolled off Ponni and lay besides her. It was an awkward moment for Ramu. Ponni sensed it and said to Ramu, “Don’t worry Ramu, my husband knows all about it. I told him about us as soon as he caught me on your third visit here. I let him know about my needs and convinced him to accept you as my second husband. He has been very understanding; he gets very excited when he peeps at us having sex. He will get an erection and as soon as you leave, he will come to fuck me. “I don’t mind, but you must promise me that you will keep it a secret between us” Muthusamy told me.

I did not know what to say. It was a strange request from a man whose wife I had just screwed.

Then they told me their story.

Ponni’s Story.

Ponni married Muthusamy ten years ago when she was twenty. Initially her marriage and sex life was good. Muthusamy took good care of her both during the day and also during the night. But after a few years, he became weak in sex. He needed a lot of stimulation before he could get his cock erect. Then he had to do it fast in order not to loose his erection. This left Ponni unsatisfied. She put up with although she had to play with herself to be satisfied. Being a woman who needed sex often, she could not tolerate it anymore, until one year ago, when she met Velan. At first she was reluctant, but she could not live without sex and she sought out Velan whose wife had died a year before that. With a lot of difficulty they kept it a secret from Muthusamy.

She found the idea acceptable because her parents also practiced it. Her parents stayed together with an uncle, her father’s younger brother. From a young age, her sister and she knew that her mother was being fucked by both of them. They used to see their uncle going into her mother’s bedroom in the afternoons when their father was in the fields. When they were old enough to understand, they decided to peep into the bedroom one day through a crack in the door. For the first time, they saw what was happening. Both their uncle and their mother were totally naked and their uncle was lying on top of their mother and moving his backside up and down. Later they came to know that they were fucking. Some times they saw their mother sucking his cock. It fascinated them. Sometimes they saw their uncle licking their mother’s cunt, before fucking her.

At night, they used to see their father fucking their mother. Often after that, their mother would go to their uncle’s room, after washing herself. There they would fuck again. Then she would go back to her father’s room and sleep.

The sisters soon learned to play with each other following what they had seen. Under the blankets they would lick each other and find strange pleasures. Her mother soon found out about their doings and told them about sex. Their mother too was sex hungry when she was young. Having married their father, she was soon serving their casino şirketleri uncle too with the blessing of their father. It was no sin since her husband was unable to satisfy her completely.

“I am glad that you two are following my footsteps. I have to find good strong husbands for you. But in the meanwhile, you have to please each other. From now on I will leave the doors slightly open. You can see and learn from me,” she said.

From then on they used to peep without fear. Their parents used to perform as though they were putting on an exhibition, most of the time with the lights on. The sisters used to finger each other and derive enormous pleasure. Their uncle was good fucker too. He used to fuck their mother in various ways. He also could fuck her longer than their father. Their mother would scream and groan when they were both fucking and would only stop when their uncle unloaded his juice into their mother.

Ponni had accepted the idea that it was all right for one woman to be fucked by more than one man. She had convinced Muthusamy of that when he could not satisfy her for some time.

Muthusamy himself had a problem. Although during the first few years of their marriage, he could satisfy Ponni’s sexual demands, later he developed a sense of inadequacy and insecurity to her increasing demands. He confessed his problem to her. He could only get a good erection when he saw pictures or when he imagined someone screwing his wife. This he told her was due to his experience, when he was a young boy.

Muthusamy’s Story.

Muthusamy was orphaned when he was about 15 years old. He was taken by his uncle (father’s brother) in the neighboring village and brought up, being childless after many years of marriage. His father’s land was leased to a local man. His uncle was probably more interested in the income from his brother’s lands than in Muthusamy.

His aunty was more kind. She loved him and took care of him well. It was later that he realized why she loved him.

