Ocak 25, 2021

Aaron’s Apples Ch. 09

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With the Peacher women now well initiated into Aaron and Candy’s fun there only remained John Peacher and Fred and Virginia Berrybush to bring into the circle of lust. Aaron already knew he was going to ask Candy to marry him but wasn’t going to ask until they played some more first. As much as he enjoyed fooling around he took his own marriage vow seriously even if Candy’s parents and his own parents didn’t. Candy was hot enough that he would have no trouble staying faithful to her, or so he thought.

Candy and Aaron went out in the evening after their fun in the Peacher family room that afternoon. They needed some one on one time. They also wanted to perfect their plan in this ongoing plotting for the next day. It was a nice romantic evening and light on the sex as they were worn out from earlier and knew they needed their energy for tomorrow. It wasn’t that nothing happened but compared to usual hot stuff a stranger on the scene would yawn.

Their petting was passionate as they decided to have fun with John and Felicity Peacher in the morning as Cherry would be out visiting old friends and John had the day off. Aaron told Candy that his dad would be home early from work the next day because of the holiday probably around 2:30. Candy was elated as this fit perfectly into her plan.

Aaron walked Candy to her door giving her tits one last squeeze as he kissed her goodnight. When he walked into his house his Mom was strolling through the living room in a shortie black nightie. Aaron came up behind her and gave her big ass a firm pat asking, “Is Mommy Whore going to be ready for me tomorrow?”

“Sure, but we will have to do it early as your Dad will be home at 2:30.”

“I know my little slut. Just be ready for the best experience yet.” Virginia got a puzzled look on her face as Aaron gave her a quick kiss and went off to his room. As Aaron laid in his bed he realized he couldn’t remember the last time he had jacked off, no need to now after all.

Meanwhile, Candy gave both of her parents a sexy goodnight kiss promising them more tomorrow. Then she went to the guest room where Grandma Cherry Peacher was. Candy decided she was too horny to go straight to sleep. Besides Grandma would miss out on stuff in the morning. Cherry did not hear Candy come into the room as she was standing at the closet picking out clothes for the next day. Candy wasted no time in pulling off her top, dropping her pants, and kicking off her shoes as she admired her Granny’s large ass. She was wearing nothing but her bra and silky green panties. The panties appeared to be a size too small as they cut deeply into her ass crack causing Candy’s desire to roar into full powered lust.

Candy crept across the floor and covertly reached her arms around her sexy grandmother lightly cupping both of her breasts. Cherry nearly jumped out of her skin but as soon as she realized that it was Candy she let her body slump right into Candy’s form. Candy purred, “Grandma, you are so sexy. No one would believe that you are 40 years older than me. I creamed my panties when I saw your ass a minute ago and these boobs, shit these boobs, these fucking fantastic boobs. Make love with me right now.”

Cherry swirled around and grabbed her grand daughter’s ass saying, “You ain’t so bad yourself. But, I guess you didn’t get enough this afternoon? Well let’s get at it then. I am a bit worn out though so let’s not waste time talking or on light stuff, let’s just get to the good stuff.” Candy thought that is exactly what she had in mind. The remaining garments were off before the first kiss concluded. Cherry felt like a teenager as she pushed her granddaughter down onto the bed.

“Oh my, grandma what big tits you have,” Candy teased.

“All the better for you to suck on my dear,” Cherry said with a laugh. However, she was very serious about rubbing both boobs in Candy’s face. Candy was squeezing on one with her hand as she nursed hard on the other breast. Meanwhile, she was more interested in what lay between her grandmother’s legs and used her free hand to explore Cherry’s bush country as she humped her granny’s knee which was flush against her own twat. After several minutes Candy was lusting for pussy and she brought her grandma’s lips to hers and planted a sexy kiss deep into the older women’s throat.

