Ocak 23, 2021

Addison’s New Friend Ch. 03

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“So, how did your session with Michelle go yesterday, hon?”

Addison’s father had never shown much interest in her trips to the psychiatrist, so the eighteen year old girl was surprised, and pleased, by his question.

Addison walked over to the kitchen counter. “Fine.”

She reached high into the top cupboard. Her tank top raised up enough to reveal the bottom half of her thong-clad ass. Mike, her father, found himself unable to take his eyes off the perfect cheeks.

“Uh, what did you talk about?” he asked.

Addison lingered in the cupboard, slowly dropping from her toes back onto her heels, allowing the tank top to return to its normal mid-thigh length. She saw his reflection in the window and his eyes were back on his breakfast.

“She said I flirt too much.”

“Is it true?”

“Everything she tells me is true. She’s a frickin’ genius.”

She returned to the table, leaning over to grab the milk. Mike looked up to find a pair of perfect breasts inches from his face, desperately trying to free themselves from her top. Eventually, Addison settled down into her chair and began to eat.

“She also said I need to limit the number of friendships I have and strengthen the relationships I already have, whatever that means,” she said between bites.

“It’s good advice for anybody,” Mike said nonchalantly.

He looked up just in time to see a trickle of milk cross over her chin and down her neck. Addison made no effort to stop it. The milk, and Mike’s eyes, continued down the top of her chest. He looked up at her face. Addison looked back, no sign of any emotion. When Mike looked down again, the milk had entered the chasm under her top and between her breasts. It disappeared leaving a trail clear up to her mouth.

Addison smiled.

“You should pay more attention to Michelle,” Mike said.


“How has your father reacted to your Mom’s sudden death?” Michelle asked her young patient.

“He seems fine. A little sad, I guess. But he’s talking to me, which is more than he ever did before,” Addison said.

“I’m sure he’s lonely.”

“I think so,” Addison said. “What should I do?”

“Well, here’s an opportunity to strengthen an existing relationship,” Michelle replied, trying to have it all make sense to Addison. “It would help both of you. You need loftier goals in your life and he needs you right now.”

“What if he doesn’t want me bugging him?”

“I think at eighteen you’re old enough to recognize when, or if, that happens,” Michelle said. “Pay more attention to him and see how he responds. What harm can it do?”

“He could ignore me and I won’t have a single family member left to talk to.”

Michelle sighed. “Don’t be so negative, Addison. Maybe he’s been trying to reach out to you all this time and he didn’t feel comfortable doing it with your Mom around. Give it a try.”

Addison rolled a strand of long, blonde hair around her finger, seemingly deep in thought. “Maybe you should be there to help things along.”

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked, tapping away on her laptop.

“Maybe you should come over one day and the three of us can talk, and stuff. That way you’d know how he feels, or what he’s thinking, or whatever it is psychiatrists do besides make money.”

“We help people like you defeat depression,” Michelle said. “And I’m willing to do anything to get that done. When do you want me there?”


“I thought Michelle was married?” Mike asked his daughter.

“She is,” Addison said.

“Then why do you want to invite her over?”

“Because I like her, and I thought it would be fun,” Addison said, plopping down on the family room couch next to him. “Relax, Dad. She won’t molest you.”

Mike looked quizzically at Addison. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t want Michelle to molest me. She’s a nice looking woman. But I never know what’s going on in that little head of yours.”

“Funny; she doesn’t either,” Addison said.

She leaned closer to her father and the loose fitting—and much too short—shorts crept up her silky thighs. Her diminutive shirt was insecurely held together by three buttons in the middle. Their shoulders touched, but neither took their eyes off the TV.

“Do you suppose having sex with a therapist would be boring? Or do you think she goes home and becomes some type of a sex demon?” Addison asked.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t know,” Mike said.

Addison knew, but she certainly wasn’t going to tell her father about the threesome she had with Michelle and her husband. The fact Michelle’s husband was the first man she ever had intercourse with would go unannounced, for now.

Instead, she turned slightly towards her father and flung her leg across his lap. He looked down at the long leg and the hint of her ass peeking out from under her shorts. Then he gazed up at his daughter.

“I’m guessing she lets loose,” Addison said in a soft voice. “I bet she represses her real personality at work and gets wild at home. I bet she’s all over her husband from the moment she walks in the door. And he is more than willing to casino oyna keep her satisfied.”

