Mayıs 18, 2021

Amy’s Anal Masturbation

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Anal sex. I know guys love it. Guys seem to always want a girl’s ass, or at least, all of my boyfriends have always wanted to try anal with me. There must be something about a guy forcing his cock up a girl’s tightest, most private hole that they like. Certainly I’ve never felt as vulnerable, as submissive, as when I have my legs up in the air and a guy is sliding his engorged cock deep within my tight bottom. I was told that only sluts do anal; I guess that makes me one of the biggest sluts going around. I just love having cocks up my butt. I’m a true ass girl.

And so, in between boyfriends, I find that I always have to satisfy myself there. Anal masturbation is one of the best things in the world because you can control the flow and feel of penetrating your tightest orifice with whatever you have in mind. I think the anus is even a bit more flexible than the vagina and you can really fit all manner of things in there; don’t get me wrong, my butt is always super tight, but with the right coaxing and masturbation, it can gape as wide as any pornstar’s ass.

I’ve had a few suggestions for objects up my ass so I have them gathered right here with me now. I hope you’re excited about this, and if you haven’t already, take out your cock and start to jack it, slowly. I want you to enjoy this as much as I’m going to. I love the thought of guys taking out their beautiful cocks and jerking off to me while I masturbate. If I was with you right now, I’d be begging you to pork me up my butt, and do things your girlfriends would never even dream of. I have done ass to mouth on bahis firmaları more than a few occasions.

Anyway, back to what I have here on my desk before me. The first thing, of course, is a large butt plug. It’s from the Belladonna range of butt plugs, it’s nice and soft, and hot pink. I have lots and lots of lube on hand too. I pour a small amount lube on my right hand, and slowly spread it on my butt in small circles. Gently I press one finger insistently at my anus, and soon I’m fingering my ass with my middle finger. I like feeling my warm insides, with my finger I can feel how tight, and yet also how fleshy and warm and smooth my back passage is.

I take that butt plug, and slowly ease it into my ass. At its widest, the plug is stretching my anal ring out to pretty large proportions. But it only lasts a second, as it then seals inside me with a little ‘plop’. My ass has grabbed the narrow end of the plug, and now nothing will make that butt plug come out. My ass is stuffed full. I sit down on my ass now, as I type, and I can feel that plug deep inside me. I press my butt down on the chair so I can force the plug as deep inside me as I can.

After bouncing on the chair a bit, I gently withdraw the butt plug. I know guys like it when a girl plays dirty, so I lick the butt plug clean. Not that it has much on it besides lube, really…but already I can feel the plug is very warm, having absorbed all that warmth from my ass. Next on the list of things to put in my butt is a carrot. I hope that guy that sent me the request to put a carrot in my ass knows how kaçak iddaa silly I feel with a carrot sticking out of my butt.

It’s quite cold initially but I can get most of the carrot in my ass. Imagine if some of the people in everyday life could see me now, with a carrot wedged in between my tight buttocks. I ease it inside, pulling back and forth, fucking myself with a carrot. When I’m done with it, I’ll wash it and put it back in the fridge. It’ll be funny to see whoever eats that carrot later, with me knowing that it’s been right in my ass. Hopefully washing it will mean that they don’t get to taste my ass on that carrot.

I had a request for a baseball bat but I don’t think I can quite fit that one in. Instead I’ve decided to go with another one — golf balls. Thoroughly lubing them up so my ass is a sloppy wet mess as well as the golf balls, the first one is pretty easy to slide in. I just hold it at my pucker, and push gently, until my ass gives way and I can relax and it slides in. The next one goes in pretty easily too. The third one, though, is starting to find some resistance. I’m not sure I really have that much room up my ass! Although I’ve taken some big cocks, I can’t say I’ve fucked myself with golf balls in the ass before. In the end, I can only manage three before I have to abort…and three golf balls come back out of my ass. I’ll wash them too and hope that my brother can get some good rounds out of those golf balls. Hopefully popping them in my ass has given them good luck!

I slide lots of pens and pencils in my ass too. They’re all pretty kaçak bahis easy, and soon just about every stationary item in the house has been in my ass too. Hopefully no one can smell the butt juice on them, I’m pretty sure I cleaned them all fairly thoroughly afterwards. Other household items that find a short stay in my butt include some cooking utensils (except the rolling pin which I can’t fit in) and one gentleman has actually suggested that I put one of my thongs up my butt. I must tell you it’s a strange sensation, but after scrunching up one of my black thongs, I pushed it up my anal canal and then could retrieve it again. I brought it up to my face and sniffed deeply like any anal slut should.

As always, I like to finish with my favourite 10″ jelly dong. It’s a translucent, pink dildo that is quite flexible, but also quite thick. I have used it absolutely every single day since I bought it two years ago. Sometimes I’ve practised my deepthroat technique on it, other times I’ve just had a good old fuck in my pussy. But today, I’d like to put it deep in my ass. I’m working the head in right now, and then feeding my ass, inch by inch. I’m on my back with my legs in the air, taking myself up the ass with this big dildo. I have to pinch my clit while I’m doing this. I force the dildo back and forth, I can feel it deep within my butt, and soon I’m cumming, my pussy juices flowing, as that big jelly dong is all the way up my ass.

I can’t wait until I have a real cock up my butt again. I’m an attention whore so I love it when a guy boasts to his mates that he’s had my ass, and that I’m a dirty slut who takes it up the shitter. All it means is more guys want to grab me for a good buttfucking, and most of the time I’ll be happy to oblige. This is Amy Henderson, anal slut, signing off!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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