Mart 25, 2021

Amanda Ch. 02

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John first met Amanda at the coffee shop. She served him the same thing every morning with the same smile. She was twenty three and single. He was a fifty seven year old semi-retired widower. Little did he know that the aspiring cinematographer was into older men. He was certainly into younger women and when she began supplying him with erotic videos of herself, it led to an afternoon meeting at his house and wild sex in the kitchen during a thunderstorm.

Thus, daily drive-throughs spawned a relationship that was about to enter a new phase.

The Saturday following their first encounter at John’s house found the couple together again. This time, they were fully dressed and sitting on the couch.

“What’s the latest on your video project at school?” John asked, referring to the advanced cinematography course she was taking at the local university.

“Oh, I’m glad you asked,” Amanda said, turning to face him and putting her hand on his leg. “Something’s come up. I have an uncle named Frank. My mother never talked about him much and I hardly ever saw him. But I liked him when I did. Anyway, ends up he makes mainstream adult movies. Pretty tame stuff, I guess. He found out what I was doing in school and contacted me.”

John could see the excitement in her dark eyes. Her straight, jet black hair waved back and forth as she gestured.

“Guess what he said?” she asked with glee.


“He said I could borrow some of his equipment for any videos I wanted to shoot. Professional equipment, John! Can you fucking believe it?”

John smiled. “He must have lots of trust in you.”

“I hope so. But, it did come with a catch.”

John heard the tone in Amanda’s voice change, but she still glowed as she spoke.


“Yeah. He wants the right to use any movies I shoot. They have a pay website where they post amateur videos,” she said, perking up. “But, it would be great practice.”

“Do you really want to be a porn producer?” John asked.

“I want to make movies. I’ll never know how to do it for real if I don’t get practice with real equipment.”

Her emphasis on the last couple words made John grin. “You’re going to do this, aren’t you?”

“Hell yes!”

She looked at him intently. “And I was hoping you’d help me out.”

A thousand things flew through his mind. He had to ask.


“I’ll need help with sound. And moving lights. And moving cameras,” she said.

“Good,” he said with a sigh. “I was afraid you were going to say you needed an actor.”

“I think we’re OK there. I talked to my friend Erin. She’s in the theater department at school. Her and a guy we know—he’s also in theater—will do the acting.”

“Do you have a script already?” John asked.

“Actually, Erin was working on something. A love story, kind of. It may end up a two-person stage play, but it’s perfect for what I want to do.”

“So, where does the porno aspect of this come in?” John wanted to know.

Amanda giggled. “I’d appreciate it if you refrain from calling it a porno. But, there’s a scene where the couple is in a house. They end up having sex in the shower. We thought, maybe, you would volunteer your shower.”

John looked at Amanda. She had eyes that could make him do anything. “And I get to watch, right? What do these two look like?”

Amanda sat up straight, excited that he seemed ready to agree. “Oh shit, John. Wait until you see Erin. She’s tall, blonde, has a model’s body. Gorgeous face. And Andy’s a stud. Well, not that I know that personally. But he’s really hot.”

“They have sex in my shower while we film it?”


“What if I get an erection?” John said nonchalantly.

Amanda burst out laughing. “Then somebody will have to take care of it.”

She put her hand on his crotch.

“Now you’re talking,” John said, reaching for the buttons on Amanda’s blouse.

As was her habit, Amanda didn’t wear a bra and John soon had full access to her precious tits. He pushed the blouse aside. She arched her back.

John began with light kisses and licks of her prominent nipples. But his lust for her turned the licks into gentle bites and not-so-gentle sucking. Amanda moaned and John assaulted both breasts with his mouth, tongue and hands.

Amanda yanked the blouse off and fumbled with his pants. She got the button undone and the zipper down, allowing for a quick probe with her hand and, ultimately, an exposed cock. She slid off John’s lap and onto her knees between his legs.

Their first fuck happened so fast there hadn’t been time, or need, for foreplay. So the prospect of Amanda’s young mouth around his cock especially excited John this time.

Amanda’s penchant for older men could be traced to the loss of her father at a young age. She never had an authoritative male in her life until she got to college and had to deal with the professors. Now, she couldn’t get enough of them.