Addison took hold of Mike’s hand and placed it on the back of her thigh. He would only have to move it up an inch or two to feel the beginning of her soft cheeks.

“If you’re so interested in their private life, maybe you should have invited both of them over,” Mike said to her sarcastically.

But he didn’t remove his hand from her soft, warm skin.

“Maybe next time,” she said, inching her leg across his lap, forcing his hand higher. His fingers were at the edge of her shorts. “I’m still thinking about Michelle. She IS very cute and I bet even some of the teenage guys she has sessions with would like to have her, despite her age.”

Mike’s look hardened. “Despite her age? She’s what? Thirty five? I’ll trade her ages if she wants.”

“Oh Dad. That’s only five years younger than you. I consider you guys to be about the same.”

“Yeah. Old,” Mike said.

“Anyway, I think Michelle is really a lot of fun and maybe even a sex fiend.”

Addison put her hand back on her father’s and pressed it harder against her skin. With a little pressure upward, the hands moved under her shorts.

“Can’t you picture her sitting in her husband’s lap, nothing on but a pair of tiny panties, his hand on her ass?”

Once again, Addison removed her hand only to have her father keep his in place, his fingers now lightly touching her ass.

“They kiss and Michelle moves forward so her body is closer to his crotch.”

Addison’s leg shifted higher in Mike’s lap, his hand still inside her shorts. She couldn’t feel his cock yet, but it wouldn’t take much more to get there.

“Her breasts are touching his bare chest now and he can feel her nipples against his skin.”


Addison unbuttoned the highest of the three buttons on her shirt.

“He reaches up and touches her breast; first, around the edges and then onto her nipple.”

Addison looked at her father, who finally removed his hand from her ass.

“Do it, Dad. Touch me just like that.”

“No, Addison. I can’t.”

Addison’s leg moved until she felt his cock. She took his hand again and placed it at the entrance to her shirt.

“No,” he repeated.

“Touch me. Feel my nipple, just like Michelle’s husband would feel hers. I want to know what it’s like.”

Mike’s fingers extended inside the shirt, onto the top of Addison’s breast. He flattened his hand and inched it lower, looking into her eyes with a tiny bit of desperation.

Addison recognized it and placed her hand on his crotch. Under her palm was the start of an erection. She wouldn’t do any more until he responded. He responded by moving his hand lower on her breast.

With one hand still on top of his shorts, Addison used her other hand to undo one more button on her shirt. Mike’s hand now had a free route to her nipple and his eyes had a nearly unobstructed view of the whole thing.

Addison’s expression served the same purpose as a verbal request. Mike let his fingers touch her nipple. Addison pressed harder on his cock. When her father squeezed the nipple, she wrapped her fingers around him.

“OK. I think that’s enough,” Mike said.

Addison tugged on his zipper in reply. It easily opened to reveal his boxers. Addison’s hand slid onto the top of the light fabric, searching out his shaft.

“Squeeze me harder, Dad. Pinch my nipple so I can feel it all the way down.”

At first he rolled the nipple with his palm. But, eventually, his fingers were back around it and he squeezed it like she asked him to. Addison’s hand began a steady motion up and down his erection, which was now reaching full intensity.

“Open my shirt, Dad.”

Her face was so close to his they were almost touching. He could feel her breath when she spoke. Her body was practically on top of him. Her hair brushed against him when she moved.

Mike opened the last button. Addison enclosed her fingers around his cock and stroked it faster, still using the material of his boxers as a buffer. They fast approached the point where turning back was not an option. Or, if it didn’t happen now, it would at some point in the near future.

“Take my breast in your hand, Daddy. Hold it. Massage it, please.”

Mike’s large hand engulfed the beautiful blonde’s breast and manipulated it with passion. He was not rough, but the signs of desire were evident to Addison. She closed her eyes and continued to stroke him.

When Mike squeezed her nipple again, Addison moaned. She felt the reaction in his cock. She flattened her hand on it and rubbed frantically. Mike groaned his approval and rested his head on the top of the cushion. His hand mechanically rubbed her breast and they moved toward the now-inevitable climax.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good, Dad. Don’t stop.”

Those were his thoughts exactly as his cock strained to release itself from his boxers. But Addison seemed to have no desire to pull it out; only to have it release its contents on the inside. That, too, was fine with Mike.

“Cum slot oyna for me, Daddy,” she said softly into his ear. “Just like Michelle’s husband does for her. Cum hard.”

