Mart 25, 2021

Altitude Sickness

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I was cleaning at work, it was getting late and the snow was piling up outside. The park service had closed the building and turned all the other lights off about an hour ago and now it was just me upstairs, getting the gift shop ready to close.

My favorite tall dark and handsome customer had been in earlier and I’d gotten to give myself a small buzz from flirting with him. He was in every weekend and always talked to me about that my job must be the best on earth, getting to work in the National Park and on the mountain like this.

I liked my job, sure, but I liked seeing him more. Just a glimpse in a day could fuel my fantasies for weeks.

I started up the vacuum and put Kings of Leon on the cd player loud, since that always gets me thinking about sex anyhow, so I knew listening to them would enhance my little imaginary world.

I was dancing a little while I moved the vacuum back and forth, really getting into the music as my favorite song, Four Kicks, begins and I got a feeling like someone was watching me. I stood very still and turned around. The door to our storage closet, which had a ladder leading up to an attic the park service used, was standing open. I moved to turn around again just as hands slid forward over my hip bones.

I turned my head and there he was: a fantasy come to life.

I gasped, just a tiny sound, but he must’ve heard it because he smiled wickedly and knowingly as I looked up into his face over my own shoulder. He was so tall, had I forgotten how tall he was in the hour since I’d seen him?

“I… grrrg…” I blushed at my choking inability to finish the sentence. He was just so handsome, and he smelled so good, and he was tall and his eyes so dark… and he was so very, very close to me all of a sudden. What was happening to me? Had I finally lost my mind? Was this an embolism from the daily rides up and down 5000 feet of mountain? Maybe it was like the legendary rapture of the deep… rapture of the mountains.

Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to turn him away.

His big hands moved and he smiled at my blushes as he turned me to face him. He slid his hands over my hips and behind me to rest on the lowest part of my back, not really touching my bottom but hinting at a wish to do so.

I reached up and touched his face, feeling silly, but not being able to help it. Was he really here?

My player switches to “Revelry” as I look at him and I clear my throat.

“I thought you’d left…?” I finally manage to complete the sentence I’d tried to start earlier.

He looks and me and gently squeezes my sides before he speaks. “I’m friends with a Ranger… I asked a favor.” His deep dimple winks at me as he continues to show off those white teeth with that ever present grin, and I dip the tip of my finger into the dip of it for a moment. He laughs.

“Why would you do that?” I am realizing by now that my voice has a note of awe to it, and that I’m getting small shivers as I do in the crescendo of this song every time I hear it.

He runs a thumb up and down on the dip of my spine and leans down to whisper in my ear. As he does, my hands slide down to grip his wide shoulders.

“I can’t get enough.” His soft voice whispers.

I notice the player has changed to the song “Be Somebody” and he’s copping the lyrics for a line. I can’t seem to care that it’s a cheap ripoff… it hits me right in my warmest areas anyhow. I move a little closer and inadvertently stretch my neck, inviting his lips.

He takes the hint I hadn’t consciously meant to give him and lets his lips trail down my throat. I moan, rubbing my chest against his. His thumb keeps up those lazy motions on my back, his hands relaxed on me, his body loose and easy in his stance. How can he be so calm when I’m already spiraling toward oblivion from a few mere brushes of sensation?

He unbuttons the top of my blue uniform shirt, moving his lips over my collar bone and into the opening he’s made.

“Derek…” I sigh… and I realize it’s the first time I’ve called him by name. I only know it from reading his credit card before I run it.

He scrapes his five o’clock shadow across the top curve of my breast, branding me and tickling me and burning my skin in just the right way. “Josie…” he says it in his low voice across my sensitive skin… It vibrates through my breast bone and gives me chills. He must know it from my kadıköy escort bayan name tag, even though I usually forget to wear it.

He’s walked us back a few steps and I feel my shoulders hit something solid and then the clanking of glassware falling about.

“Oh shit!” I laugh and move off the display… I step away from him too, but grab his hand. I lead him to the sales counter and hoist my large-ish, round-ish ass up onto it. I spread my legs and pull him to stand in between.

“Here’s better.” I say. And at this height, his being so much taller than me doesn’t matter. He does the hands on the hips thing again, which I’m coming to really adore, but this time when he slides them to my back he gives my ass a quick squeeze, grinding me against him intimately. I mumbled a delicious and delighted, ‘ummmmmm…” and grab him by the face and finally kiss him for real. I slide my tongue along his lips and into the warmth of his mouth and he moves his hands upward until they’re in my hair and he can guide the kiss himself as he takes over. He kisses like he’s hungered for me and it makes me so wet I almost worry about the fact that I’ve got my favorite satin panties on. His mouth meets mine with heat and he kisses slow but hot, moving his tongue all over my mouth, like he’s memorizing me, while his lips are soft but firm. I nibble his bottom lip a little, unable to help myself, and he groans.

I find my hands have moved between us, to feel the length of him hard behind the placard of his jeans. God, he’s enormous. It won’t matter. I’m so wet and open for him already that he could shove it into me with no more foreplay at all and I’d probably just come on the spot.

