Ocak 30, 2021

Abigail Falls In-Love

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I’d become Roy’s “Little Girl.” I’d had sex with his wife’s boyfriend, and I found a part of myself that I didn’t know existed.

My real dad had always wanted a son. He taught me how to hunt, how to shoot, how to shoe horses. He never really liked seeing me in dresses, but I loved wearing dresses. Now I was living with an older couple, going to college, learning about the art world . . . and I was Roy’s “little girl” now.

I’d had sex more times in twenty-four hours than I’d had in my entire life. I was renting a room decorated for a ten year old girl. And I’d found out that some people live life like no one else.

I’d had sex with a black guy that was more than twice my age, and a cock bigger than I’d ever seen. And a man I just met made me his little girl. And I liked it, a lot. I was going to college to broaden my horizons and learn about art, but what I learned was that my life was unfolding in a way I never imagined.

Dee told me that she and Roy were going to go to the gallery, and she asked me if I wanted to go with them. She also reminded me that it was first Friday. That meant that there would be a lot of new visitors. Dee also told me to let Roy pick out something for me to wear, because we’d be there from afternoon to late evening.

Roy and I went to my room. Roy went through the closet and picked out an outfit for me. It was a suspendered, plaid mini dress. He picked out some thigh high stockings. He also picked out a pair of matching saddle shoes for me. The blouse he picked out for me was a long sleeve, but sheer, button down blouse. I got undressed, and it didn’t take long for Roy to tell me that I needed to get laid again.

Roy’s cock was sticking out of his pajama bottoms. I could tell that seeing me naked excited him. He told me, “You are such a good girl”, and that actually made me feel good.

I don’t know where it came from, but I asked Roy, “What would make me go from good to better?”

Roy smiled and leaned back, “Oh, I think you sucking Daddy’s cock would definitely put you in the better category.”

I thought to myself that Roy did make love to me, he made me breakfast and even picked out my outfit for the day. So, the least I could do was suck his cock for him.

I’d been down on Roy for no more than maybe ten minutes when I heard Dee behind me, saying, “Now that’s a good look.”

I was going to look back, but Roy put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it back down on his cock.

Dee said, “After you guys fuck, we’ll need to get going.”

I thought to myself, “Well, I am sucking his cock. So, the next logical step would be him fucking me”.

It felt like I’d been down on his cock for an hour. Then Roy told me that I needed to get on the bed and spread my legs.

Roy hadn’t been a bad lover. So, I did what he told me to do.

When I felt Roy’s cock enter me, it just felt right. Dave had been amazing, better and bigger, but Roy was pretty good, too. Dave had been more like a hook up, a really good hook up, and Roy seemed more caring, like I really was his little girl. Roy solidified that when he said, “Daddy does love his little girl.”

I’m not sure where this came from, either, but I said, “I love you, too, Daddy.”

I thought to myself, “WTF? What am I doing? I just told Roy that I loved him. I’m letting him fuck me because he said that I needed to get laid. I’m sucking his cock and he’s picking out my clothes for me. And I’ve let this go on for too long to say no now. Well, Abby. I guess you are his little girl now.”

Roy smiled and deep kissed me. He kissed my neck and said, “And Daddy thinks his little girl is going to have a lot of boyfriends, too.”

I tried to think about what Roy had just said, but he felt really good in me. He was so caring and gentle. I liked that, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how good Dave had felt in me. I told Roy, “I want Dave to be my boyfriend.”

Roy kissed my neck again, while he slowly slid his cock in and out of me. He said, “Daddy’s not going to take that pleasure away from you . . . that is as long as you continue to show Daddy how much you love him and his cock.” Then Roy said, “As long as you do what Daddy tells you to do, I think we’ll be just fine.”

My real dad was never good at making decisions. My mom always made all the major decisions. I always wished that my father would have been more aggressive. I often wished that he would have set boundaries. Rather, he pretty much let me do whatever I wanted to do. And my mom pretty much tells my dad what he can and cannot do. My father was always very submissive to my mom. And I think men should be dominant.

Other than my mom being over bearing, there wasn’t much structure in our house. My parents are Christians, but my father never quite caught on to the part where the man was supposed to be the rule maker. It more than just turned me on that Roy was being the father I always felt I needed, and this time it was sexual, too.

