Ocak 27, 2021

An Abiding Love Pt. 01

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‘Darling. Please be careful. Your cock is stretching daddy’s cunt,’ I cried as Jimmy’s ten- inch pole of man meat rammed into my guts.

‘Don’t.. pretend.. you don’t.. love it,’ he gasped as he thrust again and again, before gushing his baby-making cream into my womb, as I referred to the further reaches of my but hole. ‘You want me to make my babies inside you as much as I do.’

He grasped my hair and pulled back my head so that he could secure his lips on mine. His tongue entered my mouth as his cock had entered my cunt and I sent a wave of cum from my cock across the sheets on our bed.

I ought to explain. I am forty- seven years old. I married in my early twenties; my wife bore one son and died when he was four years old. I brought Jimmy up alone and now he is a man of twenty-four. We have always been close. Even during the years when he was in university he came home for the vacations and he and I travelled together all over the world. We were in the Far East when I became fascinated by the culture of lady boys. It was not that I wanted to use them. I wanted to be one of them.

I am not a delicate flower. I stand six feet tall, weigh 180 pounds and have a six-inch cock. My hair is black and I have some body hair, all of which I now shave, whereas I started to grow the hair on my head so that I could brush it into waves to frame my face. After we returned from the east, whenever I was alone in the house, I used to pretend that I was a lady boy and that a man was preparing me for fucking. I bought stockings, suspender belts, panties and bras and a six -inch dildo; I would strip off my male clothes, which I disliked more and more, would make up my face and let my hands roam over my body, feeling my balls and stroking my cock. I lubed up the dildo and circled my hole with my oiled finger until she allowed one finger, then two to enter. And then I fucked myself with the dildo, bucking and moaning on my bed until I came and was able to dabble my fingers in my cum and feed my waiting mouth with nectar.

After Jimmy finished university, having completed a first degree and a Ph.D. in record time, I expected that he would want to test his wings by moving away, perhaps to work abroad for a while. Instead he asked me if he could move back home. He had secured a job with an international pharmaceutical firm at their casino şirketleri laboratory in our city. In one way I was delighted, of course, but I had got used, over the previous few years, to being able to spend most of my time at home as a woman and now that would have to stop. However, I said ‘yes’ and Jimmy moved back in.

I expected that, at his age, he would be out most nights in bars with his friends. Instead we usually had a meal together and then settled down to TV, to watch videos, listen to music or read. After he had been home a month I was getting jittery. I had been unable to spend any time as a woman and I was worried that Jimmy was not having any social life.

We had finished our evening meal and gone to our usual chairs in the room which we used as our sitting room. It was a comfortable, slightly shabby, large room from which the staircase rose to the bedroom floor. I decided that I had to bring up the subject of my boy’s lack of a social life.

I said, ‘You know, Jimmy, you don’t have to stay in with me. You’re a young man. You need to go out, meet friends, meet girls, enjoy yourself. I shall be OK.’

We sat, our knees almost touching, our chairs were so close. I thought what a handsome man Jimmy had become. He had my black hair and our features were very similar but he was six feet five inches tall and muscular, a rugby player weighing over 200 pounds, whereas I had been a runner and was more finely boned. I realised for the first time that I was attracted to his big shoulders, his broad chest with its magnificent abs, and to the arms which rested so massively on his stupendous thighs. I caught myself imagining him as my lover and I blushed.

Jimmy didn’t notice. He seemed lost in his own thoughts. After a moment he sighed and looked directly at me, as though he had come to a decision.

‘I love you, Dad,’ he said.

‘I love you too, son,’ I replied.’ But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo having a life of your own. I don’t want to monopolise you. I want you to have everything a young man should have. I want you to be happy.’

‘You don’t understand. When I say ‘I love you’ I mean that I am in love with you, as you were in love with mum. I love you as a man loves a woman.’

I sat astonished. Jimmy mistook my surprise for disgust. He looked away wildly. ‘Oh god, Dad, casino firmaları I’m so sorry. Now you think I’m a monster and I’ve spoiled everything.’