“Oh, Grandma, I need to kiss your pussy. Please, sit on my face and let me eat your pussy.” Cherry eagerly complied with this request and for the next hour these to most unlikely of lovers kissed casino şirketleri every part of one another’s bodies. They fell asleep snuggling together. At 3:00 in the morning Candy woke with a start and realized she needed to get back to her own bed. Cherry wouldn’t let her leave without one last kiss and caress.

For Candy the morning seemed to come in a hurry as she had trouble waking up when Aaron called. Candy told him she would call him back after she scouted out the situation. Her mom, Felicity, was in the kitchen still in her red nightie and panties. Her dad, John, was still in his room reading the morning paper.

Perfect Candy thought as she wasted no time in calling Aaron telling him to come over right away. Candy threw on panties and one of her shortie nighties and went to the living room to wait for Aaron. Aaron didn’t make the effort of putting on underwear or socks as he planned to be undressed in minutes anyway. He just pulled on a shirt, pants, and shoes and grabbed his coat on his way out the door

Candy saw him come up the sidewalk and opened the door for him. He greeted her with an unbelievably passionate kiss as she helped him off with his coat. Seeing the bulge in his pants she grabbed his rod through the material and Said, “Oh, shit babe, looks like you are ready for action.”

“Oh, yes honey I am. Let me show your Mom how ready I am.” Felicity hadn’t heard Aaron being let in as she was daydreaming. She saw the young stud when he was less than six feet away from her and noticed that Candy was still in her nightie. Felicity couldn’t help staring at the boy’s crotch which Candy noticed and stopped Aaron in his tracks.

Candy walked up behind Aaron and pulled his pants down. She seductively stroked his member as she asked her Mom, “You like my boyfriend’s cock don’t you? Then come over here and get it.”

This isn’t exactly what Aaron had in mind but he wasn’t going to argue with Candy as Felicity hurried over and wrapped her lips around his tool. Candy helped him off with his shirt and fingered his asshole as her mom was making Aaron weak in the knees with her blow job. Before he came he had Felicity get up and walk over to the coffee table where he laid her on her back. He fucked her tits as she held them together. Felicity didn’t notice Candy sneak out of the room.

John was reading the college bowl preview in the Kansas City Times when he saw his sexy daughter approaching. Climbing into bed with her father Candy wasted no time stroking his prick. He said, “candy, we can’t your Mom is in the other room and I don’t think she is open to a repeat of the other day.”

“Don’t worry about her; she is busy at the moment.” Her dad was too easy as she had him nude and eating her pussy in less than two minutes. After she came for the first time they traded positions and she sucked him hard.

He was about to climb the mountain to a climax when she suddenly stopped and stood up and told him, “Daddy come with me, I have a wonderful surprise for you.”

“Where are we going? What is it that we can’t do right here?”

She gave his rod a couple of strokes, “Trust me daddy, and come with your little girl.” Reluctantly, John got up and followed his big assed daughter into the living room. His eyes popped out of his head as he saw Aaron now sitting on the floor eating from his wife’s pussy at the edge of the coffee table. Candy took him by the hand and pulled him over to Felicity’s head and placed Felicity’s hand on his stiff member. Both gasped but didn’t speak a word.

Felicity was on automatic pilot as she started pumping John’s cock. Candy helped her dad down to his knees so that Felicity could finish the blow job Candy had started. Seeing this Aaron rammed his seven inches straight into Felicity as Candy tore off her Mom’s nightie and attacked her boobs with her mouth and hands. While one hand was helping her blow her husband Felicity used the other on Candy’s body caressing anywhere she could reach.

