Şubat 7, 2021

Adult Room Chapter 1

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Part 1

I come from an extended family that has a tradition where the young men and women get married in their mid-teens and start their families early. My twin brother Mike and our sister Julie are among the first to not observe that tradition. Mike and I are 20 and Julie will be 19 in a month. By the way, I’m Mark.

Our parents are in their mid to late thirties and both sets of Grandparents are in their mid-fifties. Our Grandparents and parents are hard working people. One of the things that they have all worked for is a vacation cabin on a lake.

They call the cabin “The Fishing Lodge”. Actually, there is a compound with individual family cabins. The original “lodge” was a large, single room building. It had kitchen and dining space at one end and a large fire place and seating area at the other end. Bunks were built along the walls. Modesty has never been a big deal in our family, but the bunks could be screened, for an illusion of privacy, with curtains. The “lodge” is now used for big family get-togethers. The kitchen area is still there, but the bunks have been removed and replaced with more seating – futons, couches, etc. The room is now called the “Big Room”.

We spent many weekends and almost all of our family vacations there. It was great for kids with the hiking, fishing and all the water related activities. We had a little sail boat, a couple of canoes and several rowboats – all leaky. Best of all was the skinny dipping off the dock and gravel beach. Everyone skinny dipped, both the adults and the kids. Like I said, modesty is no big deal and neither is familial nudity.

Sometimes, all of the adults would gather at the “lodge” over a weekend. The kids stayed at home in the care of the teenagers under 18. Recently, Mom and Dad told us that they were going to the “lodge” for the coming weekend and all three of us were welcome to come with them, if we wished. They looked so eager and expectant, that all three of us looked at each other and in unison answered, “Sure.”

Let me tell you about that weekend.

We drove up on a Friday morning. Both pairs of Grandparents were there waiting for us to arrive. Betty and Phil are Mom’s parents. They are a couple of years younger that Dad’s parents, Diane and Harry. We unloaded the cars and made ourselves comfortable. Everyone had packed something for a picnic lunch. While eating lunch, on the deck, the conversation ranged over work, school, family, other aunts, uncles and cousins, problems with finding time for boy and girl friends, exercising, relaxation, and all the other things families talk about.

Harry said, “This weekend is just for relaxation. We’re here to have a good time and just enjoy each others company. I think we should start with a dip in the lake. Last one in, is a slowpoke!” With that, he pulled his polo shirt off. Mom took off her blouse then pulled her shorts off. Everyone else was frantically undressing. Diane said, “No fair! Women generally wear more pieces of clothes than men do!” As she said this, she stepped out of her panties and headed towards the dock. Phil was ahead of everyone. He had pulled off his shorts first and he was unbuttoning his shirt as he ran towards the dock.

Julie, Mike and I looked at each. I pulled off my güvenilir bahis t-shirt at the same time Julie did. She was braless. I lost a bit of time as I watched Julie’s long blonde hair cascade down her back after she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Julie stepped out of her shorts. Mom had removed her bra and panties and was trotting towards the lake. Julie ran up next to Mom and took her hand. Mike was behind them. I pushed my shorts off then jogged after them. Harry, Betty and Dad were behind Phil and Diane. I ran up beside Julie and took her other hand. Mike did the same with Mom. The four of us jogged down to the dock together. It would have been a sight for someone out on the lake or standing on the dock and looking back up the sloping lawn towards the “lodge”. Here was a bunch of naked people, yelling and laughing and throwing clothing as they ran to the lake with tits and balls bouncing and cocks flopping.

Everyone else was in the water when we reached the end of the dock. We jumped off together, still holding hands. The water was about four feet deep and it was COLD! As soon as I hit the water, my sac shrunk right up to tuck my nuts inside where it was warm. Mom’s and Julie’s nipples were hard and standing straight out from their goose pimple covered areola.

We were gasping for air after the shock of the cold water. It didn’t take us long to become involved in the wrestling match and water fight that was going on. Julie and I finally broke away. I gave her a boost to help her up on to the dock. My hand on her firm butt was no accident. I pulled myself up on to the dock. I got one leg up and Julie put her hand inside my thigh and pulled. I’m sure the fingers brushing against my cock was no accident either.

Julie squeezed some of the water out of her hair, then leaned back and lifted her face, and firm breasts, to the sun. We sat and watched the melee in the water. There seemed to be a lot of grab-ass and groping going on and Phil and Diane had refined it further with a face-to-face bear hug. Julie looked at my crotch, “Things seem to be getting warmer again.” I looked down. My ball sac and nuts were back where they belonged.

Everyone finally got out of the water. We walked back up to “lodge” and headed for the hot tub. This hot tub is something else. It is a long oval and must be large enough to seat 12-15 people. It is built into the deck which surrounds it.

After we were settled in the tub, conversation died away and everyone one relaxed. I was seated between Mom and Julie. Phil and Diane were still “mousing” around.. She must have been fondling his cock and he must have been playing with her pussy. Julie gave me a nudge. Diane had relaxed and was leaning against the side of the hot tub. Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted and she was running the tip of her tongue along her upper lip. Phil was probably diddling her clit. Dad and Harry were seated across from Phil and Diane. Mike was between Julie and Harry.

Betty was sitting across from me. She glanced over at Diane, then extended her leg, slid it between my legs and started to rub my crotch with her foot. Mom smiled at me, then ran her hand down the inside of my thigh. She lifted my cock and balls so Betty had better access with her foot. Mom squeezed türkçe bahis my cock, then moved over and sat beside Betty.

