Mart 26, 2021

Amber Surprise

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Another late night driving down the motorway, the lights illuminating the road, lights blurring one into another. As he moved into the fast lane, his speed creeps up to 90, speeding him home. It had been another long week at work, a mix of meetings with officials, managing projects and running various disciplines to try and separate the weak links from the business. The people he managed out had no idea how their personal circumstances troubled him long after they were gone, it was hard being the boss and having an empathic nature, it left him with knots in his shoulders, a buzzing in his head and a loneliness that wasn’t helped by always returning to an empty home and having only a couple of friends that stuck around since he started working and living away most of the time.

As he pulled up the car to his usual parking space he turned off the engine and sat there letting the radio finish the song, checking his phone there was still no message from his girlfriend, perhaps she had fallen asleep early, after all it was 10pm by the time he pulled up. Unpacking the car and bringing his suitcase through the first front door he was surprised by the lack of post, Amber must have been round earlier in the day to collect it, as he ascended the stairs he noticed the top door was ajar, she must have forgotten to lock up properly on her way out, there was a whisp of perfume as he entered the hall way. His heart skipped a moment hoping that perhaps Amber had come to surprise him, but as they had been seeing each other for a couple of years and she hadn’t done so before, he wrote off the thought and went into the kitchen, refreshed the kettle and switched all the sockets on and set the kettle to its task. Imagining how nice it would be to stay in just one place all the time and have just one basic but important function he envied the Kettle and its role in life.

Next stop, time to draw off a bath, water running he kicked off his shoes and took a seat on the sofa, loosening his tie and undoing a button on his shirt. He pulled his phone from his pocket to confirm that he still had no message before pulling up the news page on his favorite football team, he must have been engrossed because he ignored the faintest of sound passing across the hallway he could only half see from his position on the sofa and was only half aware that the sound of water pouring from the bath taps had ceased, he looked up couldn’t see anything and decided to finish the story of why a certain striker would fit in with his teams method of play and be quite successful. Then he heard a creak this time in the room and his attention was not to be distracted from what he saw.

There in the doorway stood Amber, sometimes a picture can say 1000 words and what she was wearing said everything. Dressed in her red baby doll nightie and from the outline her red underwear, with her dark hair down and a sparkle in her eye letting me know she had mutlukent escort plans for him. He was not going to argue, it had been a few weeks since we last had some intimate time together and by body was already starting to react to what he saw, before he even had a chance to speak. She was only small at the 5 foot mark, but she was both slim and curvy at the same time. Her arms and neck were slender, her breasts around a B cup were always well presented no matter what she wore, and she had a slim waist and beautiful curving hips and smooth legs. Why she ever doubted her appeal was beyond me, he agreed with himself that he had never seen anything so beautiful and sexy.

He went to get up and greet her but she put her hand out and walked over to me slowly, encouraging him to stay there, she made small talk like she wasn’t aware of what she was wearing and the effect it was having, the quickening of my pulse, the increased tempo of my breathing, the stirring in his loins and the whirring of my brain and imagination going into overdrive. Asking me about my day, how was his drive? did he have a good week? He didn’t have a clue about any of these things anymore, he couldn’t even remember why the kettle was on. As she stepped over my legs and brought herself to sit on his lap facing me she laughed at my distraction and asked if everything was ok. He still struggled to find the words but his hands went to her hips instinctively wanting to pull her closer to him, but she checked my hands, took them and put them back at my side. She told him to stay still, so he resisted all his desires to take control of the situation and tried to relax his body.

Amber took her hands and ran them over my shoulders, commenting on how tense they were, she undid a couple of buttons on his shirt and got her hands inside to run over his tense shoulders and torso. She found only muscle on my slim lean frame, his work was stressful and full of long days, he was always hands on and often missed meals and this had always kept me as she found me. She undid a few more buttons on his shirt and pushed it down off his shoulders and behind him binding his arms, she kept her hands on his shoulders and kissed her way down his chest as she slowly slid from his lap down onto the floor, her hands then travelled down past her lips that were still kissing my stomach and ran down his thighs, before going back up again. She asked me if he had a long hard week at work, emphasisng her words and winking at me as she stroked his growing cock through his trousers and winking at him. He really hoped she was going where she was intimating too go.

