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A Very Special Spring

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It was the spring of 1964 in Houston Texas. I was a teenage male, well immersed in a mad case of raging hormones that left me permanently horny with very little on the horizon for relief. Actually I have been pretty much permanently horny my whole life, but that is another story entirely.

I was hanging out with my neighbor & friend Freddy at his mother’s place. We had finished re-fiber glassing the hull of his 14 foot run about so that we could take it out on Clear Lake over the weekend and we had retired to the kitchen of his mothers house to have a couple of beverages.

We were a strange pair. Freddie was a bit older than me and fancied himself a bit of the ladies man. I, on the other hand was a shy kind of guy that never had a whole lot of action with the ladies. The fact is that I was technically a virgin.

I think that the only reason Freddie let me hang around with him was because I liked to listen to him talk about his favorite subject, himself, and I was crazy enough to crawl out on the bow of his runabout when he decided to open up the 75 horse Mercury outboard. You see when you have that much power on the ass end of such a small boat somebody has to hold the bow down in the water until it reaches step, and that somebody was most times me.

We were sitting in the kitchen of Freddie’s mothers house and we were drinking from Freddie’s mother’s liquor cabinet. I had a very weak whiskey and coke and he was doing shots and washing them down with seven up. Freddie was waxing loquacious about his love life when there was a knock at the back screen door.

Freddie said, “Yeah.”

I heard the voice of Sharon, the lady that rented the apartment above the garage, ask, “Freddie, ya’ll got any lemons? I wanna make some lemonade and I am out of lemons. If ya’ll give me some I’ll bring you some lemonade when it’s made.”

Freddie answered, “Sure, I got plenty of lemons how many ya need?”

“About 6 will do I think.” Sharon responded.

Freddie replied, “Sure, no problem.” And he went to the fridge and pulled out a paper sack full of lemons and took it to the door and opened the screen and handed the bag to Sharon.

With the screen open I could see Sharon standing there, she had on a white blouse and a pair of pink short-shorts, the kind of things that were popular in those days. She was not an unattractive woman, strawberry blonde hair, perky breasts, flat belly, and a very nice ass, but she would never stop traffic with her looks.

She looked into the kitchen saw me sitting there and smiled at me and said, “Oh, hi Joey. I didn’t know that you were here too.” Then she asked me, “Would You want some lemonade too?”

I said, “Sure would Sharon.”

She responded, “Ok, I’ll bring you a glass too.” And she started to leave.

As I said earlier, Freddie had been throwing back shots and he was feeling pretty frisky so as she started to turn he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her back and said, “You know, you could squeeze my lemons any time you want to Sharon.”

She looked at him quizzically for a heartbeat or two before she got his meaning. You could see her eyebrows arch and a wry smile cross her lips before she replied, “No thanks Freddie, I’m an old married woman, and besides your mother is a friend of mine.”

Never wanting to take no for an answer and probably wanting to impress me with his prowess with women, Freddie ran his hand down off her shoulder and across her breast. He cupped her breast and gently squeezed it before he said, “So much the better that you’re married, I like married women.”

Sharon looked at him for a second and replied, “Freddie, you’re drunk, and if you don’t take your hand away I am going to tell your mother that you have been raiding her booze again.”

Freddie dropped his hand away from her boob as nonchalantly as he could. Then he turned away and said over his shoulder, “Well, you had your chance.”

Sharon replied, “Probably not the last chance I get though.” Then she looked at me and asked, “Do you still want some lemonade Joey?” Then she added, “Freddie isn’t going to get any cause he’s been a very bad boy. But you’re still welcome to some if ya’ll want it.”

I said, “Sure, be over in a minute.”

She responded, “Ok” and left.

Freddie came back to the table muttering about how he was going to fuck her and if I wanted to I could have seconds with her. I muttered, “Sounds good to me.” But I was getting uncomfortable with the direction of Freddie’s conversation and really wanted to get out of there. I finished my drink and left as quickly as I politely could, probably 10 or 15 minutes. I was really very relieved to be away from Freddie’s drunken braggadocio and out in the fresh air of this hot Houston night.

