Haziran 13, 2020

Adventures in Fantasy

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Adventures in Fantasy
Mark nervously tapped his index finger on the top of his computer mouse. He could finish the legal document on his screen in another few minutes, but his mind kept wandering. Mark and his wife, Jan, were at odds again. The two weren’t communicating very well and Mark sharply felt his wife’s frustration.

He found himself spending more and more time in his home office, trying to keep up with the increasing legal workload. “I should be in the bedroom cuddling up against Jan’s supple body instead of pecking away at this stupid brief,” he thought to himself. Unfortunately, the brief couldn’t wait. Mark, with one of the senior partners, was due in court the next morning.

Mark’s fingers left his keyboard a half-hour later and he stretched his stiff arms and yawned. “I should at least check on Jan,” he mused as he rose from his ergonomically engineered desk chair. Mark stepped soundlessly down the carpeted hallway and extended his hand toward the bedroom door that stood ajar. He froze without touching the door when his eyes focused on his wife.

Jan lay naked on their king-size bed. That was not too unusual. They both slept nude. Mark took several years to convince Jan to shed her flannel pajamas. It took another year to get her to jettison the extra large T-shirt and join him in sleeping nude. No, it wasn’t her nudity that stopped him dead in his tracks; it was what she was doing.

Jan lay on her back, her legs apart and her knees bent. Her left hand fondled her breast while her right hand guided their vibrating Eroscillator up and down her prominent mound. Jan’s mouth was partly open and Mark could hear her heavy breathing as he peered through the crack in the door. It was the first time he had ever seen his wife masturbate!

Mark continued to watch in awe as his attractive brunette moved their favorite sex toy over her dark thatch, dipping it into her pink inner folds again and again. u*********sly, he rubbed his growing member through his slacks and felt it respond to the sensual scene taking place before his eyes.

Jan pulled on the long, tan nipple that stood erect on her soft, 38C breast and accelerated the movement of vibrator, opening then closing her thighs around the buzzing device. Mark listened to his wife moan as her hips lifted off the mattress. “She’s going to climax,” he absently thought as he observed her start to spasm and frantically jerk her body. Suddenly, he recognized a familiar feeling and tried to stop the flow now surging up through his thick six-inch cock. It was too late! Before he could get a grip on the base of his dick, cum exploded into his briefs and created a sizeable wet spot on the front of his slacks.

Mark tiptoed back down the hall and into the guest bathroom. He was nervous and embarrassed by having squirted in his pants while spying on his wife. He dropped his pants and pulled off his cum-soaked underwear. “Shit, what a mess,” he mumbled. Using one of the guest wash cloths, he washed his semi-erect tool and swabbed the sticky cum off his balls. Next, Mark wadded up the briefs and put his slacks over his arm. He stopped in the kitchen and carefully buried the briefs in the trash. Then, he put his soiled slacks in the trunk of his car. “I’ll take these to the cleaners as soon as they dry out,” he decided. “That way, Jan won’t know what I did.”

It felt a little odd, sitting bare-ass in his chair completing his brief. “Jan might decide to come in here any minute,” he thought. “How will I explain my lack of pants?” Fear of discovery drove Mark to finish the brief in another twenty minutes. As he typed the last few sentences, he began to relive his recent experience. As he recalled his wife’s actions, his penis began to harden. “That’s good, I can go to the bedroom with a hard-on and tell Jan that I couldn’t wait to join her for some sexy fun.” He grinned. “She’ll probably be exhausted from her recent private session and I’ll still get credit for trying to entice her.”

Mark pressed the hot keys to save his brief and start the printer. Leaving his system to finish the job, he pulled off his shirt. He strolled, nude, back down the hallway and boldly entered the bedroom. His wife was lying on her side; naked with the top sheet pushed to the foot of their bed. Jan heard Mark enter the room and looked up at him dreamily. One dim table lamp illuminated the room. She could clearly see his erection as it bobbed in front of his six-foot frame. Mark’s seasons of collegiate wrestling produced a strong, muscular body that thrilled her. She still loved to run her fingers through his mop of light brown hair and let her fingers trace the hard ridges of his body.

“Mmm, where did that come from?” she murmured as she eyed his erection. “Have you been working on a legal thing or looking at naked women?”

Mark grinned back at her. “Maybe a little of both, and one of the gals looked just like you.”

A guilty look flashed over Jan’s face and her cheeks reddened as her husband made his innocent comment. “Whatever you did produced a very nice result,” she replied in her sexiest voice. “Climb into bed with me and let me get a better view.”

Mark was taken aback by her eagerness. “She’s still horny!” he thought as he stretched out beside his pretty wife. Normally, she was rather conservative and she usually waited for him to make the first move.

Jan reached for Mark and ran her smooth hand over his chest and down across his belly. Her fingers reached the base of his cock and she circled him lightly. “Mr. Willie, want some attention?” she asked coyly.

“What do you think?” Mark replied as he spread his legs a bit more. Jan let her fingers move lower and gently fondled his scrotum, feeling each ball in turn.

“Would Mr. Willie like a kiss?” Jan asked as she began to slide down the bed. Mark felt her warm breath, then a sublime touch as his wife put her lips to the head of his throbbing prick. He put his hand on Jan’s leg and encouraged her to move around into the 69 position. Jan put her leg over him and straddled his face while she continued to kiss and lick his thick six-inch cock.

Mark stared up into his wife’s patch of black curly hair. He noticed the unusual amount of womanly nectar glistening on her partially open inner lips. “She really got herself off,” he mused as the tip of his tongue tasted her copious nectar.

Soon, Mark had his entire face buried in his wife’s snatch while she worked his cock deep into her throat. He used his tongue inside her sticky vagina, and then licked upward over her crinkled ass while holding her cheeks wide apart. “Oh, yes, yes,” she moaned as she briefly let his cock slip from her lips. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Mark licked and sucked feverishly, recalling how his wife looked as she fucked herself with the toy. “It must feel like you’re enjoying two cocks at the same time,” he suggested as he moved his tongue in her warm tunnel.

His comment had a surprising effect on Jan. She redoubled her effort and pressed her crotch down hard on Mark’s face. “Oh, God,” she gasped as she took his cock in her hand and stroked him rapidly. “Oh, yeah, do it! Do me hard,” she added.

With one swift movement, Jan twisted her 5′ 7″ body around and skewered herself on Mark’s stiff erection. She slammed her pelvis down on him and began to rub back and forth. Her movements caused her pendulous breasts to swing free between them and Mark reached up to hold them in his hands. “Yeah, that’s it, pull on my tits and fuck me,” Jan pleaded.

Mark pulled on his wife’s erect nipples, then sucked on one while he moved his hands to grip her soft ass. “I needed help tonight, honey,” he told her. “I hope you don’t mind me inviting another man to join us?” he added to see what she might say and do.

Jan’s eyes went tightly closed. “She’s imagining there’s two of us!” Mark thought at that instant. Jan raised up until just the head of his cock remained inside, and then she slowly lowered her body down his pole.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, “it’s so long and thick. I can feel it going all the way inside.” Mark watched his wife carefully as she rode his shaft. He squeezed her ass with one hand and pulled her nipple with the other, trying to mimic the effect of two men for his sex-crazed woman. It worked!

“Oh, honey, fucking me so good,” Jan gasped as she rubbed back and forth. “It’s so nice and big…I love it.”

Flabbergasted, Mark continued with the charade, not knowing what to expect from his normally quiet wife. He decided to up the ante. “He loves your tight pussy,” he told Jan as he used his fingers to massage her clit. “You’ve got his big prick all the way inside.”

Jan’s mouth opened and closed in a soundless cry as she worked herself into a sexual fit. “I’m going to cum, baby,” she finally gasped. Mark felt his wife’s vaginal muscles begin to contract and he watched her tummy jerk as her climax washed over her. Feeling his wife’s orgasm triggered his own. For the second time in an hour, he unleashed his load, this time deep inside her. Their combined juices began to seep out around his cock, wetting his balls and the sheet beneath them.

Jan collapsed on top of her husband, mashing her tits into his chest. She opened her eyes and kissed Mark deeply, tasting her own juices on his lips and tongue. “Mmm, that was heavenly,” she whispered.

Mark smiled up at his sated bride. “Who was with you in heaven, my dear?” he inquired.

Jan looked puzzled. “You were silly,” she responded.

“Me and who else?” Mark asked. “For a while, I’d swear you were convinced that I had invited another man to share you.”

Jan grinned back coyly. “Well, when you pretended that another man was with us, I did let myself pretend it was true for a little while. Are you upset with me for that?”

Mark hesitated for a moment. “No, I guess not,” he said. “I did notice that pretending it was another man really got you hot and bothered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so aroused.”

“Yeah, it was pretty hot,” Jan admitted. “But it was only a fantasy, right?”

Mark decided to push the envelope even farther. “Yes, it was only a fantasy…this time. Tell me, honey, who were you fantasizing about earlier this evening when you were alone with the Eroscillator?”

Jan blushed beet red at her husband’s question. “What? What do you mean?”

Mark smiled at Jan’s obvious discomfort. “You know what I mean, sweetheart. I watched you playing with yourself. Why do you think I got so horny?”

“Honey, I’m so sorry,” Jan began. “It’s not anything about you. I just needed some release, and you were all tied up with your work again. It doesn’t mean anything, really.”

Mark nodded and kissed his wife tenderly. “That’s okay, honey, I don’t mind. In fact, it was a huge turn-on for me to see you pleasuring yourself like that. You’ve never done it for me before.”

“I didn’t know I was doing it for you that time either!” Jan retorted with a giggle. “I didn’t know you were spying on me like that.”

“Promise me that you’ll let me watch next time,” Mark stated. “It was so hot to see you touching yourself like that.” Jan nodded. “Okay, I will, but not while you’re pecking away on that stupid computer!”

“Deal,” Mark concluded. “I’ll try harder to leave my work at the office. I know that I’ve been ignoring your needs lately. I’ll do better, I promise.”

Jan hugged her husband tightly. “I’d like that…a lot!” she assured him.

“Now, tell me,” Mark continued, “who were you dreaming about while you were fantasizing with our little toy?”

Jan pouted and turned her face away. “No fair,” she accused. “You don’t tell me any of your fantasies, so you shouldn’t make me tell you mine.”

“So, you admit that you have fantasies?” Mark quizzed.

Jan tried to avoid a direct answer. “Doesn’t everybody?” she replied. “Don’t you?”

“Well, sure,” Mark admitted, but we’re talking about you right now, aren’t we?”

“I don’t want to discuss this anymore,” Jan responded.

“Tell me this,” Mark insisted, “do any of your fantasies involve other people?”

“Do yours?” Jan replied with a question of her own.

“Okay, sometimes,” Mark admitted. “How about you? Were you dreaming about someone else tonight?”

“You really want to know?” she asked.

“Yeah, I do,” Mark responded. “Maybe we share some of the same fantasies. Ever think of that?”

“Do you really think so?” Jan asked in an excited manner.

Mark smiled. “The way you responded when I suggested that there were two of us tells me we very likely do share at least one fantasy.”

“Okay, I’ll admit that the suggestion turned me on a lot. There, are you satisfied?”

“Who were you thinking about while you were fucking yourself earlier?” Mark pressed.

Jan thought for a moment, trying to remember each phase. “It started out with you,” she began. “We were on a beach somewhere. We were on vacation.”

“Go on,” Mark urged. “Then what?”

“Then, it was a nude beach all of a sudden. You had finally convinced me to go naked. We were stretched out on the sand, and we were both completely nude.” Jan confessed.

“That’s one of my dreams, as you well know,” Mark inserted. “What else were you thinking about?”

Jan wrinkled her brow. “There were some other people there. They were all naked and the men were looking at me. I could feel their eyes surveying my body and you were just lying there napping. At first, I wanted to cover myself, but then I actually wanted them to see me.”

“With a body like yours, I can easily imagine the other men were gawking,” Mark commented. “Did you like to look at the men?”

Jan flushed. “There was one guy, about our age…maybe a little younger…who caught my eye. He was very good looking and, when our eyes met, I knew he wanted me.”

“Yes, and then what happened?” Mark urged his wife.

“When he walked by our lounge chairs, I smiled at him. He came over to us and I saw him close up.”

Mark caressed Jan’s thigh. “What was I doing at the time?”

“You began to chat with him and invited him to sit with us,” Jan continued. “It made me feel better, because you seemed to like him too.”

Mark smiled. “Funny thing, I’ve had the same dream many times. Go on, please.”

“Well,” Jan said, “we had some drinks and talked for a while. Then you mentioned that we’d had enough sun for the day. You asked him if he’d like to come to our room where we could be in the shade. To my surprise, he said yes, and we moved to our balcony. When we got there, we took our clothes off again and sat there naked together for a while.”

“What happened after that?” Mark asked, already knowing the answer.

“He kept telling me how great I looked and telling you how lucky you were. I noticed that you were getting an erection and so was he.”

“What was his name?” Mark asked.

“He didn’t have a name at the time. He was just a handsome fellow,” Jan replied. I got a little tipsy and when I got up to go to the bathroom; I stumbled and fell into his lap. I felt his cock go up between my legs a little before I hopped up. He tried to hold me there, but I said that I had to go pee, so he let me up. I had to promise to come back and sit on his lap again.”

“Did you do that?” Mark asked.

Jan nodded. “Yes, I returned and sat right in his lap while we all continued to talk and laugh. You seemed to like me sitting on him like that, so I stayed there. His stiff dick kept prodding me and that made me very aroused.”

Mark stroked his wife’s tummy and idly cupped her breast. “I can imagine that you were getting wet as you felt him grow beneath you. I know that my cock would have been hard also.”

“Yes, it was very arousing,” Jan admitted. “I began thinking about having two men and I got incredibly hot just anticipating it. I was praying that one of you would break the ice and suggest something.”

“I think that it would be up to me to decide how far he could go,” Mark stated rather firmly.

“Yeah, he was bold, but not too bold,” Jan agreed.

“What did I do?” Mark queried his wife.

“Finally, you said we should go inside and see if the two of you could please me. I was amazed that you would allow a strange man into our bed, but by then I was powerless to object.”

Mark shook his head. “So, I was the one who forced this handsome stranger on you, is that it?”

Jan smiled at her perplexed husband. “Well, it wouldn’t be right for me to insist, now would it? I shouldn’t be too anxious.”

“Part of your fantasy is tied to my own fantasy, right?” Mark asked.

Jan nodded. “I guess so. My fantasy is that you want me to submit to another man while you are there with us. Is that too naughty?”

“I love it!” Mark replied. “See, we do share a very sexy fantasy. Now that it’s out in the open between us, let me ask you another question. Do you think you might want to make our fantasy become a reality?”

Jan gave her husband’s question some heavy thought. “We’re very much in love with each other, right?”

“Right!” Mark quickly responded. “I know that I want to spend my life with you, and I think you feel the same about me. I think we’re very secure after this many years together.”

“I guess, under the right circumstances, it would be incredible to live out our fantasy once. Do you hate me for saying that?”

Mark shook his head. “Oh, no, not at all. I was hoping that you would feel that way. The only restriction I would place on such an experience is that I would have to be there and be a part of it.”

“Me too,” Jan assured her husband. “I wouldn’t feel right about it unless you were with me. It would be too frightening to try it all by myself.”

A lengthy silence ensued. Finally, Mark spoke up. “Once this big case is settled, I am due for a vacation. How would you like it if I got on the Internet and checked out the places in Mexico and in the islands that cater to couples only?”

Jan grinned. “You mean those places we’ve heard about that have their own nude beach and where lively adult recreation is encouraged, right?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me! Are you ready for that?” Mark asked, just to be sure.

“Will you be okay with the nudity and maybe having men ogling and even touching me?” Jan teased.

Mark nodded and his dick began to come back to life. “I think so, just as long as you don’t get upset if I glance at a naked wife or two as we stroll down the beach.”

In answer, Jan reached out to clutch Mark’s stiff rod. “Mr. Willie’s mine all mine. I’m not worried. I might even be willing to share Mr. Willie with one of the other gals, as long as you’re ready to let me play with another fellow’s stiff friend.”

Mark hugged his voluptuous wife to him and rocked her in his arms. “I’ll start looking for a great place with the right kind of beach tomorrow night. Tonight, I think we have some unfinished business!”

“Honey, I think I’ve found the spot for our little vacation adventure,” Mark exclaimed as his wife, Jan, strolled into his home office. Without conscious thought, both had taken to spending most of their private time nude. It was a result of an intimate discussion after Mark discovered his lovely wife masturbating while he prepared another legal brief.

A week had elapsed since the couple had compared fantasies. They slowly discovered that they shared a fantasy involving Jan being pleasured by two men at once. They imagined they were at a couples-only resort with a nude beach, and possibly having the experience that had only been a fantasy before.

“What did you find?” Jan replied as she put her arm on her husband’s bare shoulder.

“It’s called Playa del Maya and it’s part of the Mayan Riviera near Cancun, Mexico. Here are some pictures of the place.”

Jan watched as Mark clicked through a series of pictures. She saw of a group of low buildings, a large pool overlooking the Gulf, and a spacious hot tub. Colorful flowers filled the pictures. Lounges around the pool deck looked very inviting. “It looks beautiful, Mark,” she said, “but there aren’t any people in the pictures.”

“It’s a clothing optional resort for couples only,” he replied with a wink. “I guess they are careful not to expose any of their guests on the Internet.”

“Did you check out the resorts in Jamaica?” she asked.

Mark nodded. “I did, and they also looked pretty grand. The prices are fairly similar, but I kinda like the idea of going to a smaller resort first. I’m not sure we’re ready for the wilder venues yet. The Yucatan is also a bit quicker to get to. We can fly into Cancun and be at Playa del Maya in about three hours.”

The couple looked at more pictures of room interiors and inviting beach views with bright umbrellas. “Here’s the swim up bar by the pool, right next to the waterfall,” Mark added to help seal the choice.

“I guess you’re right,” Jan mused. “We should crawl before we walk on this. Talking about our fantasy is one thing…actually doing something is quite another!”

Mark chuckled. “Seeing you walking around nude all the time sure makes me wish we were there right now. Visions of other men watching you wading naked along the beach keep flashing through my brain as I surf the resort web sites.”

“They may not pay any attention at all,” Jan responded. “Maybe you’ll be disappointed after we get there.”

Mark barked out a laugh. “Yeah, I can just see the other men ignoring your beautiful body, hah!”

“What if we go to that place and we don’t find anybody that we want to mess around with?” Jan countered. “Wouldn’t it be better to go to a big resort with lots of people?”

“I thought about that, honey, and we can try one of those hot spots in Jamaica if you like,” Mark said. “I’ll take you anywhere you want to go…and do anything you want to do,” Mark assured her.

Jan massaged Mark’s neck and gazed at the pictures for a few moments, deep in thought. “No, I think you’re right. We need to go to the smaller place first. No matter who is there, we should have a sexy good time. I’ll definitely try to do my part,” she finally told him. “Can we stay at least a week?”

Mark smiled up at his naked wife. “I arranged for extra time off. After winning that big case, Glen was willing to grant me anything I asked. How about ten days in Mexico and another week at home with no legal work?”

“Oh, honey, that sounds divine!” Jan shrieked with glee. “We both need a break. How soon can we go?”

“If I make the arrangements right away, we can be there in four days,” Mark grinned. “Is that soon enough?”