I grind against him and my own hands, still down there, now fiddling with the button above his zipper. He grabs the bottom of my blue polo and pulls it up over my head, making me move my hands from their little foray. My bra seems to fall off quickly after that.

They keep the building so warm for the tourists who come in from the snow that there’s now way the goosebumps on my flesh are from cold… no, they’re from him, from anticipation. He runs his hands up my arms briskly like he’s warming me.

“Not cold.” I say, dumbly, “Too hot… you.” I somehow can’t even make a whole sensible sentence already.

What have this man and my fantasies of him done to my poor brain?

I lick my lips, missing his kisses already. He leans forward and licks them too.

I giggle and playfully slap him. “Cute.” I tell him. He just looks at me for a moment and I’m worried he’s going to get doubtful so I pull my ankles together behind him and it scoots my bottom forward so I’m wrapped around him like second skin, grinding my crotch into his and writhing on him. That fox-like grin comes back to his face and he leans down to kiss me, then moves his mouth to nibble my earlobe. Oh, God, first the neck and now this, I may come before I am ever out of my black dress pants. The man seems to know all my favorite spots without any prior experience of me at all.

My hands are everywhere now, feeling up under his t-shirt, noting the muscles of his back and stomach, so well defined and such a contrast to my own soft, round self. He must have left his snow gear in the attic. I bet it was hot up there, waiting for closing, waiting for me.

I remember my previous mission and return my hands to his jeans, fumbling again with the button. I am too distracted by his licking, kissing, and nuzzling of my neck, my mouth, my breasts, to really do the job.

“Derek… I want…” I pull, trying to undo his pants. His chuckle is low and intimate as he moves his hips back from me and I whimper.

“Not yet.” He says mischievously as he moves lower on my breast, tonguing my nipple, his hands on my sides, thumbs in the softness of the flesh of my belly, moving up and down. I love how I can tell he loves what he’s feeling, how he revels in the give of my body under his hands.

I am built more like the women in Renaissance paintings than the thin women with large heads that are the vogue in this day and age. Still, I managed to be sexy in my own right, and he certainly seemed to realize that.

His hand moved up from my lower stomach, sliding over my tummy and coming to rest under my breast, where you could feel just a bit of my rib cage under my flesh. kartal escort bayan His thumb moved in the same motion it had earlier on my back, only this time tantalizingly along the very tender underside of my breast. I heard the song “I Want You” start, fast tempo moving along with the quick beat of my heart.

Now he was sucking one nipple, with the thumb of one hand moving tantalizingly close to the other, I was writhing and bucking against him as if I wasn’t able to control myself. And I wasn’t.

My hands sought grip of his short hair and I clutched his head to my breast and whimpered anew. “Please…” I gasped out, jerking myself against him, “Please, Derek, now…”

He looked up at me, my breast glistening with moisture, as were his lips. “Ask me again, sweet, and I might say yes.” He thrust his pelvis into mine hard as he said the word yes and I put my hands behind me, face to the lights, and screamed. It echoed out through the open gallery above the first floor and across the balconies. He moved against me again and I moved back into him, clutching behind his ass with my ankles so he couldn’t be coy again.

“Derek, please… fuck me right now before I’m forced to finish myself and leave you here.” I say, fast because I’m frustrated by now.

He grabs my hips and grinds into me hard, “Ah, getting a little saucy now, eh?”

I reach for his head with one hand, the other still bracing behind me so I can move myself against his still frustratingly sheathed length. I move his mouth to mine and kiss him hard, licking his tongue and the roof of his mouth, biting his lip and then kissing the bite softly to soothe the little nip.

I kissed down his jaw, licked his adam’s apple, and pushed him forward so I could slide off the counter. I slid myself down his body as I simultaneously pushed his shirt up and off. His skin was golden, like it wasn’t the middle of winter in Washington. Not tan, really, but kissed with a gilded light. His muscles strained and I saw he had indeed been far less relaxed than he’d seemed. I saw he had a tattoo on the inside of one bicep. It was the most thrillingly sexy constellation of stars, all black, leading down from his armpit to his elbow. I lifted his arm and kissed each one, letting my tongue just touch the last one. My hands ran up and down his back, feeling the corded muscle and the slickness of the sweat on his skin.

I lightly run my teeth along the skin inside his elbow, and feel a bit of a jerk of his hips. Hmmm…. Found a place he liked and didn’t yet know about maybe…

I moved my hand to his button again and now that I’d flipped our roles and regained my own composure some in this little game, I got it open quickly and his zipper undone. I slid my hand inside his pants along the hot length of him, feeling the dampness of pre cum on his cotton boxers. I ran a thumb across the top of him and felt him jerk toward me again, an involuntary spasm. I watched his throat as he swallowed and stood on my tip toes to lean toward his ear.

“Now?” I whispered, coyly.