He was on the verge of tears. My glorious, manly boy was going to pieces before my eyes. I grasped both his hands in mine and said, ‘Of course you aren’t a monster. You are the most beautiful, the best, son any man ever had, and I am so very, very proud of you. It took real guts to say what you have just said to me. Never be ashamed of being the wonderful man you are.’

By now we both had tears streaming down our faces. I found myself leaning into him and kissing the tears from his cheeks. We looked into one another’s eyes and our lips met. We were both surprised and pulled back momentarily before we kissed again properly, open mouth to open mouth and our tongues danced together. I took my darling boy in my arms and rocked him gently from side to side as I had done when he was a baby, but now he was the stronger of the two and soon his arms were doing the rocking and I succumbed to enjoying his powerful embrace.

We made out for an hour, telling each other of our mutual love, kissing and stroking but, as yet, going no further. There was a wonderful innocence about everything we did and said to each other.

Jimmy said, ‘When we saw the lady boys I wanted you to be my lady boy.’

I smiled and said, ‘Let me go for five minutes and you can have her.’

He kept hold of me, kissed me and said, ‘Explain yourself, woman.’

I adored his calling me ‘woman’ and his tone of command, but I wriggled out of his grasp, said, ‘Wait and see,’ blew him a kiss and retreated to my bedroom. There I quickly put on a rudimentary make-up, ensuring that my eyes (my best feature, I think) were nicely emphasised; I chose very skimpy, all -black lingerie including fish nets; I slid my feet into a pair of stilettos. I brushed my hair to fall in curls around my face. Then I waited at the top of the stairs. My darling boy sat below and opposite me; he saw me; his mouth fell open.

‘Hell’s bells,’ he exclaimed.

‘I hope something more hopeful than that,’ I said.

I walked slowly down the stairs, making sure Jimmy saw me to my best advantage. Jimmy stood up and held out his arms towards me. I saw a remarkably satisfactory bulge growing in his trousers. Our hands touched güvenilir casino and he pulled me into his arms and set about kissing me with complete concentration. His hands moved over me, inside my bra, then over my silk-clad buttocks, then sliding inside the front of my panties to hold my cock and balls against my flesh as though they were part of a clitie. Then, suddenly, he swept me up in his arms, raced upstairs as though I were a feather weight, laid me on my marital bed, tore off his own clothes and took me.

Within minutes my calves were resting on his shoulders and his ten-inch pole of velvet-clad iron had taken my cherry, my virgin cunt, and was sending me into paroxysms of delight as he ploughed into my own velvet shute. He pushed my buttocks apart until I thought I should split in two. He seized my neck in his teeth as he rammed home his two-inch wide cock and my clitie cock erupted between our pounding bodies. Then he yelled out as he gushed again and again into my cunt and I knew that, beyond doubt, I was a woman and he was my man and that his sperm was deep in my womb.

We were both shuddering and groaning as though we had been through the most shattering ordeal, which, in a way, we had. As I lay beneath my son I realised that the whole of our life had changed for ever. We were now lovers. There would be difficulties, but we should face them together and the emotional and sexual rewards would be immense.

Jimmy stirred and slid to one side to relieve me of his weight. He wiped sweat away from my face with his hand, then he leant in and kissed it from my eyelids. He looked down at me with such overwhelming love that my heart almost gave out. I could have been happy to die at that moment, except that to die would deprive me of the sight, the touch, the taste of my man and of him I wanted more and more.

‘I love you,’ I said.

‘Darling daddy, will you be my wife?’

‘Of course, my sweet son-husband.’

‘I shall want to make my babies inside you.’

‘I know and I am glad, even if we have to pretend a little.’

He took hold of my balls. ‘I came from here’. He raised my cock. ‘And you shot me along here.’ He put his index finger to my mouth for me to suck it. He used it to rim my pucker before easing his finger into my hole. ‘And, so far as I am concerned, you grew me in this womb and now I am filling her with my sperm and growing my babies in her, my darling little wife.’

I took his probing hand in mine. I raised it to my lips and said, simply, ‘My lord and master. Whatever you wish.’

(to be continued)

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