Jan hugged her husband’s neck. “That gives me just enough time to shop for some new things to take along. Make it happen, sweetheart.”

In two days, Jan finished shopping and began to pack for their Mexican vacation. She didn’t let Mark see any of her new things. She knew he would be surprised to see her in the bright-colored shifts of light cotton fabric. The little dresses were clingy and displayed her cute figure to advantage.

Instead of her usual underwire bras, she invested in two very sheer, very brief numbers that let her ample breasts bounce, almost unfettered, when she walked. Her usual nylon panties would stay in her drawer. She would take the tiny thong panties purchased at Victoria’s Secret.

Although they were going to a clothing optional resort, she thought she might need at least two bikinis. One of her new suits was cut high on the legs, but still covered her fairly well. The second was a very brief thong-style suit that allowed her breasts a lot of freedom. The tiny bottoms did little to hide her rather prominent mound. Jan decided to take her existing beach sandals and a couple of Mark’s extra large T-shirts to serve as cover-ups in case the sun was too intense. “If I need anything else, I’ll buy it down there,” she decided. “We’ll need hats, but it will be fun to get them in Mexico.”

Jan and Mark boarded their plane in mid-morning. They didn’t need to check any luggage, because they had agreed that where they were going would not require a lot of clothes. Just over two hours later, the couple cleared customs in Cancun and boarded Playa del Maya’s courtesy van. By three o’clock, they were standing at the registration desk. “Welcome to Playa del Maya,” Juan said as they signed in. “We are happy that you chose our resort and hope you enjoy your stay with us. If I can be of service, please call for me or for my amigo, Pepe. One of us is on duty every day.”

Mark thanked Juan and a youngster sporting a wide smile put their bags on his cart. Motioning with his hand, he asked them to follow him. “He can’t be more than eighteen,” Jan whispered as they were led to their room. “Little or no English, I guess.”

The young bellboy opened the door to a spacious room and opened the sheer d****s. The view was spectacular! Their suite was on the ground floor, overlooking the pool deck and the azure sea. A seawall obscured the beach itself, but the flowers and seascape were breathtaking. “Oh, Mark, I love it!” Jan gushed. “This is like a dream…like a fantasy come true.”

Mark tipped the bellboy and turned to take his wife in his arms. “I told them that I wanted the room with the most romantic view,” he said as he hugged her to him. “I want this vacation to be something we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

“So far, so good,” Jan replied with a loving wink. “I can hardly believe that we’re here. Just look at this room. Look at our big bed, and take a look at the oversized tub and shower. I wonder where they got all this beautiful stone?”

Mark beamed. “Easy, lover, it’s too soon to get carried away. We’ve only seen our room. Let’s check out the pool and beach.”

Jan looked over Mark’s shoulder and through the open sliding door. A young couple strolled down the wide walkway just outside their room. “Oh my God,” Jan gasped, “there’s a couple right outside our patio…and they’re naked!”

Mark turned his head just in time to see two white rear ends disappear around a turn in the walk. Both had straw hats above and sandals below…nothing in between. “Shit, I missed them,” he grunted. “I guess we’re in the right place, eh?”

“Our first clothing optional contact, and you missed the show,” Jan k**ded. “I’m sure you will have plenty of opportunities to ogle women in the next ten days.”

Mark patted his wife on the rear and began to hang up his clothes. “Let’s get our stuff put away and go check out the pool and beach,” he said over his shoulder. “I want to see if the other guests are like the ones we just saw.”

Jan put her clothes away quickly, making sure Mark didn’t see anything but her sun dresses. “Cute dresses,” Mark said as she put the dresses on hangars. “You’ll look pretty sexy in them.”

“That’s the idea, isn’t it?” Jan countered. “Those tight shorts of yours don’t exactly hide much, you know.”

Mark slipped his shorts and underwear off and stood naked as he rummaged in his bag. He finally pulled on a pair of blue trunks and put on his sunglasses. Jan was changing in the bathroom. She emerged wearing one of Mark’s big T-shirts and her sandals. “Ready to go exploring,” she announced.

“Let’s go find a shop and get a couple of straw hats,” Mark suggested as they closed the door to their room.

The resort had a well-stocked shop with hats and plenty of sunscreen lotion. Jan leaned down to pick a plastic bottle of lotion. She treated Mark and the stocky cashier to a nice view of her bikini-clad ass. Mark smiled at the cashier. “It’s our first day,” he explained, feeling that the cashier had expected to see a bare bottom. “Ah, bueno,” was the cashier’s grinning response.

From the shop, the newcomers made their way through the lobby and outside to the pool deck. The dozen or so couples lazing around the pool seemed to pay no attention as they strolled across the spacious poolside. Mark did notice that the women were all topless and two of the women nude, stretched out on their tummies with their rear ends soaking up the sun’s rays.

They walked by the tall waterfall that fed into the pool and encountered the swim-up bar. The two couples sitting on sunken stools were naked and chatting together as they sipped tall drinks. “Well, it looks like we’ve found the action,” Jan whispered. One of the men at the bar noticed them and waved before returning his attention to the two nude women. Mark nodded to the man and Jan smiled as she caught him checking her out.

“Let’s see what the beach is like before we decide where to sit,” Mark suggested. Jan held his hand and they soon found the steps leading to the white sand beach. There were more couples s**ttered on the sand, some under bright colored umbrellas. Jan drew a deep breath and noticed that those on the beach were completely nude.

“It’s a nude beach all right,” Mark chuckled as he scanned the closest naked women. He was also aware of how overdressed he and his wife appeared. “Maybe we’d better go back up to the pool,” he suggested.

Jan’s eyes scanned over the naked bodies and took notice of several of the men who appeared to be napping. Her sunglasses provided a shield so the men couldn’t see her eyes. “Yeah, we’re overdressed and we didn’t bring towels with us.”

Returning to the pool deck, Jan led the way to a pair of lounge chairs close to the bar. “Let’s have a drink first, okay?” she suggested. “All the exposure made my throat dry.”

Mark smiled, made his way to the walk up side of the bar, and ordered two Pina Coladas. He signed for the drinks and again nodded to the two couples sitting at the swim up side of the bar. The women paused and gave him the once-over before returning to their conversation. “At least most of the other guests are in our age range,” he mused as he walked back to his wife.

While Mark was getting drinks, Jan decided to remove her T-shirt. Mark grinned as he handed her a drink. “Nice bikini, honey, it’s new,” Mark complimented.

“Thanks,” Jan replied. “It’s kinda brief, but still covers the essentials. I thought a black one would be cute.”

Mark put lotion on Jan’s back for her and they sipped the drinks and talked about the resort. “This is so relaxing,” Mark offered.

“A bit exciting, too,” Jan giggled. “I’ve seen more naked bodies in the last few minutes than all the rest of my life.”

“Yeah, lots of skin on display, that’s for sure,” Mark agreed. “It looks like just the place to have fantasies.”

“Are you already thinking about that?” Jan teased. “You sure backed away from the beach in a hurry.”

Mark shrugged. “I didn’t think you were ready to get naked yet, and we stood out like crazy standing there gawking.”

“We have plenty of time,” Jan responded. “I need another Colada, okay?”

Mark returned to the bar and brought back another round. The two couples were gone. Mark wondered if they had made the trip together or if they had met at the resort. “They were just sitting around nude chatting like old friends,” he mused. “Maybe I need to test the situation a little.”

Mark looked around. “I just noticed something,” he told Jan. “You’re the only woman at the pool with a top on. Are you ready to go topless in front of these other guests?”

“Are you sure you don’t mind,” Jan teased. “If I want to take off my top will you be okay?”

“I’m hoping you will,” Mark responded with an evil grin. “I’ve had many dreams of you baring your tits in public. They’re spectacular, you know.”

Jan glanced around quickly. She dropped the lounger back to lay flat and stretched out on her tummy. “Unhook my top, will you honey?”

Mark fumbled with the little hook and untied the strings around his wife’s neck. Jan’s bare back was white as were the backs of her legs. “Put more lotion on me, please,” she requested.

Mark spread the lotion liberally and, in the process, touched the sides of Jan’s breasts that were bulging out from under her. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she cooed.

A few minutes later, Jan stirred and lazily rose on her elbows. Her nipples brushed the lounger and Mark could see his wife’s sexy profile. Two other men nearby also had unobstructed views if they chose to look.

“I love that look,” Mark said as she turned to face him. On her side, Jan’s breasts sagged to the side and her rosy nipples hardened. “You have such beautiful tits,” he added.

Jan smiled. “As pretty as the other naked women you’ve been ogling, buster?”

“Even nicer,” Mark replied, knowing what she wanted to hear. “Even better, others can judge your beauty while we’re here.”

Jan folded the back of her lounger back up and sat up, allowing any passerby to view her ample chest. “It feels so different to be topless like this. I think I like it. Do you want to get in the pool with me?”

Mark nodded and they both rose from their loungers. “Are you going to swim topless too?” Mark asked.

“I think I’ll try it. Do you want to skinny dip with me?”

Mark hesitated. “You mean you want me to take my trunks off?”

“Why not? There are several other men in and around the pool and they aren’t wearing suits.”

“You’re full of surprises,” Mark replied. “Are you sure?” Jan grinned and nodded. “Chicken?”

Mark placed his hat on the lounger, then slowly slid his trunks down his legs and tossed them next to his hat. “Okay, let’s take a dip!”

Jan giggled as she watched her husband’s half-erect cock bob and swing as they made their way to the pool stairs. They walked by the couples who were at the swim up bar and drew long stares from them. They almost out of earshot when Jan heard one of the women say, “Nice dick,” and chuckle.

Mark held his topless bride close as they moved slowly in the warm pool. “Boy, this feels so good,” he said. “I love feeling your bare skin against me like this.”

“Mmm, I can tell,” Jan giggled as she reached beneath the water and lightly stroked his cock.

Mark moved his hands on her rear and put his fingers inside her tiny bikini bottoms. “Mind if I touch your pretty ass?”

“It is rather impressive,” a voice said, startling Mark and waking Jan from her reverie. “Name’s Todd,” the man from the bar said from over Mark’s shoulder.

Mark recovered quickly. “Sorry, Todd, we didn’t hear you approach. I’m Mark and this is my wife, Jan.”

“Glad to meet you both. My wife Kate is still stretched out talking. I just wanted to say hello. We haven’t seen you before, so you must have just arrived.”

“That’s right,” Mark replied. “We just got here about an hour ago. Nice place, eh?”

Todd nodded. “We love it, and so do our new friends from Houston. That’s Carl and Lynn over there keeping Kate company. We arrived two days ago, and we’ve got five more days left. You’re welcome to join us, if you like. We’re going to hang around for a little while longer, then go for dinner in the restaurant.”

Jan smiled at Todd. “Thanks for the hospitality, Todd. We’ll move over to your side of the pool when we get out. Is the food as good as the pool and the beach?”

“Food’s great,” Todd assured her. “It’s best to eat early, so you’re ready for the disco later. Oh, before Carl gets a chance, I want to ask for your first free dance this evening.”

Mark tightened his grip on Jan’s rear cheeks. “I get the first three, Todd,” Mark replied smoothly. After that, Jan’s free to pick her dance partners.”

“Fair enough,” Todd replied with a grin. Put me down for number four, then, Jan.”

Jan smiled and nodded her agreement. “Thanks for asking, Todd. You’re number four.” Jan felt a faint glow inside as his obvious interest soaked in. She felt a blush begin in spite of her best effort.

“Hey, hottie, I think Todd has taken a liking to you,” Mark said as he squeezed his wife’s rear once more.

“Uh, yeah,” Jan half-replied. She was watching Todd emerge from the shallow end of the pool. She knew he was nude, because she had seen the two couples at the swim-up bar. She just hadn’t seen Todd naked out of the water. Todd stepped out of the pool with his back to her, then he turned and walked back toward his lounge chair. Jan’s gaze went to his center and she emitted a slight moan as she finally saw his dangling dick. “Hmm, Todd’s not circumcised,” she whispered to Mark.

“I see that,” Mark muttered back. “You haven’t seen one like that before, eh?”

Jan looked up at Mark a bit apologetically. “Not a real one, only a picture once. It makes his weenie look longer doesn’t it?”

“It might,” Mark replied. “I’d guess he’s somewhat bigger than me anyway. Does that turn you on?”

Jan was unsure how to respond, so she just wrapped her arms around her husband and buried her face in his chest.

Later, Mark suggested that they check out the waterfall that fed into the pool. The couple swam to the roaring falls and found that there was an opening behind the falls with a wide bench seat. “This is so romantic,” Jan cooed as she pulled her wet hair back from her face. She pulled Mark to her and gave him a long kiss. “Thanks for finding this place, honey. I think we’re going to have such a good time here.”

Mark kissed his lovely wife several more times and used his hands freely to explore her curves and soft breasts. “It’s like our secret Fantasy Island,” he told her. “We can relax and do whatever we want down here, and nobody else needs to know.”

Jan toyed with his semi-erect cock. “Mr. Willie seems to like it here too,” she grinned. Jan held Mark’s penis up above the water and leaned in to kiss the head, sucking an inch or so between her warm lips.

Mark felt his erection begin to swell and he wasn’t sure how long it might take to recede. “Shall we swim back to the steps and join Todd and his friends?” he asked. “You can get a nice close up look at his equipment, and Carl’s too for that matter.”

Jan looked up from his lap. “I still like Mr. Willie just fine, you know.”

“Yeah, I can tell,” Mark responded with a chuckle. “Do me a favor, honey. While we’re down here, please don’t refer to my cock as Mr. Willie and other men’s cocks as ‘weenies.’ It sounds a little immature, I think.”

Jan giggled. “So, you don’t think that they can tell that I am a full–grown woman? Maybe you just want me to talk dirty for you and make the others think I am very sexy.”

“You know what I mean,” Mark countered. “But, that’s not a bad idea. Acting sexy and talking dirty could be a lot of fun while we’re here. Go ahead, I dare you.”

“Maybe I will,” Jan retorted and splashed water into her husband’s face as she ducked under and swam out of the hidden alcove.

Laughing, Mark followed his wife out of the alcove and into the shallow water of the pool. The pair emerged from the water and gathered up their stuff. Wordlessly, Jan followed her husband to the far side of the pool to where the two other couples were sunning.

Todd was sitting on a lounger, his legs on each side of the chair. He watched the couple approach and greedily absorbed Jan’s swaying tits and bikini-covered hips with his hungry eyes. “Welcome, pull up those other chairs and join us,” he urged with a grin.

While Mark reached for one chair, Todd rose and pulled the closest chair next to his and gestured for Jan to take it. Mark settled in on Jan’s other side. His wife’s eyes strayed to Todd’s thick, uncut cock and she inspected him curiously as he sat back with his legs wide spread. “She’s intrigued by Todd’s fat worm,” Mark mused.

“Hi, I’m Kate,” Todd’s wife volunteered, looking across her husband. “Glad you joined us,” she added in a neighborly way.

Jan smiled in return. “Thanks for the invitation. We just arrived an hour ago and we were looking the place over. We’ve never been to a place like this before, so it’s all pretty new.”

“Yeah, we could tell,” Kate said. “We saw how your mouths dropped open when you walked across the deck earlier. Our suspicions were confirmed when you went down to the beach and came back up so quickly.”

Jan blushed in spite of herself. “Was it that obvious?”

“Yep,” Kate chuckled. “But don’t be embarrassed, Lynn and Carl were just like you yesterday, right Lynn?”

Jan looked past Kate and saw Lynn smiling broadly. “She’s exactly right,” Lynn admitted. “We got here day before yesterday and stayed in our room most of the day. We met Kate and Todd at dinner and they were very understanding. Yesterday, we ventured out to the pool in our suits. An hour later, I undid my top and by noon we both shed our bottoms at Todd’s urging.”

As Jan listened intently to Lynn’s story, she let her eyes wander over the second couple. The contrast between them and Todd and Kate was remarkable. Todd and Kate were both deeply tanned and there were no tan lines. Obviously, they were accustomed to nude sunbathing. Lynn and Carl were a few years older and lily white.

Lynn had smaller, rather flat breasts with pale nipples that pointed down her rounded tummy toward the thick patch of dark hair that protected her pubic mound. Lynn was lovely, with her dark hair drawn back from her pretty face. She had deep blue eyes and a full, expressive mouth with brilliant white teeth. Her smile would give any man an erection.

Carl was tall and thin. He lay on his side, facing away from the group. A straw hat covered his head, and Jan noticed his lean, hairy buns and long legs. He appeared to be napping.

“This is our first experience at a clothing optional resort too,” Lynn continued. “Don’t worry, nobody will make you do anything you don’t want to do. We were both pretty nervous the first day, and pretty horny too!” she giggled. “Staying in our room gave us a chance to kind of catch up, if you know what I mean.”

Jan smiled at Lynn’s candor. “Thanks for the encouragement, Lynn,” she said. “It’s good to know we aren’t the only newbies.”

Kate interrupted. “What made you decide to come to Playa del Maya?” she asked Jan.

Jan thought for a long moment before responding. “Mark works long hours, and we felt like we were growing apart. When he finished a big case, he agreed to take time off so we could put some life back in our relationship. We talked about our fantasies one night and found that we had some similar, uh, desires…so Mark started looking for a place like this where we might possibly enjoy some new experiences. We checked this place out on the Internet and decided it was a good choice for our first adventure.”

“You made a good choice,” Todd replied. “Maya’s got all the amenities of the big resorts, but it’s small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is our third visit.”

“That’s good to know,” Mark said. “You guys can show the four of us the ropes, so to speak.”

Todd chuckled. “Oh? Mark, you like to be tied up?”

Mark stuttered. “Hey, that was just a figure of speech, Todd.” A picture of being tied up and helpless flashed across Mark’s mind in spite of his protest. “What would it be like to be lashed to a chair, watching helplessly as another man (or men) ravished his voluptuous bride?” he thought. Mark felt his cock thicken and quickly banished the thought.

“I’m dying to know more about your mutual fantasies,” Kate interjected. “Maybe we can talk you two into revealing your desires while we’re having dinner tonight.”

Jan shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “Oh, I don’t think so. It would be too embarrassing to divulge our secret thoughts to perfect strangers.”

“Hey, we aren’t strangers anymore,” Todd said. “We’re sitting here together, naked or nearly so, with common interests I think. Here’s your chance to let your hair down without any long-term consequences. You might as well enjoy every hour of your vacation away from reality.

Jan, desperate to change the subject, asked Kate how they managed to get such beautiful tans. “You don’t have any tan lines from a suit,” she prompted.

Kate smiled at Jan and glanced over at Lynn before responding. “We live in Northern California and we have a pool. Todd and I enjoy sunning nude in and around our pool. We also like to go to the beach and to hot springs. They are all clothing optional, so we don’t spoil our tans when we go to them.”

“Do you meet a lot of other people at those clothing optional places canlı kaçak bahis near you?” Jan asked.

“That’s part of the fun,” Kate confirmed. “We’ve made a number of good friends who enjoy the same lifestyle. We get together with several couples on a regular basis. They have pools also, so we move around during the summer months.”

Jan nodded with awe. “I wasn’t aware that there were so many couples who actually live out their fantasies like you do. So, sitting around naked with other people is nothing new to you and Todd.”

