Şubat 3, 2021

Abby’s Road

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Interesting development after my office fling with a coed named Britany who worked in my department part time after classes. I was now continuously approached by young girls to work for me. They came in all shapes and sizes with one thing in common, they were all eager. Luckily, due to an increase in business as the result of a new client our VP of Sales had landed, the hirings could be justified. Interviewing candidates proved to be a fun part of my day. How could I possibly complain? It was no chore at all. Here I was, getting paid to meet and spend time with women. Once in awhile I interviewed male candidates in order to maintain the proper appearance.

Being the horn dog that I am, my focus was young women. My selection was facilitated by our company’s compliance with the Patriot Act. We required that all candidates had to provide proper photo ID prior to being interviewed. Most provided their driver’s license as ID. This allowed me to “screen” the candidates to my mood for the day. Some days I was hot for blondes, other brunettes, etc. It also helped to select those that were of fuckable legal age. Although, I have to admit that there were some young ones who showed up that very fuckable. Good thing my cock wasn’t doing the hiring or I’d probably be in jail.

The interviews were conducted in my office. As I greeted them, I would direct them to sit on low sofa by the wall across from my desk. This gave me the clear vantage point of looking at their legs if they had skirts on or cleavage if they had low cut tops. Being a leg man, I loved the short skirts many arrived in. Some seemed to enjoy the attention and would make little casino şirketleri or no attempt to adjust their skirts which may have risen, exposing their thighs and sometimes more. I especially, enjoyed the late afternoon interviews. The sun light coming through the window behind me would cast a direct light legs. Not only brightening the inside of their thighs for my viewing, but causing the nylon material of their pantyhose to shine. I found this bonus feature to be very arousing.

Abigail, who everyone called Abby was not one that I personally hired but assigned to me by my boss, the owner of the company. He stated that she had approached his secretary and asked that she be assigned to my department. Citing that she had heard I was a good boss and “trained” my staff well. Abby made it clear to his secretary that she was indeed eager to “learn” from me.

Appearance wise, Abby was not someone I would’ve chosen. She was extremely skinny, no tits, wore glasses. I was surprised to learn she had just turned 18 since she looked like a kid, definitely not my type. But I had no choice but to accept her assignment to my department. Abby proved to be a hard worker with a sharp wit and good sense of humor. I also noticed that Abby started to change how she dressed. She may have had small tits, but her nipples were large. Since she made a point of wearng no bra they protruded from underneath her top. Whenever the a/c kicked it on they would pop straight up.

Abby also had a pretty face with dimples and thick full lips, framed by long jet black hair. She would wear tight hip hugging jeans that would clearly make visible the outline of her casino firmaları pussy. I was certain she wore no panties when had those jeans on. From what I observed from the camel toe, her pussy lips full and parted, very intriguing. Abby made the most of what she had. When she wore a skirt it was usually short, which showed shapely slim legs.

One evening, she took Britany’s place to work late with me to finish a project. I noticed that Abby was very talkative and all her jokes seemed to be sexual in nature. She also seemed to find reasons to come into my office and stand close to me. As I spoke to her, I noticed she had reapplied her glossy lipstick; making her wide mouth very sensuous. More importantly, I detected a wet spot appearing on her cameltoe. Out of reflex I licked my lips, causing her to smile. Looking straight in my eyes, Abby said how Britany had told her about our fling and reached out for my hand. She held it and then pressed against her pussy. The wet spot on the cameltoe having widened and deepened. Abby closed her eyes as my hand touched her there. Unable to resist, I gently kissed her soft glossy lips. Abby opened her eyes and said Britany’s story about how I fucked her had been on her mind ever since.

I positioned myself to her right side and kissed her neck. Cupping her pussy with my right hand while caressing her ass with my left. I pressed my now hard cock against her hip. Opening her zipper I reached in a grabbed a handful of pussy.

Abby moaned. I had been right, she wore no panties under her jeans. Lowering her pants, I rubbed her clit slightly harder with my thumb and parted and probed the rest güvenilir casino of her pussy lips with my other fingers. My left hand kneading her ass cheeks, inching slowly closer to her asshole. Abby started to shake as she came. Her pussy dripping its juice all over my hand.

She turned to face me, kneeled and opened my pants. Her hands had no problem finding my engorged cock. Abby automatically put it in her mouth and started sucking. I gently pushed her head away since I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I instructed her to lick the shaft. Her soft tongue would run up and down the fat veins that bulged. As she reached the head she would lick and kiss it, before pushing it in her mouth. This went on for what seemed forever. I was ready to cum. I opened the desk drawer and retrieved one of the several condoms I stashed there. Abby held my cock with both her hands and asked if she could put the condom on for me. Squeezing the shaft tightly as she softly spoke. With the condom now on I pushed her on the sofa. As I entered her, I felt the resistance of her hymen. She let out a small wimper but replaced whatever pain she felt with lust and passion. Her pussy exploded with her juice all over my cock as she sucked on my tongue and pushed up to me my thrusts. Abby held tightly to me and opened her legs even wider so as to be penetrated even deeper. The sound of my banging my balls against her pussy and asshole filled the room. Abby let out a cry as she came again. The lust in her face proved to be too much for me. I came in an instant. She said how she could feel my cock convulsing deep inside her.

Since that night, Abby and I have met twice and fucked. Not wanting to lose a good thing with Britany, I convinced Abby not to tell anyone about our affair. Everyone has commented, including my boss as to happy Abby seems to be and how department productivity has increased. He gave me a raise!

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