Part 2

The three of us, Mike, Julie and I, kind of suspected sex was part of the activities at the “adult” weekends at the “lodge”. But we learned more was involved when, a while back, we found a package of instant photos hidden among some boxes of old family tax and school records that were stored in the basement.

When we opened the package, the top photo was face down. When we turned it over, we got a surprise. It was a picture of Mom sucking on a hard cock. We knew it wasn’t Dad’s because he was behind her watching. Julie said, “I think we should stop right here and put these back.” Mike said, “Ah, come on, Julie! These were probably taken at the “lodge”. We’ve always thought something was funny about the “adult” weekends. This will prove it.” “Yeah, Julie, it won’t hurt to look at them.” “I don’t know, you guys . . .” But Julie was already reaching for the second photo. It was a more general scene. We could tell that this was taken in the Big Room. Dad was on his knees, apparently stroking his cock, while Mom sucked the cock of a man who looked like her brother, Larry. Another man, with his back to the camera, was also on his knees. A woman was on her hands and knees in front of him. His body blocked the view of her head and shoulders, but Harry was on his knees behind her, apparently doing her doggie style.

We looked through the rest of the pictures. There were several pictures of Mom being fucked by different men, including her Father-in-law, Harry – and her Dad, Phil. In one picture she is sitting on a cock, holding and sucking another cock, holding a cock in her other hand and there are two more cocks visible behind her head. Another picture showed her standing next to Harry. Julie commented, “Boy, Grandpa Harry has a big dick.” Other pictures showed Dad eating pussy and fucking different women including his Mother, Diane.

In a picture of the threesome behind Dad, the woman turned out to be Betty. The guy she was servicing was still unknown, but she had sucked him to completion and he had shot his wad on her face. Harry was stroking his cock and shooting his wad onto her back. The next snapshot was the first in a series of Mom and Betty. Mom licks the cum off Betty’s face, then they move into a 69. In the last photo, Mom is on her knees, Harry’s cock in poised to enter her pussy and Betty is licking the underside of Harry’s cock.

Near the bottom of the pack, was another photo of Dad watching Mom suck cock. The next photo was of Mom holding the cock and looking at Dad. Dad is licking the cockhead in the following photo and Mom is watching. In the next photo, Dad has a lip lock around the cock shaft about two-thirds of the way down and Mom’s head is down in Dad’s crotch.

There was a snapshot of Harry sucking Phil’s cock and, in the next photo, Harry and Betty are in a 69 and Phil is pushing his cock up Harry’s ass. There was a photo of Dad eating Mom’s pussy and Uncle Larry had his cock up Dad’s ass.

The last two photos were taken on the deck. Mom and Betty are kneeling and they are surrounded by several of the men who are pissing on them. Diane is on her knees by Harry. She has a hold of güvenilir bahis siteleri his cock and is, apparently, trying to aim it. Mom and Betty look like they are laughing. They have their heads thrown back and they are holding their tits up for the golden shower. In the last photo, Mom and Betty are standing and everyone else is gathered around them and some of them are licking their bodies.

These two photos had captions: the first was titled “Rinsing off the Cum” and the second was simply titled “Tongue Drying”.

We were silent as we put the photos back. All you could hear was the three of us breathing. “Boy,” Julie said, “They do everything, don’t they?” “And everyone,” answered Mike. I said, almost to myself, “Man, those pictures gave me a boner. Mom and Dad really like sex.” “Kinky sex too,” said Mike, as he rubbed his crotch. Julie said, “Just looking at them made my panties wet.”

Mike and I looked at our little sister. She had her hand down the front of her shorts. She blushed as she pulled her hand out. “I really need my clit diddled. Will you guys help me?” She put her hands against our crotches. She then pulled off her t-shirt and laid it on one of the boxes of records. She pulled her shorts and panties off together. All she was wearing was white running shoes and white socks. She sat down on the box and leaned back against a stack of other boxes. She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. “Come on, help me get off.”

Mike and I looked at each other. Sure, all three of us had sneaked around trying see each other, and our parents, naked either in the shower or while dressing and undressing, but this was different. This was adult! We both undressed and stood by Julie. She looked up at us, then reached up and took our cocks in her hands. “You guys both must be a big as Harry.” “What do you want us to do?” “Kneel down and I’ll show you.” We knelt beside her, she spread her pussy lips with her fingers, and our little sister proceeded to teach the two of us how to properly eat pussy.

Julie had several orgasms. She wriggled and thrust her pelvis and moaned and cried and shuddered. We helped her along as best we could. In addition to trying to stay on her clit, we kissed and sucked her breasts and pinched and twisted her nipples. (Later she said mild nipple abuse really turned her on.) Finally, she calmed down. We thought she may have fainted, but she opened her eyes, looked at us and started giggling. “What? What?” “I’m sorry, but your faces are all wet with my pussy juices.” Julie sat upright and kissed both of us.

“That was great! Now what can I do for you?” Julie said as she looked at our aching hard-ons. We lay both lay down on the floor, Julie kneeled between us and we taught her how to give a hand job. Funny thing, though, she caught on really quickly and used a few techniques and twists that were new to us. She jacked us off and she giggled as we shot our loads onto our stomachs. She tasted our cum and fed each of us a taste of our own and each other’s cum. I sucked her finger like it was a little cock. Before we got up, I slipped a finger into her pussy and then gave her a taste of her juices. She sucked my finger clean.

We made sure the package of photos was put away properly, then showered together and got dressed just before Mom and Dad arrived home from work. This was the start of the special relationship with my little sister and twin brother.

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