Kate grinned. “Not new, but it’s always fun to meet new people, especially couples who are just beginning to explore their wild side. That’s what attracted us to Lynn and Carl. We knew right away that they were new and might appreciate some help getting into the swing of things.”

“An interesting choice of words,” Jan thought as she nodded her understanding.

Todd stood up. “Hey, group, it’s about time to head back to our rooms. We need to clean up and have an early dinner. The disco should be rocking by the time we finish dinner and take a stroll around the grounds.”

Kate agreed and she began to pick up her things. Jan saw Carl move and sit up for the first time. He turned on his lounger and slowly stood. Jan then thought she understood why he had been so silent.

“It’s not always true that tall men with big hands have big dicks!” Carl donned his trunks, but not before Jan got a peek. “He can’t be more than five inches long…and it’s pretty skinny too,” she mused. “Skinny body, skinny cock,” she thought as she rose and picked up her hat.

Lynn wrapped her towel around herself, covering her breasts and rear end. Kate simply threw her towel over her shoulders and began to stroll toward the hotel. Todd didn’t bother to cover himself either. Mark followed Todd’s example and picked up his trunks and hat. Jan decided to put her top back on loosely and set her hat on her head.

All three couples were in the same wing. Todd and Kate were directly above Jan and Mark. Lynn and Carl were on the ground floor, two doors down from Jan and Mark.

“Let’s meet in the dining room in an hour,” Todd suggested. Everybody agreed and the couples retired to their rooms.

“Maybe we lucked out,” Mark commented as the door closed. “Todd and Kate seems to know their way around in more ways than one.”

Jan pulled off her suit and headed for the shower. “They seem very nice. Lynn’s nice too, but I’m not sure about Carl. He was pretty standoffish.”

Mark slid his trunks off and joined Jan in the shower. “Yeah, he’s a quiet type I guess. We’ll know more after dinner, I think.”

“He might just be embarrassed,” Jan replied, “He’s not very well-equipped and that may bother him.”

Mark laughed, “Oh ho, so you peeked? I didn’t see before he had his trunks on.”

“He’s kind of short and skinny,” Jan giggled, “I thought tall men always had big ones.”

“They come in all shapes and sizes, dear,” Mark chuckled. “Women have some of the same traits. Did you notice how saggy Lynn’s tits are? She’s a real doll, but she got shorted in the boob department.”

“I saw you ogling her, and Kate too,” Jan grimaced. “Evidently you like seeing saggy boobs as much as perky ones.”

Mark hugged his naked wife to him. “Seen one woman naked, you want to see more women naked! But most of all, I like to see and feel you naked.”

Jan reached between them and took Mark’s penis in her slim fingers. “Well, let’s wash each other and then I’ll let you prove how much you enjoy my body, big boy.”

Once dry, Mark led Jan to the large bed and prompted her to stretch out. He kissed her deeply and let his hands explore her breasts, feeling her nipples harden between his fingers. “Did seeing all those strange cocks excite you?”

“I’ll admit that it did, if you’ll admit that seeing the naked women got you aroused,” Jan responded as she lightly stroked Mark’s shaft.

Moving his hand between Jan’s legs, Mark felt the wetness he’d halfway expected. “Fucking you should make me very hungry. Why don’t we enjoy a quickie before we get dressed?”

Jan spread her legs apart, inviting her husband to massage deeper. “I wanted you inside me while we were out by the pool. All that sex talk made me so horny,” she admitted breathlessly.

Mark took his sweet wife at her word and moved between her legs. He rubbed the head of his now-erect shaft up and down her damp slit, and then gently slid inside her tight orifice.

“You feel so good,” he whispered.

Jan adjusted to her husband’s thick meat and felt her clit swell as he bumped into her pelvis, penetrating her fully. “Oh, yes baby, you know what I like,” she cooed.

Mark set up a rhythm and enjoyed his wife’s avid response to his probing. “You like to feel a cock in your hot pussy, don’t you? You want to be filled with a long, thick rod.”

“Yes, yes,” Jan gasped, “I love the feeling when you’re inside me like this.”

“What if it was Todd’s nice big prick instead of mine?” Mark asked as he continued to slide in and out.

Jan heard her husband’s words and a clear vision of Todd’s uncut cock flashed before her eyes. She imagined how Todd’s prick would swell to its full length, his foreskin sliding back to reveal his bulbous head.

“Oh, God, baby,” she gasped as her vaginal muscles tightened around Mark’s shaft.

“Maybe Todd would like to fuck you like this. I think he would give you a good fucking if you let him. Pretend it is his big, thick cock in you right now.”

Jan was fully into their fantasy now, raising her hips off the bed to meet Mark’s pounding. Both were envisioning the same lustful act, causing more nectar to flow and Mark’s cock to reach full erection.

“Oh yes, fuck me good, give me your big cock,” Jan begged as her husband feverishly thrust with all his might.

Mark felt Jan shudder and go stiff with a massive climax. Her effort, in turn, made him lose his control and he flooded her with blast after blast of his warm cum. They clutched each other tightly as the waves of passion finally ebbed.

“That was incredible,” Mark sighed as he rolled onto his side.

Jan opened her eyes and looked at her husband’s half-stiff rod. Without hesitation, she moved down his body and drew his sticky cock into her mouth. The taste of their combined juices was intoxicating and she bathed his limp organ and finally let it slip out with a little pop. Jan licked her lips, and then allowed him to pull her face to his. Mark kissed his pretty wife and let his tongue explore the mouth that tasted of cum.

“We need to clean up and get dressed,” Jan finally whispered as they lay naked on the rumpled bed. “We don’t want to be late for dinner, do we?”

Mark shook his head. “No, we need to be on time. You wouldn’t want to keep Todd waiting would you?”

“You sound jealous already,” Jan replied, “It was only a fantasy, you know.”

Mark looked at her lovingly. “Not jealous, just teasing you a little. If you want to see how he feels for real, I think Todd would be happy to oblige. My only provision is that I have to be there and perhaps join in.”

“I think you’re really serious,” Jan murmured, “I really believe you want it to happen.”

Mark gave her a wry smile. “Well, Kate might have something to say about it too,” he hedged. “I just want you to know that after our long discussion about our fantasies, I’ve continued to think about what it might be like to share with another man or another couple. I thought that was one of the reasons we decided to come down here on vacation…to experience new things, maybe live out a fantasy or two.”

“You’re full of surprises, Mark,” she told him seriously. “I didn’t think you were all that serious before…uh, before today. I just figured that we’d come down here and maybe see some naked people and perhaps expose ourselves a little for the fun of it. I’ve wondered what it would be like to let other people see me topless, and maybe see what some other men look like down there. Now, on our first day here, you have practically invited me to jump into bed with a strange man. I don’t know what to think at this point.”

Mark decided to be patient and not press the issue any further. “I agree, we have plenty of time. We just got here, so there’s no rush to do anything. I was just making sure you knew that I am not setting any rules or objecting to whatever you want to do, honey.”

Jan took a deep breath, “Good. All this is so new, I’m not sure about anything right now. Let’s get ready for dinner and get better acquainted with this whole scene, okay?”

Mark kissed his wife several times and hugged her to him. “I love you, sweetie. I always will no matter what. I want you to believe that.”

“And, I love you that same way,” Jan replied as she melted into his arms. “Now, which sundress shall I wear?”

Mark slipped on a golf shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He decided against wearing underwear. He slipped on a pair of boat shoes and looked up in time to see his wife slide a white, lacy sundress over her head. Her breasts were bare and he noticed that she, too, omitted her usual silky bikini panties. Jan fastened her ankle bracelet and slipped into a pair of three-inch heels.

“We just sign for everything, don’t we?” she asked. “I won’t need a purse will I?”

“Right,” Mark said. “We just sign our room number for whenever we are here at the resort. I’ve got a room key, so I think we’re set.”

Lynn and Carl were already in the lobby. They watched Jan and Mark stroll up and greeted them. Lynn wore a blouse and a pair of shorts. Her thong sandals displayed her freshly painted bright red toenails. Carl wore a T-shirt, a pair of light blue shorts, and sandals.

“I love your dress,” Lynn gushed as they walked up.

“So do I,” Carl echoed. “It shows you to good advantage, especially when the light’s at your back,” he added with a grin.

Jan suddenly realized that her light colored outfit was, in fact, somewhat transparent. “Oh well, they’ve already seen me almost bare,” she rationalized.

Kate and Todd finally joined them. “Sorry we’re a bit late,” Kate said. “Todd lasted a lot longer than normal.” They all laughed and Todd beamed.

“Making love on the balcony was so exciting, I didn’t want to stop,” he boasted. “Hope we didn’t disturb you guys.”

“We were too busy to hear a thing,” Mark assured him. “We haven’t explored our balcony yet.”

Todd patted Mark on the shoulder. “Let us know when you do, Kate and me may want to watch,” Todd said half seriously.

Dinner was enjoyable. They ate fresh seafood and drank several rounds. Kate turned to Jan as they finished the main course. “Tell us more about your fantasies,” she urged. “You’ve piqued our curiosity.”

“No way,” Jan replied, “I’d be too embarrassed.”

Mark broke in. “Ours are probably very common among old married couples,” he stated, “It’s likely that you all have similar dreams.”

“Let me guess, then,” Kate responded with a wink, “You are both wondering what it would be like to make love to someone else, right?”

“Oh God,” Jan gushed, and put her hands over her face.

“Bingo,” Mark confirmed. “We compared our fantasies one night after I caught Jan masturbating with her vibrator. That’s when we each admitted that we had occasional dreams that involved other people.”

Todd leaned forward. “Have either of you ever acted on those fantasies?”

Mark and Jan both shook their heads. “No we haven’t. We just recently got around to revealing our fantasies to each other,” Mark stated.

“It is a common fantasy,” Lynn interjected. “Carl and I have had those dreams too. Frankly, that’s one of the reasons we decided to come down here,” she added with a gulp.

Carl seemed to pale another shade with Lynn’s admission. “It’s just been a fantasy with us too,” he blurted somewhat defensively. “We aren’t swingers or anything like that.”

Lynn continued, “I’ve sometimes wondered what a big one would feel like. My Carl is a good lover and all, but, well, you know, a gal can dream a little can’t she?”

Everybody but Carl chuckled. “Don’t worry, Carl,” Kate said, “there are quite a few men here with shorter sticks. I’ll bet you know what to do with your equipment. That’s what really matters.”

“That’s encouraging,” Carl replied wryly. “It’s easy to see how I stack up here at Playa del Maya. It’s out there for all to see. Fortunately, I have some other attributes that help make up for my shortage.”

Kate looked at him critically. “What do you mean, Carl? Can you elaborate on that last comment?”

Carl looked around the table quickly and saw that he had everyone’s attention. He simply opened his mouth and extended his long, thick tongue. As his mouth closed again, Kate and Jan’s opened. “Wow,” Kate gasped, “I see what you mean.”

Lynn chuckled and poked Jan on the arm. “Pretty impressive, huh?”

Jan reddened and looked across at Mark. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Lynn put her hands under her soft breasts and lifted them up through her blouse. “I was behind the door when God handed out big firm boobs, but he made up for that mistake by blessing me with a tight kitty and a love of everything oral.”

“You suit me just fine,” Carl stated with a smile. “I can’t believe you’re telling these folks all your secrets, however,” he added with a grin.

“Hey, everybody,” Todd said, “I think Carl is finally coming out of his shell!”

Carl looked across the table at Todd. “Not a shell, Todd, I just take a little longer to show my colors, so to speak.”

“That’s fine with me,” Todd immediately agreed. “It’s good to get to know people when you’re at a place like this. We’re just happy that you’re new friends.”

The sound of loud music began to filter into the dining room. “Sounds like the disco is beginning to warm up,” Todd said. “Why don’t we take a walk around the grounds, then go dance?”

The three couples strolled along the winding pathways and along the perimeter of the resort. There were tropical plants and flowers everywhere they looked. They walked past ground floor rooms and noted other couples in various stages of dress.

“How about that?” Todd asked as they passed one room on the far side of the resort.

They looked through the open patio door as a woman emerged from the bathroom. She was naked and she moved to the middle of the bed, crouching on her elbows and knees. A man joined her on the bed and moved behind her. His cock was already erect and throbbing when he pressed it against the female and quickly entered her. The couples could hear her groan through the open door and instinctively stepped closer.

The woman’s long blonde hair fell across her face and her pendulous breasts began to swing in rhythm as her lover plunged ahead. “Oh, man, that’s quite a scene,” Carl whispered as they stood watching.

The show didn’t last that long. The man went rigid and they could tell he was filling his partner with his load. “Pretty quick on the trigger,” Kate said as they began to walk away. “I’m glad you aren’t like that, dear,” she added as she squeezed Todd’s arm. Jan felt a tingle traverse her torso when she heard Kate’s compliment.

The couples moved on with similar thoughts in their heads of good times to follow…..

The disco was in full voice when they entered. Other couples were at small tables and a good number of guests were up dancing. “Okay, everybody, it’s time to boogie,” Todd said as they found a round table near the dance floor. Kate took Todd’s hand and soon they were twisting and moving to the loud beat.

“Are you ready?” Mark asked Jan. In response, she took his hand and they moved to the center of the floor.

As Mark twisted, he noticed Lynn and Carl shuffling to the Latin beat. That number led to the next, a slow dance. Couples melted into each other’s arms and many were using their hands and bodies to express their feelings. Jan pressed her soft tits into her husband’s chest and she could feel his manhood rubbing against her thigh as they moved together slowly.

“Mmm, this is nice,” Jan whispered.

After the third dance, Mark led Jan back to the table and called for a round of drinks. The waiter promptly returned with their drinks and made it a point to look down the top of Jan’s loose dress. Mark smiled at him and watched his clueless wife take the first sip of her drink. After he left, Mark leaned over and kissed his wife. Our waiter enjoyed looking down your dress, you know.”

Jan looked down and realized that he probably saw her breasts and all the way to her naked waist as she sat forward in her chair. “Oh shit, why didn’t you warn me?”

“Hell, I love your tits too, honey,” Mark smiled, “Why not let him look?”

Todd and Kate returned to the table as the waiter withdrew. Todd gave him their order, then sat down next to Jan. “Okay, doll,” he said as he put his hand on her leg. “I get the fourth dance, remember?”

Jan took another sip of her drink and looked at Mark. “Do you mind?” she asked.

“Todd called for the fourth dance when we were still in the pool, so he gets it,” Mark replied with a nod.

Todd rose and took Jan’s hand, leading off to the dance floor. A slow number started and he pulled her close. “I’ve been anticipating this since this afternoon,” Todd whispered in her ear. “You feel as good as you look.”

Mark looked at Kate. As soon as your drinks come, I’ll ask you to dance, Kate.”

Moments later, Kate easily moved into Mark’s arms and put her arms around him. They moved effortlessly to the slow rhythm and he felt her urge him closer, burying her face in his chest. Her warmth made him stiffen and he knew she could feel the hardness of his cock against her upper thigh.

“Nice dick,” she murmured as they moved.

After another song, the couples broke the spell and returned to the table. Lynn and Carl joined them and they all ordered another round. Mark felt a bit bolder and asked Lynn for the next dance. Carl asked Jan, and Todd rejoined his wife for a while.

“I was watching you dance,” Lynn told Mark. “You are very smooth.”

“I like to dance,” Mark replied. “You move well too, Lynn.”

“I used to dance a lot,” she said. “I taught dance for a few years,” she added as she pressed closer.

Mark felt her warm breath on his ear and smelled the faint aroma of her perfume. “You are a very sexy man,” she told him as she pulled his ear lobe with her lips. “I hope we have a chance to get better acquainted while we’re here.”

Mark was taken aback by Lynn’s frankness, but he soon recovered his composure. “Do you think Carl would like to get better acquainted also?”

“I’m certain that he would be very pleased,” Lynn whispered in reply. “We’ve talked about the things we might want to try while we’re here. He just needs a little encouragement. Know what I mean?”

“I think so,” Mark said. Jan and I may be looking for some of the same things. Jan’s just a little nervous because we just got here and we’re trying to find our bearings.”

“Us too,” Lynn admitted. “Maybe we’ll have to take a more active role in things, you know?”

Mark let his hands move to Lynn’s rear cheeks and pressed her closer to him. “You may be right, Lynn. I can’t rush things though.”

Lynn looked up into Mark’s eyes. “It’s up to you. I just know that I want you, Mark. You’re what I’ve been fantasizing about for ages. Please excuse me for being so candid, but when I saw you at the pool, I almost lost my breath.”

Mark looked down and lowered his face to Lynn’s. He kissed her lightly full on the lips. “I’m very flattered. Let’s see what happens in the next few days, okay?”

“I understand. I’ll be watching and listening.”

“I’m tired,” Jan told Mark as they finished their drinks. “Let’s go back to the room before it gets any later.”

Mark and Jan said goodnight to the others and left the disco. “Are you really that tired?” Mark asked as he opened the room door.

“No, but I am that horny!” Jan replied with a giggle. All that dancing and touching got me going and I wanted to catch you before you had too much booze.”

“This place is magic,” Mark laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head. “You’ve never wanted to go twice on the same day before.”

Jan raised her dress over her head, leaving her naked. “It’s the place plus all that touching and rubbing. Todd was feeling me up first, then Carl took his turn. When they discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties, they got stiff as boards!”

“You let them feel you up through your thin little dress?” Mark asked.

Jan looked over at her husband. “That’s what you wanted isn’t it? You wanted me to get wild, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Mark agreed. “Is that all they did?”

Carl wanted to put his hand up my dress, but I said ‘not tonight.’ He might be more of a horn dog than Todd if given the chance.”

Mark shook his head. “Hard to believe. Todd definitely has the hots for you, dear.”

“Lynn seems to feel that way about you to, honey. What did she say to you while she was nibbling on your ear?”

“You saw that?” Mark asked astonished.

“I don’t miss much,” Jan told him with a grin.

“Well, she actually propositioned me,” Mark admitted. “I didn’t give her a straight answer. I wanted to tell you about it first.”

Jan laughed. “And, here I was thinking it would be Kate who would make a move on you. Still waters run deep, I guess.”

“You’re not angry?” Mark pressed.

“No, I know how desirable you are to other women. I don’t think you recognize it yourself. Men are so clueless! Now, get out of those shorts and meet me on the porch. That show during our walk got me going. I want you to make love to me outside.”

Mark couldn’t get his pants off fast enough! He stepped out of them and looked up to see Jan opening the patio door, stepping outside. She pulled two chairs together and sat down facing the curvy walkway.

Mark was already erect when he joined his wife. “Oh, is that all for me?” she asked playfully as she reached over and stroked his shaft. “Nice stiff cock, all for me.”

Jan pulled the cushion off of one of the loungers and placed it on the floor in front of Mark. “You look good enough to eat,” she announced as she slipped her lips over his throbbing prick. Her fingers fondled his balls as she bobbed up and down on his cock, making slurping sounds.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she mumbled between breaths. Mark stroked her hair as she thrilled him orally.

Jan could feel Mark’s balls tighten and she knew it was time to slow down. She rose from her kneeling position and let him caress her firm tits while he cooled off. His fingers probed her bush and found her slippery slit.

“You’re so wet,” he told her. “Shall we go inside and fuck?”

“No, right here,” Jan panted.

She straddled his legs and lowered herself onto his thick cock. Jan rode her husband’s cock slowly at first, then with abandon, then slower again. “Oh yes, fuck me good,” she murmured over and over as she set the pace.