Felicity couldn’t believe this experience but was blown away when Candy told her to stand up for just a second. Aaron laid down on the floor. Then Candy had Felicity lay beside him and then her dad laid down in front of Felicity. Aaron pulled Felicity’s butt cheeks apart and felt for her asshole and started carefully pushing his cock against the rim until it popped in. She grunted as Aaron worked it in further and further. Finally he bottomed out against her bottom. Catching on to what he was supposed to do John lifted his wife’s casino firmaları leg opening up his wife’s pussy and had no trouble shoving his rod fully in, although it seemed much tighter than normal. Candy was amazed at the six legs all intertwined but yet, the guys took no time to get in a perfect rhythm and knew she would have to try double penetration by day’s end. Then, after pushing Felicity and John’s faces a couple of feet apart she snuck one leg under her father’s neck and aimed her pussy at his mouth as her ass thrust out to her mother’s waiting mouth. This wasn’t the most comfortable position but all four lovers had one of the best orgasms of their lives. It seemed to John and Aaron that they could feel each one of the other guy’s thrusts into Felicity’s body. Felicity for her part didn’t know which way to squirm as the sensation was overpowering. Her daughter’s ass in front of her was easy as she licked and sucked it for the duration of the assault on her shit hole and cunt.

After three hours of trying each possible position that they could think of that wasn’t too far out of line Aaron and Candy called it quits with her parents as they wanted to rest up before seeing Virginia and Fred Berrybush. Candy was a little timid about this one as Fred had treated her like a piece of meat the last time she was fucked by him. And, Aaron had told her what his mother had said about his lack of talent in butt fucking. Candy was just confident enough to think that she could show Fred a few things and if not at least teach him a lesson. Aaron was also a little intimidated by his dad’s presence but thoughts of fucking his Mom again pushed these worries out of his mind. After lunch Candy went over to Aaron’s house. Virginia had been wondering what had happened to Aaron’s offer of sex his morning, and had given up on it when Aaron walked in after noon. So, she was startled when Aaron came over and kissed her passionately in front of Candy. But she was even more shocked when Candy stuck her tongue down her throat. Candy was blunt, “We want to make love with you Mrs. Berrybush I want Aaron to fuck me as I eat your pussy then he can fuck you while you eat my cunt and so on.”

Virginia was taken aback by this bold suggestion. “Aaron, your dad will be home soon.”

“Don’t worry about it Mom, now make love to us!”

To emphasize their point Candy and Aaron shed their clothes with Aaron explaining, “Candy knows about you, me and her mother.” “Mrs. Berrybush, what do you think of my body,” Candy asked as she held up a boob pointing it at the older lady as she used her other hand to playfully spread open her cunt lips wide as she lightly fingered her love box.

“You can call me Virginia as we are about to taste each other’s pussys. As for your body it is great; your boobs look bigger than your Mom’s.” Just that easily Virginia was conquered as her son and his girlfriend walked over to her. They each grabbed one of her tits and began roughly playing with it as Candy’s fantasy started to come true when she pressed her lips against the older women’s lips and felt no resistance. Virginia’s mouth opened wide welcoming in Candy’s tongue. Aaron let the two new acquaintances get to know each other as he worked on removing his mom’s garments. Once everyone was nude Aaron pulled the ladies to the floor.

Candy started kissing down Virginia’s body as Aaron watched. She pushed the neighbor lady’s legs far apart as she opened up Virginia’s cunt lips and shoved her boob against Aarons Mom’s cunt. She rubbed her boob all over Virginia’s pussy making sure to tease her clit with the nipples. As she did this she asked, “Aaron, how would you like some second hand pussy juice?”

“I would love it Mom.” Candy got on her knees and let her boyfriend suck his own Mom’s cunt drippings off of her tits. After a couple minutes of this Candy laid on the floor instructing Aaron to fuck her and Virginia to lower her pussy on to Candy’s face. Aaron was turned on by his mother’s boobs bouncing in front of him as she wriggled around on Candy’s face. This caused him to fuck Candy even harder which caused Candy to eat Virginia deeper which caused Virginia to wriggle even more causing her boobs to bounce even more until all three came all at once. Aaron stayed still as the women switched placed and the same scenario was repeated. Just as they came for the second time Fred walked in.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

“Well, Mr. Berrybush I was waiting for you to fuck my little pussy again. But, since güvenilir casino you weren’t here Aaron and Virginia volunteered to have sex with me. Now that you are here you can fuck our two horny pussys for yourself.” Fred’s shock turned quickly into embarrassment as he knew that he could not attack his wife for the same thing that he had done with Candy. Looking at the unfolding scene on his living room floor his dick began to harden and he threw off his clothes joining the threesome in carnal fun. Candy and Virginia had to slow him down a few times before he got the idea that this was not to be a fuck and run.