She felt his body become tense. His leg muscles contracted under her bare thigh. His cock throbbed in her hand.

He never lost touch with her breast as his orgasm approached. He pulled on her nipple the hardest he had the entire time as his cock began to fill with semen.

“Addison! Addison, no! No!”

His words were moans rather than demands. Addison rubbed the length of his cock a little faster.

“That’s it,” she whispered.

“Oh fuck!” Mike cried out as the first blast of cum shot from the end of his cock.

He arched his back and pushed his crotch up into his daughter’s hand. Each new shot of cum caused him to push harder. He raised and lowered his body as if a woman was riding him, and Addison simply applied more pressure. She felt the moisture expand on his boxers and she saw the dark spot grow.

Mike came half a dozen times, each accompanied by a louder grunt. By the end, he was gripping Addison’s tit with enough force to almost cause her pain.

Then he let go and his body collapsed onto the couch.


“This is a beautiful home. Do you plan on staying in it?” Michelle asked Addison and Mike.

“We might,” Mike replied. “It’s going to be hard to continue the payments with Addison starting college. We’re still working on scholarships for her, though. That would help.”

Michelle smiled. “She’s very bright. I hope she gets them.”

Mike looked across the patio at the psychiatrist. She WAS a very pretty woman, as Addison had suggested. Not quite the Playboy quality blonde that Addison was, he thought to himself, but very pretty in her own way. Michelle’s wavy brown hair looked professionally styled; much like his wife’s used to look. In the late evening sunlight, her unblemished skin glowed.

She wore a sleeveless top and expensive looking jeans, both of which hugged her body to perfection.

‘Too bad she’s married,’ Mike thought, vowing never to let Addison know how he felt.

Michelle, Addison and Mike ate leisurely and chatted, mostly about Addison. It was the happiest Mike had seen Addison in a long time, and he began to appreciate the fact Michelle and his daughter could have such a good relationship. Anything that brought them closer to a cure for her depression was OK with him.

When the time came for them to move the party inside the house, Addison said she was going to her room for a minute, and then the bathroom. Michelle took the opportunity to ask Mike, “How have you and Addison been getting along?”

Mike immediately thought back to the other evening on the couch. He wouldn’t mention that. Instead he answered, “Fine. I think fate alone has brought us closer. We’ll see how it goes.”

“I think she really likes you,” Michelle said, standing by a large window overlooking the woods.

“Oh, I hope so.”

“Does she date anybody that you know of?” Michelle asked. This was her first attempt to judge the accuracy of what Addison was saying during the sessions.

“Not anybody steady,” Mike said, taking a seat in his favorite large chair. “I think she needs somebody, don’t you?”

“We’ve talked about that,” Michelle acknowledged. “I personally thinks she needs somebody mature enough to handle her.”

“In what way?”

“She’s very mature…sexually,” Michelle said.

Mike looked at her, thinking once more of Addison’s long leg across his lap, the full ass, and the plentiful breasts under her open shirt.

“Some girls her age make their fathers the first target,” Michelle added.

“Is that a bad thing?” Mike asked, just as Addison turned the corner.

“Is WHAT a bad thing?” Addison said, walking over to Michelle.

Neither of the adults wanted to be the first to speak. Michelle finally said, “Feeling close to your father. You don’t have an issue with that, do you Addison?”

“Absolutely not,” she said with a huge grin. “I think a father and daughter should be able to share the same emotions as any other two people.”

Addison stopped right in front of Michelle, who put her arms around the girl from behind. Michelle’s hands joined just under Addison’s breasts. The t-shirt Addison wore pulled up to reveal a strip of bare skin above her jeans.

“Maybe even more. I’ve always felt a parent and child need to be more expressive with each other than most married couples,” Michelle said, looking across at Mike.

“Then it’s OK if we fight, too?” Addison asked.

Michelle laughed. “Yes. But within reason. Nothing physical, please.”

“How about physical in a good sense?” Addison wanted to know.

Mike looked at her intently, and then up at Michelle, who seemed to be watching his response very closely. “Tell me what you mean by ‘in a good sense’, Addison?”

Addison looked straight into her father’s eyes. “Is it natural for a father and daughter to have sexual feelings toward each other?”

Michelle didn’t hesitate. “It’s very natural. It’s been going canlı casino siteleri on as long as there have been parents and children.”

“And is it OK for those feelings to be acted upon?” Addison asked.

