Mart 26, 2021

All About Cory

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My father passed away when I was six leaving mom and I devastated. She worked and we got by spending most of our time together. It wasn’t until after my father had been gone for almost five years that she started dating and showing up with a nice gentleman named Ken that was a major client of the law firm she worked for. She dated Ken for almost a year when one day she took me aside and told me she was going to get married as if she was requesting my approval.

I was at first a bit jealous but she was so assuring that I soon felt happy for her. Mom married Ken who was a widower and we became what they call a blended family. Ken had a young son Terry that was eight years old and another son Cory that was eighteen.

Terry was like a little maggot but I suppose a bit cute but oh my, Cory was the perfect wonderful big brother I had dreamed of. He was athletic, strong, very smart and we hit if off from the start. We had our ups and downs. He dated girls and I was the little pest and I bothered him when he was studying. He called me tweety after the cartoon character because I was blonde. He said I was small, yellow and never stopped chirping.

A couple of years later Cory took a job working in the profession he had studied and trained for and left home. He worked for a few years at a construction project in the far north where he would go on site for about six weeks and come home for a week off in civilization so to speak.

By this time I had become a pretty young lady and had entered a position training to be a writer at a small local newspaper. I was petite but well built and very shapely. I did a fair amount of dating during high school and during this time lost my virginity to a boyfriend whose name I can’t even remember anymore. We were in the back of his car and fumbled around until we managed it. Neither of us knew where to even start except for what we saw in pictures and heard about from other kids. I never tried it again thinking if that was sex then who needed it.

My story starts on one of the times that Cory was on holidays from his job and he was staying with us for a week. I was secretly thrilled as I had not seen him much at all for the last few years and having him home was going to be fun. He was so handsome. He had a sweet devilish smile, light tossed brown hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous build. His work kept him in shape and being an active person he was well muscled with thick arms and a tight stomach.

My younger stepbrother Terry was away at a camp and my mother and Ken had gone to a convention for the weekend. This left Cory at home with me on the Sunday I remember so well. I had gotten up earlier and had been to a charity walk and got home about three in the afternoon. Cory was there and he was flopped on the couch watching football. He was wearing a tattered light cut off shirt and sweat pants and had been eating chips and drinking soda.

I sat down with him and the usual started. He was a Denver Broncos fan and I touched a nerve when I told him I had heard that the Denver quarterback was gay which of course I knew no such a thing and the fight was on. He asked me what I knew about football or anything for that matter and I told him I was wondering how come he didn’t have a girlfriend. şirinevler escort He said he didn’t have time and I told him it was because he didn’t know what he was doing and they just dumped him anyway cause he was such a toad. He countered by grabbing me and tossing me on the couch where he sat on me for almost ten minutes. He finally let me up and we exchanged a few gestures and I went off to have my shower.

I had hardly adjusted the warm water spray when the door to the cubicle opened and Cory wearing only a pair of speedo shorts stepped inside. I was shocked, stunned and could not speak. I finally collected my senses demanded what he was doing and told him to get out. He just took me into his arms and pulled my hot wet nude body to his. I tried to get him to let go and told him he had to stop, that it was not right. He just bent over and moved my face up and kissed me long and hard on the lips. He held the kiss for what seemed to be ages. His lips were soft and warm and as they moved on mine. I could feel my knees going weak and lost my breath. When we came up I uttered between breaths we should stop it, as it was not right. He was my brother. He said we had not done anything wrong and we were not blood relatives, our relationship was by marriage only. Of course he was right but I must have been dreaming.

He kissed me again and his lips were again so soft on mine and he was warm against me I let myself go slowly bringing my arms up his back to hold him to me. He nibbled my lips gently and then his tongue was in my mouth sliding back and forth under mine and I was lost. I could feel my moisture starting and the tingling in my nipples as my breasts were flattened against his firm chest. I moved my arms right up his back until both were holding him tight. The kiss lasted for ages. Our breath was mixed and our tongues moved together as he softly caressed me sliding his hands up and down me. It was so soothing and so nice and I felt so secure in his arms that any hesitance I had was literally melting. We had turned the water off and were just using the stall and he was now a little more demanding in his actions. He released me slightly and slid off the wet shorts he was wearing. It was then that I looked down.

I wanted to run. A big thick penis was standing straight up along his belly. I had only felt the one when I lost my virginity and this would make three of them. The bare uncovered head was almost purple it was so hard. I backed away and I think I turned white as he gently brought me to him again. He calmly held me and kissed my forehead softly, telling me not to be afraid, as he would never hurt me. He took my hand and brought it down between us and I found myself holding it. The skin was soft and loose and I slid it back and forth a little. I could only just get my hand around it and it was long enough easily for both of my small hands on the shaft. The head was smooth and felt like velvet when I caressed it. I could feel it throb slightly in my hand. He moved me back as he found his way to my lower tummy and his fingers gently tickled the soft brownish tuft between my legs. I now wanted this and I wanted it bad. I knew I was soaked and very slippery. He continued his exploring şişli escort by running his finger down the crease below the sensitive area of my mound. Then it found its way along the almost dripping wet lips to my most secret opening. I was beside myself in the excitement and I continued to squeeze his penis. It was now even harder and bending upwards when I released it.