“I love to feel you inside me. Lynn and Kate would love to know how good your cock feels too. Do you want to fuck them? Do you want them to feel your big thick cock? Will you let me watch you fuck them like this?”

Mark was amazed at his wife’s outburst. He felt her shudder as she spoke of other women and he could wait no longer. He held her tightly against his lap and filled her womb with warm cum. Squirt after squirt splashed against the walls of her love tunnel as they both climaxed together.

“God, you make me crazy when you talk like that,” Mark told her. “Does it really excite you to think about my cock fucking another woman?”

“Yes, yes it does,” Jan confessed. “It’s everything that’s happened since we got here. I can’t control myself anymore. I love to fuck your cock and I imagine what they would experience with you inside them.”

“Bravo, bravo.” A familiar voice said just above them. Jan looked up and saw Todd and Kate leaning on the railing of their balcony. “You two put on a great show!” Kate added as she applauded.

“Oh my God,” Jan gasped. “How long have you been up there?”

“Since you decided to straddle Mark and send him into orbit,” Kate admitted. “Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with us.”

Jan flushed with embarrassment. She stood and quickly disappeared back into the bathroom, love juices trickling down both legs. Mark stood and looked up at the other couple. “You should have said something,” he told them, protective of his wife’s feelings.

Todd held up his hands. “Sorry, Mark, we were too impressed to utter a word. Please give Jan our apology.”

Mark raised one hand as if to dismiss them and moved inside the room, closing the sliding door. Jan was in the bathroom cleaning her legs with a wash cloth. Her hands were shaking.

“Todd and Kate apologized for spying on us,” he offered. She looked up at him almost in tears. “How can I face them after what they saw…and heard?”

“Just let it go,” Mark advised. “They’re old hands at this and they will probably avoid mentioning it tomorrow.”

“Kate must have heard what I said about her. What will she think?”

Chances are she’ll be aroused and hopeful,” Mark countered. “Don’t make a big deal out of it and things will probably blow over. You did enjoy yourself out there didn’t you?”

“You know I did,” Jan admitted. “That was one of the sexiest experiences we’ve ever had.”

Mark smiled. “I agree. Let’s remember how good we were and just ignore our voyeurs, okay?” He pulled his nude wife to him and hugged her tightly until she began to relax in his arms. “Ready to shower and call it a night?”

Mark and Jan found a table in the dining room the next morning. They didn’t recognize any of the other guests. “Evidently, Todd and Kate slept late,” Mark observed.

The coffee was strong and hot, the breakfast quite delicious. Jan was still nibbling on her toast when Lynn and Carl entered the room. Lynn waved and came toward them. She wore a loose-knit cover-up and it was easy to tell that was all she had bothered with. Carl had on a pair of shorts and a bright yellow T-shirt. They exchanged greetings and the newcomers ordered.

“You two are up early this morning,” Lynn said as she took a first sip of coffee. “We woke up early, but Carl was hungrier for me than for huevos rancheros,” she added with a giggle.

“There must be something in the water down here,” Carl laughed. “I wake up horny every morning.”

Mark smiled, recalling his late-night romp. “The evenings can create some of the same feelings.”

“Yeah, we figured you two would be anxious to get super cozy,” Lynn smiled.

“We were like two rabbits the first night we were here.”

Jan was still blushing when she saw Todd and Kate coming toward them. A vision of them watching as she rode her husband’s cock and confessed her fantasy of fucking the voyeurs flashed through her mind and her previous embarrassment reemerged. Kate wore a tube top and a sarong. A long T-shirt covered most of Todd, but it was clear that he wasn’t wearing shorts.

“Hello lovebirds,” Todd barked in greeting. “Sleep well?”

Kate playfully punched his arm. “Enough teasing, you big ape,” Kate countered as she pulled up a chair next to Jan.

Kate put her hand over Jan’s. “Honey, I’m sorry for spying on you last night. Really, I am. Please don’t be mad, okay?”

Jan looked down, then up at Kate’s concerned expression. “Not your fault, I was the one mouthing off like an idiot,” she murmured.

“Don’t think a thing about it,” Kate replied seriously. “Actually, we both were quite flattered…not upset in the least.”

Jan shuddered and felt Kate squeeze her hand. Kate smiled and Jan returned the smile sheepishly. Todd caught Mark’s attention and winked. “We’re still buddies, right?”

Mark nodded and accepted Todd’s outstretched hand. Carl looked confused. “What’s this all about?”

Kate glanced up. “Mark and Jan were christening their balcony last night and we just happened to look over our railing right above them. Interesting show, I must say.”

“Gee, sorry we missed that,” Carl laughed. “I think everybody does that on the first night. I know we did. I don’t think we had an audience though.”

“We’ll be glad to watch, if you want some company,” Todd volunteered.

Carl looked over at Todd, then at Mark. “Stranger things have happened,” he said cryptically.

Jan became more relaxed as talk around the table continued. “What’s everybody doing today?” she asked.

Carl spoke up. “We thought we’d spend some time at the pool this morning, then have lunch and a little siesta. Maybe go down to the beach in the afternoon and bob around in the salt water.”

“You make that sound pretty tempting,” Todd replied. “I’ll be ready for some more pina coladas later this morning. We could let Mark and Jan show us their hideaway under the waterfall, that is if they are planning to join us.”

Mark pictured the schedule. “We haven’t made any plans at all.” He turned to Jan, “Do you want to join them at the pool and just hang out today?”

Jan looked around the table and saw five expectant faces. “Yeah, sure, that’s okay with me,” she said. “That’s why we came here isn’t it?”

After breakfast, each couple went to their rooms to pick up lotion and other needs. Twenty minutes later, they were pulling loungers together on the pool deck and the men got towels from the cabana. Again, Jan wore her suit and a cover-up. Mark elected to wear just a T-shirt, following Todd’s lead. Lynn placed her lotion next to a lounger and promptly pulled her cover-up over her head, exposing her naked body to one and all.

“When in Rome,” she giggled.

Todd removed his shirt and grabbed a chair on the other end. He slipped the chair back down and stretched out flat on his back, his impressive equipment on display. Sunglasses hid his gaze. Kate quietly stripped and sat in the lounger next to her husband and began to smear lotion on her already-tan body.

Mark and Carl got naked about the same time and found their chairs. Jan hesitated, then removed her cover-up and tucked it in her bag as she picked up her lotion. She laid the back of her chair down and stretched out on her tummy. “Put some lotion on me, please,” she asked Mark.

Mark took the plastic bottle and began to apply the lotion to his wife’s back and legs. Without asking, he unhooked Jan’s top and let the straps fall to her sides. She didn’t object, so Mark rubbed more lotion onto her back.

“Want me to do your buns too?” he asked.

Jan raised her head and looked over her glistening shoulder at her husband. She saw his lustful look and she knew he was anxious to see her shed her last vestige of civility, her bikini bottoms. “If you want to,” she finally said in a half-whisper.

Mark felt his cock twitch when his wife gave him permission to remove her little bottoms. He had fantasized about seeing his wife naked with other people for so long. Mark wanted to savor this moment and lock it firmly in his memory.

He massaged more lotion into Jan’s lower back and slipped his fingers under her the top of her bikini. The action exposed a band of white flesh about a half-inch wide. Glancing up, he saw Todd watching him behind his dark glasses. Todd had a little smile on his face.

Mark pushed farther and nudged Jan’s panties even lower. At that point, The fabric was stuck under her. He was thinking about how to proceed when Jan lifted her hips slightly, inviting him to continue. He took advantage of her posture and put his thumbs into each side of her suit and pulled it slowly off her hips and over her curvy ass. He delighted in the way her cheeks jiggled as the fabric finally came off, exposing her entire rear to watching eyes.

Before Jan could object, Mark slid her bottoms on down her legs and dropped them next to her bag. Mark stood and looked down on his naked wife, an adoring look on his face. Carl, too, noticed the activity and sat admiring Jan’s white rear. Todd was still gazing intently at Jan and his smile became a wide grin. He gave Mark the thumbs up sign and dropped his head back down on the lounger.

Mark finished putting lotion on himself, and noticed that Kate and Lynn were watching. He took extra care to get plenty of lotion on his cock and balls, stroking his semi-erect penis in the process. Kate licked her lips and let her hand slip between her legs briefly.

Later, Jan turned her head and spoke to Mark now snoozing under his straw hat. “Honey, I need to turn over and have you put lotion on my front.”

Mark pushed his hat back and looked at his wife with a sly smile. “If you’re ready, I’m ready!”

Mark sat on the edge of his lounger and watched as Jan slowly rose on one elbow and then turned over onto her back. He gazed in wonder as his sweet wife nonchalantly exposed her tits and pussy to the other couples and to any others that happened to wander by.

Soon, he was spreading lotion on Jan’s legs and staring up at her naked bush. Doing her legs meant that Jan had to spread her thighs, exposing her labia. Mark saw that they were glistening with female nectar, proving to him that she was already aroused.

“You’re beautiful,” Mark whispered as he continued to apply lotion up over her tummy and onto each of her soft globes.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she replied lazily. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

Mark smiled down at her. “Very much, very, very much. And, I’m not the only one,” he added.

Jan sat up and her breasts went from flattened masses to their more distinct shape. Her nipples were erect and perky.

“I need to put lotion on your back before you burn,” she suggested.

She put Mark on his belly and stood over him, applying lotion up and down his muscular form. Jan’s back was to Todd, so he was getting an unobstructed view up between her slim legs. Opposite, Carl was able to watch her tits sway as she moved up and down her husband’s body.

“These men are leering at my tits and wet pussy,” she thought to herself and then spread her feet apart another few inches. “Mark seems to want me to act like a wanton slut, so if they want to look, let them look,” she mused.

Jan spent more time than necessary rubbing lotion over her muscular husband’s backside. She could almost feel the other’s eyes ogling her, and she smiled to herself. “I can’t believe that I’m actually living out one of my sexy fantasies with Mark right here with me,” she mused. “I wonder if the rest of the day will see more of my dreams come true.”

“Anybody else ready for a drink?” Todd asked nobody in particular. “The swim up bar beckons.”

The others began to stir and soon the three couples were enjoying drinks while sitting nude on stools in the shallow water. Although their lower bodies were in the water, each woman’s boobs were in plain sight. The group enjoyed two rounds of sweet but strong rum drinks and the sexual banter took over.

“I’m glad you finally shed your inhibitions and your bikini, Jan,” Carl said. “Watching your lovely boobs swaying as you put lotion on Mark was quite a treat.”

Mark smiled and patted Jan on the arm. “She does have a pretty pair,” he responded. Jan’s nipples hardened as she listened to her husband agree with Carl’s compliment.

“But, Carl, you missed the view I got from the other side,” Todd chimed in.

“When Jan bent over Mark, I could see daylight between her long, slender legs. What a sight!”

Jan blushed, knowing that her husband was unaware of the sexy show she gave to Todd while applying the tanning lotion to his back and legs. “You’re a devil for looking, Todd,” she retorted in mock surprise.

Mark put his arm around his wife and pulled her to him. “Well, we came down here to get away from everyday life and try new things. It looks like we came to the right place after all.” Jan buried her face against Mark’s chest, but her hard nipples relayed her arousal to one and all.

Kate felt a tingle of desire and decided to move the chatter to a more active level. “Hey, Jan, why don’t you and Mark show us your hideaway under the waterfall?”

“Yeah, we want to see what’s under there,” Carl agreed quickly.

Finishing their drinks, they slipped off the submerged stools and slowly made their way over to the waterfall area of the pool. “You’re all going to get your hair wet,” Jan warned, then ducked under the water and swam through the falls. Mark followed, then the others each swam or walked under the waterfall into the dimly lit cave.

“Here’s a nice big bench to sit on,” Jan announced in a voice loud enough to be heard over the rushing water.

The three couples pulled themselves onto the seat, their legs dangling in the water. “Wow, this is a nice, private, romantic spot,” Lynn said.

“You can do just about anything in here and nobody will know.”

“Like feel your titty,” Carl replied as he reached over and squeezed Lynn’s breast. She squealed as her husband pulled at her nipple.

Kate reached between Todd’s legs and gripped his semi-erect cock. “Hey, look what I found,” she announced. As the others looked on, Kate stroked her husband’s growing staff, then leaned over and kissed it with a loud smack.

In response, Todd pulled his legs up onto the ledge and opened wide to give Kate more room to play. Lynn watched Kate minister to Todd’s thick dick for a few moments, then she slid off the bench and slid between Carl’s knees.

“Here, honey, let me play with my toy too.”

Jan turned her head from one couple to the other, watching the other two wives fondle and kiss their hubby’s erect cocks. As she watched, Mark moved off the bench next to her and lifted Jan’s knees. He placed her feet on the bench and pushed her legs apart, exposing her vaginal lips. Mark’s face descended and he began to lick along his wife’s plump pussy lips.

Jan leaned back on her hands and stared in wonder at the raw sexual energy all around her. Two naked couples and her husband’s tongue touches overcame her reticence. She gawked at the others and felt her juices begin to flow freely, wetting Mark’s voracious mouth.

Mark glanced up at his highly aroused wife, then to his left, where Kate’s tanned rear was within easy reach. Her ass cheeks moved as she worked Todd’s prick with her mouth. He was tempted to touch Kate. Temptation became reality as he reached out and began to caress her butt and the wide crack that also exposed the bottom of her cunt and her puckered anus.

Instead of moving away, Kate seemed to push herself toward his exploring fingers. Mark tapped the tip of his tongue on Jan’s clit while he let his fingers play along Kate’s nether lips. Jan watched as her husband slid his index finger between Kate’s glistening folds and began to move it in and out.

“Mark’s finger fucking our new friend,” she mused as his tongue made another foray along her slit and over her swollen clitoris. “God, this is so exciting,” she added to herself.

Mark soon added a second finger to his explorations and heard Kate groan. She moved even faster, impaling her wet cunt on his fingers. Todd noticed the activity and without warning began to shoot his warm, sticky cum into Kate’s mouth.

“Go, baby,” Todd urged his wife. Kate swallowed her husband’s cum, then turned her head to look back at Jan and Mark.

“I need to be fucked,” Kate sputtered as a drop of cum ran down her chin. “Please, somebody, anybody,” she pleaded.

Todd looked at Mark. “I just lost my load,” he admitted, “why don’t you take care of Kate for me?”

Mark stared across Kate’s body at her husband. “Are you serious?” he asked sheepishly.

“Yeah, I am,” Todd replied, “With Jan’s permission, of course.”

Jan was afraid to look at Mark at that point. She looked at Todd and saw that he was serious about his offer. She glanced at Kate’s inviting folds and knew that her new friend was desperate for cock.

“Well?” Todd asked Jan as she looked back into his eyes, “Can Mark fill in for me?”

Speechless, Jan simply shivered and nodded to Todd, then closed her eyes.

“Go for it,” Todd urged Mark as he moved off the bench to make more room.

Kate felt her husband move and quickly turned to lie on her back with her legs apart facing Mark.

“Come on Mark,” she pleaded, “I need to feel you inside me.”

Mark moved up onto the bench and slid between Kate’s inviting limbs. She was squirming with anticipation. He couldn’t see what Jan was doing, so he focused his attention on the nude woman now warmly embracing him.

Kate’s legs wrapped around his waist and he felt his stiff prick touch her soft folds. Fingers reached around his cock and guided him. Kate bucked and Mark felt the head of his stiff rod penetrate her slippery cunt. The couple set up a slow, steady rhythm and Mark felt his balls slap against Kate’s ass as he began to fuck her in earnest.

Meanwhile, Todd, after guiding Mark into his wife, turned his attention to Jan. She still had her feet up on the bench and was leaning back with her eyes closed. Todd gazed in wonder at her trimmed pussy and puffy nipples.

Instinctively, he put his face to her bush, replacing her husband’s tongue with his own.

Jan felt a touch, then a tentative lick. At first, she thought Mark had returned, but then she knew someone else was touching her. The moves were different and quite delightful. She opened her eyes and looked down at the shaggy head now feasting at her love nest.

“Todd is eating my pussy,” she realized, “And it feels so nice.”

Sensing no resistance, Todd worked his tongue up and down Jan’s wet slit, then took her plump labia between his lips and pulled gently. Jan moaned as he continued to experiment with new and different techniques.

“Mark licks me good, but this is heaven,” Jan thought as she felt Todd’s tongue slip up into her vagina and his nose bump into her clit.

Minutes later, Jan felt as if a volcano had erupted inside her. Her mouth fell open and she emitted little high-pitched noises as her climax neared. She saw stars as her orgasm shot through her, causing her tummy to spasm and her hips to rise from the seat.

“Oh, God, yes, yes,” she muttered as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her trembling body.

Mark heard his wife’s words behind him and knew that something very special was happening. He knew the sounds his wife made when in the throes of an orgasm and he could guess that Todd, or somebody else was enjoying her at that moment. The idea of his wife being pleasured by another man made his balls tighten and before he could control himself, he felt his thick load splash onto Kate’s inner depths.

“Oh, baby, fuck me hard,” Kate exclaimed as she felt Mark shoot liquid fire into her.

“Don’t stop now, I’m almost there!”

Mark pounded his still-erect joint into his playmate, letting his balls slap her butt cheeks over and over. Kate’s legs tightened around him and she added her force to their frantic fucking.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck me, I’m cumming,” she growled as the pair writhed about on the bench.

Kate lay sprawled on the bench, Mark’s juice leaking from her freshly fucked pussy. Mark was limp as he slipped back into the water. He laid his head on his arms and looked over at his wife. Jan now lay on her side in a semi-fetal position, eyes closed, a faint smile on her lips.

Todd was still busy. Lynn was on her back and Carl was busy alternately sucking her breast and kissing her. Todd had two fingers in Lynn’s pussy as he licked her clitoris with his broad tongue. The noises surrounding her had an erotic effect on Lynn and she was enjoying the hedonistic pleasures from two men at the same time. Mark observed her as she began to shiver and jerk.

Soon, Lynn, too, experienced a mind-numbing climax at the hands of her husband and their friend, Todd.

Todd, again, was the first to speak. “What a great, sexy spot, this waterfall,” he shouted. “Thanks for showing us, Mark.”

“Uh, yeah, it is a special place; at least for me and Jan.”

Hearing her name, Jan opened her eyes and looked dreamily at her hubby. “Oh, Mark, you can’t imagine…” she began before trailing off.

“Whatever you did, you must have enjoyed perabet giriş it a lot,” Mark chuckled, “I could hear your unmistakable sounds very clearly.”

Jan became a bit defensive. “It’s not what you think. Todd and I didn’t actually, you know.”

“It’s okay, honey,” Mark soothed. “Hearing your pleasure really got me excited. I can’t believe how aroused you made me.”

“Yes, you sure were aroused,” Jan responded in a slightly accusatory tone.

“I watched you, and I heard Kate too.”

“Don’t’ blame Mark, blame me if you must,” Todd interjected, “It was my idea, remember?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Jan retorted. “This is all so new, is all. Mark and I have both fantasized about something like this, but actually doing it is a lot different. Give me a little time to sort things out, okay?”

Mark put his hand on Jan’s leg and slowly caressed her. “What we do is still up to you, honey;” he assured her, “Don’t be afraid to say no. I’m just happy that we’ve kind of broken the ice.”

