Ocak 27, 2021

All in the Familia

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It had been a long time since I had been back home to my pop’s house since I went away to college. Actually, about two years since I was last home for the weekend. The little family reunion went great the first night back me, my dad his wife and my 19 year old-step sister hung out and caught up on the old times a little bit. Then the parents informed me that they were going away that night to the Poconos and would be back Sunday night. Cool I thought that would give me the weekend to have some old girlfriends over the house and get me some pussy, I was horny as fuck just being back home reminded me of all the good pieces of ass I had gotten back home.

Anyway the folks left and my sister asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with her, of course I accepted. We sat around and bugged out and got so fucking high we just laughed our asses off for hours, before I knew it, it was already too late and I was too fucked up to even go out anymore so I figured I would just stay at the crib and kick it there. My step sis told me she was gonna hop in the shower and would be out in a few. Cool with me I could throw on the spice channel and jack my dick before taking my shower and going to bed. First I had to take a quick piss, I knocked on the bathroom door and told Lori that I had to pee, she said the door was open just come in and do it. Cool I said and went inside. The first thing I noticed was her shadow on the shower curtain, damn she has grown up while I was gone, her shadow showed me nothing but tits and ass and curves. Well I took out my dick to pee and noticed her clothing on the floor by the shower and I saw these lacy little g-string panties sitting there that she had just taken off.

Well I’m a nasty little fucker and being high didn’t help either so I grabbed them without her noticing. As soon as I did my dick got a little jumpy and I knew I had to go jack off. So I went out to the living room with the moist panties in my grip and a porno on the tube. I sat there and sniffed her panties and smelled the sweetest fuckin’ pussy juice I have ever smelt before.

Goddamn sis, I thought where did you get that sweet pussy? I had to see what it tasted like, so I licked the crotch of her panties and wouldn’t you know it tasted like honey. My dick was pumping hard now as I thought of my little sister in new ways. I reached down and started rubbing my dick through my shorts and fantasizing about my hot bitch sister with my eyes closed. Just then I heard her voice saying hello I was wondering where they went?

Oh shit I didn’t even hear her come out of the shower! What an asshole I am did I think she wouldn’t notice her panties casino şirketleri missing from the floor where she took them off. It had to be the weed fuckin’ with me. What do I do now? She just casually replied, “bro roll another joint I think you need it. I’ll be right back.” Wow I was so embarrassed I thought she would flip on me, fuck it I thought I’d just blame the weed. So I rolled another fatty and sparked it before she came out. She jumped back on the sofa with me wearing just a t-shirt and no shorts. I passed her the joint and we began to get even higher. And she said hey I get horny too you know you could put the porno back on for me.

No problem. Porno on, smoke in the air, twitching dick in my pants, and a hot little chick with me is exactly what I had planned for tonight, except I wanted to fuck and here I am with my little sister. Oh well might as well make the best of it I thought.

We sat there quietly watching the flick and smoking when she asked me how her panties smelled? Laughing I told her I had to admit they were fuckin sweet, she asked for them and I gave them to her and to my surprise she brought them to her nose and took a big whiff saying how she often enjoyed her own smell and taste. And she reached below that T-shirt of hers and exposed the fact that she had no undies on now and she touched her cleanly shaved pussy with one hand and told me that I must not have enjoyed her smell enough because I wasn’t jerking off when she caught me.

I apologized and said its never too late to start and took out my cock and let it grow in front of her eyes to a full 7 inches and began rubbing my swollen head slowly and told her I wasn’t gonna do this alone and she told me do you really think I can watch you and not join in on this myself. As she said that she pulled off her t shirt and surprise, she had nothing underneath. I leaned back into the love seat opposite her as she spread herself on the sofa. We began to please ourselves while watching each other and talking dirty. I told her how much she had grown in the past two years and how hot she was.

The long hair down her back the full c cup breasts the fat ass and hips and my god what a pretty pussy you have baby. Thank you she replied as I watched her licking on one of those fat brown nipples and rub her clit with her other hand. And your cock is as big as ever she replied, what do you mean I said you’ve never seen my cock before? Are you kidding she said I used to hide in your closet and get myself off while you took all those sluts to your room and fuck the shit out of them, all the time knowing that I could do you so much better than casino firmaları they ever could, that’s right I’ve waited my whole life to have you with me and I can’t wait anymore look at how wet I am she said.

