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American Cuckold

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Belen Rodriguez

My mom was sick with the flu. Not a pretty sight. But thanks to dayquil and Ambien, my mom and I got to know each other very well. I eagerly looked for the next chance to sneak into her bed and learn more from her expert mom bod. And she too squeezed my hand and occasionally my ass to remind me she did not forget the time last week when her 19 year old son fucked her to a shuddering orgasm. My orgasm, not hers. I actually wasn’t sure if I had made my mom cum or not though she did enjoy me trying!

But as luck would have it, my dad got sick with the flu too. So there was a noisy overlap when both my parents were sick in bed, coughing and spewing. My older sister, Taylor, and I ended up being the good kids, dutifully bringing them soup, OJ, meds and tissues. Because my mom didn’t want us getting sick, we had to wear masks whenever we were in their room.

My mom, Katie, as I’ve mentioned before, is a hot brunette, voluptuous – sort of like Katy Mixon from AMERICAN MOM and MIKE AND MOLLY. My mom is from Florida, a petite Southerner with big boobs, perfect nails and a naughty generous smile.

My dad, Greg, is a big man, maybe towering at 6’2, over 200 lbs. He was the Frankenstein of our family, a college professor. Unfortunately, the bigger the person, the worse they are when they get sick. He was blowing his nose non-stop and moaned and groaned over the agony of the flu. I love my dad, but he’s usually the spineless one, letting mom walk all over him.

So the two of them were in bed, coughing and hacking and occasionally calling for me or Taylor for help.

Finally, the meds kicked in. When i walked into my parents’ bedroom, my dad was fast asleep. My mom was sitting up, tucked in, her generous boobs were holstered in a pink, lacy nightgown.

“Oliver! Come sit with momma.”

I dutifully sat beside her as she felt my forehead and poked at my face mask.

“How’s my handsome son doing?” Her hand held my shoulder, traced a line down my arm.

“Good, mom. I’m not sick.”

“That’s good. Your poor momma is so tired of being sick. So bored, baby!” Her hand was now on my thigh. She knew what she was doing as I started to chub up.

“Mom!” I whispered. “Dad?” I nodded toward his sleeping form. My dad slept on his side, facing away from my mom’s side of the bed.

“Shhh, he’s asleep. He’s on dayquil and Ambien.” She patted the bed beside her. “Oliver, let me see your pee-pee again?”

“No! Dad’s right there!” I whispered.

But she reached for my bulge and gave it a long squeeze, “Momma wants.”

I looked over at dad, but he was out. Reluctantly, I slid my sweatpants down to let my boner flip out.

“Oooo! Come sit up here, Oliver!”

“No, I’m not doing that.”

“Come here!” She commanded.

I hesitated again before shucking off my sweatpants, climbing slowly on the bed so that I straddled my mom. My erection was quivering in front of her. She could suck me off, or tuck me between her breasts. Shit, if dad woke up and turned over, I’d be a dead man. I watched eagerly for her next move.

She smiled, beaming at my upcurved cock. Then with her right hand, she grabbed it and started sucking it like a lollipop, stopping only to say “nom nom nom” which she knew annoyed me. “Oliver, be a dear and take those dirty socks off my bed.”

I carefully squatted over her to pull them off. My mom had this thing about dirty socks and dirty feet. Then I resumed the position for her oral attentions. I glanced over at dad but he was sound asleep. Meanwhile, my mom was cupping and fondling my balls, marvelling at them as if she had never felt balls before. She kissed my hips and my stomach and teased me with a quick tongue to my belly button.

As she fed on me, neither of us noticed the bedroom door open.

“What the hell?” It was Taylor at the door.

“Shit!” I scrambled to get off the bed but my mom held my ass cheek and waved at Taylor.

“Tay, cmon here,” mom hissed casino şirketleri and whispered.

Taylor walked over. Dad was still asleep, and I was still kneeling over our mom, my boner in the air.

“Tay, come see your brother. He’s all grown up now.”

“OMG, mom, that’s disgusting. He will always be my stinky kid brother.”

“Oh no, Tay-tay, no!” My mom smiled and squeezed my erection. “Oliver is growing up very nicely.”

“Disgusting!” Taylor pronounced. But she still stood there watching. “How big are you, Oliver?”

“It’s a good 6 inches.” I proudly wagged my boner.

“My boyfriend, Trip, is 8!” she bragged.

“Tay? Are you two having sex?” Our mom asked.

“Well…” she blushed.

My mom tapped my abs, “This is the nice thing about having a brother. You can practice on him!”

“Ewww! Mom!” Taylor was not impressed. Her boyfriend, Trip, was a big lug football player. I was the equivalent of a Chihuahua. But she was still fixated watching our mother slowly jack me, my boner glistening from her saliva.

“Don’t be a snob, Tay. Oliver won’t say a thing, will you?”

I shook my head.

“Mom! Dad’s sleeping right beside you!”

“And he doesn’t have to know.” To make her point, she shoved dad’s shoulder but he stayed asleep, snoring loudly.