He only groaned and started pushing at the waist band of my still fastened dress pants. It was my turn to chuckle now. I unbuttoned and stepped out of my pants and blue satin panties quickly and he pushed jeans his to his ankles.

He hopped forward, pushing on one side of his boxers, as I moved back up on to the counter, spreading my legs again, this time naked under his scrutiny.

He seemed caught up in the view and stalled on the pushing down his boxers process so I reached out to help. I slid them down his hips and watched his member spring forward, thick and engorged, and so delicious looking I almost wanted him in my mouth first. He pulled me to him for a kiss and his calloused hands ran over my sides and to my breasts, again thumbing my nipples, the slightly rough skin causing frissons of lovely sensation in me. I ground my wet slit against him, not quite letting him inside yet. He took his mouth from mine and huffed out a frustrated breath. Ah! Now we had met on equal ground.

I whispered one last time, taking the base of his penis in my hand and gripping him just tightly enough, “Now?”

“Now.” He ground out, his voice gone to gravelly depths now.

As he said it I slid him up inside me and clenched my inner muscles tight around his thick, throbbing cock. toprak escort bayan He filled me to all edges of myself and I threw my head back in ecstasy, arms bracing behind me, only able to hold myself up and hold on as his body thrust into me, hard and fast, deep and so hot.

He was hitting me balls deep, his sack tapping my behind in a rather pleasant way, and I was pushing back in rhythm with his movements. I couldn’t help the mewls and moans that escaped my throat, and like my earlier scream they echoed around the big empty and dark building.

He grunted as he slid into me extra hard, coming in as deep as he cool and spilling his hot juices into me as he pulled my face forward with one hand and kissed my lips hard, just as I screamed out my pleasure over and over again. He stayed hard inside me through the three or four waves of my orgasms and I fell limp. He caught me before my head hit the wall and helped me slowly slump to the counter. I was aware that my breasts were still glistening with the moisture of his mouth, exposed under the shop lights, and I could see them and my belly moving up and down wit the rhythm of my labored breath. He stood, still inside me, though softening now, watching them move as well. I smiled lazily at him and mustered the strength to sit up.

I sort of limply swatted my hands at him so that he’d step back, the moment when he disengaged from me giving me a quick little renewed buzz as the head of his penis came free of the sensitive outer edges of the party of my body encapsulating him.

I sat up and slid down him, our sweat covered bodies making warm friction together. I look up at him, and then look up and up as I slide lower.

He shakes his head. “I don’t think I can go again so soon…” He says, doubt on his face.

“I just need to taste you, anyhow.” I tell him, holding the crown of his cock, still glistening with both of our cum, in my hand.

I lick the moisture from the head of him, slowly, feeling him jerk his hips toward my face despite staying limp in my hand. I circle him with my fingers, moving my hand left and right around him, slowly, not too tightly, keeping it gentle for now.

I pull him into my mouth, careful to keep my lips over my teeth and create a suction as I continue to encircle him at his base with one hand. I bring up my other hand as I kneel before him and touch my own breast. I tweak my nipple between my fingers and look up at him as he begins to grow in my mouth. My tongue moves on him as I continue the suction and the motions of my hand around him. I move my free hand down, rubbing my palm across my taut nipple, cupping my breast toward him a bit, and then moving down my stomach to my own pleasure center as I pleasure him. He is fully hard inside me as I slide a finger inside my own sheath and I can’t help a moan, which makes him moan too as he thrusts lightly into my mouth. I calm my gag reflex and bring him into my throat, letting myself hum around his girth filling my windpipe now. I begin a rhythmic thrusting, bringing him into my mouth as deeply as possible and then back out almost all the way, following the same rhythm with my own finger inside myself, and watching his face as much as I can from my prone position.

He gasps, and shudders. “I can’t hold out long.” I give him the tiniest nod of affirmation, all I can do to say that’s all right with me, while I’ve got his dick in my mouth.

His sack contracts, telling me he’s nearly ready and he looks down at me a bit concerned. I wish he’d say whatever it is, because I’m nearly coming myself all over my own finger by now.

I raise an eyebrow.

“Is it okay?” He asks, sounding guttural and swallowing hard, “I mean… in your mouth?”

I smile, again as much as I can with his dick in my mouth.

He sees this for the affirmation it is and smiles back, his large hand coming into my hair as he grabs the back of my head, ready to concentrate now.

I have kept up the rhythm we had going but now I quicken it, for him and me, both hands and mouth moving faster. I hear his groan as his hot seed fills my throat and I swallow quickly, savoring the taste of his pleasure. I let myself come to then, letting him fall from my mouth and crumpling to the floor over my own hand as my orgasm racks my already sated body. I lay there for a moment, and he sinks down next to me, pants still at his ankles.

I roll to my bath, noticing we’re just exactly under the one light that always drives me crazy at work because it hits me like a hot spotlight. Just now it’s heat felt wonderful and I stretched laughing.

He pushed his pants off his legs entirely and lay down on the soft carpet alongside me.

If this was all just the addled dream of altitude sickness, I hoped I never got well.

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