Ocak 19, 2021

A Tradition of Love

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Marie had never been so nervous, so terrified and excited all at the same time. All day her mother and older sisters had primped, pampered and treated Marie like a queen, or as if she were a bride being prepared for her wedding day. In a way, she was. For this was the night of her eighteenth birthday, the night she would be presented to her family and the community as a woman. This was a celebration not just of womanhood, but also of the unique lifestyle of this small, isolated mountain village in the wilderness.

Jack Crest was a visionary who created the idea of a perfect, idyllic community free to express their love of nature and of one another in privacy, called Creston. You see, Jack believed that there was no greater pleasure on God’s green earth than that of love making, especially if the act of love was between any consenting party, even (and perhaps especially) between that of one’s own family. Jack was first initiated into the natural rites of love as a young man by his mother, but his life’s deepest connection has always been maintained by his sister, Sarah. When Sarah became pregnant with their first child, Jack decided that this growing and taboo family needed a place to thrive away from critical eyes and the law. He was joined there by several members of his family, including his mother, his three brothers and two more sisters. Nearly thirty years later, on the eve of Marie’s age of majority, the community is thriving, especially after having been joined by a few unrelated families with similar values.

But it was not enough just to enjoy having sex with relatives in Creston. Jack Crest, lovingly referred to as daddy, or father Jack, firmly believed that God’s purpose for man and woman was to procreate as much as possible, to have as much sex and as many babies as possible in order to achieve grace. By having many children, even of different fathers, a woman could assure her place in heaven. For a man, fathering as many children as possible and making sure that some of these unions were with mothers, daughters and nieces was the object. The bedding of a virgin (of either sex) on their 18th birthday was always and even participated in by the entire community. Traditionally, a girl would lose her virginity to her father, whose job it was to place his daughter in a marriage. He could either declare her wed to any of-age member of the community, or choose to wed her himself. Once wed, the couple was encouraged to have as many children together as possible, though anyone could stray to other partners without social repercussions as long as monogamy was not decided upon when first married by husband and wife.

This was always a fantastic, over the top celebration when father jack’s own progeny came of age. Marie was father jack’s seventh daughter by his first wife and sister Sarah. Sarah, her enormous belly protruding from her loose gown, was eight months pregnant with her twentieth pregnancy in as many years. As was often the case, Sarah carried twins. Theirs was a particularly fertile family line. Marie’s sister Tanya was six months pregnant with her first child, presumably fathered by her twin brother/husband Tuck. Both women were round, dark and lovely, dressed in rich silk robes that flattered their pregnant bellies and shined against their glowing skin. They carefully brushed and styled Marie’s hair and did her makeup so she would look her best for daddy. In her own red silk robe she was radiant, a picture of perfect fecundity with her wide hips, slender waste and large, yet pert breasts. Everyone was hopeful that daddy would take Marie for another wife, as she was beautiful and would only be more so filled with his divinely inspired seed.

Finally, The door opened to reveal grandmother Celia, father jack’s mother and the matriarch of the entire clan. fifty years old, Celia was pregnant again with another of his children, one of her last. It was traditional for Celia to take the girl down to what was known as the ‘family room’. The family room was a huge space in father jack’s basement, a holy place where their special divine rights were practiced. Most of the floor was covered in mattresses, couches and body pillows, scattered with low bahis firmaları tables here and there for holding smoking paraphenelia, sex toys, lube and whatever else someone might need in the moment. In the center of the room was a raised dais with a king size bed, dressed richly in red satin. This was where Marie would lose her virginity and become a woman. Already, the whole town was gathered the couches and pillows. Some were naked, most wore an assemblage of erotic clothing or gear. Father jacks parties were famously no-holds-barred.

Marie shook with nerves as she took Celia’s hand and walked her to the dais. She sat Marie down, kneeled at her feet, and reached for a pipe on another low table beside them. Marijuana is sacred to the people of Creston, who believe that the lust-inspiring properties of the drug are a gift from God. Celia lit the bowl and pulled deep. She finally stopped and moved to kiss Marie. Celia then breathed the intoxicating smoke into Marie’s mouth, shotgunning her, and then kissing her slowly for real as tendrils of smoke drifted around them. Marie could see members of the audience begin to masturbate and touch one another before celia’s own fingers drifted downward to remove Marie’s robe and push her back on the bed. Marie heard everyone whoop with delight as Celia moved between Marie’s virgin thighs, parting her tender lips and caressing her. The heady sensation of the weed began to take over Marie’s body, making her feel tingly and aroused. After teasing with her fingers, Celia lowered her beautiful graying head and licked at her granddaughter’s wet slit, lapping up her virgin juices. Marie moaned low in her throat, occasionally stopping her breath as a sensation became too intense and convulsing when she let it out. Then, with a shock, Celia thrust two fingers deep inside Marie’s virgin pussy, stopping just before her hymen. Marie went wild, thrusting her hips against her slurping grandmother, who was still tonguing her clit.