At that, Taylor sat on the edge of the bed. Our mom pulled on my dick to make me lean forward. My mom was a hot momma, but my sister Taylor was the blondie cheerleader hottie. I watched with delight as Taylor gobbled my knob between her perfectly lipsticked lips. It was like she was trying a new kind of hot dog. She looked puzzled at first and then went back to it, licking my length.

“He’s small enough to swallow whole!” Taylor whispered happily.

“Oh, Tay, you’re so bad! Gimme some of Oliver’s dick.” My mom grabbed a hold of the base of my dick so Taylor had to share.

I watched, dizzy with pleasure, as mom and my sister took turns sucking me off. I’d glance over at dad, but he remained asleep. Their sucking relay didn’t give me the chance to rev up to orgasmic levels, but it felt good to have 2 hungry mouths take turns trying me out. Soon, they tackled my dick together, like playing a harmonica. It took all my self control not to cum right then.

“Have you two messed around before?” My mom smiled at us.

“Um, no?” I lied. I didn’t know how mom would react if she knew I had fucked Taylor when I got a Brazilian wax job.

Taylor too glanced at me.

“Lie back, Oliver,” mom pushed me back. “Watch, Taylor. Let me teach you how to ride a man.”

“Oh, I know!” Taylor blurted out. “I mean, I sure know I’d like to learn!” She wasn’t going to confess what a slut she was with her boyfriend.

My mom clambered over me. She was dressed in her pink nightgown which fanned open at her legs. Once she was positioned over me, she guided my erection in as she sat down and began to grind, sliding backward and forward on me like she was adjusting the driver’s seat of a car.

“Mmmm, nice. Your brother feels so good!” She pushed up my t-shirt to rub my ribs and abs.

Taylor watched, smiling. I felt guilty, in this position I had one of my barefeet up on my dad’s pillow.

No sooner did she get into a grinding groove when my mother climbed off me – I plopped out of her like a cork – and she invited Taylor to try me out. It was easy for Taylor to undress. She always wore mini-skirts, so she pulled off her panties and climbed onto our parent’s bed and positioned herself over me. She moved faster, assuredly, to show our mother that she was no stranger to sex. Taylor was much tighter than mom, and she road me like I was her bicycle and she was huffing and puffing going uphill.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation, hands behind my head. I spread my legs until my left foot was up against my dad’s back, and another thrill went through me that I was fucking my dad’s wife and daughter.

My mom noticed casino firmaları my movement so she whispered at me, “Oliver, get your dirty feet off the pillow!”

“They’re not dirty, mom. I showered this morning!”

She made a face of disbelief, then went back to peering closely at Taylor’s pelvis on mine. “Good job, Tay-Tay! Don’t let it slip out! You don’t want to break his boner!”

“Mom? Can I try something?” I asked.

“What is it, Oliver?”

“Can we try doggy?”

“Oh, Oliver, your momma has a big butt. I think that’s too much cushion for you, baby boy.”

“Please? I want to try.”

My mom smiled and she signaled Taylor to get off the bed. Then our mom was on all fours beside our still sleeping dad. She wasn’t kidding – mom had a big butt. She arched her butt up into the air so I could part her cheeks and finger her wet vagina. Then, I positioned myself and pushed in.

The sensation was incredible as I slapped against her. Taylor was cheering us on and I could feel my 6 inches of dick caught inside her sopping wet tunnel. Before, I always thought a guy had to hit the cervix to make a girl cum, and I realized that wasn’t going to happen with me and my mother.

But I tried hard, my hands on her butt, occasionally slapping her. Her body was big and warm and generous but full. I had no idea how far away I was from hitting her cervix, but I enjoyed this doggy position and my sister as smiling audience. I wondered if Taylor would also get into doggy position for me.

“What the hell?” Oh shit, it was dad.

While I was fucking and humping away like a sweaty dog, none of us noticed dad waking up and rolling over. I was caught like a deer in the headlamps, kneeling behind mom, though my erection was immediately lost.

Even in the dark of the bedroom, we could tell dad was angry, shocked. “What the hell is going on here?” he demanded again.

“Greg, calm down. I was teaching the kids about sex.”


“Don’t be a poo, Greg. I was scared! Scared about this flu! What if you and I got terminally ill? Who would teach our kids? Look at poor Oliver! He’s not even big enough to reach my g-spot. Who’s going to teach him, you? Taylor? No, it’s me!”

“But, you can’t be having sex with our kids!” Dad was wearing old school pajamas. I was surprised to see that he was bulging.

“Not sex, teaching! Teaching, Greg!”

“But sweetheart, it’s sex! Oliver is standing right behind you with his pants off.

“Teaching, Greg!” Our mom snapped, She retreated from me and pointed at my softie. “See, Greg? Oliver isn’t doing anything with that. He’s your son, Greg. You want him to be able to pleasure a girl, don’t you? You want grandkids someday, Greg? Well, he has to learn sometime.”

Maybe it was the drugs or the flu, but dad slowly nodded his head in agreement.

