Ocak 27, 2021

All in the Family Ch. 07

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Chapter 7

College Life


Please read the introduction to Chapter 1 if you haven’t already done so. It wuldn’t hurt to read the stories in order as well.

I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and in creating much of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have also chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


The next morning, rather than make love, we got up and took a shower together, our first real one in the new apartment. We took our time washing each other and arousing our desire for each other. We made breakfast and cleaned up the place. Dania said I should do some laundry and set up the computer. She was going out shopping for about an hour to pick up some girly things.

I was just finishing checking the telephone connection when she came home. She was all bubbly.

“I talked to the Harrison’s from Virginia and we are going to them for dinner tonight at about 6:30.”

“Sounds great!” I said “What did you buy?”

“You’ll see in time,” she replied and walked into her bedroom and shut the door.

She came out about ten minutes later. She was wearing a short white see-thru nighty.

“You like?” she asked pirouetting around. Her turning made the hem of the nighty rise above her waste and her pussy and ass were mine for the looking.

“No, I love. I not only love, I desire!” I answered.

“Oh, Dan, you really know how to treat a girl. Now I want to show you what I bought. Follow me,” and she turned and went into the bedroom.

When I walked in she was lying on the bed with her nighty long gone and her legs spread wide.

“You have to sit on the chair over there,” she said ” this is a show just for you!”

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“I want to see if I can make you really excited without touching you,” she said. “And this is what I bought.”

She pulled this a box full of ‘toys’ from under her pillow. There were three butt plugs, small medium and large, an egg shaped vibrator connected to a cord and controller and a massive tan rubber dildo. It had to be 16 inches long and 2 inches thick — a much bigger version of my dick. It was enormous.

“My God,” I said, “what are you going to do with that thing?”

“I’m going to pleasure myself. I am determined to take this thing and I want you to watch me do it. I think it will be so hot and I have thinking about this for weeks! So sit back and watch!” I love this girl — she is a constant amazement.

“What brought this on?” I asked as she opened a bottle of lube and started to carefully work it on to each of her toys with this glazed look in her eyes. This was all new!

“I had been thinking, and you know what about,” she giggled, “and I realized that I had some things that really got me off in my fantasies. One of the things that really excites me is the idea of exhibitionism or voyeurism. Do you remember when we watched mom and dad going for broke at the lake and how turned on I got. It got to you too as I remember. What made me realize how powerfully arousing that could be for me, and I hope for us, happened yesterday afternoon.”

“I got home before you did and I was about to go to the store when I looked down from the balcony. We can see into the solarium part of the club. There was a couple down there making love. He was stretched out on the chaise totally casino şirketleri naked and she, also naked, was on her knees and giving him head and fingering herself– she was beautiful to watch. It was like she was worshipping his dick which, I might add was pretty nice in itself. It was hard to tell but it looked about the same size as yours only thinner. She ran her hands down over his ass cheeks and, used her other hand to explore and touch him cupping and massaging his balls while she took the whole thing down her throat. She would look up at him to watch his pleasure build and I thought that is exactly how you look when I give you head. Giving you oral pleasure really gets me going too. I stood there for what must have been twenty minutes or more mesmerized by what she was doing to him.”

“Then he stopped her and switched places. She lay down on the chaise with her legs spread as wide as she could. Her body could not be more beautiful – high tight breasts, small nipples, with a tiny waist and smooth tanned hips. She had no tan marks on her front, so she was used to sunning nude. Her bush was dark and neatly trimmed to a V and when she lowered her legs to the ground to give him more access to her it was easy to see the glistening wetness of her swollen pussy. Then he bent down, placing his mouth on her nipples, one after the other. His tongue was out, drawing circles around the aurora before he sucked and bit and pulled on each nipple. I could see how hard they were from up here. As he started down toward her vagina, kissing and caressing her stomach, she arched her back as he continued to play with her nipples. She reached over and began stroking his penis slowly pulling up and down on it. I immediately began identifying physically. They were just like us — so totally into mutual sexual pleasure. From the way she was moving her head back and forth, it was easy to tell that he got his tongue buried deep inside her. Then he eased one finger up inside her. That set her up just fine. She jerked and writhed and moved up and down on his finger and his tongue. It was very obvious that something was going to happen and very soon, as their bodies worked toward their common orgasm their hands increased their stroking, faster and faster. I watched them go off together. I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath, fascinated by watching the scene below me, and I was so aroused from what I watched and the fact that it was in public that I went back into the house and masturbated just to release the pent up steam.”

“So I was wondering why we shouldn’t have a piece of that if it created that kind of pleasure. I am sure that doing it in public was all part of it but I wanted to try it a little bit at a time. Why not do a little of the exhibitionist thing as an experiment in front of someone I completely love and trust first, someone that loves me unconditionally and does not judge me for my sexual pursuit — especially because it is focused on him. That way, if it is awful, I am not any worse off. But if it is really great, then I have shared something else with the man in my life. I love you so much, and I love our sex life so much, that I don’t ever want it to be stale. So I want us to be open to new and different ways, places and things to enhance what we have? To build on the pleasure and excitement we enjoyed up at the cabin when we were outside. I know you understand but what do you think about the idea?”

“So you’re saying that you don’t mind flaunting that absolutely fabulous body of yours or showing off a little of what we have to other people because it makes sex for us better?” I asked.

“Absolutely correct, but only if you are into it as well, willingly and whole-heartedly. casino firmaları Otherwise we won’t. I want you to experience it with me because you want to, not just to please me.”

“But pleasing you is where I am when we make love.”

“And me too, but you need to be honest with me.”

“I am OK with it, and more than willing to play it out. It’s a fantasy of mine too. But if it turns out I don’t like it I promise I will tell you. If I do like it as much as I think I might and you might, then I can get pretty creative myself.”