He brought his big hands down to my hips where he gently caressed me as he lifted me with my back against the wall. He opened my legs and pushed his penis down that had been standing straight up and placed it between my legs. He lowered me so it was locked between my thighs at the junction. It felt so nice in there. Now Cory started to gently slide it back and forth with his hips as if he was doing me already. I knew my juices were coating his shaft, as my lower lips were almost half wrapped around it. I started to breath heavy and we kissed so passionately. I was almost in a trance. It was so erotic and I could feel the tingling as his shaft caressed me down there. I know I wanted him so bad now and would do anything to have him. I held him to me with all the strength I had left

He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his hard firm torso and hung on to him holding him tight for dear life as if I was never going to let him go. He walked the short distance to his room and brought me to the bed where he lowered me on my back as he came down over me. His body was between my legs and he was gently moving himself on me. My breasts were mashed to his chest and my nipples were hard as little marbles. He held his weight on his elbows and soon his lips were again locked to mine in another deep long kiss. Our tongues were entwined and sliding wetly and I sucked his gently and slide mine between his lips almost as a signal of what I wanted from him now.

. I felt his hand leave and with some guiding his penis returned only this time the angle was different. It was not the shaft sliding back and forth but the head was being nudged between my lower lips. He moved it in the almost bubbling wetness until it was totally lubricated and then lodged the hard tip inside the small opening to my body. It was going to be tight but somehow I knew Cory would protect me from hurt as I opened myself to him. He pressed gently and I helped by adjusting myself, lifted my pelvis, released my muscles and the big head expanded the tight inner ring as I felt what tension I had disappear. I felt myself stretched wide and heard my moan from a distance and it felt huge. He pushed a little harder and Cory was partly inside me.

He was such a sweetheart as he talked softly to me. I could hear his comforting voice in my ear telling me it was okay and that I was his princess and to hold him tight all the time it was going in deeper. He was using small slow thrusts moving a little deeper each time. I was feeling completely full. I slid my hand down between us to the junction where our bodies were joined and found there was still more and at the same time could not believe that so much of the long shaft was already buried in my tummy.

I clasped his back and brought my legs around him and moved my pelvis giving a hard push upwards and the rest of it slid suadiye escort in smoothly and I could feel it go right to the end and there was no more room. I felt completely full. Cory started to move inside me I moaned softly in his ear loving the soothing sliding of his hardness inside me. He would draw it out until only the head was inside and then back in deep and now faster and faster he was starting a rhythm of his thrusting. I swear I could feel each large vein on the shaft as the sensations rippled through my soft open body. On each deep thrust I could feel his tight balls against me and they were right up in my crack under his penis. He was doing me hard and fast and I was almost in heaven.

I squeezed his hips with my thighs as my legs rode high and up over his back I used them to hold him to me as I moved with him. He held me tight as he looked down into my eyes then moved his head back above my ear. It was as if our bodies were one. I could feel myself starting in me and I began to clasp his penis with my muscles. There was a hot flushed feeling coming over me and I was starting to quiver. I drove myself up at him and wracked my hands over his back and started to breath harder and faster and then I was there. I felt like I had a million nerve endings where our bodies were joined. I could feel the warmth flow out of me as the extra moisture aided our now almost complete union.

Cory held me close and stroked my forehead as he let me come down. He had slowed his thrusting to a slow gentle movement until the sensitivity subsided and he felt me again hold him close. He started even harder deeper strokes then before. He was starting to breath heavy and I could feel that he was swelling bigger and was getting harder. He was now doing it so fast I could not keep up and just tried to hold on. I wanted everything, all of it, all he could give me. I wanted to merge our souls.

He literally pumped it in me and I could feel another climax building in me. He started to throb so hard I could feel it as he finally pressed deep and held it there. I screamed as I buried my head in his neck.

His whole body was quivering and I heard a soft moan and a murmur from his lips like what you would hear from a small child. I felt the pulsating and a couple of harder throbs followed by a heat running the full length inside me. He had squirted a large warm spurt of semen inside the very opening of my cervix. And then it was another and then a third and it was starting to just flow as he held it deep in me. He resumed slow and easy as I could feel the thick mucous liquid flowing out of me and soaking us. My mound was matted from the flow. Only then did something enter my mind. There was millions of sperm inside my fertile body. There was a small pool forming on the bed as the whitish sticky fluid run from between my legs. I didn’t even care as I lay with Cory softening inside me feeling our breathing slowing to normal. Then without leaving me we moved on our sides and he pulled a large soft blanket over us and held me close to him.

I don’t think it was possible to love anyone more then I did at that moment. I felt so secure and at peace and so protected and safe with my body and soul entrusted to this man. He cuddled me in his arms kissed my forehead and I soon drifted to sleep.

I will never forget that afternoon and it will be always with me in my memories. I have a good life, a nice home and two beautiful daughters. And the best of all the most wonderful loving husband in the world.

Yes his name is Cory.

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