“Greg, honey, why don’t you show Oliver and Tay-Tay how it’s done.” My mom arched her ass up in the air again.

“Oh,” dad looked puzzled. He looked at me and Taylor and then he got up and pushed me aside so he could kneel behind mom. Sheepishly, he lowered his pajama pants – both Taylor and I gasped. Dad had a big old dick, 8 or 9 inches, thick and heavy like a boat. He had huge balls. What the hell did mom need with me, I wondered.

But then we saw. Very slowly, he positioned himself behind mom and started to push in.

“Oh Greg! That’s the stuff, baby! Shove it in!” By comparison to her twisting, orgasmic motions with me, mom was holding still, like a statue as dad pushed in his giant dick.

“Ohhh boy, here we go.” Dad had slid himself in. But that was it. No pumping, no humping. He stood there breathing hard while mom’s kegel exercises paid off as she gripped him with her hungry vagina walls.

“So good, Greg. Fuck me! So good!” My mother sounded unconvincing.

“Katie, please, we’re in front of the kids!”

“Dad,” Taylor noted, “I think mom wants you to do more thrusting. güvenilir casino Like Oliver does!”

Dad looked at me, then back down at mom’s ass. He pulled back slowly and pushed in again.

“More dad!” Taylor “Faster, faster!” Taylor reached for the base of dad’s cock and tried to lead him to increase his speed.

“Taylor!” dad was shocked! He pushed her hand away.

“C’mon dad!” I gave my dad a push at the back of his waist and he moved forward a couple inches. Mom moaned loudly.

Taylor, my dumbass cheerleader sister, came up with an idea. “Dad, why don’t you race me and Oliver?” She climbed onto the bed and go on all fours. She motioned me to get behind her. “C’mon dad, let’s race”

My face went red as quickly as my dick got hard. Taylor reached behind her to pull me in. Then, with a side glance at dad’s bulging eyes, I started to pump faster and faster into Taylor, our bodies slapping together like applause.

“Oh, so good!” Taylor said too cheerfully, “C’mon dad! Faster, beat Oliver!”

It was like poking an old lion, but dad started pumping faster. To her credit, our mom reacted very sensually, rewarding him for his increasing pumping. We were like 2 chariot racers, side by side, except I couldn’t help staring at my dad’s shaft sinking into mom, as thick as a baby’s arm.

“Greg, move that ass! Move that ass!” mom commanded.

“C’mon, Oliver, don’t come before dad!” Taylor warned.

I was slick with sweat, I pulled my t-shirt off and my dad stared at my skinny body enviously. He kept his pajama top on as he kept plowing mom, our 2 chariots – the kids and the parents – racing toward the finish line.

“Ok, dad, let me show you!” Taylor jumped off the bed, literally leaving me hanging. She ran to her room and came back with a strap on. Holy shit, Taylor was going to fuck our mom with that thing?

No. She tapped me on the shoulder, “Get down, Oliver.”

“What? No way!”

“Do it!”

With mom, dad and Taylor glaring at me, I slowly moved into position, beside mom, my ass up in the air. Taylor triumphantly got between my legs, pushed my things apart, put on the strap on, squirted some lube, and started pegging my virgin ass.

I cried immediately, softly into the pillow while Taylor and dad were now matching fucking speeds. I turned my head to look at mom. She was enjoying her pounding. I was not.

“Stop, Taylor, it hurts!”

“Don’t be a baby, Oliver!” She was too far gone. She loved every thrust into my ass. I glanced over my shoulder at her flinging blonde hair. I wondered if she fucked her boyfriend, Trip like this.

“OMG, Taylor, you’re ripping me in half!” I yelled, and then I sobbed.

“Oh, big baby! Turn over!”

I obediently flipped over but Taylor hoisted my legs up against her shoulders and pushed in the strap-on into my sore asshole. She cupped my balls and played with my soft dick.

“Get hard, Oliver, and I’ll stop!” She made an inhuman sound, half-cheer, half roar as she started fucking me again.

“I can’t! It hurts too much!”

“Don’t be a bitch, Tay. Let me help.” Mom reached over and fondled my soft dick. Dad was still pounding her from behind, inspired by Taylor’s pegging. In my mom’s soft hands, I started to swell, pushing past her grip into a proud erection.

“There, Taylor, now leave your brother alone.”

My sister gave me one last push to hear me scream before she pulled out the strap-on.

I guess the sight of me getting pegged turned mom and dad on. They finished loudly like hippos in heat. I laid on my side for a few minutes until dad got up and carried me by the shoulder.

“Son, I’m proud of you. You’ve got great moves. You got pegged. You could get married tomorrow.”

“Gee, thanks dad.” My ass was killing me. We made it to my room and my dad gently eased me onto my bed.

“Good boy.” dad patted me on the shoulder. Taylor was standing at the door, smirking. “Now Oliver, I’ll bring some ointment later, but your sister can look after you for now.”

I groaned on my side as dad left. My ass was on fire. Lube leaked between my cheeks. And there, smiling triumphantly, Taylor waved the strap-on at me.

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