“I know how you feel Jan,” Lynn added. “This is a first time for us also. But, you can’t believe how amazing it feels to have four hands on you until it actually happens. I’m still so horny I think I might explode!”

“Well, maybe we need to take care of that problem,” Carl responded to his wife’s admission. “Where do we go from here?”

Kate was the only woman to have been fucked, so she was pretty mellow.

“I know, why don’t we get our things and go down to the nude beach area for a while. We can calm down for a while and tease all the men. After that, we all can go to our room and play some more games.”

Kate saw several nods of agreement. She took a deep breath and swam through the waterfall and back into the pool. The others quickly followed. They all appeared ready for the next adventure at Playa del Maya.

“Are you ready for a stroll on the beach?” Mark asked Jan. “You don’t seem to need your suit anymore.”

Jan looked into her husband’s eyes and recognized his lustful look. “Do you want me to go down there and show my naked body to one and all? Will that be okay?”

Mark smiled back. “Well, you’ve displayed your wares to Todd and Carl already. I don’t see why others shouldn’t get a nice look. That’s one of the reasons we came to Playa del Maya, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jan shrugged. “I’m game if you are.”


The three couples slogged through the deep white sand, passing several other groups and couples. Jan could feel eyes burning into her naked flesh as they continued to walk along the nude beach area.

“I didn’t realize what a show off I’ve become,” Jan thought as she noticed a young couple eyeing her swaying tits. She began to accentuate her hip movements, causing her ample breasts to jiggle enticingly.

Kate led them to a spot between two other small groups and spread her towel on the sand. The others followed suit, holding down the towels with lotion bottles and sandals.

Kate and Todd headed directly for the water. Mark and Carl soon made their way down to the water’s edge and splashed around. Lynn turned to Jan.

“Did you enjoy what Todd did to you?”

“It was different, a completely different feeling,” Jan replied. “In fact, it was pretty incredible.”

Lynn grinned. “That’s the way I felt when Carl and Todd were playing with me. You’ve got to experience having more than two hands on you at the same time. If you want to do it, I’ll talk to Carl and see if he will do it. I think I already know what his answer will be, because he’s been eyeing you ever since you took your top off yesterday.”

Jan looked toward the water’s edge and saw Mark and Carl standing knee deep and chatting. She focused in on Carl’s cock and the vision of her stroking him and even sucking him flashed through her mind.

“You make it sound so tempting, Lynn,” Jan replied. “Let me think about it for a while. I’ll let you know if I want you to talk to Carl.”

“Fine,” Lynn said. “Can I ask you something else?”

Jan nodded and turned her attention back to her friend. Lynn paused, trying to pose her question in just the right manner. “How would you feel about having six hands on you…including two female hands?”

Lynn held her breath as she awaited Jan’s response. It was another line she had dreamed of crossing at some point and Jan seemed to be someone with whom she could be perfectly honest. Jan looked at Lynn and raised an eyebrow slightly.

“Let me think about that too, Lynn. I presume you mean that you would be the female hands, right?”

Lynn nodded slightly. “Yeah. Sometimes, I’ve had a fantasy about touching another woman…you know, like that…but I’ve never really done it. I guess it’s the atmosphere down here, and the fact that I’ve been admiring you as much as my Carl. I hope you don’t think I’m totally perverted. I feel kind of foolish even saying something like that to you.”

Jan felt the sincerity in Lynn’s confession and hurried to reassure her. “Oh, no, Lynn. We all have fantasies and if there ever was a time and place to consider acting on them, this is it! I know you’re happily married to Carl and that what you are suggesting is just a passing fancy for you. I just have to take time to get my mind around some of the things whirling around in my fevered brain right now.”

“Good. Okay,” Lynn smiled. “I’m glad you’re keeping an open mind. I won’t press any issue. You let me know what you decide.”

Jan nodded again. “I’ll be honest with you, too, Lynn. I find myself checking you and Kate out when we’re together. You have a lovely figure that you can be proud of for sure. Kate is very attractive too. You can’t imagine how aroused I got listening to her moan and groan when Mark was doing it with her. I knew just what she was feeling and it drove me crazy. I just love her all over tan. I’m drawn to Carl and Todd, also. I’m guessing that Carl would feel like my Mark, but I can’t really imagine how Todd’s big fat one would feel. God, listen to me babble my thoughts to you!”

“I’m glad we can trust each other with our innermost thoughts and dreams, Jan. I just knew you would be someone I could talk to like this.” Lynn leaned closer and gave Jan a kiss on the cheek, as if to seal their pact.

Jan felt her cheeks redden at Lynn’s little peck. “How nice,” she mused as she looked back to the water. Todd and Kate joined up with Mark and Carl. The four of them stood naked in the shallow water laughing and talking.

“Let’s go see what they’re up to,” Jan suggested.

“So, you two hens are finally going to get wet?” Todd teased as he splashed water on the pair.

Lynn and Jan sat on the sandy bottom up to their necks and enjoyed the salty bath before standing up with the others. “There, we got wet on the nude beach,” Lynn announced.

They continued to talk and kick the warm water with their feet. Other couples were going and coming around them and occasionally greeted them. The young couple Jan had noticed earlier waded by.

“Don’t forget the dance tonight,” the woman told them, “it’s the toga party!”

Todd gave the couple the thumbs up sign. “We’ll be there,” he assured them.

Lynn looked over at Kate. “What’s that spot on you, Kate?”

Kate looked down at the dark spot on her right breast. “Oh, Todd got carried away while we were out in the sea and made a big hickie on my boob. For some reason, he just loves to suck on a soft tit.”

“It doesn’t even have to be Kate’s,” Todd replied to her snide comment. Kate reached down and grabbed Todd’s cock and pulled. “Ouch, watch it!” he yelped.

“Say, why don’t we go back to our room and have some refreshments and decide what we’re going to wear to the toga dance party tonight?” Kate suggested.

“We’ve got a wide open view of the grounds and the water from the second floor.”

There was general agreement and the three couples waded out and gathered up their belongings. Jan reached for her bikini and intended to put it on for the walk back to the rooms. Then, she noticed that Kate and Todd were already slogging through the loose sand still nude. Jan glanced over at Lynn who was equally ambivalent. Lynn shrugged and put her gear in her bag.

“I don’t guess we need to bother with suits anymore, do we?”

Mark tossed his trunks to Jan and she tucked her suit in with his. They followed Todd and Kate up the stairs to the deck sans suits, drawing sly looks from several of the couples stretched out on loungers around the pool. It was just a few more steps to the building, then up the stairs to Kate and Todd’s room.

“Hey, you do have quite a view,” Carl said as he stepped outside to the railing. “You can see for miles.”

Todd joined Carl and leaned his arms on the railing. “Yeah, and the view down below can be quite nice also,” he laughed as he recalled watching Mark and Jan in the throes of passion.

Kate went down the hall to fetch ice from the machine. Lynn took the opportunity to use the bathroom while Jan and Mark stepped out on the narrow patio.

“You do have excellent views from here,” Mark agreed.

The group enjoyed several rounds of drinks while they chatted and eyed each other. Kate elected Jan to refill the ice bucket and she made her way down the hallway. She was conscious of her nudity even though nobody else was nearby.

“This feels so different, so free,” she thought as she watched the ice fall noisily into the bucket.

Todd was still on the patio. “Mark, your wife is one tasty treat,” he began. “She literally gushed when I was toying with her under the waterfall.”

“Uh, yes, I could hear her behind me. She sounded like she was enjoying your attention,” Mark replied as he felt his member move in arousal.

“The funny thing about the waterfall episode is that Kate, here, was the only gal who actually got to feel a cock inside her,” Todd continued. “You gave her quite a thrill, Mark.”

“Remember, you were the one who suggested it,” Mark said defensively. “I wouldn’t do anything like that behind your back, you know.”

Todd nodded. “Right and I appreciate that, Mark. “Actually, your fancy moves excited me about as much as it did Kate, I think. It was great hearing her respond to you like that.”

“I knew you were listening while you had your tongue up Jan’s cute slit,” Kate chuckled. “Don’t you think turn about is fair play?”

Todd looked over at Mark. “I believe that would be Mark’s call…and Jan’s of course.”

Mark stared back at Kate and Todd. “Are you suggesting that we reverse the roles here? You want me to share Jan with Todd?”

“I think it would be fun,” Kate quickly interjected. “We could try sharing right here in our room. We’re all friends now, I do believe,” she added with a short laugh.

“What about us?” Carl asked. “We’re here too, you know.”

Todd put his arm around Lynn’s naked waist and pulled her to him. “Oh, you’re certainly included in our little orgy. I’ve been hoping for a chance to sample Lynn’s ample charms,” he assured Carl.

Lynn looked at Carl’s grinning face as she felt Todd’s hand slide up to her breast. “It’s been one of our best fantasies,” she confirmed. “I just didn’t think we would ever really do it.”

Jan returned with fresh ice and made herself another drink. She was beginning to feel the rum and she was surprised at how aroused she had become, eliminating her suit and getting crazy under the waterfall. She joined the others on the patio and noticed how quiet they were. “What’s up?” she asked nobody in particular.

Mark looked around, and then replied. “We were just talking about maybe making some fantasies come true, honey,” he began. “Todd was telling us how much he enjoyed playing around with you under the falls, and how excited he got when I played with Kate. They thought we might like to reverse the situation,” he stuttered.

“I see,” Jan replied as she looked from one to the other. “And, what about Carl and Lynn? How will that work?”

Mark sighed inwardly. “At least she’s considering the proposal,” he thought. “Maybe, just maybe…”

Kate spoke up. “They’re game if you are, Jan.”

Jan felt the pressure as she weighed the proposition. “I would get to experience Todd’s big thick cock while Mark licks Kate. Then, I guess Carl would take his turn with me too. I wonder if Lynn was really serious about playing with me too.”

Erotic thoughts flashed through her mind at dizzying speed as she hesitated. Jan felt butterflies in her tummy and a new wetness between her thighs.

“You mean right here, right now?” Jan stammered.

Todd smiled at Jan’s expression. “No time like the present, right?”

“Help me Lynn,” Jan said, turning to her naked friend. “Are you ready for something like this?”

Lynn stepped close to Jan and their breasts touched. “I’m ready to try anything,” she whispered. “Remember our little talk?”

Jan nodded and Lynn hugged her gently. “I think we should let ourselves go for once and just enjoy ourselves. Think you can do that, Jan?”

Jan reveled in the other woman’s soft touch and the sensation of their bodies pressed closely together. “Yes, I think I can as long as Mark is okay with all this.”

Mark observed his beautiful wife wrapped in the arms of her new female friend. His cock started to rise without conscious thought on his part.

“Honey, let’s live a little,” he croaked. His mouth was dry and his knees were shaking. “I’ve already had a wonderful time with Kate. Now, I want you to enjoy yourself in as many ways as you like. No questions asked.”

Todd reached for Jan’s hand. “That’s about as clear as can be, isn’t it?” he said softly. “Let’s go inside now.”

Wordlessly, Jan allowed herself to be led back into the room. Todd moved her to the edge of one of the beds and she sat on the edge, looking across at Todd’s thick cock.

“It’s really nice and big,” she mused.

Todd’s hand pressed against her shoulder and she stretched out in the middle of the bed, looking up at the ceiling. He motioned to Mark. “Want to give me a hand at first?”

Mark sat on the other side of the bed and stroked his wife’s hair and let his hand descend to her soft breast. Jan’s nipples were already erect and he used his fingers to roll each nipple. Todd stationed himself between Jan’s legs and she felt his warm breath on her bush. Then, Todd’s tongue returned to her slit and he began to thrill her again.

“Oh, yes,” she panted, as his tongue parted her inner lips and tasted her nectar.

Mark’s hand continued to caress Jan’s breast and tummy as Todd lapped her glistening cunt. To this was added a third sensation. Jan felt soft lips touch her other breast and she opened her eyes. Lynn was licking around her nipple. Lynn looked up into Jan’s eyes as she took her nipple between her lips and sucked. Lynn’s hands were sliding along Jan’s leg and arm, adding to the immense emotional overload.

Carl and Kate stood together near the bed and watched as three people brought Jan’s innocence to an end. Kate reached across and took Carl’s dick in her hand and slowly stroked him to erection. His arm circled her hip and he rubbed her smooth buns and marveled at her shape.

Jan felt Todd moving on the mattress and she spread her legs wide to give him room. He lifted her legs at the knees and pressed them toward her chest. A moment later, the head of his large prick began to slide up and down her wet gash, searching for her tight entrance.

“Oh, yes, Todd, fuck me now, fuck me please.”

Inch by inch, Todd worked his thick rod between Jan’s yielding labia, filling her narrow cavern to the limit. Mark raised his head so that he could get an unobstructed view of this mind-blowing event that heretofore had only been a fantasy. He watched in awe as Todd pressed farther into Jan’s vaginal tube. Finally, he bottomed out and pubic hairs entwined. Slowly, ever so slowly, Todd pulled back and his glistening cock came back into view. It was one of the most erotic sights Mark had ever seen.

This man’s hard prick was skewering his sweet wife and he was only inches away. “Here I go again,” Todd announced as he pressed his cock back inside.

Soon, Jan was moving her hips and trying to get his cock as far inside as possible. The couple set up a rhythm and everyone could hear the squishing sounds as Todd pounded into her.

Carl watched his wife suck on Jan’s bare breast like a c***d taking dinner. Then, he looked down at the top of Kate’s head as she engulfed his stiff rod with her mouth. She held his balls in her hand and moved his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. As his balls tightened, she stopped sucking and turned her back, putting her hands on the edge of the bed.

“Fuck me doggy-style, Carl,” she begged. “I need your cock in me now.”

Mark looked over at Kate’s swaying tits, then down at her husband’s slimy cock. “I know what Carl’s feeling about now,” he thought to himself. “Kate’s using her vaginal muscles to pull him into her while Todd’s fucking my Jan nice and deep.” At that moment, Jan reached about and finally grasped Mark’s hard dick and stroked him as she continued to enjoy Todd’s insistent thrusts.

Lynn replaced her lips with her hand on Jan’s breast. She moved slightly. Her lips met Jan’s lips and the two women kissed deeply. Lynn extended her tongue and Jan eagerly began to suck on it like it was a little prick. Jan envisioned herself being fucked while holding Mark’s cock in her hand and sucking on another cock at the same time. The vision caused her first quick orgasm. Lynn sensed Jan’s arousal and kissed her even more passionately, bringing on a second orgasm.

“Oh, God, yes,” Jan groaned into Lynn’s mouth. Her body was moving of its own accord as more climaxes racked her.

Turning her head away momentarily, Jan spoke to Lynn. “I want to suck Carl, get Carl for me,” she pleaded.

Lynn rose from the bed and looked over at her husband as he held Kate’s hips, his cock buried in her from behind. “Quick, honey, come over here and let Jan suck you for a little bit,” she said. “I’ll keep Kate warm for you.”

“Do it,” Kate agreed. Carl pulled out of Kate’s slippery slot and stepped to the bedside near Jan’s face. Without hesitation, Jan accepted his cock, wet with Kate’s nectar, and began to suck voraciously. “It’s happening,” thought her foggy brain. “Three cocks at once!”

Lynn moved behind Kate and spread her ass cheeks wide, eyeing the juicy vista before her. Lynn’s fingers explored her labia tentatively, then she lowered her face and began to feast on Kate’s gaping hole. Her tongue slipped in and out of Kate, then she let her tongue tip go lower and she rimmed the woman’s crinkled anal bud.

“This is so wild,” Lynn thought. “I’m licking her asshole and tongue fucking another woman.”

Todd caught sight of his wife’s situation from the corner of his eye. He saw this other woman licking and lapping his wife’s juices and the scene caused his balls to tighten.

“I’m going to cum,” he groaned as he pulled his cock from Jan’s gripping vagina.

Three strings of clear cum decorated Jan’s belly. The first reached to the bottom of her breast. Todd sat back and stroked his own cock to coax out the last few drops. They fell onto Jan’s bush.

Mark watched Todd’s orgasm and had the irresistible urge to taste the cum that now ran across his wife’s belly. He leaned forward and let his tongue glide through Todd’s creamy deposit.

“The taste is pretty much like my own cum,” Mark mused as he finished cleaning off his wife.

Jan realized that Todd was done. She was mildly shocked when her husband volunteered to clean up the mess with his mouth. She took a few more sucks on Carl’s shaft before pulling back.

“You can finish what you started with Kate now,” she told him as she released her husband’s cock and lay back, exhausted.

Carl returned to Kate and reinserted himself to the hilt. Lynn looked over at Mark and noticed his still-erect prick bobbing its invitation. She pushed Mark onto his back and put her leg over his hips, straddling his cock.

“Do you mind if I try you out now?” she asked Mark with a sly grin.

Before Mark could respond, Lynn gripped his stiff rod and led him into her swollen cunt. “Ride ’em cowboy,” she squealed as they came together.

Lynn’s frantic movements, along with the other sensory pleasures, soon caused Mark to go rigid. Lynn felt his oncoming climax and then the warmth inside as Mark’s sperm splashed against her inner walls.

Carl watched his pretty wife atop Mark’s erect prick and heard her glee when he squirted inside her. The sight lit skyrockets in his mind and he unloaded into Kate’s grasping gap. Kate collapsed onto the bed next to Jan and Mark. Lynn lay sprawled on top of Mark. Todd lay on his back on the carpet. Carl stepped back onto the patio and sat in one of the padded chairs to regain his breath.

Later, Jan turned to face Mark as he stretched out beside her. “I had no idea it would be like this,” she cooed. Mark leaned closer and kissed his wife passionately. “Me either,” he replied. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes,” Jan responded with a faint smile. “Dreams and fantasies are fine, but the reality is something else. Do you think I’m wicked to enjoy it so much?”

Mark kissed her again. “If you’re wicked, I’m wicked too!” he exclaimed. “I loved seeing you receive such pleasure. I got plenty of attention myself.”

“It was the same with me, darling. Watching you got me so aroused, I think I may have lost my sanity for a while.”

Lynn listened to the exchange. “You’re saying what I feel too. I just hope Carl feels like you do, Mark.”

“Ditto,” Carl chimed in from the patio. “This was an incredible experience for all of us, I think. What could possibly top it?”

“It might take more practice,” Todd laughed from his spot on the floor. “Right now, I’m fucked out and in dire need of a drink.”

Slowly, people roused themselves from various positions and poured drinks. Jan used the bathroom and scrubbed the remaining deposits from her chest and belly.

“Fucking makes me want to pee,” she told Kate who joined her at the sink. Kate laughed.

“That’s something else we might want to try later,” she said quietly. Jan looked at Kate sideways and decided that she was serious.

“You mean like a golden shower?” she whispered.

Kate nodded. “I’ve heard about it, but we’ve never tried it,” she confided. With that little tidbit of information, Kate bent down and sucked Jan’s nipple quickly, then sauntered back out to the patio.

Soon, all six were standing or sitting on the small patio enjoying the view and watching various people passing on the curved walkway. Some people were dressed, others were topless or nude. They waved up at the cozy group and their waves were returned.

“See you tonight,” one older man called as he and his plump wife wandered by.

“That’s right,” Carl said. “We have to design our togas before dinner.”

Each room contained extra sheets, so the group busied themselves trying different configurations, using Kate and Todd as models.

“I don’t want to cover up very much,” Kate warned, “Keep it loose and only on one shoulder.”