Once outside I headed in the general direction of my families duplex. To get there I had to pass the stairs to Sharon’s apartment. As I walked past I looked up and saw her sitting on the stairs maybe two steps down from the landing smoking a cigarette. I waved at her and was intending casino şirketleri to just walk on by but she saw me and called down, “Hey Joey, ya’ll still want some lemonade?”

I responded with a lame, “Sure”.

She said, “Come on up and I’ll get you some.” and she got up and went inside to get me a glass of lemonade. I climbed the stairs and sat down and wait for my lemonade. She brought it out in a tall glass and handed it to me and then sat down where she had been sitting before, which was a couple of steps higher than where I was.

She smiled at me, then took another long drag from her cigarette, slowly exhaled the smoke and crushed out the butt on the edge of the step. She turned to me and we began to talk. I got comfortable and turned so that my back was to the banister and my right leg was stretched out over the step. I had to look up at her as we talked, and it was a nice view from down here too. The combination of streetlight and moonlight illuminated her almost as bright as the sun on a cloudy day. I could make out the sexy turn of her thighs and her cute button nosed face almost a well as I could have indoors. When she shifted her weight to get more comfortable, her legs spread and I looked up into her crotch. Even though her cunt was fully covered by her shorts this view caused my dick to begin to swell. I put the glass of lemonade on my crotch to hide the growing lump, but I wasn’t sure how well it was hidden.

She placed her elbows on her knees and leaned over unselfconsciously as we talked, this caused her blouse to fall away a bit and gave me a clear view of the cleavage of her silken breasts. As she continued to chat about this and that my eyes remained riveted to her tits, watching their rise and fall and the slight jiggle of her flesh as she would move her arms to point expressively when she made some point or other. Throughout this conversation I was grunting responses, although I really had no idea of where the conversation was going at all.

I must have responded at the wrong time, to the wrong thing, or maybe I just started drooling, but before long Sharon realized where my attention really was. She stopped chattering and looked long and hard at me before a small smile crossed her face.

Sharon sat up straight, ripping her cleavage from my enraptured gaze. Then she patted the spot next to her and said, “Don’t sit so far away, come on up here and sit next to me so we can talk without waking the neighborhood.”

I moved up next to her and she started to talk once again about one thing or another, her kids, her husband. But I am really not paying too much attention to the conversation, I am much more intent on looking at her body, as I said she had perky tits, a flat stomach a fine bottom and a great pair of legs and all that was barely concealed by the sheer cotton blouse and the shorts she was wearing.

My mind was really wandering when out of the corner of my consciousness I hear her say, “You know I really wouldn’t mind fucking Freddie sometime, but he has such a big mouth. If he ever fucked me, the whole damn neighborhood including my husband would know it in less than a day. Damn, would I ever be in trouble.” Then she looked over at me and continued, ” He might be fun, but he is trouble for sure.”

Now this kind of shook me out of my daydream, I had heard her talking with my mom like that at times but she never used such language directly to me. Actually, it kind of turned me on, but a cool breeze in my boxers would have turned me on at that stage of my life.

“I hope you don’t mind me talking about it this way,” she said, “But I kinda figure that we’re friends and you can talk to friends about this sort of stuff don’t ya think.”

I answered with the noncommittal, “Yeah sure thing.”

Hell I would have agreed with anything she said about then. Then she slid over so that we were touching and put her hand on my hand and gently squeezed. We sat there for a few seconds in silence, our bodies touching, and her hand on mine. A slight breeze stirred and I caught her scent, a sweet mixture of tobacco and the light musk of her perfume. I felt my loins stir and my heart began to pound in my chest.

She looked at me and said, “Why don’t you put your arm around me? You want to don’t you?” And then she said, “Don’t worry, I won’t bite you. Well not much anyway.” And then she grinned mischievously at me.

Before I could even get out an answer she raised my hand and ducked under my arm leaning in close to me and placing her head against my shoulder. She placed my hand on her side just next to her breast. As she leaned her head against my shoulder she whispered, “Isn’t this much better?”

She turned her head and gave me a brief kiss on the cheek, just where the jaw meets the neck. Then she placed her small hand lightly on my leg and gently stroked my thigh. That little kiss and the hand on my leg sent shockwaves through my body. They were such a small innocent things of themselves, but they seemed to portend much more for the future.