They all live in a small one roomed house. He used to sleep in the hall, while his aunty slept in the only room. His uncle used to sleep in the verandah of the house, as it was very hot inside especially during the summers. One night, he was sleeping lightly because of the summer heat, he saw his uncle going into his aunt’s room. He lay besides her and woke her up. They did not close the bedroom door thinking that he was fast asleep as he usually would be. In the light of the small kerosene lamp, he could see what was going on. Sitting on the mat, he began undressing her. He removed her blouse and then the bra. She stood up and Muthusamy could see her naked upper body and her breasts faintly in the light. His uncle then lifted her saree and went underneath it and did something. His aunty was holding his saree-covered head and moving her hips. She slowly removed her saree and became naked. Muthusamy was shocked to find his uncle licking his wife’s dark private part. Within a few minutes, he made her lie down on the mat and got on top of her and stated moving his hips up and down. Although he had heard about sex, this was the first time he was seeing it. Soon his uncle became still and then got up and went out to sleep in the verandah. Muttering his aunty went out to the bathroom and came back. She was still naked. She lay on the mat and began doing something with her hand between her legs. Her hand was moving faster and faster until she became still suddenly. Then she turned around and slept exposing her big naked buttocks to him. Seeing the buttocks and thinking about what he saw Muthusamy shook his erect painful prick till he shot his juice. Then he drifted to sleep.

Next day he and his aunty behaved as though nothing happened. This went on for some time until one day when his uncle was away for a few casino firmaları days, when his aunt confronted him about his nightly activities.

“You really enjoy watching us don’t you? I have a mind to tell your uncle,” she threatened.

Muthusamy became frightened and begged his aunty not to do so. “Uncle will beat me and will chase me out of the house. I have no where to go, please aunty, don’t tell him”

“All right, but you will do as I say, and you must not tell any one about it, understand?” she asked him.

“Anything you say aunty.”

“You have seen how fast your uncle does his work with me, and how I have to use my fingers to satisfy me. Now, I want you to satisfy me whenever I want you to, understand?” she asked loudly.

“Yes aunty, but I don’t know anything..,” Muthusamy muttered.

“I will teach you and you will learn right from now!” she said.

She then led him to the bedroom. She spread the mat on the floor and placed two pillows on it. She stood in front of him and asked him to remove her blouse. A frightened Muthusamy, slowly removed her saree front, and fumbled with her blouse hooks. Sensing his fear, she calmed him with cool words and hugged him lovingly. She helped him with the hooks and when he had removed the blouse, she turned back and asked him to unhook her bra. When it was done she turned around cupping her breasts and bra with her hands. When she removed her bra, Muthu opened his eyes and mouth wide and stared at them. It was for the first time he was seeing a woman’s breasts and that too his aunt’s and that so closely.

“You like them?” she asked, lifting both of them and showing them to him. “Here, touch them, feel them, play with them,” she offered.

Seeing his hesitation, she took both his hands and placed them on her breasts. Muthu felt their soft warmth and started squeezing them gently. He felt their rounded nipples and stroked the smooth pale skin. She pulled his head to her chest with both her hands and rubbed his face on her breasts, moaning softly.

“Suck my nipples Muthu, suck them like a baby,” she urged, pointing one breast to his mouth. Muthu did as ordered, first the nipple then a little of the breast, then he tried to take as much as possible of his aunt’s breast into his mouth and sucked it hard. She gave him the other breast to suck.

“ Remove my saree Muthu,” she ordered, “and I will show you my hairy cunt. I will show you everything. I will take you to heaven.”

Muthu removed the saree and untied her under skirt. His aunt wriggled her buttocks and it slid to the floor and exposed her nude body to him. She then undid his baggy trousers and his tight underwear and made him naked. He felt shy to stand naked in front of his aunt in daylight. But this was not reflected in spirit as his prick was standing at full attention. His aunt caught it and tugged at it gently.

“My, you do have a good sized one for your age don’t you?” She kissed it lightly and took it into her mouth. She tasted it for a while and then said, “let us begin your lessons now.”