“Maybe I’ll just wear one of my sarongs,” Lynn said, “A toga can be made out of anything, right?”

“Sure,” Todd agreed, “But you might not stay in your toga all evening. Sheets are compliments of the house, so you don’t need to worry once it comes off.”

“Good point,” Lynn agreed, “I guess I’d better get back to our room and figure out how to tie myself into a sheet. Are you going to wear underwear?”

“Hell no!” Kate replied, “You want to be as accessible as possible you know. There’s plenty of touchy-feely action during the dance and you don’t want to miss out do you?”

The couples soon returned to their respective rooms to don their togas. “We can have dinner in our togas, then stay right there for the toga party,” Todd suggested.


“This is wild!” Lynn told Jan, as they danced together. “I’ve had so many hands on my ass, I’ve lost count.”

Jan felt Lynn’s breasts pressing against hers as they moved slowly to the sensuous melody. “You mean like this?” she asked as she let her right hand slide lower.

“Mmm, yeah, just like that. You’re getting me even more aroused.”

“I hope Carl and Mark don’t mind if we play around a little,” Jan countered guiltily, “It really doesn’t mean anything you know.”

Lynn repositioned her hand inside the back of Jan’s loose toga and caressed her back. “True, but it’s exciting to be so naughty.”

Mark touched his wife on the shoulder part way through the number. “Mind if I cut in?” he asked.

“Okay,” Jan replied, expecting him to take her hand. Instead, he turned to Lynn. “Would you like to finish this song with me?” Wordlessly, Lynn accepted his hand and let him pull her to him.

Jan was nonplused until she felt a hand on her curvy bottom. She looked around at Carl and saw him smiling down. “Let’s dance,” Carl suggested.

The three couples rotated during the next several songs and hands explored each other’s bodies at will. The women ignored the times when their loose garments slipped away, exposing a breast here, and a pussy view there. The familiar press of a stiff cock against a leg caused the horny ladies to make quick explorations between the men’s folds.

As the evening moved along, the emcee announced various games, including a dirty dance contest. “Go ahead, you just might win,” Mark urged Jan.

She shook her head and kept her seat, but Kate took her turn. She whirled to the insistent beat of the loud drums, giving the crowd plenty of opportunities to ogle her tanned figure. Soon, the top of her toga fell to her waist and she continued to twirl. Her breasts swayed and Jan noticed her erect nipples as they bounced in front of others in the crowd.

Kate sprawled on the dance floor and pulled her legs open. Her toga bunched around her waist as she began to squirm and stroke the insides of her legs. Her hips undulated with the erotic beat and she let her fingers rub her bare mound in rhythm.

As the final bars played, she made herself climax, letting clear liquid seep from between her inner lips. The crowd applauded and the young man they had seen on the beach with his girlfriend fell to the floor, pretending to lick at Kate.

When Kate saw the young man so close, she gripped the back of his head and literally pulled his face up between her legs where he did, indeed, eat her sweet nectar.

Once her turn was over, Todd stepped over the young man and pulled Kate to her feet. “Fantastic show,” he told her with a grin, “You’ll win for sure, unless one of the other girls goes one step further.”

“Sorry, man, I guess I lost control,” the young man said as he finally stood.

Todd turned to him and grabbed his arm. “Hey, buddy, no problem. Wasn’t she sweet?”

Embarrassed, the young man nodded. “Yeah, great. I’m glad you’re not mad at me.”

“I’m Todd and the lady you just sampled is my wife, Kate. Want to join us?”

“Uh, I’m Josh,” he mumbled, “My fiance, Mindy, is over there waiting for me. Guess I’d better get on back, but thanks.”

Todd grinned at Josh. “Oh, I meant for you to get her to join us also. If she’s upset with you, we’ll fix it with her.”

Todd followed his topless wife back to their seats. Kate hadn’t bothered to cover herself. A minute later, Josh and Mindy walked over and pulled up extra chairs. Mindy was the petite blond they had seen several times on the beach and along the walkways. Mark recalled that her pussy was smooth-shaven, but the shadow indicated she was a bottle blond. Josh introduced Mindy and she produced a slight smile, but said nothing.

“Mindy, I hope you’re not upset with Josh,” Todd advanced cautiously, “It’s easy to get carried away at a place like this.”

Mindy was silent for a few moments, then, “Well, I guess I’m okay if you are,” she told Todd, “I was mortified when I saw what Josh did.”

“Hell, he helped ensure that Kate will win the dirty dancing contest!” Todd boasted, “She’s won two other times at different resorts by doing less.”

Another round of drinks arrived and Mindy soon forgot the incident. “You guys seem to be enjoying the place,” Mindy ventured, “We’ve seen you down on the beach several times.”

“This is our first experience with a clothing optional resort and a nude beach,” Jan volunteered, “It’s the first time for Lynn and Carl too.”

“Same here,” Josh admitted, “We’ve been in hot tubs with friends a couple of times, but this is quite a change.”

Mindy nodded. “Josh kept begging me to try it with him, and I finally gave in. Once we got here, we both really enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t know anybody else, so it’s just been the two of us.”

“Well, Josh and I are old friends now, aren’t we Josh?” Kate laughed. Josh blushed and Mindy giggled.

“We didn’t think you guys would want a couple of youngsters hanging around,” Mindy said, “We just graduated two years ago.”

“Todd has a thing for young chicks,” Kate assured them, “You’re certainly welcome to join our impromptu little club.” The others nodded their agreement.

“A toast to Mindy and Josh,” Carl called as he raised his glass, “Our nudist members!”

Kate did, indeed, win the dancing contest and received a pair of Playa del Maya T-shirts as her prize.

Todd asked Mindy for the next dance and proceeded to feel his way over her body as they swayed to the music. Josh watched intently, but said nothing as the older man explored his fiancée’s petite form.

“Why don’t we dance a little,” Lynn suggested to Josh to tear his mind away.

“Did you see the tent in the front of Josh’s sheet?” Jan asked Mark after the couple left the table. Watching Mindy get felt up gave him a big hard on.”

Mark smiled at his wife. “Let’s dance and I’ll let you see what it did to me,” he chuckled.

“We’ve still got some booze left up in our room,” Todd announced as the toga party broke up. “Who wants a nightcap?”

The other couples agreed that a nightcap was definitely in order. Soon eight happy people were spread out in Todd and Kate’s second floor room.

“Josh, you should have been here earlier,” Todd said. “We had one hell of an orgy before the toga party.”

“Really?” Mindy slurred. “What happened?”

“A lot of sucking and fucking,” Todd confirmed. “It’s been building every day, and we finally got it on.”

“Oh, God, that must have been hot!” Mindy gasped as she fell back across one of the beds. Her toga slid apart, exposing one of her slender legs.

Carl looked down and licked his lips as Mindy failed to cover her naked limb. “I’m not sure we actually finished did we?”

“Who’s ready for round two?” Kate asked nobody in particular. Looking over at Josh, she noticed the bulge in the front of his sheet. “I think Josh still has some lead in his pencil.”

Josh instinctively reached down to cover his groin. Sheepishly, he glanced over at Kate and moved his hand. “You caught me,” he admitted. “You guys have me all worked up.”

“Mindy needs some action pretty soon or she’s going to go to sleep on us I think,” Kate told him. “Why don’t you join her on the bed? We’ll let you enjoy yourselves.”

Josh glanced around at the audience and felt his dick harden to its full length. He slipped over onto the bed and stretched out next to his cute fiancé. Mindy eyed him lustfully as he bent to kiss her.

“Remember our fantasy?” he whispered.

Mindy nodded slightly. “Want to try it?” she inquired when he broke their deep kiss. “Want to see what it’s like to have someone watch us?”

Josh slid his hand up Mindy’s bare leg and continued to part her toga. He caressed her bald mound and let his fingers move up and down her weeping slit. “You’re so exciting,” he whispered to her. “I want to give you so much pleasure.”

As the others watched, Josh pulled the sheet away from Mindy’s supple little body, leaving her nude on the bed. Lynn helped him shed his own toga and they all watched as Josh crawled between Mindy’s legs to feast at her bare slit. Josh pulled her legs up and out, opening her fully to his tongue and the audience’s eager gaze.

“She’s beautiful like that,” Kate whispered to Jan and Mark. “Look at her cute little titties.”

Kate moved to the bed and began to softly fondle Josh’s balls while he lapped at Mindy’s sex. A low moan escaped his lips as she squeezed his scrotum and let her fingers encircle his hard prick.

“He’s got a nice thick one,” she told Lynn and Jan. “You’ve got to feel for yourselves.”

Lynn touched Josh and played with his testicles until she felt Jan’s fingers next to hers. Jan followed suit, exploring Josh with one hand and Lynn’s breast with the other. “He’s so nice and hard,” she murmured.

Mindy moaned. “Please, Josh, I can’t wait anymore. Put it inside me.”

Josh honored her request and moved up, sliding the swollen head of his member inside her inner labia. Lifting her legs, he impaled his petite sweetheart on his seven inches and began to piston in and out.

“Oh, yes,” Mindy cooed as their pubic bones met. “So good,” she added.

Carl decided the time was right and moved to Mindy’s head. She sensed Carl’s presence and opened her eyes to see him stroking his thick dick just inches from her face. Looking down, he saw her eyeing him and leaned closer. Mindy opened her lips and Carl let her lick the head of his hard cock. Moments later, she began to suck voraciously on his prick as Josh filled her vagina with his thick meat.

Lynn didn’t want to be left out, so she knelt next to Mindy and began to fondle and suck on her small breast. Jan watched for a moment, and then followed Lynn’s lead on the other side. Mark and Todd sat nearby on the other bed, stroking their own cocks and enjoying the sexy show.

“Me next, Carl,” Todd called, and Carl obliged by moving aside.

Mindy opened wider and tried to stuff Todd’s larger prick into her mouth. “Mmfph,” she groaned as he moved slightly to urge her on.

A couple of minutes later, Todd stiffened and put his hands on his hips while Mindy tried to deal with the thick cream being emitted. Cum leaked from the sides of her mouth and Mark saw her swallow several times.

“Give me a turn, Todd,” Mark said.

Todd pulled his dripping cock from Mindy’s lips and before she could object, Mark filled her slimy mouth with his swollen dick. He didn’t last long. After a couple of minutes, he sensed his own coming climax and decided to pull out and save it. Mark’s cock popped out of Mindy’s mouth as Josh began to fill her pink cunt with his warm cum.

“Yes, oh yes, baby,” she squealed as he pressed hard into her. “Oh, oh yes.”

Josh lay atop Mindy, looking down into her sleepy eyes. He bent and kissed her deeply, tasting Todd’s salty juice on her lips and tongue. “You’re incredible,” he whispered. “I never came so hard in my whole life.”

“Me neither,” she cooed as they lay together recovering their breath. “Everybody was helping me. It was a mind-blowing experience. Do you still love me?”

Josh, surprised at her question, looked down on his fiancé lovingly. “More than ever, darling,” he confirmed. “I think we’ve both had the greatest pleasure of our lives tonight.”

Josh rolled off to the side and looked up at the others. “What a nightcap!” Everybody laughed and touched the young couple, feeling part of their excitement.


Jan answered the room phone the next morning. “Hi sweetie,” Lynn said as she heard Jan’s sleepy hello. “What are you doing?”

“Mark’s in the shower, and I’m just waking up,” she said. “What’s up?”

“Time for brunch,” Lynn told her. “We’re going downstairs in about twenty minutes. See you there.”

“Yeah, okay,” Jan agreed. “We’ll be down in a while. It got late. We slept in.”

“What a night!” Lynn gushed. “I hope Josh and Mindy join us today.”

Jan recalled how thick and stiff Josh’s young cock felt in her hand. “Yeah, me too.”

Mark walked back into the bedroom and joined Jan on their patio. He was drying his hair with a towel. Both were naked. “Did I hear the phone?” he asked.

“It was Lynn. They’re headed to brunch. She just wanted to wake us up.”

Two older couples strolled up the walkway and waved at Jan and Mark. The men were nude except for hats and glasses. The women were topless, with sarongs around their waists. Both women were well endowed and Mark watched their breasts sway as they wandered by.

“Even saggy tits look good this morning,” he mused. “Hurry up and shower. I don’t want to miss any of the fun today.”

A half-hour later, Jan and Mark joined Carl and Lynn. The coffee was strong and hot. “Seen the others?” Mark asked.

“Not yet,” Carl replied. “I think Todd was fucked out this morning. Kate may have kept him up even longer once we all left,” he laughed.

The four were moving through the buffet line when Josh and Mindy appeared. They began to move toward a table on the far side of the room, and then Mindy noticed Jan and Lynn. She walked over and smiled broadly.

“Good morning,” she greeted a bit tentatively.

Lynn smiled back. “Don’t sit clear over there, Mindy. We’re at that big table near the window.”

“You want us to join you?” Mindy asked, just to be sure.

“Of course, silly,” Lynn confirmed. “We’re still friends aren’t we?”

“Sure,” Mindy responded. “It’s just that after last night…this Morning; we weren’t sure about anything.”

Lynn put her plate down on the counter and took Mindy in her arms. She hugged her tightly and patted her back. “You and Josh are always welcome.”

Mindy shuddered slightly in Lynn’s arms. “I kind of hogged the attention after the party,” she began, “So I was afraid you and the others wouldn’t like me.”

Lynn patted the younger woman on the bottom and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “We enjoyed ourselves too you know. It was fun to play with you and see you receive so much pleasure. Don’t worry, honey, we’ll get our turn.”

Mindy relaxed as she saw Jan nodding her agreement. “Well, I must admit that I’m relieved to hear you say that. Josh told me the same thing, but I guess I needed to hear it from you.”

They enjoyed their brunch, but didn’t see Kate or Todd. “I’ll call their room and see what gives,” Lynn volunteered. Returning, she reported that their other buddies were still in bed. “Kate was breathing heavy, so I figured she was riding her cowboy and she said I had guessed right. They’re going to skip brunch and meet us down at the pool or beach later.”

It was after one o’clock before Todd and Kate made their way down to the pool. “Where are the others?” Kate asked Jan.

Jan looked up and watched Todd slide out of his shorts. “Josh and Mindy, and Lynn and Carl are down behind the waterfall,” she told them. “Mindy wanted to see it.”

“She’s a curious little gal,” Kate replied with a grin. “I hope we didn’t scare her off last night.”

“No way,” Mark spoke up. “She was afraid we wouldn’t like her because she captured so much attention.”

“Shit,” Kate chuckled. “I had fun with both of them. Todd is anxious to get his prick into Mindy, too, that’s for sure.”

Todd smiled. “Now, honey, wasn’t I good to you last night and this morning?”

Kate grinned. “Yeah, I wanted to get my share before you went dry!”

Jan giggled at the other couple’s dialogue. “I have a feeling we’re all thirsting for some more of something,” she said cryptically.

Mark glanced over at his pretty wife. “I have a feeling you’re thirsting for Josh’s thick young dick,” he jested. “I saw how you were stroking him and playing with his balls. He’s still young and eager. I’ll bet he can get hard again in thirty minutes or less if one of you ladies helps him a little.”

Lynn laughed at Mark’s comment. “You’re just jealous, Mark, cause it takes you longer to recover.”

“Maybe so, maybe so,” Mark admitted. “He sure seems to have staying power. Jan, can you imagine how nice that must be?”

Jan jerked her head up and saw that he was teasing her. “I’ve been visualizing that very thing,” she teased back. “Want to watch me wear his hard little cock out?”

Mark was poised for her retort. “If you decide to test him, I definitely want to be there. You may have to wait a while, however. I think Lynn may have beaten you to the punch, so to speak.”

“Carl has probably gotten to Mindy before you, too. Have you thought about that?” Jan replied with a flip of her hair.

“That’s okay,” Todd broke in. “We’ve still got plenty of time. We’re all going to get a turn, I’m sure. I’ll wait, because I don’t want to stretch Mindy’s little pussy and ruin it for you guys.”

Mark nodded. “I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Todd. There are other women around for you in the meantime, I think,” Mark added with a wink.

“I’ve thought about that,” Todd confirmed. “I should recover my capabilities by late afternoon.”

“Lynn’s next,” Jan counseled. “I’ve already had the pleasure, Todd.”

“And, a pleasure it was, Jan, my dear,” Todd replied. “I’d like an encore, too, if you don’t mind.”

Mark spoke up. “Wait till Jan gets her shot at Josh, okay? I think we’ll invite Mindy and Josh to our room later to check out the view from our ground floor patio. You guys can watch from up above in your room if you like.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kate responded. “Just leave your door unlocked so that we can join you later.”

Carl, Josh, Mindy, and Lynn returned from the pool waterfall. They all had satisfied looks on their faces, just fucked looks to be exact.

“How was the waterfall, Mindy?” Todd inquired.

Mindy smiled broadly. “Great,” she said. “Very exciting.”

Carl stood beside Mindy with his hand resting on her flank. “She liked the bench,” he smiled.

Jan looked at Lynn’s happy face, and then noticed the clear liquid seeping down her thigh. Lynn followed Jan’s eyes and felt the leakage at the same time. “Oops, I’m going to have to sit down,” she giggled. “Josh got carried away.”

“How was it?” Jan whispered to Lynn after the others found their loungers.

Lynn grinned. “He can go forever,” she confided. “He filled me up and I could feel him squirt up inside. You’d love it.”

Jan’s head swirled with the thought of the young stud’s thick rod pushing its way up inside her tight orifice. She knew that she would have to have him and soon. Mark had given his approval minutes before and even set the stage for the event on their patio later that day. “Mark wants to watch me fuck Josh. He’ll probably be doing Mindy at the same time. Our fantasies are coming true in such a rush. It’s hard to comprehend it all.”

The expanded group spent another hour in and around the pool. They returned to the swim up bar for drinks, then they decided to walk the beach before naptime.

Others on the nude beach took notice of the four couples as they frolicked in the shallow water and meandered along the wet sand. Kate’s deeply tanned body was in contrast to Jan and Mindy’s pale forms. The men got their share of glances as they walked past women reading novels or staring from behind dark shades. Todd and Josh couldn’t disguise the oversize packages that bobbed between their legs as they moved along the beach.

Carl sidled up between Lynn and Jan who were walking side by side. “Hey, Jan, I know you’re hot for Josh, but please don’t forget about me, okay?”

Lynn poked him in his exposed ribs and he jumped. “What do you mean trying to make a date with my friend Jan while I’m standing right here beside you?” she teased.

“Why not?” he replied with a wink. “I’m sure you told Jan about what happened with Josh under the waterfall. I just want Jan to save a little of her attention for me later on, that’s all.”

Jan giggled at the couple’s repartee. “Don’t worry, Carl,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about another fantasy of mine. Mark was going to play a part in it, but you could take his place very nicely.”

“Whenever and whatever it is, I’ll be up for it…literally,” Carl assured Jan.

“Maybe even tonight,” Jan told him. “I don’t know yet. No promises, but I might need two men. Just be ready if I call you.”

Carl put his arms around his wife and Jan. “All right that sounds very tipobet tempting. I can hardly wait.” His hands moved lower and he caressed each woman’s ass as they continued up the beach.

Late afternoon found each couple in their respective rooms napping. The previous long night and the day’s sun had squeezed the energy from their beings. Napping and cuddling helped rejuvenate tired muscles and limp cocks.

