Mayıs 17, 2021

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 02

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The next day

I woke to an empty bed, but the place was still warm. Tara, my princess, could not have been gone for long. I heard the shower down the hall. Knew she was rinsing off. I got up, threw on boxers and headed down to pee and get coffee. What a night! I woke up and laid there, silently jerking off looking at Tara’s naked ass curled up beside me. I woke her when I was close, she finished me of. It had been great, but I was spent.

I opened the door, entered the bathroom and started to pee. “Hi baby.” I said. Tara didn’t answer. “Shit last night, fucking a. Thought I was going to die from the release.” I flushed. “And waking up to you sucking my cock like you were an Olympic athlete when I was asleep. God almightly.”

The shower stopped, the curtain opened and there stood, naked and amazing, Kara. Tara’s twin sister. “Shit, sorry I thought you were…” No need to explain, really. Kara reached for a towel, and slowly carried on like I wasn’t there.

She and Tara were very alike, Kara had very dark hair right now, where Tara’s is red. Kara’s body was just slightly fitter than Tara’s whose was more slender. But these differences were the 10%, whereas the amazing beauty shared, was the 90%. “So, you survived last night. From what Tara said, sounds like she is the one lucky to survive last night. I mean,” She winked so flirtaciously, “Sodomy! Who woulda thunk it?” And wrapped partially, she pushed back him, switching her hips and hee heeing under her breath.

Kara was not nearly as composed or together as her sister. Kara was the wilder one. From my experience and her sisters complaining, Kara was always allowed to not work hard. She, Tara had to perform. Kara had more boyfriends, more parties, more heartache, less joy. But like they are physically, most of their characteristics are similar. Kara’s butt shake, is exactly like Tara when she wants to fuck.

I composed myself and decided to enter the maelstrom that was a kitchen filled with precocious twin sex kittens, and strong dark hot coffee. When I got there, the girls were sitting at the bar stools, each drinking coffee but facing away from each other, not looking at each other. For a split second, I was concerned that something had happened, then Kara let out a tiny laugh sound, and Tara burst into a peel of laughter. They both looked at me, winked and laughed again. “Only 8:00 a.m. but I feel in need of some relief for my aching body.” Tara said. “Think I’m heading to the hot tub.”

“Yeah, I’ll join you.” bahis firmaları Kara said, standing up, letting the towel fall. She had not put clothes on. She walked out of the kitchen, toward the hot tub on the covered porch. I stood there, thought about coffee and poured my self some, before heading to sit by the hot tub. As I walked, I heard them talking and giggling. It was like they were, we were, 18 again in the summer before college. Young and alive.

They were in, naked as heaven, so lovely and fresh. “Come join us stud.” Kara said.

“Yeah, unless you’re dead tired.” Tara joked, winking and giggling. “But hey, bring the kahlua here before jumping in.”

I went and grabbed kahlua from the liquor cabinet. “OK, here it is.” I see both girls stick their coffee mugs out. Kahlua and coffee. Excellent. I top mine off with the nectar, put the bottle down and remove my boxers. I step in, turning as I enter and sit, between them both, sipping my warm beverage. “This is fun.” I said, deviously.

Tara and Kara looked to have rehearsed this. Each reached back, placing the coffee on the wood ledge, and scooted into me. Kara grabbed the cup from my hand, putting it aside, and came back. She and Tara both turned into me, four hands on my cock and balls under the warm water. No flirting anymore, just a morning hot tub threesome. MORNING HOT TUB THREESOME!

I was painfully hard and Tara was kissing me. Her twin was now the only hands on my cock, she was working me over while Tara kissed me. Then they both backed off, and moved away a bit. “This is fun.” Kara said. Tara snorted. They both drank down the coffee, and relaxed.

“Umm…” I said. “Are we stopping?” I asked, sadness my feeling.

“We need to collect some data, don’t we Kara.” My sweet naked lover said. Downing her kahlua laced coffee and pushing back a bit to look at me. “We need to ask you exactly what you want, answer your questions. You know, get prepared.” Kara was out of coffee too, and stood up to leave, grabbing mugs.

“Yeah, so what are you hoping for here, John?” She wiggled her wet naked ass in his face, as she climbed out to get refills. Tara cozied in closer. “Yeah, what are you hoping for here?” She kissed him passionately.

They continued until Kara returned, coffee in hand. “You two, slow down. And give me that bottle.” She took the kahlua and added it to the coffee. It sat, as she got back in the tub and cozied up. “Well, John?”

“Ok’ I said, a bit nervous. “Well, I want more than Brad kaçak iddaa got.” It was weak. “I know that much. I want…” I was feeble.

“Well, Brad got three holes that night. A few decent hours. You know.” Kara winked, “Nothing too deep.”