As always she struggled with the buckle of my belt and he went to help her but his hands were slapped away and the look in her face said he needed to sit back and enjoy the show. She freed up the belt from the buckle and unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers and slowly tuzla escort pulled them down, her hand immediately snaked inside his boxers and felt her make her usual tight ring with her hand just under the head of his cock, she squeezed and twisted me drawing me further to life, he was hard and aching for her but she continued to play, her other hand pulling down my boxers before lightly playing with his balls all the time watching him and his reactions, her mouth was often so close he could feel her breath but she made him wait and wait for any contact.

Her first contact was kisses along my shaft that were so light he barely even knew for sure she was touching me at all, then she blew a light breeze over the head making him twitch but still not satisfying my raging desires, he wanted to take her head and draw her too him but knew he needed to be patient, then she let her tongue escape her mouth and run from the bottom to where her hand grasped him just under the head of his cock, he gasped in air, the electricity of having that contact was so intense he felt he could jump out of my seat. He remained where she wanted me and she kisses me again all along the shaft staying away from the head of his raging erection, then bringing herself alongside his shaft she half wrapped her tongue around his shaft and ran up and down it a few times, stopping to flick the underside of his shaft just for fun, then she held his cock tight to his belly, put her tongue flat just between his balls and run all the way up the length of his shaft and then finally engulfed the head and just the head of his cock in her mouth, tongue swirling around and around over and over for minutes on end before sucking hard and popping the head back out of her mouth.

From there she gave him everything, bobbing, sucking, swirling, licking under the head and toying with the eye with her tongue before looking him in the eyes and swallowing his sword deep into her throat, it was three tries before he felt her nose pressed into him and her tongue lightly protruding out and licking before she stopped for air and went down again. She continued to work her heavenly magic on him before she climbed up and back onto his lap, she rested the long and hard excited cock she had inspired between them and it was only then that he realised her underwear was crotchless and he could feel the moisture on her lips sliding up and down my shaft without letting him enter her. Once again she was driving him crazy and rode herself to an orgasm running herself along him harder and harder all the time, her breathing changed, her nails dug into his shoulders as she released all that energy in the most beautiful way pressing harder and harder against him.

As her orgasm subsided she started to rock on him again, as she did so she lowered the straps on her baby doll nightie and revealed her sweet breasts to my gaze, he went to take one anadolu yakası escort in his mouth, but again she stopped him and told him not till she was close again. Thankfully that wasn’t long to wait, once the first one came with Amber they just kept coming. As she got close he had his head and brought him to her breast, he took it greedily into his mouth, kissing and sucking on her nipple, as he felt her start to tense up he bit on her nipple sending her crazy, she dug her nails into the back of his neck and held him so close he could hardly find space to breathe.

Having climaxed again she rode higher up his shaft and rubbed her wetness all over the head of his cock, soaking him with her juices, he looked into her eyes, he could see it was time, he stayed still as she slipped her hand down and guided him into her dripping wet entrance, the first few inches going in nicely and hearing her groans of appreciation. The rest of him had to go in inch by inch allowing her time to adjust and stretch, it was so intense, all those sensations over his sensitive head, his shaft being gripped so tightly, eventually she was able to sit all the way down on me and slowly moved up and down, proving to herself that she was comfortable with the cock that was inside her and relaxing to let all the sensations that came with that wash over her, she moved up and down only a few times before she looked helplessly into his eyes as another climax began to take over her body, he held her head in his hands and kissed her as she came, snaking his tongue in and out of her mouth as his cock was snaking in and out of her hot warm hole.

After her climax, he took over and laid her on her back on the sofa put her legs over his shoulder and slowly slipped all the way in and almost all the way out, holding her legs up close to his chest, gripping his head between them with her calf’s as if though she was worried he would go anywhere, they carried on like this for what felt like an eternity, his rhythm only broken by her frequent climaxes, her legs got lower and lower every time until they were wrapped tight around his waist and she was able to push back onto his thrusts.

When he withdrew for her she looked up at him questioningly but he reached out his hand and led her through from the living room to the bedroom and lay her down, she went to lay on her back but he rolled her over so she was lying flat down on the bed, he reentered her from behind, got his angles worked out and then pushed her legs together, wow she was tight like this, he lay on top of her and held her hands above her head and thrust myself in and out of her with a slow but progressively increasing pace, never breaking the contact with the soft skin of her beautiful silken backside, loving the tightness and the closeness this afforded them, her climax and now his were fast approaching as he started to fire burst after burst of cum inside her deliciously tight wet place he continued the thrusting as his cock and then his body spasm’s from the intensity of his climax, He collapsed his weight on top of her and could hear both our hearts pounding. It was only then he realised the headache and tense shoulders had long left him. What a remedy my beautiful Amber is.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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