Dinner was noisy and the guests all tended to wear less and less each day. Several of the older women ambled through the buffet line topless, wearing only skimpy bottoms and sandals. Men wore T-shirts but no shorts or trunks, paying no attention to the flaccid members peeking from under their shirts. Three pair of recent arrivals were filling their plates. The new women sported enhanced breasts and they proudly displayed under gauzy sarongs.

“I prefer natural titties,” Josh stated. “Mindy is pretty small on top, but at least they are real.”

“And, they feel very nice, too,” Carl volunteered. “Don’t even think about spoiling your pretty little tits with implants,” he added. Mindy blushed at his remarks, but nodded in agreement.

“I could use one of those boob lifts,” Lynn told them. I’ll be pointing at the floor in another few years.”

“They’re just fine,” Todd replied. “Nice and soft and cuddly.”

After dinner, everyone went to the dance and there was the usual amount of touching and feeling. Most of the numbers were slow, romantic melodies and the room was dimly lit. Sexual tension filled the air this night and there was a mutual urge to leave the dance and continue the party in a more private setting.

“Let’s all go up to my room,” Todd suggested. “We can get a lot more comfortable there.”

Mark seemed to hesitate. “We need to go to our room first. I’ve got two extra bottles of booze and I want to check out a couple of things.” Mark turned to Josh and Mindy. “Why don’t you two come along with us and help carry?”

Jan glanced at her husband and saw the arousal in his eyes. “He’s just trying to get Josh and Mindy into our room,” she thought. Mark’s look confirmed it for her. “He’s really going to set me up with Josh, I just know it.”

Todd must have picked up on it too, because he didn’t argue. “Fine, Mark, we’ll see you guys in a little while.”

Mark keyed the door and ushered Josh and Mindy into the room. Mindy walked to the patio and looked out. “Wow, this is a great room! Ours is on the other side and we don’t have a view.”

Mark opened the sliding door and pulled up a lounger. “Come and sit while Jan fixes drinks,” he suggested. Josh got ice, and then Jan busied herself mixing up rum and tonics for all four.

“Here are your drinks,” she announced as she handed Mindy and Mark their glasses. Josh had his drink and was reclining on one of the beds inside. Jan walked back inside and picked up her drink. “Here’s to a wonderful vacation,” she said as she clicked glasses with Josh.

“And, here’s to a beautiful lady that I’m glad I met,” Josh responded with a sly smile. “I’d love to see much more of you.”

Jan took another sip and looked at Josh over the rim of her glass. “Meaning?”

“Take off your sarong, please,” Josh instructed. “I want to see you naked again.”

Jan glanced outside and saw that her husband was deep in conversation with Mindy, seemingly uninterested in other things. She placed her glass on the nightstand and slowly loosened her sarong. It fell in a pile at her feet and she looked into Josh’s young eyes.

“Well, what do you think?”

Josh licked his dry lips and gazed at her full body for several moments. “You look delicious,” he told her. He began removing his shorts. Jan watched as he exposed his stiffening cock and large balls. “I want to feel my cock inside you, Jan,” he stated flatly. “But, I want to taste you first.”

Scooting down, Josh lay flat on his back. Jan put one leg over him and moved upward until her damp pussy hovered above his face, his hands and arms curling around her body. She watched as he raised his head slightly and took his first tentative lick. Jan relaxed her body and let her wet vaginal lips descend till she felt Josh’s tongue slip inside her.

“Mmm, yes, do that some more,” she cooed.

As Josh continued to eat her swelling cunt, Jan again glanced outside. Mark had Mindy pinned against the patio railing and he was kissing her while his hands moved up and down her slender, petite figure. She looked again and noticed that Mindy’s shorts were bunched up on the lounge chair. The sight of her husband playing with the young woman triggered a familiar pressure in Jan’s tummy and soon Josh felt her spasm and become rigid as her initial orgasm swept over her.

Jan fell to the bed in a heap as her climax subsided. “That was incredible, Josh,” she groaned. “I loved it.” She reached down and put her hand around his throbbing cock. “You need relief,” she said.

Josh moaned as Jan fingered his balls and stroked his hard on. “Let’s go outside and finish what we’ve started, okay?” he suggested.

Already nude, Jan rolled off the bed and stood waiting. Josh quickly sat up and looked out onto the patio. He saw his petite wife holding the railing as she bent forward. Mark stood behind her, his butt cheeks moving as he moved back and forth.

“Mark’s fucking my Mindy,” he thought as Jan took his hand and led him toward the sliding door.

Jan stood next to Mindy and assumed the same position. The two women’s arms touched and female electricity seemed to snap between them. “Mind if Josh and I join you?” she asked Mindy.

Mindy glanced over with lust-filled eyes. She saw her husband move up close behind Jan and felt her insides quiver as Mark slid back inside her slippery gash. “Uhhmmm,” was all she could muster as Mark’s thighs slapped against her rear cheeks insistently.

Jan closed her eyes and let Josh explore her wet slit with the head of his hard cock. She pressed back a little more until she felt his large head slip between her inner labia and begin to enter her. Josh took it slow and easy, moving just a little at a time to allow Jan to comfortably accept his larger dick.

“Are you okay?” he asked her as another inch slid inside.

“Oh yeah,” Jan whispered, “You feel real good now…filling me up. Don’t stop.”

Mark heard his wife’s words and looked down between them. Mark watched as the other man’s glistening cock stretched his pretty wife’s tight pussy, and seeking full entry. “Oh, fuck, Josh,” Mark groaned, “that’s incredible.”

“Can you see him going inside me?” Jan asked Mark as she began to pant.

Mark looked down again. “Yeah, baby, he’s giving you his big cock and I can see it all.”

Meanwhile, Mark kept pounding Mindy’s hot little twat with his own love stick, feeling her push back in an effort to take more. She tightened her vaginal muscles as he touched bottom and made herself even tighter as he pulled out. Each could feel every little bump and ridge.

“What a sight,” Todd whispered to Carl as they looked down over the railing above. The other two couples were gazing down on the view of Mindy and Jan, two women being royally screwed by the other’s husband.

“I want some of that too,” Kate moaned quietly. “When can we go downstairs?”

Todd pinched her nipple playfully. “Shhhh, just watch until they’re done, then we’ll join them.”

Mindy put her hand between her legs and began to rub her clit furiously as Mark began to speed up his fucking. “Mmm, so good,” she groaned. “Not long now, honey.”

Hearing his wife’s comment made Josh begin to surge and he, too, accelerated his movements into Jan’s hot box. “Oh, fuck yes,” he moaned and gripped Jan’s hips tightly. “Cum with me, Jan.”

Jan glanced over her shoulder at Mark and noticed the shadowy forms one floor above them. “The others are watching us,” she thought. “They’re watching Josh fuck me.”

Knowing that they had an audience made Jan’s juices flow even more and Josh felt a wave of warmth flow over his thick prick. He slammed his big cock into Jan hard and she felt the first squirt deep inside her womb. That, in turn, ignited her own orgasm and she let out a high-pitched squeal and began to spasm. Josh emptied his balls into her sopping twat, then fell over Jan’s back, gripping the railing as well.

Mindy’s knees began to buckle with the onset of her standing climax and Mark had to hold onto her hips to keep her up as he shot his cum into her tight little cunt. “Oh, baby,” he groaned as his cock began to soften inside her.

Mark’s rod plopped out and he stepped back to one of the chairs, surveying the scene before him. Josh was still lying across Jan’s back; his cock still embedded in her. Mark could see Josh’s large balls tight between his open legs. The light from their room shimmered off the clear liquid that dripped off between the couple. Mark’s brain snapped a mental picture of the scene, one he would never forget.


Jan slogged through the deep white sand and dropped to her knees on her towel. The nude beach at Playa del Maya was more crowded than usual, but she was now quite relaxed as the last vestiges of salt water dripped from her naked form. Mark lay stretched out on his back; his straw hat covering his face as his body soaked up the warm sun’s rays. Jan poked him in the belly and he lazily raised the hat to gaze lovingly at his wife.

“I just had a very interesting conversation while I was floating in the clear water,” she said with a smile.

Mark shaded his eyes. “Oh? Who with?”

“Dorothy and Brian,” she replied with a wink, encouraging Mark to ask her for more information.

“Who are they?” Mark responded. “Have we met them before?”

“No, we haven’t,” she continued. “They’re an older couple. I think I saw them at the toga party the other night, but I’m not sure. They’re real nice.”

“And?” Mark replied with mild interest.

Jan turned and sat cross-legged on her towel, getting more comfortable. “They’ve been here several days, but haven’t made any new friends. They’re older than most of the other guests and I think they feel a bit out of place. They were surprised when I spoke to them a while ago.”

“Just what do you mean by older couple?” Mark inquired.

“Well, Brian has silver hair and it’s obvious that Dorothy colors up her own gray hair. I’d say they’re both in their late 50s. Brian may be sixty already. They’ve been married for many years and came down here to see if a Mexican vacation would help rekindle the fire of youth. At least that’s how Brian put it.”

Mark chuckled, “Brian’s got the right idea, I’d say.”

“Anyway, they invited us to stop by for a drink later today. I said yes. I hope that’s okay with you.”

Mark glanced at his wife and she looked away. “Sure, I guess so…why not? However, I sense an ulterior motive at work here,” he added.

Jan reddened slightly. “Since Todd and Kate left, it’s been pretty quiet. I just thought it would be okay to meet some other people. Brian and Dorothy noticed that we were always with our other friends and thought we were part of a tour or something. They were surprised to learn that we just met them here at the resort.”

Mark nodded. “It sounds like they want to meet other people, but are a bit shy about making the first move. Was there a particular reason that you decided to introduce yourself?”

“Well, they seemed like a nice couple, and Brian is rather handsome for an older man,” Jan admitted.

“Aha,” Mark exclaimed, “I knew it! You’re hot for an older man now.”

Jan blushed and smiled. “I’ve already experienced some new things on this trip, like a really big cock, a talented tongue, and a young stud. I guess I got to wondering what an older man would be like. Is that so bad?”

Mark shook his head slowly. “No, I don’t have a problem with your new found curiosity. Keep in mind; they may not be interested in being anything more than friends, Jan.”

“True, but I caught Brian checking me out pretty carefully more than once,” Jan responded with a touch of pride in her voice.

“Where are they? Point them out to me.”

Jan searched across the sea of naked flesh on the sand, and then looked back out to the water. “There they are, just coming back out of the water to your right. See Brian’s gray hair?”

Mark followed Jan’s finger and spotted a mature couple emerging from the surf. Brian did, indeed, have silver hair and a muscular physique. He appeared to be just shy of six feet tall. Mark turned his attention to Dorothy. She was slender and only three or four inches shorter than her husband was. Her light brown hair was cut short and her tan lines clearly indicated that she usually wore a one-piece swimsuit. Dorothy’s long legs met at a sparse bush of brown hair. Her womanly slit was clearly visible as they walked hand-in-hand up the sand. Mark noticed that her pink nipples protruded rather nicely and her ample breasts swayed as she trudged through the deep sand.

“Hmm, you’re right, Jan, they’re still in good shape. I’m anxious to get a closer look.”


“Hello, anybody home?” Jan called as she and Mark stepped onto Dorothy and Brian’s patio later that afternoon.

Brian’s deep voice responded. “Door’s open, come on in.”

Jan introduced Mark to Brian and Dorothy then helped Dorothy carry the trays of drinks and snacks out to the patio table.

“This is a perfect way to conclude a lazy beach day,” Brian offered as they clicked glasses. “Jan, we’re so glad you said hello earlier today.”

“Jan never met a stranger,” Mark chuckled. “Especially since we got to Playa del Maya.”

Dorothy smiled at Jan. “We just naturally assumed that you and your friends were part of a tour group or something. You were always together, swimming and dancing, and…so forth.”

“We met the other couples right here,” Mark replied with a grin. “Todd and Kate were sort of the ring leaders, but they left yesterday. Carl and Lynn left today, so that just leaves Josh and Mindy and us.”

“They’re the young couple,” Jan volunteered. “They’re only in their mid-20’s, but they’re really nice.”

“We’re probably too old for this kind of place, but we wanted to give it a try to see what might happen,” Brian stated. “When you get our age, you become more adventurous.”

“Brian gets more adventurous,” Dorothy corrected with a giggle. “I still can’t believe that I let him talk me into coming here.”

“This is our first experience with an adult resort too,” Jan confided. “We’ve each had our fantasies, and just recently found out that we share the same ones. We decided to get away and see what kind of excitement we could find.”

Brian looked at Jan over the rim of his glass. “It appears to us that you managed to find plenty of excitement!”

Mark decided to test the situation. “Did you come here with excitement in mind, or just to relax and enjoy each other’s company?”

“Speaking for myself, I came here with an open mind and a willing heart,” Brian replied. “Dorothy may have a different answer, however.”

Dorothy smiled and looked at Mark and Jan. “I wasn’t sure how I would react and I was really taken aback at first. The idea of taking my clothes off amongst a bunch of other people was pretty daunting. Especially when you see that everybody else is so young and firm. I guess the toga party finally overcame my concerns. I danced with a couple of young men that night and they were very complimentary.”

Jan nodded. “I thought I saw you two at the toga party. That must have been shortly after you arrived.”

“Yes, we got here the day before,” Dorothy said. “Brian encouraged me to get into the spirit of the place, so I wore a sheet with nothing underneath. Those young men actually slipped their hands inside a few times,” she admitted.

“Unfortunately, that’s the most excitement we’ve had so far…except for our own sexcapades each night. It’s been worth it just to see Dorothy getting naked on the beach,” Brian snorted.

Mark glanced across the table and noticed that Dorothy’s nipples were hard and erect. “Evidently, you like being nude now,” he observed.

“It is good for my ego to see that I’m still somewhat attractive to the opposite sex,” Dorothy shyly admitted.

“Neither of you have any reason to worry about that,” Jan chimed in. “I hope Mark looks as good as Brian does a few years from now.”

Brian grinned. “Thanks for the nice compliment, Jan. Mark, may I tell you how much I admire your lovely wife?”

“Sure, Brian. I agree with you of course. Jan’s come a long way since we arrived. We’ve both enjoyed some incredible experiences. It’s been a vacation that we’ll want to repeat.”

The conversation continued through another round of drinks. Eyes followed bodies as the women went inside to mix each new batch. “Tell me, Mark,” Brian leaned close, “Have you and Jan been playing with the other couples? Know what I mean?”

Mark studied Brian’s eyes briefly. “You want to know if we shared our spouses with each other?”

“If I’m not being too nosy…yes.”

“Would it upset you if I said yes?” Mark asked carefully.

Brian leaned back. “Just the opposite,” he confessed. “I wanted to come down here to see if maybe we could find the right situation and experience something like that.”

“So, you might like to see Dorothy play around with another man?” Mark probed.

“Yeah, it’s been on my mind for a long time. Dorothy is still pretty conservative, but she’s really come around in the last couple of days. I think she might be ready to experience another man under the right circumstances. We married young and she’s never had any other man, you see.”

Mark nodded. “Jan was that way until we got here. Now, she’s enjoyed three other men and I’ve seen how amazing that can be for both of us. She’s also learned that I can enjoy other women without it affecting our married relationship. Frankly, I think she has her eye on you, Brian.”

Brian took a long pull on his drink and looked at Mark. “You really think so? You think Jan would consider playing with an old guy like me?”

“She adores your silver hair. She told me so. Jan now knows how a young, hung stud feels, Josh took care of that. She knows about bigger cocks, thanks to Todd. Carl showed her the advantages of a really talented tongue, and I got the benefit of one very horny lady every day! Maybe, she’s interested in knowing how it would be with a handsome older man.”

“Hand me one of my Cialis pills and I’ll be happy to oblige,” Brian laughed. “But, you’d have to entertain Dorothy at the same time, Mark. Would you be interested in being Dorothy’s stud in return?”

Mark extended his hand. “It’s a deal. Now, we’ll just have to get the girls to go along with the plan,” he added with a grin.

Jan and Dorothy returned to the patio. They had their arms around each other, chatting like old friends. Jan glanced over at Mark and gave him a quick wink. Mark sensed that the women had also been talking while they mixed more drinks. Mark looked over at Dorothy and met her eyes. She blushed beet red under his gaze.

“Suspicions confirmed,” Mark thought to himself.

Her private chat with Dorothy revealed that the older couple was hoping that they would have an opportunity to experiment with another couple. They were just too bashful to initiate such a tryst. Jan concluded that she and Mark would have to get things started.

“Hey, I’m still sticky with salt water and lotion,” Jan announced. “Can I shower here instead of going back to our room?”

Dorothy picked up on Jan’s request. “Sure, help yourself, Jan. If you need anything, just holler. We can hear you because the bathroom window is open right over there.”

Jan went inside and sat on the toilet to pee. Then, she turned on the water and stepped into the shower, making sure the soap was on the vanity next to the sink. “Hey, can somebody please hand me a bar of soap?” she called out.

Brian and Dorothy looked at Mark, but he made no move to rise. “You know where you keep the soap, Brian, why don’t you get it for her?” Mark suggested.

Brian glanced at Dorothy and saw no objection, so he got up and went inside. He found the soap next to the sink and tapped on the shower door. “Here’s your soap, Jan,” he called.

Jan opened the door and Brian stared at his guest’s lush, wet body. “Hi, Brian. Thanks. Do me a big favor, hun and scrub my back for me, please.”

Brian hesitated a moment, then shrugged and stepped into the large shower with Jan. He soaped his hands and proceeded to caress Jan’s smooth back. Jan placed her hands on the marble wall and spread her legs.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Brian,” she cooed. “Go ahead and finish my backside for me, okay?”

Brian let his hands explore the twin globes of Jan’s bottom and felt his thick cock rise in response to her pliant attitude. Kneeling, he lathered her long legs and watched his hands move up between her inner thighs to touch her mound. His hands trembled as he let his hands trace the swollen flesh between her legs.

“Oh, Brian, that feels nice,” Jan purred as his fingers slid up and down her rear crack and over her puckered anus. “Make sure I’m really clean.”

Mark watched Dorothy’s expression as they sat silently, listening to their spouses in the shower together. “I think Brian is helping Jan with her shower,” Mark finally said. “I’ll bet she will want to make sure he’s nice and clean too.”

Dorothy looked into Mark’s eyes. “I guess so. Is it okay with you?”

“Well, Dorothy, it’s fine with me so long as you and I get to shower next. Are you game?”

“I…I guess that would be nice,” she murmured blushing. “If you really want to shower with me.”

Mark reached out and held her hand in his. “I can’t think of anything that I’d rather do.” He squeezed her hand and felt her return the pressure as she smiled across at him.

Noises continued to emanate from the open bathroom window. “Oh, yes, keep going. That feels so nice.” Brian was on his knees with his face buried in Jan’s hairy snatch, licking up and down with abandon.

Later, Brian found himself leaning against the wall while Jan sucked his erect cock as she fondled his balls. “Oh yeah, baby, that feels great!”

Twenty minutes later, Brian and Jan returned to the patio, fresh and clean. “It’s our turn,” Mark announced and grabbed Dorothy by the hand. She only had a brief moment to look over her shoulder at her grinning husband before Mark guided her into the shower.

Brian sat on one of the loungers and looked up at Jan. She smiled and moved to him. Her legs parted and she straddled his thighs while hugging him. “Your oral technique is amazing, Brian. I enjoyed your tantalizing attention.” Brian smiled, and then kissed Jan, letting her taste her own juices.

