Mart 25, 2021

Alain’s Story

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Alain-part one:

Alain’s Story

…Alain pressed His face to the window and stared out into the night. He could see snowflakes dancing as they fluttered and fell softly to the ground. The streetlight gave everything an eerie glow as His dark ice blue eyes carefully looked at His surroundings; at least as much as He could survey from this window.

Another city, another country; Alain had lost track of how many places He had been in the past month. Always searching, always hoping upon hope that He would find what His heart, and soul demanded so ferociously. He did not dare to mention to His friends what He was feeling. It was like an addiction, but to something He had not ever had, but knew that He would. He just had to find her.

Alain was in Eastern Canada, a French speaking city, which made His search all the more difficult. He only knew a few words in the language. He also knew He would go to the ends of the earth, for her.

As He watched the snowflakes He allowed His mind to wander and rest on what He searched for so relentlessly. She had come to Him in a dream; a dream so unlike any other dream He had ever had. It was so real. He remembered everything about her. The way she felt, the way she smelled, the tinkle of delicate slave bells around her slim ankles. Then she spoke and it was at that precise minute that she had stolen His mind, His heart, His very soul, forever. Her voice was ethereal and light, musical and seductive, like smooth cream slipping past His lips, and then dancing upon His tongue before flowing down His throat. He wanted her. He needed her. He had to have her.

No, He dare not speak of her to His friends, none would understand, even the closest of His friends did not really know Him very well. Alain only allowed so much of who He really was to be known. He had secrets, secrets He carried in His mind and heart for so long. Finally, He thought, I must be getting close. I can almost feel her.

Alain-part two:

The Dream

…Alain pressed one fingertip to the window and slowly moved it around creating odd designs on the pane from the moisture collected there. Almost as quickly as He drew them they disappeared, moisture collecting into drops and sliding down lazily in various paths until they reached the sill and puddle there.

He wanted to sleep, God how He wished He could sleep. For sleep would bring her to Him in His dreams, it always did and each time He would search for a clue to her identity, to her location, for anything that would bring her closer to Him.

Alain shook His head in an ironic laugh. His background was French, and here He was in a French speaking city but could barely navigate through it. He silently cursed His parents for insisting He learn English and use that only in their home. He never knew why they were so intent on Him learning and speaking English but not the French that He knew they both spoke fluently. Just another mystery of who He was and who His parents really were. No time to pursue answers to that right now. He had to find her.

His şerifali escort last dream of her was magical; there was no other word to describe it. He was on a beach somewhere, with no idea of His location, just walking and enjoying the warm sand beneath His feet, the heat of the sun’s rays upon His body and the scent of the ocean, salty and filled with mystery.

There was a cottage there, surrounded by lush foliage, high enough to look over the ocean, to see the beauty of it all, day and night. The stars and the moon shone like dancing diamonds on the light swells of the moving water. All of it so ethereal, yet so real in His mind. The cottage had very tall windows which overlooked the ocean, and each was wide open, long gauzy curtains gently fluttered in the breezes, the scents of the exotic blooms wafting into the room ready to entice all there. He was standing inside now, looking out over the water just as the sun was setting. The sky was ablaze with a myriad of colour so splendid that He could not ever imagine something could be this beautiful. All the oranges, pinks, blues, greens and grays spread out like delicate fingers caressing a lover.

Alain breathed in the scent of the blossoms surrounding Him; they filled crystal bowls and were placed all over the room so that day and night He could always see and smell their scent, it was like their gift to Him.

Alain turned as He heard her silky seductive voice whisper out, “Alain? Alain? What are You doing my Love?”

He turned sharply and looked towards another room, and there she was. It was at this moment that a noise woke Alain up and He cursed. Now He could not fall back to sleep and stood by His window looking out as the city was treated to a light covering of pristine flakes of snow. He closed His eyes and tried to remember everything, every scent, every sound, searching for a clue. He knew that He was closer now, He just had to be.

Alain-part three:


…Alain stood at the window barely noticing the rain outside; His mind was full of her. He could still see her, her image was burned into His mind. She had very light blonde hair, so pale it was almost white, and it hung down past her waist in deep waves, with tendrils framing her sweet face. Her big bright blue eyes were a perfect shade of azure blue framed with ebony lashes. Her voice was so melodic, so seductive, and so innocent all at the same time. He had seen and heard her for mere seconds, yet the sight and scent of her filled His mind, His soul and His heart. He had to have her.

Each day and night brought Him more clues of who she was and where she was. Alain only had to piece them together; there must be an answer in His dreams of how to find her, to learn her name. He let His mind wander a bit, guessing names, trying to think what this angelic creature would be called.

Alain looked out into the night, looking at the neon signs strung out everywhere proclaiming that their product must be bought in order to bring harmony to all. Bright suadiye escort greens, pinks, oranges and blues, all flashing and twinkling as if in a contest with the stars.

Alain shook His head and turned and walked back towards the bed, then fell into it and prayed He would fall asleep and dream of her. He laid there for what seemed like hours, in-between the layers of awake and asleep, as if in a daze. Her image swirled around constantly in His mind; His eyes could see nothing else. He had to find her!