She took the time to free John’s cock from the confines of his boxers, pendik escort bayan anticipating that he’d soon have to maneuver it a little. In the meantime, she lowered her head and planted soft kisses all around the tip of the cock. It began to grow in her hand. When she licked it a few times from the base to the head, it grew some more. When she put it deep inside her mouth and used her lips and tongue on it, John was fully erect.

Amanda spent the next couple minutes enjoying the cock she’d only felt in her cunt the first time. And John learned something new about his young friend: she sucked cock like a pro.

Satisfied that he was as hard as he was going to get, Amanda stood up and quickly took off her shorts and panties. John admired her short, perfectly proportioned body as she climbed back onto his lap. With her knees straddling him, she placed her pussy directly above his cock and used a hand to hold the shaft in place. When she felt the tip slide between the lips of her cunt, she descended onto it.

John and Amanda both moaned at the tight fit. But she didn’t stop until their bodies met, and then she began to raise and lower herself onto the rigid cock. John grabbed Amanda by the waist and matched the rhythm. Soon, the speed and intensity of their fucking increased dramatically.

Maybe someday the new lovers would find the time and place to make love long and slow. But not yet. Their desire for each other was too overwhelming. Once they got started, lust took over.

Amanda leaned forward and let John suck on her tits and tug on her nipples with his teeth.

“Oh God, John! Yessss! Just like that.”

Her hand was between her legs, searching for her clit. She found it and drove herself ever closer to an orgasm. John held her by the ass, squeezing the cheeks a little more roughly the longer they fucked.

“You feel so good, Amanda. So tight.”

They kissed passionately. John’s hands moved to Amanda’s tits and the louder Amanda moaned, the harder he squeezed them.

“I’m close. Fuck! Almost…,” she moaned

John tried his best to cum at the same time she did. But for the second time in a week, Amanda beat him.

“Fuck! Yes. Yes!”

Amanda’s body writhed in John’s lap, her arms around his neck holding him tightly. He felt her cunt contract again and again around his throbbing cock. He was close. Very close. But the enjoyment of knowing young Amanda was cumming because of him made him hold off just a few seconds longer.

She cried out in total bliss during a long orgasm. And then, to his surprise, she got back onto her knees in front of him and began to stroke his wet cock in her hand. Amanda aimed it directly at her tits.

John took the cue and prepared to shoot his sperm wherever she wanted it. He leaned back, groaned loudly, and felt the first shot of cum pour through his cock. It exploded in a stream that hit the top of her tits. Second and third shots landed squarely on her nipples. After that, small amounts of cum were spread over each tit.

The awesome sight, alone, extended John’s orgasm for a few seconds, helped along by a messy hand sliding up and down the shaft. The smile on Amanda’s face said it all.

“You won’t be sorry you agreed to do this,” Amanda said, licking the excess cum from his cock.

“What if I don’t like blondes?”

“Then you’ll always have me,” she said, shoving the entire cock back into her mouth.


Amanda had to address several issues. First, although she’d never admit it to John, he might have been right about ‘did she want to be a porn producer’? Yes, she had made the videos of her undressing, and showering, and masturbating. But those were intended for John’s eyes only. Was this how she wanted to gain experience? She justified it by saying the shower scene was just one scene in a larger movie. And it would be tastefully done.

Second, and no less daunting, was the fact Erin and Andy would be having sex in front of John and her. How would John react? How would SHE react? What if it didn’t go well? What if it DID? She didn’t have the answers.

Amanda spent the next week making arrangements and coordinating everybody’s schedule. She was borrowing a beat-up van from a friend to get the equipment from Frank. She needed to go over details about the scene with Erin and Andy: things like what to wear, the plot, dialogue, and so on. They wouldn’t have time, or didn’t want to take time, to inconvenience John any more than they already were.

In ten days, it was all set and Amanda, Erin and Andy pulled up to John’s house at the designated time.

John met them in the driveway, knowing there’d be a lot of unloading to do. Amanda came around the side of the van.

“Hi, John,” Amanda said, giving him a kiss on the cheek when he got to her. “This is Erin.”

She pointed to the girl who was walking towards them. John was caught staring for an instant at the statuesque beauty. Erin held out şirinevler escort bayan her hand and John took it.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi, Erin. Amanda said you were very pretty. She understated it,” John said.