Before long he was really getting into the spirit and petting both ladies romantically along with his son. Knowing that his girlfriend wanted to fuck his dad right away Aaron pulled Virginia aside and began making out with her. “I want Mommy Whore to make love with me as we watch Dad and Candy fuck. Now feed your boy your boobies.”

Virginia eagerly complied, “Suck Mommy’s titties Oh yes baby, don’t forget my armpits. I love how you suck mommy.” As Aaron and his mom carried on they kept an eye on Candy and John. Candy reached and lightly stroked John’s ass and placed one of his hands on her boobs just as her tongue found his mouth.

“Hey, Fred I want your cock in all of my little holes. Would you like to have sex with me?” As Candy asked this she dipped a finger into her twat and put it into John’s mouth for him to suck clean.

“Oh, god yes you tramp.”

“No, no, Fred I am your goddess, so treat me like one and suck my boobs.” She gently stroked his prick convincing him that she was in charge.

After a minute or two Candy pulled Fred on top of her and guided his cock inside her steamy cunt. Candy soon found out that Fred had endurance as he lasted an eternity before he came. Meanwhile, she had cum at least three times while he moved in and out of her. Fred rolled lazily off of Candy as she moved over to Virginia who was recovering from a great fuck with Aaron.

But it took no time to restart the passion. As Candy kissed Virginia’s boobs and Fred began to eat Candy’s gash. Aaron saw his dad’s hard-on and felt his own member getting even harder. He wondered what it would be like to touch it. He gingerly reached for the rod and wrapped his hand around it.

Fred didn’t realize who was yanking his prick as he began to moan. Rational thoughts had left Aaron’s head as he took his father’s cock into his mouth. He knew he wasn’t as good as any of the women he been with at cock sucking but as soon as his dad saw that it was him doing the sucking he exploded into Aaron’s mouth. Not one to back off Aaron next positioned himself behind his dad’s ass and gently shoved his cock into his asshole. “Oh, god dad you are fucking tight; shit, oh shit, oh God!”

Aaron reached around and stroked his dad’s cock as he pummeled his ass hole. This caused John to roar, “Ram me boy, cum in your dad’s ass; oh god, ram my ass harder.”

The women were amazed as they never thought they would see Aaron slamming hard into Fred’s rectum. What is more it was clear that both were enjoying it. This was proven later in the day when Fred butt fucked his son in return. The love making lasted until supper time as the four lovers experimented every way they could. The highlight for Virginia came when Fred asked to butt fuck her and this time did it with a gentle passion she hadn’t seen before. She figured that now that he knew what it felt like to have a prick up the ass himself that he knew he had to be more empathetic. Even Candy was surprised how good a lover Fred had become. Proud of her boyfriend she figured Fred’s change was due to Aaron’s influence. They ended their passion session with what they called a revolving sixty-nine. They kissed each other’s groins for two minutes each then switched not paying attention to who they would end up with next, male or female. It was like a dance in which you kept changing partners. Finally, they all fell apart and Candy got dressed and ran home. Aaron and Candy did not have anymore sex that night. They were too worn out and Aaron had fucked so much that his cock was sore.

They talked by phone that night and agreed to rest the next two days as it did not seem right to do this stuff on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But, they knew they would be right back at it on December 26th. They were happy that they could have anyone in either house just about anytime they wanted. They decided to have the two families get together for New Year’s Eve. This would not seem unusual to either set of parents as they had spent that evening together before. Aaron and Candy had always wondered what a real life orgy would be like and thought they were only a week away from finding out.

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