Şubat 7, 2021

A Wife’sFantasy

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As I came from work I was tired but highly aroused by the text I had received from my husband in the early afternoon. All it said was “Get ready for a hard night. Remember you are not to say a word” I was almost swimming in my panties for the rest of the day thinking about what may happen when I got home.
When I stepped into the bedroom I was unprepared for what happened next. Phillip my husband was behind the door completely naked and grabbed me by my ponytail and yanked me around to face him. “So my little slut are you ready to be mine?” He said more forcefully than I have ever heard him speak. My breath caught in my throat when with his free hand he reached over and squeezed my breast hard. Instantly I felt the nipples of my DD cup breast stand at attention. He realized this and with his fingertips pinched and twisted my nipples hard which made me cry out. I was getting extremely excited as to how forceful he was being with me as it has been a long standing fantasy of mine to be completely dominated by my husband
While still holding on to my ponytail he let go of my nipple and said “Strip for me you little slut” I did as I was told and started removing my shirt and then my pants, down to only my bra and undies he smacked me ass hard and said “Faster bitch” I quickly took off my bra and panties which were by now starting to get soaked at my most private of areas.
He then forced me to my knees and said three simple little words “Suck it bitch” and shoved his already hard cock towards my face all the while still holding on tightly to my ponytail. I started off slowly as I had always done in the bahis firmaları past but he had other plans when I had gotten about half of his 6” cock in my mouth he grasped the back of my head with both of his hands and drive the full length of his dick full into my mouth and down my throat. At first I almost panicked and started to gag but quickly found my rhythm so I could easily breath and take the depth that he seemed to want me to. I started to reach down to my soaking wet pussy but he reached down and slapped my hand away and said “You’ll get yours” After about 10 minutes of hardcore fucking of my face he slowly started to pull out and cum at the front of my mouth he reached down and after he was fully pulled out pushed my chin up and told me “Swallow it, NOW” As I gulped his hot salty cum down my throat my pussy felt like it was screaming for some much needed attention.

He grabbed me by the ponytail once more and turned me around to face away from him and grabbed some rope off of the shelf closest to him. He tied my hands behind my back tightly then turned me around and shoved me down onto the bed face up.
He used his legs to shove my already parted legs even further apart and glanced down at my now glistening cunt. Phillip then leaned over and traced his finger up and down my dripping slit and stopped just as he neared my clit. I was trembling thinking about what he might do next. After a couple more rounds of my lip, I leaned back and closed my eyes then I felt him pull his hand away and then there was stinging pain as he smacked my pussy hard with the flat of his hand. It hurt but at the kaçak iddaa same time I felt like my pussy was on fire for more. I moaned at the vibration that started to go through my pussy when he did it again “So you really do want it rough huh?” I bit my bottom lip and nodded in agreement this is what I have always longed for him to do to me. He then knelt between my legs and pulled my lips apart and exposed my clit to him which he sucked into his mouth and then began alternating between sucking and nibbling on my clit. I started to feel the heat rise from the inside of my throbbing pussy. I trembled and shook as I came harder than I have ever come before. Gasping and moaning loudly.
He then stood up and I could see his manhood was fully erect again. He reached down and grabbed my arm and rolled me over. He forced my knees underneath me so that my ass and pussy were presented to him at the right level. He slid a finger into my pussy and started fucking me hard with it, I gasped when he pulled out and replaced it with 2 more fingers. He then lined his wonderfully erect member up with my pussy and drove it home hard and deep inside of me. I cried out shocked at the brute force in which he was fucking my cunt. He had never fucked me that hard before even when I had begged for it. All the time he was fucking me he kept saying “That’s right take it like the little slut you are.” He was starting to get close and so was I. I had never seen my husband like this and I was quite liking it.
He then pulled out and went over to our drawer meant especially for our sex toys and such and pulled the lube. He strolled kaçak bahis over to my ass which was still in the air and began to pour the lube on my virgin hole. Now we have talked about trying anal several times and I have even let him slide a finger in a time or two but never had the nerve to let him stick his cock in for fear of the pain it may cause. I became super aware of my ass as he started working the lube into my tight little hole with his finger. It felt good then next thing I felt was the pressure from the head of his cock pushing its way in slowly. It was a little uncomfortable but not exactly painful. He kept pushing slowly until he was buried in my ass up to his balls. At that point he did not start pushing but just kept it still as he reached around to my front and started fondling my clit. After a few minutes of becoming accustomed to him in my ass and the pleasure I was getting from the stimulation up front I started to grind my ass into his cock. I guess he took this as a sign that I was up for it so he began slowly fucking my ass with long slow strokes all while he was rubbing my clit. I could really feel that climax coming and started pushing harder onto his cock and I felt his body start to stiffen. I cried out loud at the orgasm that came flooding over my body. It was unlike any orgasm that I had ever had and it made me buck onto his cock even harder. He grunted and groaned as his cum shot deep into my ass, there must have been quite a bit of it as his cock spasmed into my tight ass for what felt like forever. When he was limp he pulled out and untied my hands.
Helping me up off of the bed he actually had to grab me to steady me as my legs felt like jell-o. He then kissed me deeply and then asked the inevitable question “So what’s for dinner?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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