Tara reached down between my legs and cupped my balls. “Yeah, you get five holes if you’re lucky.” And she kissed me again. My mind tried to do very complicated math. Five holes. FIVE. Jesus, which one am I not getting?

“Five? Why only five?” I said boldly. Kara gasped.

“You asshole!” She swam across my lap, her hands meeting my hard cock. “You are not getting my pussy, dude.” She said it like I was forgetting something I had been told a dozen times. Like, put the fucking toilet seat down, idiot.

“Oh, so, wait, holy shit.” I was in shock. I was being told; caressed and told in a hot tub, that I was getting to mouth and ass fuck Tara and her hot twin, Kara. I would also get Tara’s sacred spot thrown in the mix. Five holes, indeed.

And suddenly, it was on. Tara stood and pulled me up, not to leave but to sit on the edge of the pool. My cock stuck out, painfully hard and Kara brought her mouth to it and took it all the way to my balls. “Oh.” I did not expect an immediate deep throat. “God you’re good.”

“I have had my practice.” She said between slurps. Tara was kissing my neck and then my mouth, her sister seriously working my cock out. Milking it, and showing that she had one-up on her sister in this department. “You’re really nice to suck. Not too huge.”

I was a bit deflated. I know I’m not, “too huge” but Brad flashed into my mind. “Like Brad you mean?” I asked, still focusing on the hungry sucking of my member.

Tara pulled away a bit and looked at me. “Don’t be stupid, John. Brad is a complete fucking idiot, and he has a bigger dick than you. Brad is burly…But remember, he got three holes, and he is not here. It’s just us, all day and all night. Just the three of us.”

Kara stopped sucking, stood up and pulled me to my feet. “Bed.” She said, I followed.

I was frog marched to bed, thrown on my back and assaulted. Hallelujah! Kara straddled my face, 69ing me, while Tara hit my cock and balls from below. I lasted a minute more, before the sisters jerked me giggling, all over the place. I spasmed as come flew hither and thither. “Damn, sorry.” I said.

I relaxed, spent on the bed. “Hey, bonehead. Aint got it in the hips, better have it in the lips.” She grinded her ass into my face. I lost it. I ate kaçak bahis her pussy and her ass, 5 holes, so Kara was giving this to my cock. Wow, and I stuck my tongue in deeper.

Tara took over sucking, for a moment while Kara ground her ass into my willing face. Then she climbed on my cock, and stuck it hard in her pussy. “Ooh.” She breathed.

Tara was facing away, Kara had her arms on Tara’s back, holding herself as she ass fucked my face. Tara started to slow down. “Fuck I’m ready.” She spun on me and pulled out. “Got that lube?” She said to Kara. Kara jumped off me, matter of factly. Leaving behind, a line of drool from my tongue to her anus, and a popping sound.

“Yes I do.” Kara came back with the shit, bottle open in her hand. “Give me that.’ She said, lubing her hands and grabbing my cock. “Are you ready John?”

“Oh fuck, are you going to sit on my cock with your ass?” Last night, I pounded her from the back, this was a new sight and sensation.

“So, do you want my sisters ass facing you or away from you?” Kara asked, analytically. “How bout facing you so you can see it all clearly.” Kara grabbed my lubed cock, steadying it, as Tara climbed on. She started to sit, and Kara guided my shaft to the target. “Oof.” Tara said as my engorged crown started to slip into her anus.

She lowered herself, and Kara removed her hand from the base of my cock. Tara slipped easily down, until her body sat on me, my cock buried so deep. “Tara, my god this is so fucking amazing.” I was almost beyond being able to speak, and just started at her sisters face, near Tara’s perfect ass, with my cock buried deep. My orgasm started to build. “Oh shit!’ Tara lifted off of me, deciding to not let my cum gush into her ass, this time. She moved to the side, and her hands joined Kara’s as they stroked me.

“Oh, well, Tara I guess he doesn’t want my ass afterall.” Kara teased. “Guess I will have to just my dildo in my ass.”

My cock exploded as my hips bucked, the four small hands still on my cock and balls. “Oh jesus it’s too good.” Cum spurted out, Kara sticking her face out to let some of it splash off her lips. I was in ecstasy. The sisters looked up at me. “You two are so beautiful.”

“We know that stud.” Tara said, slipping off the bed. “Now, I need to go clean my ass, and drink some coffee. You go take a shower, and then maybe you can help Kara with a little enema before round two.” It was obvious they talked about what they planned to do to me, taking joy in the power these words had over me. Kara then got up from the bed.

“Yeah, I want to make sure I am clean and tasty back there.” And she wiggled away, leaving me spent, face and cock covered with ass, pussy and cock juice.

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