This time Michelle paused. She said, “Not only is it OK, I recommend it.”

“Why?” Mike asked.

“Because stifling ANY natural reaction is bad, as long as no harm comes from it.”

The tension during the silence that followed could be cut with a knife. Michelle moved her hands a little higher until they touched the bottom of Addison’s breasts. It felt to her as if the teenager wasn’t wearing a bra. The protruding nipples soon confirmed it.

“How do you know if it’s harmful?” Mike asked.

“That’s easy,” Michelle replied. “When somebody gets hurt by it, either physically or psychologically, it’s harmful. I have found, in most cases, it does more good than harm.”

Another period of silence was broken by Michelle. “Do you find your daughter attractive, Mike?”

“Of course I do.”

“Do you ever think about her in sexual terms?”

Mike grimaced and appeared ready never to respond to that.

“OK, that’s an unfair question,” Michelle said. “Do you ever think about her either naked or partially naked?”

Mike squirmed in the chair. “Sometimes, but I mean…”

“Does it arouse you?” Michelle continued.

Mike looked fully prepared to end the conversation, so Michelle slid one hand inside Addison’s shirt.

“Addison is a beautiful young woman with a beautiful body. I’m simply trying to make the point that it is quite natural for any man to find her arousing,” Michelle said.

Her hand was on Addison’ breast, massaging it gently. Michelle used her other hand to pull up the shirt so Mike could watch. Michelle’s hand completely covered the newly exposed breast. Slowly, she pulled the hand off and used it to help raise the shirt so that both breasts were unveiled.

Addison stood with a nervous grin on her face, knowing what must be happening between her father’s legs. Her own pussy dampened at the thought of it.

“When was the last time you saw Addison naked?”

Mike discounted the evening on the couch. He thought for an instant. “She was very little, I suppose.”

“She’s a woman now, Mike. Her body and her mind have grown up. You need to be aware of that and not be afraid of it,” Michelle said, moving a hand back onto Addison’s breast.

She played with the nipple until it hardened considerably before moving to the other one. She did this for almost a minute, and then pulled the t-shirt over Addison’s head. Addison stood topless, her magnificent chest, flat abs, and tiny waist all captured by Mike’s roving eyes.

“Now, any good relationship between people is a two-way street,” Michelle said. “Each party has to know how the other one feels. If Addison is going to offer her body to you like this, Mike, she needs psychological reinforcement. She needs to know how you feel; whether or not you’re aroused by her.”

All three of them understood the experiment could end at any time, with dire consequences. Mike held the key. His next move would mean everything.

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

Addison and Michelle watched as Mike unhurriedly separated the pants and reached inside his shorts. His hand lingered for several seconds, and then reappeared to push down the underwear. Mike’s semi-erect cock was exposed.

“Good,” Michelle said. “Now you two are on equal footing. The rest should be easy.”

She whispered into Addison’s ear so only she could hear: “Should I go on?”

Addison nodded.

Michelle unbuttoned the top of Addison’s pants. When the zipper was all the way down, a tiny patch of pink fabric could be seen. Very slowly, Michelle began to pull the jeans down. The bikini style panties hung low on Addison’s hips, barely hiding her pussy. Michelle removed the jeans and tossed them aside.

Mike took his cock in his hand and stroked it a couple times before letting it settle back onto his body. Soon, it would be hard enough to stand upright.

Michelle ran her hand across the front of Addison’s panties. The silky fabric gave way, sliding up and down with Michelle’s movements and falling into the open spaces between Addison’s legs. Michelle pressed harder.

“Ahhhhh,” Addison moaned. “Yes.”

Michelle found her clit and rubbed it with the panties. Mike watched every move. Addison closed her eyes and pressed her ass against the front of Michelle’s body.

“Touch me, Michelle. Inside. Touch me, please.”

Michelle moved her hand inside the panties and gathered juices on her fingers from the entrance to Addison’s hole. Then she found the clit again and began to rub it. Addison’s moans became louder. Mike became fully erect.

“Take off your panties, Addison. We want to see you naked.”

Addison eagerly complied and Mike stroked himself as she bent over, revealing the full beauty of her breasts and the erotic curve of her ass. Once she was nude, she stood facing her father.

“Turn around,” Michelle told her.

Mike looked at the wonderful ass he had barely got to touch the other night. His cock throbbed with approval, the head turning a bright pink. Addison turned in time to see him masturbating with a little more intensity.

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