Despite Erin’s tan skin, John still saw her blush. Flowing blonde hair that was obviously natural drifted in the breeze around her long neck and rounded shoulders. A t-shirt and shorts modestly showed off a potential model’s body. John believed she was in her early twenties. Maybe twenty five.

“Thanks. I’ve heard a lot about you, too.”

John could only guess what she’d heard.

Andy came from the back of the van with a large camera in hand. John shook hands with the athletic-looking young man. If Amanda hadn’t already told him Andy was in the theater department, John would have guessed it. He had soap opera actor written all over him, with a bit of body builder added for good measure. He appeared to be Erin’s age, give or take a year.

They entered the house. Amanda and Erin began the process of determining best camera angles and lighting arrangements while John and Andy unloaded the van. The living room began to fill up quickly and John wondered how a scene could possibly be shot without equipment being visible—especially in the bathroom.

He left all that up to the experts.

Finally, everything was inside and Amanda suggested that Erin and Andy change into their ‘outfits’. When the aspiring actors returned from their respective bedrooms/dressing rooms, John was treated to Erin in a too-big tank top over too-small panties. The allusion it provided to what she might look like naked already had John’s cock responding. Andy came out in a pair of running shorts. They made a more-than-attractive couple.

Amanda was busy moving cameras into position for a scene that would start in the kitchen. John was directed where to place lights and reflectors. His primary job would be maneuvering the boom microphone overhead. He enjoyed watching Amanda at work. It was an aspect of her life he’d never seen, and her enthusiasm was contagious.

When everything was ready, she positioned Erin facing the sink and had Andy just off camera. John had the mic in place and Amanda gave the command to ‘roll’.

Andy walked in and threw his arms around a surprised Erin. He kissed her neck and shoulders while the dialogue progressed. Amanda began to move more to their side. John’s job was to follow her and be one step behind. It was going to be difficult not to trip over her while he admired the silhouette view of Erin’s incredible body. Andy’s arm around her top made it tighter on her and threatened to expose at least part of her ample breasts.

Erin talked about their relationship and made reference to somebody she thought Andy was seeing, all of which John assumed would make sense in the final version of the short movie. Andy acted very much like a guy trying not to lose the lovely blonde leading lady. His hands were all over her without getting obscene. Their bodies came together once Erin turned to face Andy.

At first he had her pressed against the sink. But Erin moved over and pushed herself up onto the counter. John determined quickly that it was the best thing that ever sat on that counter top. Andy moved between her legs and Erin wrapped the shapely limbs around him. John was getting harder by the second, and they weren’t even in the bathroom yet.

Suddenly, Andy flubbed a line. Amanda shut down the camera and giggled when Andy let out an angry ‘Fuck’. They returned to their positions by the sink and went through it again. Erin’s legs took their spot around Andy’s waist and all was well.

John wasn’t listening to every word of every line, but he heard Erin say she was going to take a shower. She put her arms around Andy’s neck, climbed off the counter while clinging to his body, and once on the floor turned to head for the bathroom. Amanda stayed where she was, but followed Erin with the camera as her exquisite ass strode away. Andy came into the frame, watching the beauty look back over her shoulder and begin to pull off her top just as she turned into the bathroom.

Amanda yelled ‘Cut!’.

“Good!,” she proclaimed. “That was awesome!”

Erin rematerialized in the hallway, her top strategically held over her breasts. Her smile showed that she appreciated Amanda’s endorsement.

“OK. Here’s the deal,” Amanda said to everybody. “From here, Andy walks down the hallway and looks into the bathroom. Erin will be turning on the shower, in just her panties. I’ll be behind Andy getting the view from his angle. I’m going to want his facial expressions. Erin, you’re putting on a show for him. You’re seducing him into the shower. You know he’s watching, but don’t stare at him. Don’t look at him at all if you can. But strip for him. Get in the shower and we’ll pick up after that. Sound good?”

Erin and Andy agreed. But John said, “I’ve got a stupid question. That şişli escort bayan bathroom will get steamy from the shower. What do you do about the camera lenses?”

“Frank supplied us with some of the special lens spray they use to offset the steam,” Amanda said. “Any other stupid questions?”

John smiled. “Not right now.”