Roy was in his mid-fifties. I was eighteen. He bahis firmaları was more than old enough to be my father. Hell, he was old enough to be my grandfather. But he felt really good inside of me. I liked having Roy kissing me and wanting to take care of me, letting me suck him and him fucking me, and sharing me. And it felt good to have him call me his good little girl. I actually liked calling Roy Daddy. My father wasn’t a physical guy. I don’t remember when he ever hugged me. But Roy was making up for where my real dad lacked.

Roy helped me get dressed, and then I helped him get dressed. We walked downstairs and met Dee in the kitchen. Dee looked at me, “You look so cute.”

I looked down at what I was wearing. Luckily, the suspenders covered my nipples, because if it wasn’t for them, my nipples would have been totally visible.

Roy smiled, “She’s Daddy’s cute, little princess.”

Roy and I went to the gallery in the Suburban and Dee drove her MKX

On the way to the gallery, Roy had his hand on my thigh the whole time. On occasion, he would slip a finger or two in me. He told me that he was so glad that I came with him to the gallery. He also told me, “You’re going to love our gallery. We have paintings and sculptures that fulfill all fantasies.”

I asked Roy what I was going to be doing at the gallery.

Roy told me, “Other than looking delicious, you’ll follow me around, meet some people, and have a good time . . . emphasis on having a good time.”

I smiled and patted Roy’s hand, “It’s already been fun, Daddy.”

Roy smiled and told me, “I do like hearing you call me Daddy.”

I told Roy that I wanted him to be everything that my real dad wasn’t. Roy told me that he would be more than just a Daddy to me. He was going to be my everything. And he’d make sure I always had a good time . . . as long as I was a good girl.

I asked Roy if I’d been a good girl.

Roy smiled, “You’ve been a very good girl.”

When we arrived at the gallery, I wasn’t surprised. The building was good sized, and the best I can explain it is that it was very art nouveau. Roy told me that Dee and a friend of theirs designed the building. It was very impressive looking from the outside. I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like on the inside.

The main entrance to the gallery was reminiscent of the home of Jules Lavirotte.

The building itself was astoundingly beautiful. It was like no other gallery I’d ever seen. It was like walking into the Ranakpur Jain Temple. Each pillar, throughout the building, was hand carved and each was different from the others. Unlike most galleries, Roy and Dee’s gallery was a work of art itself. I never asked, but I felt that I could safely assume that Roy and Dee had spent millions on the building.

The pillars, themselves, were white, as were most of the walls. Dee told me that they wanted the art to stand out more than the building but, I wasn’t sure which would stand out more. The outside of the building and the interior were both eye dazzling. We didn’t have anything like this back in Nebraska, that was for sure.

I asked Roy and Dee if all of the artwork they had in their gallery was always sexual.

Dee smiled, “When we look at the body, we are looking at the soul. And when sex is involved, we experience the body as a gateway to the most penetrating mysteries of the soul.”

Roy added, “We often showcase art that is related to sex or pleasure, but mostly that which hits our true inner selves.”

As you enter the gallery, right in the center of the lobby area, is a bronze sculpture of a nude black man and white woman playing chess.

Roy told me, “The title of that piece is Sacrifice. It was sculpted by Allen Pos. He works mostly in bronze. We’ve had that piece for almost fifteen years now.”

Roy told me that many of the pieces in the gallery were for sale, but many were also part of the gallery.

I looked at Sacrifice, and I was impressed with all the detail.

Roy told me that there was much more to see, and that they also had a cafe in the gallery, if I got hungry.

The gallery was well lit from above throughout so that there were no shadows to distort the artwork.

We were met by Alice. She’s the receptionist for the gallery. She meets everyone that comes into the gallery. Alice was maybe in her forties. She was wearing a form fitting black dress that was knee length. She had black hair. She looked like a model. She was beautiful.

Roy introduced me to Alice. And he told me that she pretty much ran the gallery, and had for about ten years.

Alice told me, “You’re going to love it here. And don’t miss our Marcus Serum exhibit. He’s an incredible artist, with a flair for showing us that which cannot be unseen.”

Roy told me, “Marcus Serum is a master at bringing to life that which is rarely seen, and that which we rarely want to see. But he is amazing.”