Slowly and without noticing, Alain’s body finally succumbed to sleep. In a swirl of colours, sounds and scents He focused and was back at the cottage, she was still there, looking at Him strangely.

“Alain? What is wrong?” The words slipped past her sweet lips and floated to His ears, caressing them with each syllable.

“Wrong? I…I do not know. Is something wrong? Who are you?” stammered Alain.

“Alain, You are frightening me. Please do not act like You do not know me. Please.”

Those perfect azure eyes sparkled even more as tears began to swell. She looked up at Alain silently pleading with Him to tell her what was wrong.

“Alain” she sobbed, “Alain, please, You must know who I am, I am veronique, Your slave”. “Please, if this is a joke, stop it, I am so frightened.”

“veronique?” asked Alain questioningly, veronique?” Alain gathered her up into His arms and held her tight, kissing her face, her hair, holding her tighter, wanting never to awake and lose her.

“Am I dreaming veronique? Is this real? Are you real? Please tell me that you are real, for I could not bear it if you were not.”

“Alain, I am as real as You are my love, I always have been.”

Alain-part four:

His Whore

…veronique woke up trembling. Dazed, breathing hard, almost panting and looking around her. She was alone. How could that be? He was just here with her. It took a few minutes for veronique to realize she had been dreaming of Him, again.

She brushed the damp curls from her face, and sat up tossing the pale gold waves of silk to cascade down her back. The pale silk chemise she wore was damp and clinging to her breasts, each hard nipple outlined. Veronique moved in the bed and she could hear the silk sheets make a rustling sound, and then she tossed back the pale rose pink satin duvet and stood up. Barefoot she padded to the window and looked out at the city. It was dark, so very dark, but all the bright lights of the city shone like diamonds placed on a black velvet background.

So many times she had looked out a window at a city and wondered if this was the time she’d find Him. Was this the time her dream would come true. She felt close, so close to Him. She knew His name, Alain. He was tall, over six feet with jet black wavy hair, and dark icy blue eyes. He spoke with a slight French accent but in all her dreams of Him, she had only heard Him speak English. The dreams of Him were unlike any others she had; never had so felt this way towards anyone. He had to ümraniye escort be real; there was no other explanation for how she felt, for how she was drawn to search for Him. This time she felt so close to Him.

Veronique wondered if He was in this city, looking out at the city and up at the same night sky as she was. She pressed one finger tip against the window and lightly swirled it around on the gathering moisture, making designs as she looked and thought. It was so hard to sleep; she had to fight constantly to sleep, for in sleep she was with Him. He was her Love, her Master, her soul mate.

Her cheeks blushed a pale rose as she remembered her latest dream with Him. Alain had totally ravaged her body, quenching both their heated desires over and over. She smiled softly as she remembered sitting on top His rock hard cock and riding Him hard; His hands alternately pulling at her nipples and slamming her down harder on to His cock. He knew that her cunt was spread very wide now, almost to the point of tearing, but she kept moving, riding His cock harder and faster. Pale blonde tresses spilled down over His chest like a golden rainfall and tangled in His hands as He pulled her down to kiss soft lips. Veronique moaned as she moved harder and faster; up and down; back and forth, forcing her hot wet cunt to take every inch of His huge rock hard cock. She could feel the thick fuckmeat stretching her cunt, and still she wanted more of it. “Fill me Alain, fill Your slut’s cunt with Your hot cum, fill me Love, fill me please!” she panted out.

Alain moaned and moved up pulling her off His cock saying, “Get on your knees love”.

Veronique moved as fast as she could, she wanted to be filled and fucked by Him so much. She spread her legs wide as she got on her hands and knees, both her fuck holes open to Him.

Alain smiled, then slapped her bare ass hard, grabbing it and slamming His throbbing cock deep into her ass. “Mmmmm My whore, such a lovely ass to fuck!” veronique screamed out in both pain and pleasure as He pounded His thick cock into the depths of her ass, fucking her hard, pounding into her body with all His strength. She pushed back, impaling herself onto His cock, taking it, wanting it, needing it, craving more and more.

“Oh god Alain! Yes! Yes! Fuck Your whore fast and hard please my Love, my Master”

Alain trembled hearing her begging for His cock, then used both hands and slapped her ass leaving handprints, before leaning onto her and grabbing both nipples and squeezing them, pinching hard as His cock spurted white hot cum into her sweet ass.

Veronique screamed hard and this made Alain pinch and shove His cock harder and deeper into His whore. “You love to be used as My whore don’t you veronique? Your cunt and ass are Mine, Mine to use whenever I choose, never forget that.”

Veronique bit her lip and nodded fighting to speak, “Yes Alain, I am Your whore, and always shall be. It is what I was born for, what I was born to be, Your whore, forever more. You totally own me, forever.”

Alain smiled…pulled His wet cock out of her ass…”Clean your Master’s cock whore and be quick about it.”

“There is so much more to do with you this night slut…so much…”

…perhaps in time, they will find each other apart from just in their dreams…perhaps.

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