She spread herself on the mat and asked Muthu to sit in between her legs. Putting a pillow under her buttocks, she spread her thighs and asked Muthu to take a closer look at it. Muthu’s face was hardly six inches from his aunt’s cunt. He could smell its musky smell. She spread her hairy bush and exposed the fleshy red interior for him to see. Pointing to her clit, she asked him to suck it. Muthu sucked it and found it to be pleasant. She asked him to lick between her cunt lips. Muthu did so. He licked deeply and slowly. His aunt whimpered. She wriggled her buttocks. A sweet slimy fluid was dripping from the inside of her cunt. Muthu instantly liked its taste and licked deeper for more of it. His aunt couldn’t stand it any longer. She clamped his head with güvenilir casino both her fleshy thighs and forced his head against her cunt, almost suffocating him.

She then asked him to fuck her. And fuck her he did. First with her on her back, then with her kneeling on all fours like dogs, from behind, then with him on the mat and she riding him. His youth was to his advantage and he lasted all through her fucking till she was exhausted. Then lying on her back, she spread her thighs apart and invited him into her. He entered her slowly and started fucking her. He plunged deeper and deeper. He increased his rhythm till she was screaming for him to fuck her faster. He did so, panting and sweating. She screamed dirty Tamil words at him till he took one last deep plunge and spurted his juice into her cunt. As he lay on top of her he could feel the liquefying juice and her cunt juice dribbling along his balls.

From then on, it was a regular affair. But his aunt did it only at nights and that too after his uncle had finished fucking her. He used to lie down in the semi-darkness and watch them screwing each other and feeling his own prick responding to their act. As soon as the uncle went back to the verandah to sleep, his aunt would call him to fuck her again without any preliminaries. He would fuck her with his uncle’s juice sloshing inside her cunt.

This went on for many months, till is uncle caught him one night. He got a severe beating for it and was chased out of his house the next day. His aunt too was not spared. Taking pity on him, and for the pleasure he had given her during his stay there, she gave him a substantial amount of money to help him by. Muthusamy came back to his own village of Periaparai, and redeemed his father’s lands and started farming again.

In time he married Ponni. At first it was very good. He could please her when ever necessary. But Ponni being sex-hungry, needed more than he could provide. Over time he could not satisfy her. He tried his best. Ponni too was understanding and tried to help him out. After three years of this, Velan came into the picture. At first Ponni kept her affair with Velan a secret from her husband. They met occasionally and discreetly and it was only for his big prick. She needed him to satisfy her starving cunt. That was till Ramu came along. One night, shortly after their first meeting in their house, Muthu watched them having sex from behind the partially opened door. His experience earlier in life at his uncle’s house came to his mind. While watching Ponni and Ramu having sex, he found to his amazement that he was having an unusually stiff hard on. Later when Ponni came back to his room to sleep, he caught her and took her like he had not for many years. Ponni enjoyed her husband for the first time in a long, long time. When they recovered from their animal-like fucking, Muthu told her about his peeping and how it had made his prick erect. From then on it was their routine, till they decided to keep Ramu permanently in their house. They let Ramu know about his secret adventures and encouraged him.

“It will not be good if you are caught coming and going out of my house in the middle of the night every day. So we have a plan for you, if you will agree to it.” Ponni said.

Ramu looked at them with surprise. What was more surprising was that all three of them were totally naked and seemed to be the least bothered about it.

“Ponni has a sister, about five years younger than her. If you agree we will try to get her married to her. That way, we can all stay together and no one will be suspicious,” Muthusamy added. “Ponni can go tomorrow itself.”

“It seems to be a good idea. I don’t mind, but will Ponni’s sister agree to it?” Ramu asked.

“Don’t worry Ramu, I will convince her. You know that we are very close. She will listen to me especially, if I tell her about the whole plan. I am going to include her in our plan, you know,” Ponni said enthusiastically. “I will ask her to stay with me here for a few days first and slowly get her in to the game”

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