She casino firmaları continued to talk, but I was not really paying much attention to the conversation again. I seem to recall that she was talking about her life and how she got married so young and that Richard, her husband, didn’t seem interested in her anymore. And how she really needed more company and the kind of attention a man gave to a woman.

Through all of this talk what I was paying attention to was the silky texture of her skin and the feel of the goose flesh that formed as I gently stroked her through the light fabric of her blouse. My fingers wandered down to the hem of blouse, raised it slightly and found their way onto the soft, smooth skin of her stomach. I gently stroked her silken flesh, this caused her to snuggle in closer to me. She rubbed her head against my shoulder and her hand stroked up and down on my thigh. I thought I felt her grip tighten on my flesh as she stroked and her breathing seemed to be deeper and more rapid.

My fingers moved slowly upward across her body, sliding slowly across her soft skin until they reached her bra. I moved my fingers to cup her breasts through her bra, but instead they slipped beneath the fabric and moved onto the bare flesh of her breasts and I realized that her bra was undone. I gently cupped the soft flesh of her succulent breast in my clumsy hand and ran my fingers over her very erect nipple.

Sharon shivered at this contact, then raised her lips to give me a peck. But this time I am turned toward her and she kissed me softly on the lips and then she asked, “Oooh Joey, did you undo my bra?”

“No” I answer simply as I continue to gently caress her breast.

“Richard must have done it then.” She replied. I heard her softly moan and she whispered, “Damn that feels good, don’t stop.” As if I was going to stop anyway. She put her hand on mine and said, “You don’t have to be so gentle. I won’t break you know.” Then she began rubbing it over her flesh much harder than I was doing, pushing and manipulating my hand to squeeze her soft flesh in an almost violent manner. I could feel her breath coming more quickly and I took her firm nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. I heard her gasp and moan, her jaw went slack and her eyes closed and I knew that this must be a good sign for me.

She turned her face toward me and gently kissed me on the neck and then on the cheek and then on the ear, then she asks very softly, “You would never tell anyone about this would you? I mean I would never want it to get back to your mother that I let you do things to me. Things like this,” and she again used my fingers to roughly squeeze her breast, “Or like this.” And she moved my hand down from her breast and ran it down her buttock.

She let go of one hand and reached across for my other and placed it first on her breast, savagely massaging her tit through the fabric of her blouse, then sliding it down over her firm stomach and down between her legs where I could feel the moist heat of her pussy through the thin fabric of her shorts as she spread her legs and rubbed my fingers up and down the slit of her cunt.

“No, I would never tell anybody at all.” I managed to gasp out hoarsely.

“I thought so much.” She said as she rubbed my fingers over the wet cloth of her crotch. Then she kissed me hard on the lips, no tongue, just a hard fervent kiss, I could feel her warm breath on my face for an instant, then she said, “Meet me downstairs behind the shed in a minute, I have to do some things but it shouldn’t take me long.” She stood up and walked briskly into the house, the screen door closing behind her.

For a long instant I sat there wondering if I had just imagined all of this or if she was joking. Then I heard her softly say through the window above me, “Go ahead Joey, I will be there in a few minutes, just wait for me.” Not really knowing what Sharon’s intention was, but hoping for the best, I slowly got up, made my way down the steps and walked into the darkness behind the shed.

The shed was a garage of sorts used to store Freddie’s boat and his mothers boat. Behind the shed was a strip of manicured lawn about 12 feet across and maybe 30 feet long sheltered on one side by the back of the shed, on two sides by a hedge over 6 feet tall and shielded from the street by the bulk of the garage, all in all it was a very secret kind of place. This is where I waited for Sharon to come to me.

I stood for what seemed an eternity. I began to figure that either she had been simply teasing me or she had second thoughts and would not show. I began to feel kind of foolish and I started to leave. As I turned the corner to go, I almost ran head long into Sharon, and she asked, “Are you leaving Joey? I’m sorry that I took so long but Richard started to wake up and I had to stay there for a minute. Don’t go, please.”

I looked down at her and the moonlight lent a plaintive quality to her expression. She put her arms around my neck and drew me to her, planting a kiss of güvenilir casino promise on my waiting lips. We then separated and moved back into the sheltered space behind the shed.