“Oh I know you can — and I am banking on it! Now, the butt plugs are to make that part of our lovemaking more pleasurable. Even though we have anal pretty regularly, there still is a small amount of discomfort involved for me especially at the beginning — but it is all part of the immense pleasure I get at the same time. I don’t want any pain when we are together like that, only sheer pleasure with no distractions. I decided it was about my size. So I thought why not take away the pain by making the canal a little bigger for that beautiful monster of yours. It is so wonderful and it fills me completely. You must admit, you can’t change its size, and I don’t want you to, but I can work at being a little larger — not a lot though. Now sit back and enjoy the show!”

She brought her knees up to her chest and spread her legs as wide as she could. The picture was priceless. There she was, my sister, my lover wide open and ready! I couldn’t believe how stunning she was. She picked up the egg vibrator first and turned it on. The buzzing was pretty loud and I could see her reaction almost immediately. I was so in tune with her sexually, that I could almost predict what would happen next. She lubed her pussy up a little and inserted the egg all the way in one swift movement. All that showed was the electrical cord coming out from between her pussy lips. She turned up the power and I could still hear the buzzing from where I was sitting.

She was already starting to breath a little harder and faster and her color was starting to get pink. She was very aroused by the vibrator and getting more so quickly from the constant stimulation. It must have been sitting on her G spot. Her throaty moans had already started. She won’t be long now I thought to myself. Sure enough I watched her shudder a little and groan.

“Oh shit that feels good. I’m coming already! – Not as good as you though!” she said starring lovingly at me with a big grin.

“Oh I’m sure that thing isn’t a lot of competition,” I answered.

She smiled with this incredibly lustful look on her face and stared down at my crotch. I was amazed at how hard I was and it showed like a tent pole in my shorts.

Then she reached for the small butt plug .

“I think I should start small,” she said.

She had stared to breath harder and moan louder from the constant movement in her pussy from the vibrator. She rubbed her clit and squeezed her nipples getting herself ready again. She placed the head of the plug at her hole and pushed in gently. It wasn’t too much of a stretch because of her position and it slipped in quickly with a small plop. I watch as her sphincter adjusted around the small neck of the butt plug. Her body was simply wonderful.

She looked at me — with absolute lust on her face. It was amazing from this perspective. It is a totally different view then when I am participating up close and very personal. I watched carefully and noticed little things that would set her off a little longer or a little faster. I filed them for future use. I noticed her getting close to another climax — this one bigger than the first. She always ramped güvenilir casino them up in magnitude order.

“I’m gonna cum again — big. I can feel the juices starting to flow already. Can you see them? Can you smell them? God, I smell like a sex machine and I love it!” She started moaning louder and louder. “Oh fuck…..fuck…this is going to be………. UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

She was thrashing around on the bed and closing her legs around the butt plug and vibrator. She finally let lose and lay back to relax.

“I better take this thing out before it kills me!” she joked and slowly removed the vibrator with a loud plop. Her cum was leaking out of her like a small river.

“Oh I’m really making a mess! Would you get me a towel please?”

I went into the bath and retrieved a bath towel and brought it back to her.

“Sit next to me now,” she pleaded and I sat at the foot of the bed. “Take off your clothes for me — slowly as I watch — Pleeeaaaasse?”

I wasn’t wearing much more than my boxers so I stood and slowly wriggled my ass until they slid down to the floor. There I was, sticking straight out and pointing at the ceiling.

“My toy is so beautiful, I just love looking at it, touching it, stroking it and kissing it. Come closer.”

She reached out a closed her hand around my dick and slowly stroked it for a while as she calmed down from her own ordeal. She bent over and kissed the head and licked the pre-cum that had formed there. With just a few strokes I couldn’t stand much after her exhibit and came all over her hand and squirted onto her chest.

“That’s my man.” She cooed. “Now sit over there and watch some more!”

She leaned back on the pillows again and assumed the same position as before — her legs up against her chest and her knees spread as wide as she could. She picked up the dildo and made sure there was plenty of lube on it.

“I probably won’t need too much — better safe than sorry!” she said as she positioned it toward her waiting pussy.

Then she pushed the head in a little. It was big so she rotated and angled the tip while she pressed lightly toward her opening. As soon as she worked it inside, she stopped. She was panting very hard now and I could see the sweat starting on her forehead and chest. She had to be very aroused because that was the only time she sweated. Ever so slowly she started working it in allowing her pussy to stretch and give in to the onslaught.

“I don’t know how good an idea this was, it is so fucking big I feel like I am being split in two. But in a crazy way it feels wonderful and ….”

She never finished her statement. She was screaming my name, turning red all over, and sweating when she finally let go a huge orgasm thrashing about like a fish on a hook. Slowly, very slowly, she calmed down as her breathing returned to normal.

“My god that was immense! Different, but immense!”

“Its all about being satisfied.” I said. “You happy?”

She was coherent now.

“It’s not the same as with you. All of my senses and emotions are engaged and I am focused on pleasing you, just like you are for me. So, doing it solo is missing half of the pleasure. Doesn’t change the animal part though!” she said with a giggle. “I need to rest for a while now — come lie here next to me.”

I climbed onto the bed with her and held her in my arms as she went to sleep.

I had been very aroused by what Dania had been up to — and I certainly hadn’t been bored. I wondered how far she would be willing to go with this exhibitionist thing. It was one thing for us to be naked while we were alone, quite another when there were strangers around or in public. Just the thought of other people ogling her (or me as the case may be) or drooling over her magnificent body as it was on display, or what we could do in public was making me hard. Hey — more fantasies for me.

To be continued…

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