Finally Celia got up, licking the fingers that had just been inside of Marie. Marie lay dazed in recovery, a trickle of her own cum mixed with Celia’s spit running down her thigh. Marie realized that Celia was still standing on the dais, now facing the tall, impossibly muscled figure of father jack. Celia kissed father jack, pushing some of Marie’s come into his mouth to taste. father jack, or daddy, drank it eagerly. He stood and looked at Marie’s post-orgasmic body with real lust in his eyes and in his rock hard cock. At least thirteen inches long, daddy’s cock filled Marie with horror and fascination. It was beautiful, with a graceful arch that reached toward his body and large veins covering the smooth surface. The head was engorged and purple, already weeping a drop of pre-cum onto the satin sheets as he watched her and slowly stroked himself.

Without words, daddy knelt down to Marie’s level and kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue down her throat. Even after Celia’s thorough attention, all the nerves in Marie’s body stood on end as she anticipated daddy’s touch. She had been groomed for this since birth, dreamed of making love to daddy since she was old enough to understand what would happen. She wanted so badly to be filled with his seed, her own daddy’s multiple babies kicking inside of her, waiting to be born. She wanted to be completely filled by him as her belly was filled with at least two of his offspring and his huge, raging cock filled her pussy. She grew hot and ready again just anticipating their imminent sex and breeding.

Daddy angled his body down and lined up his cock with her aching pussy, pushing just the head in to tease her hole.

“Tell me you want this.” Daddy finally said, his deep bass voice booming from his chest, which was sweaty with need. “Tell me you wish to enter the covenant of our god, that you wish to honor the rites of our religion and our love with your desire and fertile intent. Swear to be my lover, and a lover to all.”

“I swear!” Marie exclaimed, her voice peaking as daddy’s cock made lazy circles at her opening. “Please daddy, let me be yours!”

Daddy pushed his enormous cock into Marie’s petite, virgin pussy. Stuffing his giant member into kaçak iddaa her little hole invaded Marie’s insides, ripping away her virginity and making her feel as if his cock were moving her organs out of his way. As if to prove it, Marie could even see the outline of daddy’s cock moving from inside her body. The sight alone made Marie shiver violently in anticipation, erasing the slight pain and pressure his presence made. He stayed in that one position until Marie could no longer stand it and moved her little hips on his cock. Daddy began moving in an increasing rhythm, fucking his daughter in a room full of relatives who were now doing just the same thing. Father jack was always hesitant to push one of his girls too far on her first night, but Marie’s inner wildness was waking up within her. At that moment she wanted nothing more than her daddy’s cock thrusting in side of her, fucking her, pounding her so hard it almost hurt. She wanted his dick driven so far within her, he would have no choice but to burst inside of her fertile womb.. She wanted no dick but daddy’s, no baby but his. She knew in that moment that she was truly daddy’s slut, and would always want his children until the day she died. Jack interpreted her enthusiasm correctly by pounding her with his cock, bouncing her off of his hips with an audible smacking sound.

Daddy then pulled out of Marie until just the tip of his cock was still inside her, and made her twirl around on his cock until she got on all fours on the bed, her delicate ass in the air. Still with just the tip inside, Daddy slid his little finger into Marie’s ass, using her dripping fluids as lube. Marie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and the world faded for a moment as her body convulsed. Daddy’s cock plunged back inside of her pussy, even deeper than before, slamming against her cervix. The combination of his cock so deep inside and his finger squeezing the other side, she came with a scream that echoed in the large room, almost unheard for all the other pleasurable sounds. At her orgasm Daddy came, pushing his gushing cock right at the head of her cervix, directly flowing his seed into Marie’s fertile womb. It felt like he was coming forever, flooding her insides with a wash of white.

When daddy finally rolled off of her, he was attended by the waiting mouths of some of his wives, almost all visibly gravid with his seed. They took turns licking the juices off his still hard cock. Meanwhile, the other men of the family lined up to get a taste of Marie’s exhausted pussy. She was licked, tongued, fondled, sucked and caressed by almost every man in Creston. When her pussy was finally clear of daddy’s come, the simply fucked her themselves until they replaced the come on her thighs. A traditional girl, Marie strived to welcome every brother, every uncle, every cousin into her well-used womb.