Sharon took my hand in hers and placed it on the top button of her blouse I started to unbutton it and quickly I brought my other hand up and unbuttoned one button after the other button until all the buttons were undone. I pushed the blouse open and looked down to feast my eyes on the bare flesh of her lovely breasts. Beneath the blouse she was naked, that was what she had gone inside to do, she had taken her bra completely off. I moved my hands over her breasts and begin to knead and tease her boobs. I squeezed them with the strength and fury that she seemed to crave and she responded with deep soft moans. I ran my hands roughly over her breasts and firmly pinched her nipples getting a deep gasp as my reward. I moved my hands from her breasts and slid them down across her buttocks; I squeezed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her toward me. She began to grind her cunt against my crotch, dry fucking me through our clothing.

Sharon put her lips to my neck and began to kiss and lick and bite as she continued to grind against me. I squeezed her ass hard and this made her all the more passionate. I moved my hands up to her waistband and slid her shorts and panties down until her lovely ass was almost fully exposed and I ran my hands over her bare flesh. I could feel the goose flesh form where my fingers brushed her flesh. I squeezed and kneaded her succulent flesh and slid my fingers down into the forbidden area of the crack of her ass and probed at her anus. She pushed back against the probing of my finger and a small quake seemed to shake her body.

Sharon pushed away from me and began to unbutton my shirt. With each button she undid, she would place a fervent kiss on my fevered flesh, first my shoulder, then my neck, my cheek and then my lips. Her lips were hot, she was on fire and she smashed her lips against mine in a long passionate kiss. She pulled her lips away for a moment she took a long breath and then she was against me once again. Her tongue brushed my lips and then it was forcing itself past the soft barrier of my lips and into my mouth where it moved against my tongue.

I squeezed Sharon’s soft ass and moved one of my hands back up to once again molest the soft flesh of her lovely breasts. This sent Sharon into a veritable frenzy and she redoubled the action of her tongue inside of my mouth, small moans escaped her as she smashed her soft lips to mine.

As I caressed her soft flesh Sharon finished unbuttoning my shirt and began to run her hands over my chest and across my stomach. She pulled the tail of my shirt out and then placed her hand on the waistband of my jeans and deftly unsnapped them. She unzipped the fly and quickly pushed them down. Then she pushed my boxers down too, exposing my very rigid pecker.

She ran her fingers over my rigid flesh. The touch of the cool flesh her fingers on my heated skin are like heaven to me. She must have liked what she found there too because she moved her lips from mine and I heard a sharp intake of breath and she gasped, “Damn Joey, you are so hard, and so big too. You are much bigger than Richard!”

I don’t know if that was true or not and I really did not care, all I knew was that she had my dick out and was stoking up and down on my hard hot flesh. She kissed me on the lips, I could feel her tongue once again brush my lips and then dart inside of my mouth as she crushed her lips to mine. This all lasted but a minute and then her lips were on my cheek and then my neck. She trailed her tongue down my chest and sucked briefly on each of my nipples. I had never had a woman suck my nipples before, and I found that I really enjoyed the experience.

She quickly quit suckling at my breasts and lowered herself to her knees in front of me. She was mouth level with my very rigid dick, gazing raptly at my inflexible flesh as she slowly stroked it. “Damn boy…. you’re so big…. and hot…and hard…I want you so much!” She gasped out as she kissed and licked at the head to my manhood.

She slowly slid her lips over the head of my dick and down the shaft as far as she could, without choking. Her mouth was soft and warm around my dick as she slowly slid her lips up and down my shaft, It felt so wonderful, so erotic, I could feel a swelling in my balls and a warmth begin to move up my dick, as I began to come. She must have felt it too because right then she pulled her mouth from around my pecker and roughly gripped it in her hand, squeezing it tightly.

I looked down at her in surprise and she said, “I don’t want you to cum so soon, I want to make this last longer. Your dick tastes so sweaty and salty, I haven’t had one this big in a long time and I want it in me for a lot longer than just a couple of strokes.”

With that she began to run her tongue over my balls, first sucking on one and then the other, gently biting each one when she took it into her mouth. Then she ran her tongue over the inside of my crotch and down the inside of my thigh. Slowly my orgasm subsided and she released her iron grip. A small stream of cum oozed from the head of my dick and she licked it off and resumed her work with fervor.

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