Alice told me that there were twelve temporary exhibits and several permanent exhibits in kaçak iddaa the gallery.

The Temple Gallery is settled off downtown in what is considered the “Arts District.” Roy and Dee’s gallery was much more upscale than many of the other galleries in the area, and their exhibits were also much more upscale and catered to a more specific clientele.

Although The Temple Gallery featured mostly sexual and pleasure type artwork, the people who came to the gallery were a good mix of people who either went there to gaze at works that they wouldn’t see anywhere else, or they went there to see works that they expected to see and enjoyed the most.

Every exhibit, or couple of exhibits, had gallery assistants who were stationed at the exhibits to answer questions and to greet gallery patrons.

Roy told me that he and Dee had twenty-five people on their staff that greeted patrons, helped set up exhibits, and generally helped out around the gallery. They also had a security center where one person watched cameras that were set up throughout the gallery.

Roy walked me to the security center. He told me that I could see all the exhibits and the gallery layout easiest from there. I met Jim, the guy that watched the cameras on several TV screens. Jim was a stocky guy, possibly in his late twenties. Jim had blonde hair and several tattoos. He was kind of intimidating, yet very sexy. And it was obvious that he worked out.

I looked at the TV screens and kind of looked over the entire gallery. Then I noticed something. It had to be the Marcus Serum exhibit. It was weird. I couldn’t help but stare at the TV screens that had his exhibit on them. And looking at his exhibit, I knew I had to, eventually, meet Marcus.

Roy noticed me looking at Marcus’s exhibit and asked me if I wanted to meet the artist.

I turned around, happy and surprised. I said, “Hell, yes!”

Roy had Jim radio Marci, who was the gallery assistant assigned to Marcus’s exhibit.

We walked through the gallery and down stairs to Marcus’s exhibit.

Marcus surprised me. I had expected Marcus to be the artsy looking type, but, if you didn’t know that he was an artist, you’d never know. Marcus was a short, thin black guy, possibly in his mid thirties. He kind of looked like Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.

When Roy introduced me to Marcus, Marcus shook my hand, with a gentle touch. He said he was glad to meet me. I told him that I’d only seen his work on the security cameras.

Marcus said, “You really have to see my work in real life to truly appreciate it.”

I told Marcus that his work was unique.

Marcus laughed, “That’s what a lot of people tell me.”

Marcus’s exhibit was called Shower Scenes. The first piece was a woman showering called Spring Chicken. The shower door was glass and frosted to look like she was actually taking a shower, with water droplets and all. The woman in the shower was petite, but she also looked like she could be like 80 years old. Her skin was all wrinkly and sagging. She had a shower cap on, but nothing else, of course. The old woman was looking at us, like she was seeing us. Her expression was one of both shock and pleasant surprise. It was like seeing your grandmother taking a shower.

The next piece, called Like It Was Only Yesterday, was a ball and claw tub with a couple, possibly in their sixties, standing in it. The couple looked playful. The man was standing behind the woman, soaping up her back. The woman was looking over her right shoulder, smiling. And her hand was grasping the man’s penis. Both the man and woman were smiling and seemed to be not only showering , but also playing together. The pieces looked so realistic. If you saw a photograph of these pieces, you’d swear that you were seeing real people in real life situations.

The next piece totally blew me away. It was called Tight Slippery Spaces. It was a very, very fat woman in a shower bending over to pick up a bar of soap. In real life this woman would have to have weighed at least seven hundred pounds, or more. The woman looked like she could be maybe in her mid thirties. Her belly was hanging below her knees, but her breasts looked full. The woman didn’t have any stretch marks that I could see. It was a weird but wonderful piece.

I asked Marcus where he came up with ideas for his pieces.

He told me, “Most people look at art as something beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re all people, no matter our size or how old we are. I like to think about what I would see in people’s most average everyday moments. And not everyone is thin or thought to be beautiful in society. To me, beauty is found everywhere and in all stages of life.”

I had to admit that Marcus’s pieces may not have been of typical beautiful people, but they were beautiful in their own right. Although Roy had his hand on my ass the entire time I was talking with Marcus, Marcus never seemed to notice what I was wearing, or how I looked.

I asked Marcus if he thought I kaçak bahis was beautiful.

He told me, “Youth is always cute and amazing, but true beauty comes with age. It’s something you grow into.”