“Oh God, don’t stop!” wafted through the open window as Dorothy groaned her arousal.

Jan glanced at Brian. “I want you now, Brian. I can’t wait any longer,” she stated firmly. “Let’s go inside where it’s more comfortable.”

Silently, Brian followed Jan to the bed and watched her pull down the bedspread. She moved to the center of the mattress and opened her lean legs in invitation. Brian felt the blood rush to his hardening dick and licked his lips nervously.

“Are you sure?” he asked. What about Mark?

“He’s busy pleasuring your wife. Let’s not waste any more time. I want you to fuck me, Brian.”

Brian crawled onto the bed and spent another couple of minutes eating his lovely guest’s wet pussy. He let his tongue explore her inner lips and tasted her tangy nectar. The heady aroma aroused him and his cock felt like steel. Gently, he moved up to kiss Jan’s breasts and she felt the head of his prick parting her labia.

“I want you inside me,” she groaned as he found her tight opening. Inch by inch, he slid into her, then slowly pulled back to start over again. His slow stroke allowed Jan to feel each ridge and vein in his pulsing prick.

Mark and Dorothy emerged from the bathroom. Dorothy gasped as she beheld the sight of her husband as he lay atop Jan’s body; her legs wrapped around his waist as he slowly and deliberately fucked her. Dorothy’s nipples hardened as the sight aroused her deepest instincts. She held Mark’s hand and pulled him toward the bed where they could get a better look at the other couple.

Mark moved behind Dorothy and pulled her to him. He held her breasts in his hands and massaged her as she observed her husband in his wife’s arms. Dorothy felt Mark’s cock harden against her bottom and she let her hand drop to her damp pussy, rubbing her own clit without rational thought.

“They look beautiful together,” she mumbled.

Mark urged Dorothy to the side of the bed and pressed on her back. Unthinkingly, she put her hands out and bent over, gaining a birds eye view of the sexual coupling facing her. Mark used his hands to press Dorothy’s legs apart and then slid his stiff rod between her legs. Surprisingly, Dorothy spread wider and pushed back against Mark, encouraging him to enter her. He felt the head penetrate her and quickly pushed all the way into Dorothy’s soaking snatch.

“Oh God, oh God,” Dorothy wailed as Mark pressed in to the hilt.

He held her hips and began to stroke furiously, watching her ass cheeks bounce as he pounded her with his meat. “Oh yes, fuck me Mark, fuck me hard.” Brian heard his wife’s plea and watched her dangling breasts move to Mark’s persistent rhythm.

Brian wanted the strange new experience to last longer. He rolled to his side to lay on Jan’s right leg. Jan was on her side too. Now, he could watch Dorothy as she leaned against the bed and she could watch him slowly impale Jan on his hard rod. The new position put Brian’s cock head in intimate contact with Jan’s G spot. He let her make the small movements necessary to massage her tender spot. Both women were panting with lust and sexual satisfaction.

Dorothy stared down between her husband and Mark’s wife, watching his glistening cock piston in and out. The sight served to spur her need. Mark felt Dorothy shudder as she began to enjoy another climax. She was gasping and moaning as Mark relentlessly pounded her with his stiff fuck pole.

Some time later, overwhelmed with emotion, Brian groaned and pressed his cock into Jan, unleashing multiple globs of warm cum. Jan enjoyed a massive orgasm as she felt her older lover unload. Mark was not far behind and Dorothy had more mini-orgasms as he filled her vaginal cave with his thick sauce.

Brian was breathing hard next to Jan. Finally; he sat up to look at his sweet wife. Mark’s cock plopped out of Dorothy’s well-fucked hole, leaving the older couple staring into each other’s eyes.

“Was it like you thought it would be?” Brian asked his wife. “Did you enjoy what Mark did to you?”

Dorothy licked her lips and gazed blankly. “Yes, oh yes. It was incredible. What about you?”

“Yes, an amazing experience,” Brian replied. “I could hear you and then I saw you while Mark was inside you and it made me crazy with love for you.”

“Me too,” Dorothy smiled. “Me too.” Then she leaned over and kissed him deeply. “Here, let me clean you up,” Dorothy said as she moved down and took Brian’s limp cock into her mouth.

Jan motioned Mark to her and followed Dorothy’s example. Once she had sucked and licked Dorothy’s juices from her husband’s cock, she rolled off the bed and took him by the hand. “Let’s leave our two love birds alone for a while.”

“We’ll meet you in the dining room later,” Jan said to the older couple. “Maybe you’d like to come to our room after dinner so we can talk, okay?”

Brian looked up and nodded weakly. “Sure, see you later…and thanks. Thanks for everything.”


Jan and Mark entered the dining room and saw Brian at the buffet. Dorothy was already seated at a table for four. “Hello again,” Jan said as they stood by the table, waiting to see Dorothy’s reaction.

Dorothy smiled. “Hi. Please join us after you’ve filled your plates. Brian is still piling on the food. I guess his recent exercise left him famished.”

Mark approached the buffet and spoke to Brian. “So, how’s it going?” he asked tentatively.

Brian turned and grinned broadly. “Great! Thanks again for guiding us into our first real experience here, Mark. You should have seen us after you two left.”

“Dorothy did seem pretty upbeat when we said hello just now,” Mark replied. “Evidently, I didn’t completely satisfy her.”

Brian leaned closer and whispered. “She was insatiable! She got me hard again and I got to feel what it is like to enjoy sloppy seconds. Then, she wanted me to eat her to another climax before we finally crawled into the shower together. We’ve never fucked and sucked so much in our lives. I’m worn out.”

“Yeah, we were like that a few days ago after our first experience. I’m not positive, but I have a feeling that the gals may have plans for later this evening. I hope your pill can handle your needs.”

As if to underline Mark’s last comment, Jan walked up and hugged Brian from behind, rubbing the front of his shorts in the process. “How’s my handsome silver fox?” she teased.

“Exhausted and hungry at the moment,” Brian countered, smiling at Mark. “I don’t recover as fast as I used to, you know. I have a feeling you’re going to have to help me out.”

Jan giggled. “It will be my pleasure, sir. I have plenty of special tricks left,” she added.


The club was crowded and loud when the two couples arrived. Mark asked Dorothy to dance and they soon were tangled in each other’s arms. Brian and Jan sat watching their spouses. Brian pulled Jan’s thin wrap aside and gently pressed his hand into her breast.

“I have a few special tricks myself,” he whispered. “I hope I get a chance to see some of your tricks later on.”

Jan nodded. “I have a feeling you will, Brian. Dorothy isn’t going to let my Mark get away tonight. Doesn’t she look exciting out there with Mark’s hands on her cute ass?”

Brian stared at his wife. “Yeah, once the conservative dam broke, she freed the wild side I always suspected was hidden in her psyche. It’s an amazing transformation and I’m loving it.”

Jan sat silently for a long moment. Then, she scooted to the side and unzipped Brian’s shorts. Jan dropped her head into his lap and began to lick and kiss his flaccid penis. Brian watched his wife’s slow, sensuous sway as she danced, feeling Jan’s soft lips engulf his shaft. He groaned low in his throat and put his hand on the back of Jan’s head. She continued to suck on him until the music faded, then Jan raised up and slid close to Brian, waiting for her husband to escort Brian’s wife back to their table.

They danced with some of the other couples at the club, and with their own spouses, during the evening. The sexual tension continued to build, as the women became less concerned with their dress and as other men took greater freedom with their caresses. Mark kept looking for Josh and Mindy in the crowd, but they didn’t make an appearance.

“Our young friends must have found some other distractions,” Mark commented to Jan.

Jan giggled. “They’re in their room getting it on, or maybe they found another young couple to play with.”

“Do you miss Josh’s big cock?” Mark asked his wife with a wink.

Jan shook her head. “He was terrific, but right now I’m more interested in Brian’s slow, gentle loving.”

Brian overheard the exchange and smiled. “I’m truly flattered. I just hope I can live up to my star billing,” he added with a chuckle.

“I’m about ready to go,” Dorothy inserted. “Mark, dance with me one more time, okay?”

The two couples rose and exchanged wives for a last dance. They moved slowly, holding tight and feeling the warmth growing between them. Dorothy sighed as Mark kissed her neck and ear. He could feel her soft breasts pressing against his chest.

Jan ran her fingers through Brian’s silver locks and teased the back of his neck with her fingernails. “I’m going to get you so hard, then I want you to fuck me again, slow and gentle like you did before. Make it last a long, long time, okay?”

Brian felt his prick twitch as he listened to Jan’s sexy talk. She was using another of her special tricks on him and he loved it. “I’ve got a couple of tricks of my own,” he countered. “Tricks that will help me last longer this time.”


Mark unlocked their room and ushered Brian and Dorothy inside. Jan pulled the d****s and slid the door to the patio open. “Isn’t the fresh air nice?” she called as she stepped onto the patio and pulled off her sarong. “I just love being nude and feeling the warm breeze.”

Dorothy watched Jan, and then she tossed her cover up on a chair and joined Jan at the railing. “This is truly heaven,” she said as she d****d her arm around Jan’s waist. “I’m so glad we met.”

Jan turned and stared into Dorothy’s eyes for a long moment. “Me too,” she whispered, and then kissed Dorothy softly on the lips.

Mark poured four drinks and handed Brian his glass. “Here’s to the four of us,” he said. Brian grinned in return. “To the four of us.”

Dorothy and Jan strolled back into the room and sipped their drinks. “Dorothy, have you ever had a six hand massage?” Jan asked.

Dorothy shook her head. “No, but it sounds delicious. What is it like?”

“You stretch out on the bed and the three of us will massage you as a team. Are you willing to give it a try?”

“How did I get chosen to be first?” Dorothy asked.

“It was my idea, so I get to choose the victim,” Jan countered. “Want to see what it’s like?”

Dorothy put down her drink and moved to the bed. “You want me on my back or on my tummy?”

“On your tummy to start,” Jan ordered. “We’ll warm you up and relax you, and then you’ll enjoy the grand finale.”

Jan placed Brian at her head and Mark at Dorothy’s feet. Jan slid to the middle after turning out all but one low light in the bathroom.

Dorothy soon moaned with delight. Six hands explored her lush body. Jan lightly raked her fingernails over Dorothy’s back and bottom cheeks. She traced the other woman’s crack and let her fingers dip deeper. Mark gently spread Dorothy’s legs to allow Jan access to her inner thighs and the plump mound between.

“Oh God,” Dorothy moaned as hands continued to move over her. “So good, so nice.”

Jan continued to tease Dorothy by passing her finger over her puckered rosebud, then over and into the backdoor to her dampening slit. At the same time, Mark softly massaged her thighs and Brian stroked his wife’s arms and shoulders.

“Time to turn over, honey,” Jan whispered as she helped Dorothy turn onto her back along one side of the bed.

Dorothy opened her eyes briefly and looked down at Mark, who had shed his clothes and now stood nude staring at her luscious body. Unthinking, she let her legs part, silently begging for the massage to continue.

Brian let his hands slide down to his wife’s bare breasts. He felt her erect nipples between his fingers and knew that Dorothy was incredibly aroused. Jan put her head down on Dorothy’s soft tummy and watched as Mark moved up inside her legs. Mark buried his face in Dorothy’s hairy mound and licked at her wet slit.

Jan saw the woman’s nectar glistening on her husband’s lips as Mark continued to move his tongue up and across Dorothy’s swollen labia, using his lips to pull at her pubic curls. Jan’s hand moved through the other woman’s patch. She began to tease Dorothy’s clit with the tip of her finger while her own husband explored her inner labia with his talented tongue.

Jan felt the spasms coursing through Dorothy’s belly as the woman’s orgasm began to build. Then it hit. Dorothy lifted her hips from the bed and shuddered as a surprising quantity of her warm love juices flowed from her open cunt onto Mark’s face.

“I think she’s ready for you now, Mark,” Jan whispered. “Take care of her while I help Brian.”

Jan sat up and moved to the other bed, quickly pulling down the covers. Brian disengaged from his wife and slide off the bed. He looked down at Dorothy and observed the look of pure lust on her face as Mark made an effort to clean up most of her gooey cum.

Brian retrieved his shorts and pulled two items from his pocket. “I told you I had a couple of surprises too,” he told Jan.

Brian proceeded to slide a thin rubber cock ring over his semi-erect penis. Then, he opened a tube of clear liquid and smeared some on the head and shaft of his cock. “It’s Benzedrine. It helps me last a lot longer when combined with my cock ring,” he told Jan. “I’m not a young stud anymore, but this 60 year-old man can still give you a lot of pleasure.”

Jan smiled at Brian as she watched his preparations. “I could sure use a long, slow fuck right now. Come join me here in my bed.”

Brian glanced over at the other bed and watched Mark position his stiff prick near Dorothy’s plump pussy. Her legs were d****d over Mark’s shoulders and she was pulling her own nipples. Then, he studied Jan’s prone form and licked his lips. She looked delicious spread before him and he desperately wanted to taste her juicy cunt. He leaned over to kiss Jan, and then used his lips to trace down her chest, kissing each hard nipple in turn. Soon, his kisses moved lower and his tongue teased her belly button. Jan moaned in anticipation. Brian kissed the top of her mound and turned to give serious attention to her wet slit. Jan’s aroma and taste intoxicated Brian and he feasted on her swollen cunt for the next few minutes.

“Please, Brian, I want you inside me now,” Jan begged. In response, Brian let his tongue move lower and he rimmed her tight anus and up over the bottom portion of her vaginal opening. “Oh, oh, oh, yes,” Jan moaned, as he continued to pleasure her with his mouth and tongue. “Fuck me now, please, fuck me,” she groaned as her fingers gripped the sheet.

The oral teasing complete, Brian moved back up and kissed Jan deeply, letting her taste her own nectar on his lips and tongue. He slowly spread her legs and held her under her knees while his now erect shaft searched for her wet love tunnel. Jan took a deep breath as she felt Brian’s head slip between her inner labia and bump against her G spot an inch or so inside her sex cave.

“Mmm, so nice,” she murmured.

Jan felt Brian’s balls touch her ass as their pubic bones finally met. Brian remained perfectly still for several moments, allowing Jan to adapt to him. Then, he slowly moved away. They could both experience the travel of his thick rod. As his cock head arrived at Jan’s entrance once again, he reversed direction and gently allowed his cock to explore her intimate cave again.

“There’s no hurry, sweetheart,” Brian whispered. I’m going to fuck you slow and easy for a long, long time.”

“Mmm, yes, yes,” Jan mumbled. “I love the way your cock fills me. You’re so good to me.”

Mark heard his wife cooing her pleasure and glanced over to see her lover press forward into her again. Dorothy moved under him and he returned his attention to her. “You’re still so nice and tight,” he told her as he began to fuck her in earnest. “Your cunt is milking my cock and it feels so good.”

A few minutes later, Dorothy again shuddered and Mark accelerated his movement to keep pace with her need. “Oh, oh yes, fuck me Mark,” she pleaded. “Cum with me, baby,” she begged as Mark pounded her with renewed passion.

He felt her tighten around his cock, and then his balls were soaked in her juice. There was no holding back anymore. Mark’s shaft twitched and his hot cum pulsed out and splashed against Dorothy’s vaginal walls. Her mouth opened and her legs gripped him so tight his ribs ached. Mark pressed his body down on hers and the two lay breathless for what seemed like a long time.

Brian and Jan were on their sides again. Brian showed no sign of stopping. His stiff shaft continued to slowly move inside his young lover. Jan was also moving to bring Brian’s cock into every nook and cranny of her maidenly cavern. She could sense that some pre cum was already inside her, but Brian kept up his steady assault. Jan thought back to all of her past lovemaking.

“I’ve never been fucked so long and so good in my whole life,” she whispered in Brian’s ear. “You are amazing.”

Dorothy turned on her side and watched Jan’s back as Brian continued to penetrate her. Mark sat on the edge of the other bed, observing the same scene. Mark ran his hand over Dorothy’s smooth ass as he watched his wife being well fucked.

Brian looked over Jan’s shoulder and his eyes met his wife’s steady gaze. He was concerned until Dorothy smiled and nodded to him. He turned his eyes to Mark and saw that he also seemed to be enjoying the show. Mark was still caressing Dorothy’s rear as he watched his wife squirm on Brian’s cock.

Minutes passed as Brian and Jan continued their marathon coupling. Finally, Jan whimpered, “I want to feel you cum inside me now.”

Brian sensed that Jan was tiring and perhaps becoming sore. He kissed her deeply and sucked on her tongue as he began to move faster. She met him each time and the other couple could hear them begin to breathe harder. It only took another minute or so before Jan squealed and began to hump against her lover furiously. Brian submitted to her obvious need and ejaculated directly against her cervix. Soon, their combined juices began to leak out around his cock and Brian felt the wetness on his balls as the rest soaked into the sheet.

“Oh my God,” Jan exclaimed as Brian finally rolled off the bed and allowed her to rise. “Dorothy, he’s an absolute treasure. You’re so lucky to have such a fantastic lover.”

Dorothy beamed at Jan. “Yes, he loves to go for a long time like that. When we were young, he was pretty fast on the trigger, but then he learned how to control himself and use some tricks to last longer. I knew just what you were feeling as I watch him perform his magic. As a matter of fact, that’s how he finally talked me into coming down here. During one of our long loving sessions, he brought it up again and I agreed just so he’d keep fucking me.”

All four laughed at Dorothy’s admission. “I can see that I need to get me one of those rings,” Mark chuckled, “and maybe some of that gel you use, Brian.”

Brian smiled. “Old dogs can still learn new tricks. You’re still young and stiff, but there’s a lot to be said for long lasting capability, especially when you’re not as athletic anymore.”

“Well, we still have several days left here at Playa del Maya, and I’m the only one who’s enjoyed a six handed massage,” Dorothy chimed in. There’s still plenty of time to experiment and enjoy long and slow, along with hard and fast!” she giggled.

Jan nodded her agreement. “As long as we’re all in agreement, I don’t see why we can’t continue our private party for the rest of the vacation. If we can find Josh and Mindy, they might be interested in joining us too. I’m sure Mindy would really appreciate Brian’s technique, and Dorothy would find Josh’s big fat one quite a refreshing change.”

Brian looked around the room at the three others and chuckled. “Well, this has been a rather eventful day. Jan, I can’t thank you enough for striking up a conversation this morning. You two have opened up a whole world of new adventures for us. In fact, I’d like to exchange phone and email information with you so we can stay in touch. I travel a lot, and there’s no reason why Dorothy can’t come along when I travel to your area. That way, we won’t have to wait for another vacation.”

Mark quickly agreed. “Great idea, Brian. You guys will be welcome to stay with us any time. Right, Jan?”

“You bet! I’ll always be happy to see you both.”

Brian and Dorothy gathered up their clothes, but didn’t bother to don them. “We’ll see you tomorrow. I know Dorothy and I will sleep very soundly tonight,” Brian grinned. He pulled Jan to him and kissed her goodnight. Mark held Dorothy and kissed her lovingly.

“Till tomorrow,” he said and opened the door for their new intimate friends.

Jan headed for the shower and Mark followed her. “I’ll let you wash me,” Jan said. “I’m too fucked out to do it,” she added as she turned on the hot water. “Reality can be even better than fantasies, but reality can be a lot messier!”


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