Finally, after hours of relentless sex, Daddy finally stood upon the dais with a now flaccid member and declared the end of the festivities by announcing his choice for Marie’s future. Marie was sleepy with exhaustion, but her heart beat faster with anticipation.

“Marie Louise Crest, daughter of Sarah Anne Crest and my own blood, I declare you a woman in the eyes of his community. With your majority, you have given yourself to the grace of God and the act of love, and you are hereby committed to the sanctity to giving life. Amen!” Daddy yelled, to loud cheers from everyone in the room. “As is tradition, I as your father am at liberty to choose for you a husband who will enable you to worship our lord by the tenants of our faith. It is my duty to choose for you a husband who will ensure you have many children, and express the ecstasy of prayerful orgasm. To that end, I…. choose you as my own wife! I will be proud to father your children, and honor you as my twenty-fifth wife. Amen!”

“AMEN!” everyone shouted. Marie wept with joy. Her dream had come true! She was going to marry her father! What was more, she was going to ask of him at their marriage for her monogamy. She wanted no man but her daddy, and professed not only her duties as a wife, but to be only his for the rest of her life. Even if daddy died during her fertile kaçak bahis years, she would never know the touch of another man. It was the greatest gift a wife could give her husband, and that a daughter could give her father.


Eight and a half months later, Marie was indeed pregnant. She had never once regretted her fate to marry her own father, and still made love to him almost every day. Even a busy leader like Daddy couldn’t resist her. Marie was his favorite almost from the beginning, because of her exquisite beauty and love for him. But Marie was revealed to be especially gifted in his sight when it was revealed she carried no less than four of his babies inside her. None of his wives or other women had ever conceived more than twins by him, and this extra fecundity fascinated Daddy. Her huge, taut belly was bigger than a beach ball and untouched by stretch marks. Her breasts defied rational thought and gravity at their size, already filled almost to bursting with milk that needed to be expressed several times a day. Daddy loved drinking her milk just before fucking her, proclaiming it to be the best aphrodisiac a man could find on his earth. He loved fucking Marie, coming even harder as he always did when he imagined filling his already pregnant daughter with more of his come. Marie loved being Daddy’s wife. It was her job to attend to him as he had sex with his other wives, cupping his balls and aiding in positioning him as necessary, pumping him up between partners. She often fingered her dripping hole or used a dildo cast from daddy’s own cock as she watched him with other women, her mother and sisters and aunts. She loved making out with her sisters also pregnant by him, letting him watch while his cock pounded into her pussy.

Marie soon gave birth to four healthy babies, all boys. As soon as six weeks had passed for her to heal, Daddy and Marie resumed constantly making love again. She was pregnant almost immediately, this time with triplets, again all boys. None could match Marie for her hold on Daddy, until six years later when her sister Starla came of age. Starla was the eldest daughter of his eldest daughter with Sarah, his first sexually available granddaughter/daughter. With natural coal black hair and skin like porcelain, Daddy was immediately fascinated with Starla, and even more so when she became pregnant with no less than six of daddies babies. Marie had always been impregnated with three or four. As soon as Marie gave birth to another set of four baby boys (as all her children were), she found a source through a friend to get a hold of fertility pills.

Fertility drugs are outlawed in Creston because they are not a natural form of having a family. But Marie was desperate. She began taking the pills in secret and dealt with the side-effects. They made her constantly horny, so much that her six-week healing period after birth was tortuously long. Finally, it was time to allow Daddy back into her bed. Even though he was preoccupied with Starla, Daddy missed Marie during her healing and filled her extra-fertile pussy so full of come that it pooled in the sheets. The news of Marie’s pregnancy shocked everyone when it was revealed that she carried not just six, or eight, but twelve infants inside of her! Just as she wanted, Daddy immediately forgot all about Starla and reverted his attentions to Marie. Marie became an especial object or worship for the community as her super-gravid belly drove her to immobility. She was so full of Daddy’s offspring that she could not get out of bed, and that drive each of them wild. Daddy almost never left her side, his cock buried in her pussy from behind, reaching as far as he could around her kicking, squirming womb. As he thrusted as if in a trance, tears ran down Marie’s face as she wept with joy. She had achieved nirvana and the grace of god, and would be taking those fertility pills as often as possible for the rest of her life so that she could always, always feel this feminine and whole.

Marie continued her reign as Creston’s most fertile woman until she was well past fifty. When Daddy finally passed away, Marie intended not to break her vow and always remain in her husband/father’s love, she remarried one of her oldest sons. Derek looked just like his father, but his cock was almost fifteen inches long and he could think of no other high better than impregnating his mother/sister wife.

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