Roy told me that there was someone else that he wanted me to meet. He led me upstairs, where I saw a guy with graying hair, a mustache, a stocky build and a look about him. Roy introduced me to him. His name was Jon Wilson. Roy told me that Jon was the CEO of Steel Rod Entertainment.

Jon looked me over and said, “You’re quite the hottie.”

I asked Jon what Steel Rod Entertainment did.

Jon told me, “We serve a select male clientele. These are mostly successful men who like something different, something more than they can get anywhere else. “

I told Jon that sounded like a very important business.

Jon looked at Roy, then at me, “I might have a job for you, if you want it. It’s just an eight hour shift, and I’ll pay you five hundred dollars for your time.”

I asked Jon what I’d have to do.

Jon looked at Roy, smiled, then looked at me, again, “You’d just have to be your cute little self.”

I smiled, “I could do that.” I looked at Roy and asked, “Right, Daddy?”

Roy put his arm around me and said, “I’d be right there when you’re done. I might even just watch to make sure you’re a good girl.”

Jon asked me if I’d be available Monday, in the day time. I looked at Roy, and he nodded.

I told Jon that my classes didn’t start until Tuesday. So, I could be available on Monday.

Jon told me that if I liked it, that he would have a lot of jobs for me, so that I could make some extra money.

I thought to myself that extra money is never a bad thing. I moved from Nebraska to go to school and be an adult. And it looked like everything was going in my direction.

Jon patted my ass and told me that he would see me on Monday. Roy told him that he would make sure that I was there.

I asked Roy, “So, all Jon wants me to do is be my cute little self?”

Roy kissed me on the cheek, then said, “And be a good little girl and do what you’re told. Yes.”

I told Roy that if Jon was going to pay me five hundred dollars, I would do whatever he wanted me to do.

Roy told me, “Jon’s a really good friend of mine. When you work for him, you have to be at your best. You have to do what you’re told to do, when you’re told to do it, and always have a smile on our face, no matter what happens.”

I asked Roy what he thought that Jon would have me do.

Roy told me, “Well, you’ll be working for Jon, but you’ll be doing so by doing what his clients want you to do.”

“And what could his clients want me to do?”

Roy sighed, then told me, “They may want to give you a shower. Or they may want to watch you play. Or they might want to watch you play with someone else.”

I cocked my head and shrugged my shoulders, “Sounds like easy money to me.”

There were actually several men that Roy introduced me to. All of them had that successful look about them. I figured that most all of them had money. And that wasn’t a bad thing.

I asked Roy when he thought I might get to learn about what it takes to run a gallery.

Roy told me, “The most important thing about any business is knowing what your customers like and want. And learning how much they are willing to pay for what you are offering them.” Roy added, “Word of mouth is the best advertisement. And if you’re really good, people will come to you. Remember that.”

Roy also told me, “Jon knows a lot of very successful people, many you’ll meet and get to know. And if you make them happy, they can and will help you get to where you want to go in life.”

I asked Roy, “What about you?”

Roy kissed me and said, “I want to be there for you every step of the way, baby.”

I glanced over my shoulder and saw Dee talking to a very good looking man. I asked Roy who Dee was talking to.

Roy told me, “That’s Mike Strombridge. He’s a collector and investor, like me and Dee are.” Roy whispered to me, “He’s also one of Dee’s lovers.”

I asked Roy how many lovers Dee had.

Roy smiled, “She has several men that you might call lovers. Dave is her steady, but Dee also likes a bit of variety.”

I asked Roy how he and Dee had gotten into this type of lifestyle.

Roy said, “The more proficient people are in life, the more living they do.”

I looked at Roy, confused.

Roy asked me if I remembered the first sculpture I saw when we walked into the gallery.

I nodded.

Roy explained, “It’s more than a sculpture. It’s a map for life. It’s title tells you how to live a full and happy, successful life.”

I guess I still looked confused.

Roy further explained, “The couple are naked. There are no restrictions. The chess board is symbolic of life, and the many ways it can be played. Every move is going to have a different result, as in life. And no matter if you win or lose, the fact is that you played the game. And, in the end, you learned something. You become better at living life. The main strategy of life is to live it.”

I asked Roy what any of that had to do with him and Dee getting into the lifestyle they were into.

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