He really wanted to know when he’d get to see Erin naked, but didn’t embarrass himself by asking. They began to move lighting equipment into the bathroom and the next time he saw her, Erin had her top back on. So much for that, he thought. It took a while to set up the lights in such a way they wouldn’t be caught by the camera. But eventually they had it and Amanda took John and Andy back to the kitchen for the trip down the hallway.

Andy said he was ready; John was ready; Erin shouted from the bathroom that she was ready; and Amanda started the camera.

John and Amanda followed Andy as he walked towards the bathroom, slowing at the door to silently poke his head around the corner. Amanda was right with him. John heard the shower turn on.

What Andy, the camera, and John saw was Erin in a pair of panties, reaching inside the glass enclosed shower. Then she backed out and turned ninety degrees. Finally, everyone had their first glimpse of her magnificent breasts. They were full, with a slope that few master artists could render. Erin’s nipples pointed outward with provocative firmness.

John could have stared at them all day if Erin had not then started to pull down her panties. From the side, he did not get a full view of either her pussy or her ass. But as she bent over to remove the panties, the profile he witnessed was worthy of any magazine.

Erin stood up, arching her back and pulling her hair back with both hands. The resulting thrust of her breasts and curve of her spine down to her ass nearly made John gasp out loud. She was putting on quite the show for them.

She turned to enter the shower and John looked on in awe of Erin’s tantalizing ass. With the lights shining down into the shower and the sliding glass door still half open, Erin’s body was clearly visible. She got under the water and let it flow over her hair, her face, her breasts, and down her long legs.

Andy entered the large bathroom. Amanda and John stayed just behind, as though voyeurs themselves watching the voyeur.

Erin saw him. She ran her hands over her breasts and stomach.

“Coming in?” she asked.

Andy answered by way of a smile. He watched her for another few seconds, and then began to take off his shorts. Amanda was careful to be directly behind him, so the same tease Erin gave with her breasts was provided for Andy’s cock. Only when he took the few steps toward the shower did Amanda start to move to his side. From what John could tell, nothing would have shown until Andy stepped in with Erin.

Amanda and John stood a couple feet from the shower. They watched Andy and Erin come together, his semi-erect cock no longer hidden. Erin stood closest to the water, a torrent running down her back as she and Andy initiated a kiss.

John wondered if Amanda intended to interrupt at any point, but from what he could tell, the scene was plenty good as it was. His cock was aching to be free from his shorts. He also wondered, with an inner smile, why the crew couldn’t be naked, too.

Andy and Erin’s embrace became a little more energetic. Their hands roamed, but did not explore forbidden areas. They began to rotate under the water. For a fleeting few seconds, John saw the erotic space between Erin’s legs. It was neatly shaved except for a puff of hair above her clit. Water poured over it and flowed down her inner thighs.

A couple inches away, Andy’s cock was growing ever-thicker. He gently leaned into Erin and pushed her against the wall of the shower.

“OK. Hold it,” Amanda shouted, nearly causing John to drop the mic.

“Shit!” Andy bellowed. “What now?”

Amanda glared at him. “We all know you have a cute ass, Andy. But the audience may want to see Erin, too. Always recognize where the camera is and don’t block her out completely.”

“Did your legs quit working?” he shot back. “Can’t you move? I’m in a fucking shower…fucking. It’s a little hard to NOT be between you and her sometimes.”

Erin ran her hand along the bottom of his cock. “I noticed it was a little hard.”

Andy seemed self-conscious for the first time, and may have blushed just a bit. “Oh, shut up. You realize, Amanda, that this is now going to require extra time in here to, um, get it back.”

Amanda turned to John. “John, if you were in the shower with Erin, how long do you think it would take you to ‘get it back’?”

John took the opportunity to scan Erin’s water drenched body from head to toe. “Ten seconds,” he replied.

Amanda looked at Andy as if to ask, ‘What’s your problem?’

“OK. Let’s get going again. Give me a second to get this ladder in place,” Amanda told them as she moved a short step ladder to the head of the shower. Once everything was set and Amanda was back at the shower door, the action recommenced.

Erin and Andy quickly resumed their avid embrace. The water was hitting Erin squarely in the ass now and Amanda had lots of options when it came to creative filming. John smiled to himself when he noticed Andy was erect again less than a minute into the scene.

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