Jesus she was right, her pussy was so wet I could smell her from four feet away and see the puddle she left on the leather sofa. My baby sis was driving me crazy any hesitation I might have had went away quickly as she approached me and kissed me with those luscious soft lips of hers and it was the most erotic kiss I’ve ever experienced. She began to kiss my neck and my chest and stomach licking and rubbing me on the way down. She reached up to my mouth with her other hand and stuck her wet dripping fingers into my mouth and let me get a preview of what I was sure to taste soon enough. She placed her tongue on my aching cock head and licked around it in slow circles and down the shaft to my balls.

Damn if she didn’t have both of my big ass balls in her mouth at the same time slowly stroking my cock as she did it. It wasn’t long before I was receiving the blowjob of a lifetime from my own baby sister, what a fuckin rush. She began slow and surprised me when she took my manhood all the way down to the bottom without a problem she worked her way back up just as slowly and began working it like she was made to do it, up and down as fast as humanly possible humming and grunting and moaning like a whore. She was driving me crazy as she placed her hand on my balls and began rubbing and teasing them and she placed her finger near my asshole and rubbed it there without missing a beat on my cock. That was about all I could take and I felt the eruption start down in my balls and the pressure build up until I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed the back of her head and held in down to the base of my dick to see how good she really was at sucking cock, I wasn’t even surprised to see that she never flinched as I gave her the biggest load I have ever given a bitch before.

She took it all and didn’t even come up for air until I grabbed her by the hair and brought her up to me to kiss her I had to let her know how great that was. I pulled her face away from mine by the hair and slapped her across the face and told her that was for watching me all those times but making me wait so long for her to suck me off. I then bent her over the love seat face down and told her what a nasty little girl she was and she would pay for being such a bad girl. At that point I slapped her ass as hard as I could and left a hand print on her cheek. I asked her what kind of sister would be such a hot bitch and not tell her big brother. She would güvenilir casino pay for that too.

I continued to spank that fat ass of hers until I saw tears in her eyes and she said she had a confession to make. I stopped her punishment to hear what she had to say. She told me that once when we were younger she came in my room knowing that I sleep naked and masturbated with my girlfriend’s vibrator while watching me lie there. That was it I told her, now I was gonna make her really pay for her sins and I spread her ass cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in her tight brown asshole and my finger in her dripping pussy, moaning she said punish me with your tongue papi get it all.

My tongue soon found her hot pussy hole and began exploring I turned her over on her back on began kissing and nibbling on her lips and around her clit teasing her and pleasing her like only a brother could do, I took my time getting to her clit as I know that the buildup would drive her nuts. She started screaming, take me make me cum in your face I’m yours I always have been baby.

With that I attacked her clit licking it and gently biting till she began shaking in what I know would be a monster orgasm a thrust me two fingers into her tight pussy just then finding her g spot and making her scream like a whore while she dug her nails into my neck. That was enough time for my cock to reach rock hardness once again.

I entered her little pussy slowly but surely till I was in full tilt and began move it around in circles and rubbing it against her soft pink walls till I loosened up enough to really work it out. Fucking her was so easy being that it felt like there was a full tube of KY jelly in there due to how wet she was. I wanted to take advantage of that fat ass of hers too so I flipped her over doggy style and entered her from behind and loved the way her ass shook on each stroke, I reached down and stuck my thumb in her ass while I hit her from the back and she said that’s right baby it’s all yours take that too if you want it. That’s all I needed to hear so I slipped out of her pussy and began pressing myself into the little brown pussy in her ass.

Ohhhhhhhh she moaned as I pressed it in there, if you think her pussy was tight this ass was even tighter. She was taking like a champ as I began to pick up speed and work it like a pussy I saw her reach back and rub her pussy while I fucked her asshole harder and harder she told me she was gonna cum again and that’s when she told me to fill up her ass with my hot cum. So I did what a good brother should do and made my little sis happy and shot off my load right there. What an orgasm we both had and I pulled out of her and rolled over spent of energy. We sat there and looked at each other and laughed as we realized what just happened. This was gonna be a great weekend and a whole new meaning to keeping it in the family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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